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> > > Caravan Serai

Caravan Serai

Lokhandwala (Andheri)    & IN 1 MORE LOCATIONS

  • 26390001, 26390002, 26390003
  • Red Box Building, Andheri Link Road, Lokhandwala (Andheri), Andheri West, Mumbai
  • North West Frontier

30 Reviews / 30 Ratings

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Caravan Serai Reviews





So Very Punjabi

Caravan Serai is one of my favorite restaurant in Andheri.
had my cousin coming from US & decided to take her to this awesome restaurant.
She just loved the food, ambiance & service at the restaurant.
The food here is finger licking good !
I love the onions served, just awful !
Music is sad sometimes when you hear some good nos being played at RedBox.
Management get some good collection.
A must go restaurant !!!







We wanted to try the buffet at Caravan Serai ,We went there before 1 pm but by the time we got to the main course we were disappointed to notice that some of the items in the buffet were not even warm forget hot. A couple of items were almost over and not replenished. The desserts were also not so great .We felt that we had been ripped off. The buffet is not very cheap so it seemed a waste of money.




Had been here for a my birthday surprise .... and I have to say it was a shock and not a surprise ..... Ambience was good .... Music was pathetic ... THey played patriotic songs and some numbers from bollywood from 80's which were never even heard and the music was sooo loud that we had to yell to each other to even converse .... Morevoer, inspite of many reminders to lower the music or change the songs ,... nothing happend .......

Soup, starters and drinks were good .... Me being a vegetarian had limited choice and the main course was worst .... felt pukish looking at the malai kofta ... it looked like rabdi and didnt even dare trying it ..... Thankfully we didnt order desserts as there wasnt much choice in that as well ....

My recommendations ..... Zero



punjabi lover

If u r crazy fan for punjabi den dis is a place u will surely like to be the sabji serve over here r really tasty with superb service n ambience n kulcha r really soft u will surely won't forget them ever n u will feell lyk cmng bck agn n again


Unexpected Disaster!

Hi friends!
I hope this review is helpful to one and all reading.
I had been to this place for the first time yesterday for lunch...........and yes for my 'Valentines lunch'.
As a first impression, I loved their interiors and the entire ambience. It is just perfect for a quite lunch/dinner with your loved one!
The waiter was kind and greeted me with a 'Happy Valentines Day' and to my surprise, he said they have an additional 15% on the existing menu that day!!!!
Horrible, I thought this is loot :). The menu over here is also old, they have got new and revised prices......take that!!:).

However, disastrous the pricing was, we enjoyed good food. Ordered a portion of Galouti Kabab , Chicken Dum Biryani and a soft drink. We were set back by 1K (a lil more than that maybe) in just ordering 2 dishes.
What's more, they had additional taxes on the food and the beverages all the fine dining guys in India do.
Okay all in all here's my rating:

Food- 9
Service- Slow:6
Ambience: 8
Pricing: Pathetic: 5
Would come back: NO :)

There are too many joints in Mumbai which are competitive and in the same category.
Bye for now!


chocodip - Burrp User


10 Reviews

January 10,2013


not worth it

Zero value for money, excessively overpriced and small portions. Empty on a weekday afternoon and the staff took ages to get the food on our table. Will not recommend this restaurant to others, there are plenty of better choices around.


kuldeepj80 - Burrp User


14 Reviews

November 10,2012


just ok

went there for dinner a few days back..its a decent place to dine..the ambiance is good no doubts but foodwise its nothin exceptional...d food can be termed as good or decent...v had their murgh makhani, reshmi kebab and pomfret koliwada...though am not a great fan of maharashtrian cuisine i sumhow liked d pomfret...though was a little on d spicier side which is obvios for a maharashtrian dish...will soon go and try their vegeterian food d next tym...overall an ok experience



Just average

Just like the rating, it's an average restaurant. Nothing exquisite about the food, but it'll suffice to assuage your hunger. Sweet lassi had nothing sweet about it and tahiri naan (or some similar name) was thick as a pizza base and crunchy as a dosa (certainly it'll give you some cuts). It was somewhat disappointing compared to what I expected.
decor is above average (would certainly like to visit once for dinner, for the ambiance), service is attentive and somewhat expensive menu...



