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  • Most people would recommend this place to others
  • Most tried items: lunch buffet
  • Nearly half the visitors mentioned Sunday

Additional remarks from reviews:

slow service
Bad experience
They serve liqour too
Niv 1960 - Burrp User

Niv 1960

April 30,2015

Variety of delicacies

Caravan Serai is one of the best north indian restaurant in town. It offers a variety of delicacies. It has lot of variety in both veg & non-veg section. It also offers variety in chaat & desserts.The black daal and the paneer makhani are to die for. The smile, courtesy, warmth and care by the team is probably the best in town. The restaurant also plays some light music to ensure that you have a good time and enjoy
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March 31,2015

Very well maintain food taste...

Caravan Serai in Bandra a place where you can see mix crowd. Here you get very good punjabi food. Taste of starter like tandoori salad is amazing very well cooked, in vegetables we had paneer makhani, navratna korma which is white gravy both the vegetables were nicely prepared by the chef with correct amount of masala added and in deserts kulfi & gulab jambu were also nice and good to try. When too much of crowd is there sometimes the taste spoils otherwise it is good.. Prices wise is also perfect. Its ambience is like proper north Indian style.
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Foodosaurus Prachi - Burrp User

Foodosaurus Prachi

January 31,2015

Good place

It has options for both veggies and non veggies but I have only been here once and only had veg food since I went with veggie friends..so we had veg kadhai, dum aloo kashmiri, paneer makhani, naan,kulcha and missi roti and we feasted.everything tasted good..ambiance is very village kind so makes one feel like we are eating in a north Indian village..staff was quick to respond..no complaints here!
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Asha Nath - Burrp User

Asha Nath

January 25,2015

Good place

Non veggies have options galore, veggies too have loads of options but I think non veggies will enjoy this place more. I had paneer tikka, veg kadai, while my mother in law had prawns, everything tasted well and was presented by a polite staff, ambiance is okay, all in all a good place to go with friends or family if you have nowhere better to go!
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Lillian Mendes - Burrp User

Lillian Mendes

January 19,2015

Veggie delight!

Came here with a couple of friends who are vegetarian. The veg stuff was quite good considering i'm a non vegetarian i still relished the food. The ambience is nice and the rates are pretty affordable..
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Rati Mehra - Burrp User

Rati Mehra

May 12,2014

Soothing and ethnic ambiance

This is a fine dining restaurant and offers toothsome mughalai food! It has dim yellow lighting and decor of the place gives it a rustic muddy touch ! The servings are in ethnic peetal metal utensils and the service is very good! You have a no. of options available for vegetarians as well as non vegetarians. The murgh malai , galauti kebabs, maa ki daal are a must have! Also do have the dum biryani ! I have never had such a perfectly cooked biryani nowhere else. It's a fine dining place with great ambiance and service and so the prices are high! But this place is worth a visit if you love authentic and perfectly made mughalai food .
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food4taste - Burrp User


April 12,2014

good enough!

I have been here twice. Once for dinner and another time for a lunch buffet. and my experience during both the visits were really different.
The first time, we ordered the typical northie dishes like murgh kalimirch and murgh tikka masala along with a paneer gravy dish and it was absolutely delicious. The ambience and the food were both equally good. The bill came to about 810 for 3 people.
But the second time, when i went for a buffet.. the food variety is limited and dull. There were just 2 chicken dishes, one mutton dish and one vegetarian dish. That's hardly buffet material. The starter amount was pretty less too. In all, it was a highly unsatisfactory experience and the buffet price for one person was almost 550/-. Its a waste of 550 rupees on a buffet like this.
Thus i wouldn't recommend the buffet here, although the fine dining is good!
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sportypal - Burrp User


February 18,2014

New names to Old items

Landed at CS as there was a long waiting at China Gate. Were looking forward to some good north Indian food, though not completely dissatisfied we were in for a surprise as to getting the same old north Indian Mughlai food under the guise of new names. To avoid disappointment stick to Biryani, Butter Chicken, Dal Makhani and Roomali roti if you happen to visit the place.
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Nitish Sharma - Burrp User

Nitish Sharma

October 09,2013

Good but not exceptional

In a world where there are wonderful North Indian restaurants what differentiates one from another. One is of course the Dal Makhani ...which now has remarkably been good across mumbai. The other are the Breads.

For me Carevan serai scores on the breads. The dishes at carevan serai are pretty similar to what you would get at a decent north indian joint in mumbai. They are not exceptional. They have some "averaged" out gravies and are sometimes guilty of assassinating the inherent flavor of the main ingredient.

However the breads are worth it. I am sure its because of the way they leaven their bread . There is distinct taste of "khumari" or yeast which is just optimum to distinguish it from the regular dough and yet not so strong that it tastes sour. At upwards of Rs 45 a pop, the rotis at carevan serai are not cheap but are well worth the price. I would not recommend the roomali roti as by nature it is uncooked( inverted tava dosent work ). Try out their different naans as each is different from another in flavor and texture .

