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Madness Incorporated - Burrp User

Madness Incorporated

September 29,2016

Great place to go with friends or colleagues

Great ambience to go have a relaxed lunch with your friends and colleagues.

Prices are steep but food is good. Loved the corn soup especially.
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YouthIncMagazine - Burrp User


May 15,2016

Cafe Zoe Review

Café Zoe lived up to all the expectations I had. The cosy interior, the inviting couches and the soft music set the mood for a lovely afternoon with my book. The coffee was hot, and the sandwich fresh. The only thing I couldn’t do was curl up in a public place. There is a variety of dishes you can choose from, ranging from soups (Rs.150 – 210), salads (Rs.150 – 210) and sandwiches (Rs.250), to vegetable, meat and sea food mains (Rs.250 – 550). They also have a host of breakfast options, but most dishes are in favour of non-vegetarians. There are all the usual beverages too– coffees, teas and a well-stocked bar. If the prices seem a bit steep, the café ambience and the solitude the place offers, more than makes up for it. Since the café is located in a mill premise, the ceiling is really high with natural light filtering through the glass in the ceiling, transporting diners to any foreign location they would like to get away to from the Mumbai humdrum. The food, though simple, was delicious. The cucumber and cream cheese sandwich that I had requested for was served on a bagel that was toasted to perfection; the ingredients were fresh and the seasoning perfect. The fries were crunchy and the dip creamy. The chocolate chip cookie, banana-walnut muffin and hazelnut cheesecake had my friend licking her fingers and the plate. The well-trained staff was prompt when service was required, and only hung around on the periphery, not seeming overbearing when not required. It is a café surely worth a visit when you want to get away to London, Paris or New York for a few hours!
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rohanpathak21 - Burrp User


July 01,2015

Awesome Ambiance

It is a huge place in midst of the clubbing scene in Mumbai. No cover charges and couple entry, Cafe Zoe is the best place to hangout with friends and alone. It has got a wonderful collection of books and paintings which will leave you in awe.

They have two floors with the ground floor having a lot of space. The sofas are spaced out nicely.
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Neehar Kundurti - Burrp User

Neehar Kundurti

June 08,2015

Mill times

Lower Parel's mills house some of the finest bars/restros/cafes in Bombay. Considering what the area was a couple of decades ago to what it's become now, Zoe makes for a perfect ode to that.

A nondescript entrance in Mathuradas Mills (which also houses several other establishments like Blue Frog, Busaba, Zaffran), only those who have been there previously can know for sure how to get there. If you come by car, the entrance from Tulsi Pipe road guides you through small alleyways of the mill all the way to the other end, where either you're lucky to find your own spot that isn't in the way for other cars or you need to trust your valet and pray that they don't scratch it. (Valet + Rs 30 fee is sort of compulsory even if you park on your own because they need to adjust later, in case it's needed). Doesn't look anything other than ordinary until you step into the waft of air-conditioning into this brilliantly done up inside of a warehouse that they converted into a cafe/bar/book-store/bistro with a downstairs and upstairs level, covered with framed pictures of what the mill used to look like and artsy hangings, a bright blue bicycle and a very high ceiling.

That's one part of the beauty. You still haven't tasted the food. You have five star dining (at four star rates). Everything I have tasted to date is perfect in it's own way. The staff know exactly what each dish is. But you need to be prepared for the dishes to take time to reach the table because they make each dish separately and handcraft each plate to presentation a la perfection. So make sure you settle down and get yourself a drink or beverage.

Among my favorite dishes: Eggs Benedict, Lemon Chili Coriander grilled chicken, salmon wellington, poached egg on whipped yogurt. But I urge you to go for your gut and choose whatever takes your fancy on the menu, because I'm sure it would be amazing.
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March 31,2015

Really Cool Place to be...Great feel

Cafe Zoe (Lower Parel) is a complete package of great food we had yummy burger, the beet root risotto and the cranberry drink which was just perfectly made also they had some mouth watering desserts that we tried but it seemed very nice in taste. The ambience is very chiller and spaced out to get going and grooving on the dance floor later.
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Nimu S - Burrp User

Nimu S

March 29,2015

One of d city's most popular spots!

Cafe Zoe serves European and Continental, i have tried it all breakfasts, brunches, lunches, dinners, and drinks. Depending on what time you arrive at this converted industrial compound, the crowd may include young parents feeding their one-year-old daughter sweet bites of Belgian waffles, local journalists shoveling down hot minestrone soup, couples sharing a romantic dinner of seafood and pasta, young party goers drinking cocktails in a dim but sensuous atmosphere after midnight. Whats even more impressive is that Zoe manages this incredible balancing act without seeming watered-down or tired. For dessert my all time favorite has been the bread pudding, wit a crispy, cream caramel coating it is superb at any hour.
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Bhavesh 1127 - Burrp User

Bhavesh 1127

March 20,2015

Great Location. Relaxing feel!

