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> > > > Cafe Arfa

Cafe Arfa

Andheri WestWestern Suburbs  

  • 02226789298, 02226791700, 02226790191, 09820271783
  • Sajid Tower, B-Wing, S V Road, Amboli, Andheri West, Mumbai
  • Mughlai, Punjabi, Tandoori, Chinese
  • Meal for 2 - 500

14 Reviews / 16 Ratings

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Cafe Arfa Reviews






Biriyan;s ..Cafe Arfaa

Been there a couple of times. Good Tasty food. Chicken dishes like Schezwan chicken / chicken Tikka Biriyani/ Tandoori are delicious.
Mughlai dishes are also good.

Food little oily- health conscious beware..

surprising people coming here to have Chinese food.

Service is fast - specially the bill . Waiters are in hurry to take your order and remove the plates clear off the table and let other accommodate- Not a place where you can sit and relax in leisure and have a meal. ; but that does not really bother - as it compensates the food quality.

Do try the Custard - after the meal

Prices are moderate.
Always a rushy and noisy place. Howling staff/waiter- trying to accommodate as much customers as they can- cannot help as the waiting customer base is also high.
Ambiance is not that of a class restaurant; -







A great place for Mughlai

This is one of the Mughlai joint which reminds me of the young quality time spent with my dad, when he used to take me through the by lanes of Dongri and Bhendi bazaar to savor these hidden Muslim joints dishes, mostly excelling in a singular style of preparation. The food is good and if you don’t mind the staffs vocab of "ISKO VATAA aur USKO BITHAA” and the leaking A/C in the A/C section then I reckon your experience will mostly be above par. I have visited this place more than once and I would safely say that this is a decent restaurant for a family affair.

Dishes that won’t hurt to try if you are a first timer…the kebab platter. Chicken Lazeez and Chicken Mumtaaz. Dare to order these if you are planning to go in a group. Couples can fend for themselves


A Ravishing Feast Always: Thats what Cafe ARFA is

Ever since I started doing reviews, this is one place that I have always had on my mind to write about. It is an underdog that doesn't even need the big lime light because its loyal fan base never fails to keep them more than occupied. No matter what hour of the day or what day of the week you visit them, you will never find this restaurant empty. The mughlai food that they serve is so delicious that I yet have to eat a dish that is better than what they serve at arfa, and mind you i am quite a foodie, so i have tried most good places. You dont have to think what to order here, it is all delicious, but if you insist on asking my favorites, here goes - arfa deluxe chicken tandoori, scehzwan tandoori, chicken tikka masala, butter chicken, chicken afghani, fried noodles, chicken arfa special fried rice, sweet corn egg soup, panner garlic gravy, butter roti & I like to finish it with a cup of irani chai. The fresh sweet lime juice is an awesome drink to go with the spicy & oily gravies. The best part - well as many people put it, aaj ke zamane mein baap ke zamane ka bhaav. To ward off the evil eye, the service is terrible. No manager will every take back something that has a one-off issue, no politeness, no smile and the rush to place all your order at one go & even before you finish your last morsel, the bill is on your table. But hey, that has never deterred me to keep going back to them. I must have eaten there more than 50 times in a span of 6 years. They have added a fine-dine kind of section recently in the upper part of the restaurant. So now there are 3 places to choose from - the open air, the claustrophobic AC section & the upper level sophisticated AC Section. Prices in both ac sections are the same. If you are reading this review, and you have made it to the end of it, please please please ignore their bad behaviour, becausethe food more than compensated for it!


Mamata Sahu - Burrp User

Mamata Sahu

1 Reviews

December 05,2012


good food unfriendly staff

The food at Arfa has always been great never saw the quality diminishing over the years. But the staff is not very courteous and always look into hurry about pushing over the customers so as to accommodate new lot. If you wanna enjoy the food its the place for it but not the ambiance or a quiet dinner the waiters hover around your head to bring in order after order and make it an unpleasant experience if u r going to enjoy an evening with friends or family.


Great Biryani

This place has always been on my way to work and back but never vetured into the place. The first time i did try the restaurant was during the period of eid and boy was i suprised by the food. This place has a decent ambince and like with the reviews below, i do agree that the chicken tikka biryani is a definately the dish to try. Service is decent, could do better but overall all the staff are helpful whether your seated in the A/c section or outside. Lots of people love the chinese food as well, probably i will try it the next time...



nobody talked about the star dish

Its all about food ... the food defeats all slow service complaints.

I dont understand why nobody talked about the Chicken Tangdi Kebab Masala ... chicken leg pieces that are atleas 8-9 inches long or more if you are lucky with a superb kaju gravy. And yes the chicken tikka biryani is awesome too.




I have been to Cafe Arfa a thousand times and never came out disappointed. Lets start from the start.
First went to Arfa around 6 years ago when I stayed in Andheri. Being a college going student at that time. I did not have much budget. We used to save for this place.
And even now, we continue going there.

Food: 5/5 Totally delicious and well cooked chicken. Have tried almost every chicken dish here. Personally dont like " murg musallam" and " cafe arfa spl" much but other than that every other dish is just amazing. Chicken Tikka Biryani cannot be better!!!
The only thing which some may find bad is roti.. it sometimes is a bit uncooked. Do try "laal kanda" (red onions instead of the normal ones) and green chutney along with the chicken tandoori. Its a delight.
Service: 4/5 The service is good considering the number of people that visit this place. But if you want better service, you got to sit in AC. You may have to bug the waiters again and again for new plates and stuff but none of them is rude or anything.
Price: 4/5 Its decently priced. The rates have increased over the years but it is still cheaper than many other places which are not as good.
Quantity: 5/5 The quantity according to the price is perfect and you will never go back hungry :)
Negative point: The home delivery sometimes takes a lot of time. But it is not really negative because it actually is a very busy restraunt. Also food sometimes has a lot of oil.