Truly a Palace with large group of people!

Visited Caravan Serai on the weekend at my cousins place which is just 5min from the restaurant. As expected it was packed and also had a long queue. Just when we decided to leave, we were offered a table for 3 (since the others waiting were in large groups...yay!)

It appears to be a cozy place but due to the crowd all the time it tends to get too noisy. You'll mostly find families and large groups. The ambiance and seating is quite good and comfortable.

We had heard a lot about Ghost Dum Biryani and that topped our list of orders. It was one of the best biryani we've had although we weren't too happy with the portions. We also ordered for Murg Rara Masala and Keshari Murg Tikka which were quite good but nothing compared to the biryani.

Service is very slow, every order took close to 10-15min of waiting inspite of ordering everything at one go. Tried their Phirni and it wasn't that great. I've had better! Cost-wise its an expensive place.



Good food but bad service

If you are a butter chicken fan, then you should try Caravan Serai. Its brilliant. So are the naans, the buttermilk, the entire affair. But their service needs a serious crash course in basic etiquette. We were seated on a table which was just used by a previous guest and was not even cleaned properly. Not only that, we were surrounded by such 'unprepared' tables. The waiter insisted at least 8-10 times that we order the butter naan and not the plain one. I have no idea why. But it got extremely irritating after a point. The staff was busy giggling and gossiping among themselves and were least interested in serving us. Our experience lasted for about half an hour after which it was difficult to bear this and we fled :-)


Heer  - Burrp User


22 Reviews

January 11,2012


Not expected from this restaurant

Have visited Caravan serai andheri branch the second time. First time I had visited on my Husband's bday for lunch and we had recived an amazing service, so was impressed by that and on the day of XMAS forced my husband to take me there..We had to wait for our turn to come, that is understood. The problem started when, we were told by the staff that we need to wait for 5 mins only for a table..max 10 mins..n he used these wrds, 'SIR, zyada se zyada 10 ka 15 min hoga" we waited as we thoguht wait is worth the food out there. But to our disgust we had to wait for more than 45 mins...and by that time it became peak time for dinner..that if we wld hav gone snywhr else...we wld hd to wait...Finally we gt a table....Only on our table candles were not we requeted the waiter to do so..but he did we didnt lik the service out ther..

Talking about food..yeah it is good...their special chef sabzi (veg) was yeah we were disappointed coz wht is point in hvng good food with disgust service...good food is available roadside also....
I will not suggest it to my close ones...especialy on peak days or weknds..u can try out lunch during weekdays....if at all nyone has craving to eat thr..



Not at all worth it, not for veggies atleast

It's 1st Jan. We just landed up at this place. We're veggies. Ambiance is nice. Pretty refreshing and comfortable. The 'nice' part ends here itself.
The Menu Card read, 20% extra charges from 24th Dec to 1st Jan, which was disappointing as there were NO special arrangements on 1st Jan atleast. Most restaurants charge extra on the 31st as they plan some extra arrangements for the night. The overall bill has atleast 20-25% extra tax added to it. Another disappointment.
The food taste of just about as good as any normal restaurant. Nothing special. And when you go to a place that claims to serve specialties in North Indian Food with such prices, you do have high expectations. The Lassi there was light, felt as if mixed with water. A pretty normal Lassi that you would get at your home probably. And the shocker, it costed Rs. 216 + taxes. Yes, just the Lassi.
It was a bad experience for me.


abhinav_m - Burrp User


2 Reviews

November 19,2011


Good experience!!

Had a quick meal at Caravan Serai yesterday. The food was good and staff courteous!!
Want to mention that the 'Hare Pyaaz ki Paneer' was different from the stereotypical paneer preparations and definitely is a recommended vegetarian main course.
As for the chicken main course. the 'Laziz murg tikka masala' did not have an out of the world gravy but was tempered correctly with the right spices and so tasted good.
Important was that the food was piping hot which is an issue I have faced at their bandra outlet. Overall was a good experience!! Hope they keep it up!!


Minoo - Burrp User


11 Reviews

October 27,2011


Change the damn Staff !