This has been the most trendy nightspot for a long time and is also one of its better fine-dining restaurants. Definitively gives a lounge feel and is more elegant than most lounge bars in Mumbai. The outdoor area, is a nice stretch that has the Barking Deer and Blue Frog by its side, it has low white couches and sparkling candlelight. Inside, it's a bit too dim, but later the dance floor is packed with some of Bollywood's most beautiful people, so stick around after your meal. The continental food has local influences.
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Foodie Love - Burrp User

Foodie Love

March 18,2015

Three Cheers to this place

It's an amazing place to start with. Tantalizing Desert counter is their USP.
A pretty good view of the live kitchen/ bar they have downstairs, if you get the table right above them.
The food is pretty good. We ordered the veg burger and assorted veg lasagna. Also french fries and their tomato and fennel soup were really good in taste. Outstanding continental food leaves mouth open and doesn't burn a hole in your wallet. However, service is at a very slow pace. One should enjoy the bright natural light pouring in the place.
Every night there is something new happening at Cafe Zoe, it's impossible to get bored.
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Bina S. - Burrp User

Bina S.

February 28,2015

European feel

Gives the look of an european style place and the feel of cafes. The display material had fun pots and pan, etc. The seating below and on the top makes the place look big and fancy. They have an in house bakery which was quite cool, but the aroma of something cooking / baking was very strong to bear and hence it was a little unpleasant. We had ordered for an Coffee latte which was quiet a let down. No flavor of was evident in the coffee. However the coffee was served with 2 little cookies which were baked in house and were good. May be I still want to go one more time to completely experience the place. Music is amazing with great crowd here. Need to try out more.
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Amanda dsouza - Burrp User

Amanda dsouza

February 28,2015

Good place

Cafe Zoe had some fun exhibition and I dropped by to know why everyone is mad about this place. It was a pretty okay experience. I had a Margarita, a repeat of Bloody Mary and a few spoons of the bolognaise. The menu is good, too many options, perhaps that was the problem- Indecisiveness. They have an extensive fish list as well- John Dory to Salmon. I paid 2.5k for a good meal with alcohol. I wish the service was better.
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Foodosaurus Prachi - Burrp User

Foodosaurus Prachi

January 31,2015

Good but expensive!

I would like it to be a little less expensive, agreed it is a very stylish place and service is amazing along with ambiance too! The design of the place is amazing.I went with a college friend and we ordered a penne pasta in red sauce with lots of veggies and it was one of the best pastas we ever had! Service needs special mention as they were too polite and we sat chatting there for a long time!
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Asha Nath - Burrp User

Asha Nath

January 24,2015

Cool and classy

Met with friends for a quick lunch some weeks ago here. Very cool place, definitely worth the buck for the ambiance alone. Had pumpkin soup and a green salad and a lasagne and it all tasted very nice, fresh and flavorful. Expensive yes but as I said,the ambiance is great and service exceeds expectations,so didn't mind the bill. A definite must visit at least once!
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Lillian Mendes - Burrp User

Lillian Mendes

January 22,2015

Cool place to catch up!

I kinda had a reunion here with a couple of my friends! Had gone there for lunch.The ambience is so peaceful and nice! The food has a lot of variety and even the drinks have some good options to choose from. The salads were very yum and so was the main course. The desserts are really nice as well. A bit expensive but worth a try!
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heena  ashar - Burrp User

heena ashar

December 31,2014

Magic at Zoe!

On one fine Saturday night my friends and I decided to go bar hopping at Todi mills. After being shot down by the crowded Barking deer & disappointed by the steep entry without cover at Blue frog, we hopelessly tried our luck at Cafe Zoe. Well well! We had a memorable night indeed!

Though the manager said they were fully booked for the night and expected us to walk out but we persisted. Within a few minutes we had a table with a few conditions attached for vacating the table for the guests expected to arrive in an hour. We agreed as we were famished!

Our order- French fries, melon & feta salad and another non veg dish I can't recall the name of! The salad was delicious!

Our drinks: tequila shots, whiskey sour, long island, and mojito! The whiskey sour with egg version was out of the world and a must try even if you're not a whisky fan.

After gobbling all this we were asked to move to the bar as their guests had arrived, despite billing a good enough amount we were sort of being pushed around for a while till one of my friends decided to stand up and demand a table and voila!

