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Suejoy Chakraborty - Burrp User

Suejoy Chakraborty

July 15,2015

Treat for ur stomach and ears.

Amazing food, authentic taste perfect ambience and the best part is music seems monza has a very gud musical connections. Dats y they play so gud music.
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Avantika Chitlangia - Burrp User

Avantika Chitlangia

March 02,2015

Loved the breakfast here!

I am NOT a morning person. The only things that could wake me up early are strict job timings, my 4 month old baby or FOOD! Haha! Yes, today, we foodies in Navi Mumbai ended up for breakfast at Cafe Monza. Though this place is a stone's throw away from where I reside, I was not aware of the fact that they open up at 8.30 am! Have been there a couple of times in the last two years or so and it's THE hangout place for students, corporates as well as families. Though I have tried their paninis, pastas and starters, had not even eyed their breakfast menu.

So they have the American classics - eggs, toast, sausages, waffles and pancakes. And ofcourse, coffee and tea. They have recently also introduced Indian Breakfast items in the form of Paneer Bhurji and Sundried Tomatoes & Basil Poha.

I ordered a standard masala omelet that comes with toast, butter, jam and tamarind chutney. Other's ordered an egg white omelet, sausages with mashed potato, kheema ghotala and Belgium waffle. Along with these we ordered cappuccinos and masala chai.

The service was decent, didn't have to wait too much for our orders. I loved the freshness, perfect taste and how the toast was perfect too. The quantity is sufficient for a decent breakfast on a hungry stomach. The egg-white omelet was rather nice too, and the flavour of green chillies came out beautifully in that one.

Sausages were fine, loved the mashed potato (which by the way is a favourite of everyone when they visit Cafe Monza). Kheema Ghotala is just like it is supposed to be, sinful! It can be a tad bit greasy and heavy for some people. The Belgium waffles were soft, fresh and came with melted chocolate and maple syrup. Only pancakes was left from the batch to try out!

The coffee was okay though, I personally prefer it hotter and stronger. The outlet manager insisted we try the Sundried Tomato & Basil Poha and some Masala Chai, so we did! These both were outstanding, surprisingly so! The poha was green in colour because of the basil and was very delicious! The chai was refreshing too.

Overall, it's a cozy little place where you can spend hours catching up with friends, reading or even checking your emails. They have a upper level that seats about 24 and the lower level about as many more. They started the Indian Breakfast on demand from people who visit the Kharghar Golf Course from all over Mumbai and stop-over for breakfast. So for those of us who cannot keep traveling to SOBO or Bandra for fancy breakfast, this is it! I will definitely be back to try whatever was left from the breakfast menu, after all apart from the done and dusted McDonalds breakfast, this is my sole option in the vicinity!
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dev chakravorty - Burrp User

dev chakravorty

March 12,2014

bad bad pathetic experience

Just visited cafe Monza....
the most rude staff I ever encountered.
they are not considerate at all.
I had walked in after a couple of my friends were there to order food. I had a mcdonalds shake in my hand which was almost over. But the uncouth waiter very rudely asked me to leave.
I told him that we are here to eat and there will be food of more value ordered and that it was just a matter of five min before I finished my shake. He was adamant and rude and when I asked to speak to a manager ...there was apparently no one.
what sort of a cafe doesnt have managers who dont wanna face customer woes
NOT ReCOMMENED at all.... unless you want to get insulted
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Shirin Mehrotra - Burrp User

Shirin Mehrotra

February 10,2014


This is my 2nd review for this place. The previous one was written after we ordered food from here. This was my first visit to the cafe and I was mighty impressed with the decor, ambiance and music. The cafe has such a holiday kind of vibe. The food is pretty good to. Try chicken picante - it's pan fried chicken with crispy top served with lemon butter sauce. The Bbq chicken burger too is very good. They also make pretty good mashed potatoes, it's a simple dish but a lot of restaurants go wrong with it. Between 5 of us the bill was just Rs 1500. Steal!
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Avantika Chitlangia - Burrp User

Avantika Chitlangia

September 23,2013

Amazing ambiance & food! Love it!

Wanted to checkout café's in Kharghar, so went to this one. The location is one plus point. We ordered for Paneer Tikka Panini, Potato Wedges & 3 Cappuccinos. They have seating area up a flight of stairs too, but that was closed when we had gone. The service was prompt, the staff very polite. Now coming to the food- Cappuccinos were good, though it would have been a plus point if they had given a design like most café's do. The paneer tikka panini was the best, I would give it 10/10, it was delicious! Best had while warm though! The potato wedges though crispy & big in portions, were a little bland from the inside. But overall a great experience, they have home delivery too. Will try other stuff from their vast variety soon. They also have mouth watering desserts which I had to literally control myself from trying. Maybe some other time!
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Leena Chunekar - Burrp User

Leena Chunekar

August 29,2013

good service great food

The food at cafe monza is very scrumptious..this place is wonderful for the pasta lovers..the white sauce pasta and the veg lasagna are refreshing to the palate.There are a few varieties in the dessert section too which are good.the potato fracas are nice and crispy with a nice smoky barbecue flavor sauce with it,the mashed potatoes are creamy and cheesy yet so light and perfectly mashed and passed through a sieve.The sandwiches are decent but the fries along with them are perfectly crisp and very tasty.The pizza is good but the spicy option mentioned is a little misleading(its not spicy).They have a breakfast menu too however I havent had the opportunity to try it since the timing is only till 12 pm and on holidays I dont wake up so soon :P the ambiance is warm and cozy(there are wonderful pictures and paintings on the wall) and the waiters are very friendly. This is a nice place to hangout with friends or with family. I maybe a little biased here cause I love hanging out at cafe monza but do visit this place and you will know what i was talking about :)
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Shirin Mehrotra - Burrp User

Shirin Mehrotra

July 29,2013

Good VFM food

We'd ordered food from Cafe Monza last night - 2 veg Thai green curry, 1 red chicken curry and 1 cinnamon chicken curry. The preparations were a bit spicy but tasty and came with a portion of rice each. Seven of us paid Rs 1000 for a hearty meal. Not bad at all.
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rawatjaya - Burrp User


April 15,2013

Average in every sense

We were disappointed with the quality and quantity of food here . Our Pasta aglio oli was limp with no actual olive oil and parmesan could not be felt even as garnishing. Complimentry garlic bread had onion pieces smeared on it . Thin crust pizza tasted more like all purpose flour chapati with toppings . If the menu was planned according to Indian taste then server should have warned us . I wish food tasted as good as the names on menu .
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Rohit Shankar - Burrp User

Rohit Shankar

March 24,2013

One of the best White Sauce Pasta

Amazing Pasta, and the best deserts that i have had. The pasta is even better thagt what i have had at Olive.
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beer_icecream - Burrp User


March 01,2013

very pleasing. looks promising

very prompt service. food quality is pretty good with a variety to choose from.. Makes a pleasant sight from the outside. spacious n well lit interior far from the dingy restaurants in the vicinity. A typical cafe at the base of a landmark there is no reason for it to not do well.
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