Went there for the 2nd time today for lunch, a group of 6. Food as usual was great ( thats y the 3 stars ). But for the 2nd time we were disappointed with the service.

Firstly they only keep talkin amongst themselves, we have to keep trying to get their attention. Very slow service. After about 20 - 30 mins into service, we happened to talk amongst us ... as to how slow the service is, to our shock 2 waiters behind us started to bitch about us saying that " ek to order itna late dete hain aur bak bak karte hain !" HELLO ????? what kind of staff is this .Dude this might be ur first job , we aint no first timers at a food joint ! We know our timings

The manager only keeps ignoring what the waiters or customers tell him. Its a very chalta hai attitude.

I hope the management reads this post and does something about it .

Must try the egg biryani if u happen to go there !



11th visit and still loving it

caravan serai located in andheri offers great punjabi food. i often visit there with my friends. we have veg. food over there and are never disappointed by their food or their starters. they even have good choice of alcoholic/non alcoholic beverages. i would suggest you, not to order any crap from the menu , better ask the Stewart their specialty , or whats good and order accordingly... i am sure one will enjoy the experience...




Friends,the experience was pathetic. From outside the place looks fine, so just stepped in. The ambiance inside is just ok... Price wise it was on par with some other places in the locality, but the food was awful, no taste and so thankfully qty being less was a blessing in disguise... For me a very forgettable place, will never visit again. service was just k...



Poor Starters & Main Course & Uninterested Staff

My experience at Caravan Serai Andheri was terrible. For a place that claims to serve cuisine from North West Frontier Province, the chefs should die in shame as the food was not even like decent North Indian food.

The kebabs were bitter, including Galouti kebab which they had listed as a specialty.
The main course - again suggested by the staff as being a specialty was flavorless, below average. The rotis and paranthas were extremely stiff, making the food even more disappointing. The quantity served was very less, absolutely no value for money. The cuisine was definitely not from the NWFP.

The seating too was disappointing, seats were crammed in the corridors and aisles too. Place was extremely noisy. Overall it completely ruined our evening. Would Not recommend at all.



Awful Service..Pathetic Hospitality

We went to this place on saturday. i had already booked a table at 9:00 was a special day as it was my husband's birthday...this place just horribly dissapointed me in every way.
We ordered the food but service slow. Waiters were just running between 5-6 tables ..Managers dint know whome to look after or not..They dint even know how to manage the staff waht would they manage guest..waiters were not at all attentive they forgot the last order of breads and we kept waiting for 20 minutes without breads in our plates. Finaly we had to cancel the order of chapatti.. After all that they did not had the courtesy to apologize..
Then they took 15 mins to get the cheque..would never go to this place again...Pathetic Hospitality



Food was okay, service was quick

Went here with family for lunch this afternoon. Our original plan was to go to Punjab Grill, but then since they were fully booked we went to Caravan Serai instead.

Since it's located bang on the New Link Road you cannot miss it. They have a convenient valet service in case you're driving to this place..

We were seated promptly. We ordered a couple dishes of Kokri Kabab and Paneer Pudina Tikka to start with. So far so good. The Kokri kabab was to die for. The green chutney served along side could've been a little less spicy.

For the main course, we ordered a Dal Bukhara (it's a speciality here) along with a Green Onion Paneer and a Spinach Kofta. Though we specifically asked for our order to be mild in spiciness, the food came in spicy.

The food was good. The service was very quick and that to me made the experience even more enjoyable.

We ended our meal with a Rajeshahi Rabdi and some Shabnam ke moti (small Gulab jamuns in some rabdi). Both were just delicious.

Overall a good place for a family meal.



Excellent food, superb ambience

A must visit if you are in the Andheri(W) area.

Dined on New Year's Eve, 2010. Right off the bat, the dining hall floor manager was very helpful in securing a table. The service was attentive and excellent. We had the Murgh Khurchan and the Bhuna Gosth with Pudina Paratha and Naans.