One of the best meals that you can have at this place is to order a dal makhani and just keep on trying their different breads....i bet it will be a revelation....
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mihirshah7185 - Burrp User


October 03,2013


Had been long carving to visit Carvan Serai and 2nd Oct Holiday was perfect.

Nice ambiance
Lighting was brilliant
Food was apt
Service was a bit slow but considering peak hours and holiday we didnt mind it.
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Jahangir  Iqbal Yar  Khan - Burrp User

Jahangir Iqbal Yar Khan

September 24,2013

Very disappointing Indeed

My friend (also a keen enthusiast and food lover) has been asking me to dine at THE CARAVAN SERAI for over a year. She some how carried the impression that this Caravan serai is an authentic Mughlai / Indian restaurant. I have been avoiding only because I had never heard any good reviews neither did i read anything very positive about it. So on the 10th September, we landed up at the Water field Road, (albeit before time) all ready to savor the delicacies of Avadhi Food Festival that they had advertised for and we saw banners all around the pavements. Since we were early, we were informed that the restaurant would open at 7 pm and that they serve Buffet for dinner. Hence we spent some time in Bora Bora only to wait for the restaurant to open. The food at Bora Bora was okay (Invoice 13 table 14, waiter 19, bill Rs. 794/-). That is the price we paid for the wait to savor the famous Avadhi food of Caravan Serai !!!!

So at 7 pm, we walked into an empty restaurant , there was no buffet we were informed and they served only A la carte manu, but thats okay, no issues. We were anyway there to savour the Real Avadhi food as they had been advertising.

After much deliberations , we ordered the following :

Nalli Neihari (After much deliberations and hesitations)
Gilawati Kebab
Gosht Parda Biryani
Roomali Roti
Shabnam Moti

The steward no. 2 ( do not recall the name) had categorically been cautioned that we were not only Food lovers but also trained Chefs hence the kitchen should be informed to get it all right and perfect.

Se prior to placing the order the steward was quizzed, but obviously did not know anything about teh cooking processes and the authencity of the dishes. He was informed to take the message to the chef anyway. He went inside to check if they could do the authentic and the real Nalli Nehari, He came back saying all that what ever we were asking for was not available ! So it was declared that teh real authentic Avadhi Food was not available.

Any we placed our order. The real and authentic Nalli Nihari should have been cooked using the Nalli gosht (meat behind the Shin along with the bone marrows from the Nalli (bone) - called Boung ka gosht by cooks and chefs). So much for the NALLI NEHARI , wonder what else they called Nalli nehari when it is not made of the right meat.
Okay so the Nalli Nehari arrived, a basic yellowish gravy with excess cinnamon, and Dhaniya powder added with fillers (probably maida) to make the gravy look gooey and thick, there were average pieces of Mutton with some fat attached to it. there was no bone marrow. So this is their version of Nalli Nehari served, which actually had gone all wrong.

It is obvious the kitchen guys, or who ever was inside had not heard about it, obviously there were no chefs but just a couple of masalchees trying their hand at what ever they could rustle up in the name of Avadhi Food .

The Gilawati kebab were just about okay, they were actually shaamee kebabs served and named Gilawati kebabs.

What came to us as Parda Biryani was neither the Masala layered Biryani neither was it the Yakhni (PULAO) Biryani which is the right term, it was one mix of all the Masala meat cooked and mixed with Rice and the Handi Packed with a lid and lined with Dough flour (Atta) and made to sit in the tandoor for a while to get heated. The portion was good but there was no taste at all. None !!.

We ate what ever was served reluctantly, since we had to pay for it, but with each morsel we also kept promising ourselves never to return and to always take references before trying new places like these.

Caravan Serai serves nothing new, nothing worth talking about, absolutely average food, nothing worth writing home about, apart from this review to save others from the trauma.

The dessert ordered was Shabnam Moti, Which was procured from outside (the Halwai next door ) i would say shame on the fake Chef of this restaurant because no CHEF worth his salt would allow for food to be purchased from outside while he himself was running the show. This is the difference in restaurants here in India and abroad. Abroad the CHEFS own and run the restaurants and the Kitchen themselves and hence the surety of the taste and the quality. Here the chef or the masalchee in this case is just a small pawn doling out whatever he can in the name of Avadhi food while the dessert and the halwa etc is purchased from the LALA next door and served as Avadhee food, So where is the consistency and the quality and the genuineness of the food you promise to serve.

It is better if the menu reads, " main dish and starters prepared in Caravan Serai" and rest purchased from the halwai next door.

To top it all, the music being played at the Avadhee Food Festival was Punjabi Bhagra music, So much for this much touted Avadhi Food Festival.

We as is obvious we had a very bad experience . and through this blog and review i want others to save them selves the trouble of going there, spending their money and getting nothing but disappointment. Unless you are okay with eating trash and it does not matter what is served to you.

