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> > > > Cafe Moshe's

Cafe Moshe's

Malad WestWestern Suburbs    & IN 7 MORE LOCATIONS

  • 02228898555, 02228897555
  • Shop No. 104, 1st Floor,Infiniti Mall,Link Road,Malad West, Mumbai
  • Cakes, Snacks, Tea and Coffee
  • Meal for 2 - 800

9 Reviews / 9 Ratings

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Cafe Moshe's Reviews





Relaxed place

Lover their lemon grass coolers best for the summer


March 15, 2014response from management at Cafe Moshe's:

Dear Guest,
We are delighted to know that you enjoyed the cooler at Cafe Moshe’s.
We look forward to seeing you again at Cafe Moshe’s

Warm Regards,
Team Moshe’s



Excellent variety of desserts ,their chocolate mousse and chocolate mousse cake is a must try for they are expensive but excellent cakes ....they have some low cal chicken sandwiches which are a must try my fave again...


May 14, 2013response from management at Cafe Moshe's:

Dear Guest,

Appreciate your mail!

Do try our other delicacies as well.hope to have you around soon & have a memorable time:)

Thanks & Regards,

Team Moshe's


awesome coffee

love their coffee always. make it a point tio visit every saturday aftr work


April 9, 2013response from management at Cafe Moshe's:

Dear Guest,

Thank you for your sweet gesture.

Hope to have you more often & enjoy our other delicacies as well.

Thanks & Regards,

Team Moshe's

moksh_91 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

February 20,2013


Rohit Nair's Review!!

I enjoyed the experience that i had here especially because it was with my best pals. You might be thinking whats it to do with the Cafe Mocha's, I will tell you because

1) The ambiance of this place is excellent and the location is perfect because after a tedious shopping session what you need is something awesome to snack on! Cafe walls are of glass, but you will find tables inside which will give you your privacy and if you are with friends their couch is very comfortable.

2) I ordered "Spicy Chicken Crostini with piperade Vegetable" (Basically a open sandwich). Oh the Chicken just melted into my mouth! It was le.. wait for it........ "Legendary". My friend who has a considerably good diet opted for "Chicken Shawarma with Tahini dressing" which I happened to take a bite off and it was Shawarma inside a sandwich which was Wow! If you are Tuna fish lover which i am not you should try "Lemon Tuna with Egg", my friend seemed to devour it. Go for a mix fruit juice if you are ordering one "Fruit Cyclone". My other friend ordered a "Grilled Chicken Kebab which is served in a Bun", it was good but we Concluded Spicy Chicken Crostini is the legend.

3) The service is very good, they will suggest and reciprocate to your views efficiently.

4) I was full, so next time i am going to try out more of their plates. Especially looking forward to desserts.

Pocket hole rating: 4/5

Satisfaction rating : 5/5


April 9, 2013response from management at Cafe Moshe's:

Dear Guest,

Apologies for a late reply.

Thank you for your over whelming review.

It has encouraged our staff & will continue to do a good work.Do
try our other delicacies as well,we will continue to bring a smile on your face at every visit of yours.

Thanks & Regards,

Team Moshe's

Another 5 Star Bakery!

This is an awesome place which has finally opened this side of the suburbs in Infinity Mall, Malad (W).
I was glad to be here last year. I was with one of my girlfriends and it had this lovely ambience (being in the centre of a mall). We couldn't stop gossiping and eating at the same time.
We had a lovely Mezze item (as I am a Lebanese addict), this along with a chicken pasta (which was yumm nonetheless). They hv lovely garlic bread served too.

We had some indulging chocolate pastries, but on 1-2 visits after this I have tried their cheesecakes and baked variants of Cheesecake too, they are simply awesome!!.
This is in the same class as Theobroma so u can expect the same effect on your pocket, but we dnt get good stuff cheap in our country do we? ;)


Cheese cake?? Yes please!

Finally it's opened in this side of the suburbs. Went there after a great round of drinks and food at Manchester United and tried the much talked about Philadelphia Cheesecake. It was divine....the only hitch is that its a little too expensive...195 bucks for a cheesecake?? anyways thats the price for indulgence I guess...;). will go there to try out more stuff soon.


zonked - Burrp User


5 Reviews

November 17,2011


Bad Service, good food

We were regulars here because we liked the items on the menu and the preparation but bad attitude of management left a bitter taste in our mouth and we just stopped frequenting this place. once my husband got a stomach upset due to one of their grilled sandwiches. Apart from that, everytime we went here on the weekend we had a bad experience.Weekdays were fine. They seemed understaffed and could not handle customers when there were more than two or three tables full. Last time I had gone with my mother. After requesting them to clear a table we finally sat on a different one as they seemed to have forgotten. Then I went inside to the counter twice to remind them that we were waiting for the menu. After being regulars since the cafe opened we definitely expected better service than this. They didn't hand us the menu still and when i would look inside as we were seated outside, the manager was just standing and lounging, the only poor waiter was really trying his best. and the cash counter lady whom i had requested was still quite aloof. It was like they don't care one way or the other. And even when we got up to leave, they just stared instead of taking the oppurtunity to apologize. The manager, Mr. Srikant lacks on hospitality etiquette. On an earlier weekend, some foreigners came after us and sat at a table adjacent to ours. Even though we had been waiting for the menu to arrive for a long time, Mr.Srikant personally came to hand them the menu before and didnt even seem to pay attention to our order because he was turned towards his foreigner customers and seemed very eager to get there to take down their order. Obviously their order arrived way before ours did, even when they had ordered grilled sandwiches which require more prep time than our order of tea, coffee and gooey chocolate cake and chocolate puddle which is ready to eat and requires no prep time came much after. even in that somebody forgot the tea and i had to remind them again about that. It was obvious that the manager was not interested in serving us properly even though we were made to wait longer and had come before his other customers. and when i pointed it out, the poor waiter apologised and the manager did not have the courtsey to come and accept his mistake. we let it go..but it just left a bitter taste. it was obvious he was fishing for big fat tips and so the other (lesser, sic) customers didn't matter. its really sad when these kind of encounters happen.. it is a perfectly nice cute cafe with delicious stuff on the menu, especially their hotchocolate and some of their refreshing drinks are pretty awesome but we were just disappointed with the service again n again.


Quite Ordinary

The Chicken Jalapeno Sandwich which i had there,had its chicken very bland and lost its taste as soon as i had half the sandwich.The coffee and hot chocolate were good.




Been there twice already. They have the best chocolate croissants I ve had in a very very long time. I had that both the times I visited. I also had their Philadelphia cheesecake which was pure bliss in my mouth. :)
The carrot cake with marzipan was decent... nothing out of the ordinary, but their other stuff is really something!! Try it, I'm sure you're gonna keep wanting to come back for more.