The food was eminently tasty and succulent. The best part was that even after such a late night heavy meal, none of us had any heartburn or after taste through the night. Speaks to the freshness of the ingredients and the method of preparation there.


lagna.das - Burrp User


120 Reviews

November 12,2010


awful service,ok food.

this place just horribly dissapointed me in every way.
lets start with the ambiance- oh on that part they have good point. its sort of dim lighted and nice.
service- awfully slow. waiters are quite dumb they dont understand much. with just 2 managers on the floor they are scrambling between 10-12 tables ..not funny!
bottom line- pls add some managers who can take orders and be quick.also if waiters are little mroe attentive that would be bonus.
understandable if its a weekend but on a tuesday at 8.30pm...not at all funny!
food- now the food was average.for the prices paid in terms of starters and main course. they can increase the quantities a little more. kebabs,chicken pieces in various sauces-kesari,pudina,etc they were well prepared.
damages- 6 people,bill amount- Rs 8000 with mocktail drinks and 3 hrs of long innattentive affair.
next time hop off to red box,mainland china or masala mantar for the various cuisines.



Tastless Food

Had been to this place on a weekend may not be the best time. Was looking forward to a good experience with the ambience however the food was really sad and tasteless and was very very ordinary. We had butter chicken and roti which was very sad. Even Chaas was tasteless.

People were fighting around for seats which might be a normal feature on a weekend but here it was a real bad sight.

The staff was courteous and convinced about the taste which never existed. In the end it was totally not worth the money spend. Quite a sad experience will never go back again.


Yummiee !!!!!!!!!

As soon as I entered this plc with my boyfrnd I thought that it was another Dhaba kind plc. But guess wat I had so much in store for me. The ambience is awesome. I had some lamb kebab which was cooked so well and was delicious. It was so tender. Then I had some pomfret kebab which was so delicious. Everything that I had was awesome and was just not oily. In all this place rocks like anything. Good place to go with family and friends.

Three cheers to this place !!!!!!!!!!!!!



was made to wait for 30min before getting a very small table with low seating with improper backrests.

The entire place was overly crowded and there was too much commotion happening.

Bad cooling- even the AC section was warm

After waiting for over 20 min for the starters to come- the portions were very small, food COLD and BLAND.

The non-veg platter seemed semi-cooked and I landed with a stomach ache soon after.

The Tandoori mushrooms- very minuscule - seemed like it wasn't placed in the tandoor at all ! Was tasteless ,bland,undercooked and very badly seasoned.

After waiting for an other 20 min they brought the main course without getting the dinner plates.

By the time the plates came the food was cold, the roti- turned hard and crisp.

the starter which we had ordered in the start came after the main course. The Hara-Bara Kababs were cold, bland and really under seasoned.

We were really disappointed with the entire service and the managers didn't give a damn about our opinions!


0 stars- had to click on 1 to post the review


Good Food, Good Service

Went there for dinner with my husband on saturday nite. Had mushroom kebab and pudhina paneer which is good as per waiter who took our order, kebab was good but paneer was not tasty at all. Portions are good for 4 people, but we were 2 only and that's way our stomach was almost full after starters. Ordered Mushroom mutter and dal pashtuni (black urad dal), dal was very good, mushroom mutter was ok in taste. Quite a big place, good place for large groups.




Loud Music, Bad Service and intolerable attitude made the evening unpleasnt. I feel it is little overly priced for the food that they serve.


Epitome of Slow Service

This restaurant cannot match the class of the flagship restaurant in Bandra. I was quite amazed to see the restaurant doing a full house on a week day. Seeing the crowd walked into the restaurant to experience the north-west frontier cuisine.. Though the food was above average, the service was just too slow. The stewards were straight faced dummies who cared a damn.. Recommended only if you don't care for the service and have ample of time to spare...



A welcome addition to the area

Caravan Serai is a place to go for some good NorthWest cuisine, don't miss out on their ONION CHILLI KULCHA...which is my personal fav...the paneer was good too.

The service can be made much better n if that happens this place can surely be THE PLACE in the vicinity


Here Comes the Hunk!

Caravan Serai is going to give others in the vicinity a tough time.

Lokhandwala has a plethora of good to average to amazing places to eat - but Caravan Serai is just the Best of the lot.