Overall I would like to give it a 4.5/5 but may be I have some memories attached to this place which makes me blind towards the bad things which may be there. that why giving it a 4.



Good Food

I like the place its good to have a non veg food........Chicken biryan is the must try dish............overall its a nice crowded place......with good decent food



The Long wait and other stories...

Just because my brother knew the owners inside out that we got family seats with waiters ready at the table, otherwise it would have been the staircase or the main gate adoring our presence...

Dinner Orders:

Chicken Lollipop: Too much batter, fried well but no herbs or special spice to give it that extra something. the Schezwan Sauce was acidic.

Crispy Chicken: Personally, this should not be called Crispy chicken, more like Limp fry chicken, but it is the same everywhere...Well made specially the added Cashew nuts.

Chicken Wonton Soup: SideBar: WHy do people have soup just for the sake of having it?Thickened by added cornflour it was well made and wontons were nice...

Main Course:
Murg mussallam: So sorry to be whining a lot, but shouldnt this be more like THIS
It was like discovering that your most cherished fast-food joint has just rented a Mcdonald's counter...
Still the green gravy was excellent and the tandoori Chicken in it well done (again a Duhh)

Rotis: with the amount of oil already greasing our digestive system its impossible to try the Parathas...

Dessert: Caramel Custard and Malai Kulfi: Nice way to top off things but again prepacked stuff...

So that left us with a Bill of 880 and a funny taste in the mouth experience...

TOP TIP: If the waiters is a bit generous to you than others then no harm in tipping him extra... Will keep the consistency of the orders, drinking water and paper napkins flowing...

P.S. Come to think of it, liked the Green gravy of Murg Mussallam a lot...


This could be heaven or this could be hell..

Let's start this review from the hellish experience and go down with the good part.


Friday evening post work and Hunger strikes; brilliant plan by brother in law "Let's call from Arfa".. everyone Kudos the plan and I began dialing for the food; after a 15 odd tries and harsh voice says "Cafe Arfa...bolo" as i began to place my order the voice said "Idhar aa ke pick up kar lo" .. my reaction is what was the "bolo" all about??. I head to the restaurant which is not too far from home and face a mini kumbh ka mela at the location. After a lot of perseverence we manage to nail the order which is given to us after 1 hr wait. We head back home reeking of others sweat and 'attar' with hunger supersized.

HEAVEN: (la lala lala)

The parcel is opened and served on the table. For the start it is

1. 'Shezwan' Tandoori Chicken: Well spiced, succelent and well sized. This was wiped off in 1/100th of a second considering the time we took to pick up.

2. Kasturi Kababs: A little bitter feel to it but well worth it.

3. Chicken 65 'dry': Whoever invented this dish, is mastered by cafe Arfa. Spicy with a strong flavour of curry leaves, just excellent.

4. Chicken Lollipop: They were a bit of a downer with 2 ton batter coating. Nothing to harp about.

You're wondering why so may starters?? it's the beer which is pulling them like gravity.

Now heading to the main course.

a. Murg Musallam: Spicy Tandoori in a green and red gravy, pretty rich in oil but worth it with Rotis. A definite replacement to mundane chicken tikka masala.

b. Dabba Gosh: It's a mixture of spare parts like liver/Kidney/mutton. Mildly spiced in a whitish gravy but superb.

c. Chicken tikka Biryani: It's as good as you could get in any of the restaurants, so you cannot skip it to complete the cholestrol marathon.

All this is wiped out with soft rotis and cleared up with Caramel Custard.


roncon99 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

December 21,2009


Good food. Bad service

Serves great food but the service is horrible. Once I was served food that was on the verge of being stale. Instead of replacing it the staff and management began arguing with me and asked me to leave the place. Real bad place to go on crowded days. I am sure a lot of people have experienced it. I am giving 3 stars only for the food. The service deserves 0 stars.


VFM for kebab-roti khana

Fulfilling meal!!!

Heavy on the stomach and light on the wallet!

What we had : Tangdi kebab, Green kebab(can't remember name!) for starters, rotis and Chicken mumtaz for main course and soft drinks.
Bill amount: 300 bucks!!

Food quality : 8/10
Portions: 9/10
Ambience: 5/10 (A/C section is really claustrophobic and I suggest sitting downstairs)

Good for folks like me who stay in Malad west and have to regularly put up with over-priced restuarants. Jogeshwari seems a place worth exploring for such VFM joints with good kebab-roti khana


try the chicken tikka biryani

This place is amazing for take out.Try the chicken tikka biryani and all the kebabs. All you need is some chilled beer along with it to have an amazing sunday bruch at home.



Sasta Sundar Tikao

Sasta Sundar tikao is the best way to describe this joint. No alcohol is served since this is joint is run by Muslims. They have a tiny A/C section, but it can set of claustrophobia in the faint hearted. Steer clear of the fish preparation. The pomfret fry that I ordered was not well done and the fish was not fresh. Dig into the naan and the sheek kabab curry as well as the biryani rice, surva maar ke.