We had one on the mezzanine in a few minutes! One tip- don't back down when they say no!

The ambience and music here are top notch for a night out with friends!

The drinks are much better than most places around and food was great too..especially the Veg ravioli.

But just like any other place in the area be ready to shell out about 2-2.5k per person with drinks and food.
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Mitchelle  D'Souza - Burrp User

Mitchelle D'Souza

September 25,2014


A very elegant looking cafe, ideal for catching up with friends. The most striking part being the high ceilings and sun beams streaming through the open spaces, bathing the restaurant with light. The service can give you a headache, as the waiters are not on their toes and they need to up their act. We ordered for Assorted spiced nuts to go along with the drinks. The drinks came half an hour before the nuts could. By that time we were halfway through our drinks. We prayed devoutly that they don't take that much time for the appetizers to arrive and miraculously they arrived within 10 minutes of placing the order. Our order read like this - Smoked salmon salad and roast beef, mustard, and gherkins sandwich. We had a good time, sipping fine alcohol and tucking into good food. Only sore point being service.
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abrathor3456 - Burrp User


June 25,2014

Great place to have dinner and breakfast

As a single diner, I was seated at the bar. I usually prefer this, but their bar stools are not high enough and I spent my entire meal adjusting and readjusting myself to try and eat my meal comfortably. In between swatting flies that swarmed the bar. I started with a Fresh Black Grape Caipiroska (Rs. 450). Really well priced, but was sickly sweet and I couldn't taste the alcohol. I waited twenty minutes for the first of my bar snacks to arrive Roast Veg Arancini (Rs. 210) served with an unfortunate tomato sauce. I dare you to say it tastes of anything other than a tart gujju pizza sauce. The arancini on its own is nicely cheesy but under-salted; this is probably deliberate, given the way the tomato sauce assaults your taste buds. Many minutes later my other snack, Pulled Pork Brioche (Rs. 285), arrives. I did away with the cucumber slice it came with, wiped away the excess mustard that killed all other flavours and then went on to semi-enjoy this dish.

The best dish I ordered was the Truffle Capellini (Rs. 550). Exactly what it says on the menu. No fuss and all flavour.

Just when I was getting ready to forgive the flies & poor flavours, haphazard service and multiple requests for the Wi-Fi code going unanswered, it all came crashing down with the dessert. First they misplaced my order, then the Panna Cotta (Rs. 150) arrives and tastes of smelly custard, and then the Americano (Rs. 75) arrives in a smelly cup.

Spend 10 minutes here and it is plain as day why people flock to Café Zoe. The pretty ones film maker, ad guy turned hot actor turned activist turned actor, society food columnist, fashion store owner feel like they have come to a members-only private club; and the wannabe pretty ones well, they just wanna be part of this private club. Neither care about the average food, the abundant
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Knead_with_love - Burrp User


November 09,2012

Jewel in a mill!!

Cafe Zoe is hidden in one hidden corner of mathuradas mill but once you reach and enter it does make you smile. Its rustic, well lit, spacious and casual. We ordered the beetroot risotto, chicken burger, bell pepper and pesto crostini and tiramisu. The bell pepper pesto crostini was nice but not great. The portion size was a bit too small for us..just 2 people I mean. But the burger and risotto did not disappoint! I wiped the whole beetroot risotto in no time!!! It was perfect..the rice had a bite to it, it wasn't cloggy and the beetroot cubes that were added to the risotto gave it a great textural balance.
The chicken burger was brilliant..patty was succulent, juicy and well seasoned, burger bun soft and not extremely crumbly, fries were crisp and golden and the spicy mayo that was served with it went perfect with the burger.
Next up was the tiramisu...i couldn't stop smiling after the first bite! It had a perfect hit of alcohol and coffee and gladly it was not to sweet!
Other than the food..the service was prompt and good and the ambiance nice and relaxing. A must try place!!
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shanterbanter - Burrp User


October 15,2012

What are they thinking!

Too many restaurants in this city get away with serving bad food. Usually, those places have at least one redeeming quality that makes up for that. That's not the case at Cafe Zoe. I had moderately high expectations going in. I knew it was a cafe, but the chef had supposedly worked at some other good restaurants (Salt Water Cafe, etc). At first glance, the menu seems alright, but when the food is placed in front of you the debacle begins. I didn't like ONE thing, and I shared quite a bit with my friends. I'm picky, but I've never gone out and disliked everything! The service was inattentive at best, and my server knew nothing about the food or the menu. Overall, really bad experience.
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