Its located on the same building where Redbox & China Gate are located - all belonging to the same owner. The moment you enter - you are in a different world - away from the busy road of Andheri. The ambience is done very well with proper lantern like lights and nice crockery. The layout and the decor give the place a perfect look meant for their cuisine. They've got aprons instead of napkins which is good. Considering the food they serve - may be the fork and knife could be knocked off from the table. What are hands for?!

We did not try any starters but they had a good variety. I was really impressed to see the variety offered for vegeterians. We ordered for a Paneer Tikka Masala, Dal Bukhari and Subz Milauni. Paneer was just tooo soft and melted away in the mouth and the gravy was supreme too. While we were ordering for Subz Punjabi - the captain asked us to try Subz Milauni. It was a mix veg in green gravy. Really delicious. The Dal Bukhari was to die for. Yummy is not the word. Naan & Paratha were served well. We ordered for a Veg Masala Biryani as the Dum Biryani would take time. It was really tasty. Couldn't stop lickin my fingers. This place is by far the best place I have been to in Mumbai.

Service was prompt. Food was served in less than 15 minutes of ordering. There was a fleet of valet guys. I liked the way the finger bowl was replaced with a mobile sink. Innovative and new. Just one problem with the service - the smile on faces were missing. There were no greetings all the while. Attitude of being such a great place?

Considering the food and ambience - I'd say that the place is completely VFM. 1 Dal+ 2 curries+ 1 rice+Breads+2 soft drinks made a damage of 1007

Absolutely Recommended place with friends/family.


Jump on to this caravan!

The moment that you enter Caravan Serai, you feel like you’ve been cut off from the rest of bustling Andheri and in a good way. The ambience is very pretty because much thought has been put in to the décor of the place which is very woody, traditional and yet urban somehow. There are these cute lanterns all above you that are shaped like hour-glasses and Caravan Serai’s got a lot of detail going on in wood, mats, brass and choir that gives it a very earthy and pleasant atmosphere.
Once we were seated at our table and had a look through the menu, we decided to try the Jeera Pudina Pani since it seemed different and much to our delight, it was because you could taste all flavors separately and the mint sort of hit our mouths at the end of the savoury sip. However, if you prefer your cocktails, mocktails and other alcoholic beverages, this place is definitely stocked with the best from what we’d seen in the menu. Next, for the starters, we tried the Kokri Kababs which were a mix of veggies fried in bread crumbs and it was quite enjoyable and sort of melted in our mouths with the green chutney.
Another thing that we liked about the place was the fact that they had aprons in place of serviettes/napkins! It was different and refreshing because more often than not, you end up feeding your clothes and this was a really neat concept. For the main course, we wanted to settle for something completely new to us that we probably hadn’t heard of or tried before, so we opted for the Murg Shah Bano and Kashmiri Pulav. The chicken was pretty average, a little mild for a traditional Moghlai dish and even though it was cooked well, it still felt like a few flavors were missing. However, as for the Kashmiri Pulav, it was very oily for a pulav and the veggies and pineapple seemed a little half-cooked. Because of that, we couldn’t really do justice to what was served and we were feeling a little full by then. A totally unique and cool concept was their idea of a finger-bowl. Well, the waiter came around to us with an aristocratic looking brass jug and a huge brass vase-tray that had holes on its surface and asked for us to hold our hands as he poured warm water over them!
Even as Caravan Serai has great service, generous portions and is quite the place to go for a mini-celebration or just to take your family out for dinner, it’s still like a newbie in a few senses. Make sure you wallet is stuffed with cash because it is expensive if you plan to order a huge platter! Caravan Serai is more of a family place but if you still wanna make it an evening-dinner with your friends, you can always sit outside. All in all, it’s not a bad place to try out and the experience is pretty amicable.


rp85528 - Burrp User


3 Reviews

December 23,2009


Good ambiance but avg food

Caravan Serai has very good location, well selected corckery but the food did not stack up to the North West Frontier / North Indian taste expectation. The starter in Veg Platter was great but the main course was disappointing due to poor service and possibly far better Maa Ki Dal in even average restaurant. Have no clue about the No Veg food