Most striking here is the fact that despite these comments from people, I notice the management of the restaurant does not deem it right to respond to any of the feedback, Perhaps the clients are not important to them any more and they feel that they have attained success with their outlets. Let them not be surprised when they would be sorry for saving these few wise words that they ought to write to get it right !!

Stay away from Caravan Serai, that is the good advice.
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Sohel Bhatia - Burrp User

Sohel Bhatia

August 19,2013

A sheer waste of money !

First of all i would like to say that this was on of those places i had heard a lot about regarding the food, the ambiance, the location etc. but i say that this was a pathetic disappointment for me ! i had visited this place with my family for a Sunday lunch buffet, which was suppose to be Rs. 549 per person plus taxes, there was nobody on the reception, i had reserved a table for 3 on the phone but when i arrived there with my family i was told to wait for nearly half an hour ! we were told that if we were in a hurry then they could arrange a table for us in China gate since that restaurant was quite empty ! when i eventually made my tone a bit harsh with the receptionist, we finally got our table, it was at one end of the restaurant with very uncomfortable wooden sofa chairs, the ambiance was terrible, the AC would not work, must be at least at 24 degrees, too noisy and the worst part is that they play such cheap folk music ! the variety of starters on the menu was limited to only 3 items for veg and non veg both ! and the service was ridiculous ! we had to remind the waiter nearly 5 times until he got the beer and red bull, the starters were served absolutely cold, and they would take so long to repeat each dish ! and after two non veg starters he stopped serving any more ! after being fed up of such intolerant behavior we called the manager, who then shifted our table to a place nearby the buffet, the main course had some good dishes like the chicken biryani, the dal makahni, the paneer tikka was decent, on the menu card they have mentioned both red and white wine is included in the buffet but when i asked the waiter for it he would say no white wine available ! the waiters act like they are uneducated or something cause they couldn't even describe each dish or its quantity ! or maybe they were just pretending to be unknown, then he served us a beer of a very cheap brand which was pathetic ! then finally came the time for deserts, the desert counter was located at a far place away from our table near the entrance of the restaurant and no one to serve us ! had to call the manager again, and when finally the waiter came, he would select a few items from the desert and serve in such limited quantities and when i asked him what about the other varieties which were on display ? i would get this answer that " the rest of the deserts are included only in the Al a cart menu " ! and the worst part is that throughout our lunch buffet they didn't even serve a glass of water ! pathetic ! they don't even have the courtesy to apologise ! i also noticed that on the table besides us there were 6 people seated which included 3 foreigners and three locals, and to my surprise i see that the waiter is serving them pretty well ! i have never seen such a bias in restaurants, i mean even we are paying money not that we are having something for free ! it felt like we had to plead for everything or keep shouting at the manager for every minor dish that we require ! the bill came out be Rs.2500 with only 2 additional red bull drinks which were not included in the buffet, all of this included taxes, overall i had a very bad experience and my parents were equally disappointed, no value for money at all ! A sheer waste of time i say !!!
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Anshul  Dosi - Burrp User

Anshul Dosi

August 19,2013

Good food

This is one of the best place to have Moghlai food. All the curries are superb. Try dum biryani and also firni (in deserts). Ambiance is good.
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aj4000 - Burrp User


August 06,2013


Like other reviewers have pointed out, it is on similar lines as the Peshawari of ITC
We went there on a Sunday with reservations and though we were a little late they held on to it. What i liked was their service and though it was a Sunday evening and we could see people pouring in not once did we feel that we were hurried up which has become so normal these days. in terms of food we tried only the vegetarian stuff and we were a large group. the starters were ok and so was the main course
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Pratik Shah - Burrp User

Pratik Shah

August 01,2013


what do i say about this place....
+good food
+good food
+great food
+great ambiance
+great service
+good portions
+mouthwatering panner and chutney
+great pricing
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rvideaz - Burrp User


July 01,2013

Nice Ambience, Poor Service

My husband had visited this place long time ago during one of his work trips and highly recommended it.So last night we decided to re visit the place and see if it still retains its old sheen.Caravan Serai- another offering from the makers of Red Box and China Gate.

It seem to be very popular as it was overflowing with customers, maybe thats the reason the staff seem to be all confused. We had booked a table over the phone well ahead of time but when we arrived there, we couldn't locate a manager or staff at the reception area, who could help us. After a while I did caught hold of the manager in a hyper active mode trying to manage the seating arrangements.Finally after a wait of 10 minutes we got to our table.

Caravan Serai is a very "good looking" restaurant which imbibes its theme in its appearance, quite succinctly.The set up is nice with a mix of low seating chairs and benches complete with eclectic looking cushions, but I must say the lighting is a little too low.Well coming to the food, Caravan serai is a proper north indian restaurant offering a wide array of vegetarian and non vegetarian fare.

We had ordered kokri kebab as starters, it was decent, it tasted something between a hara bhara kebab and aalo patty, with a coating of bread crums and fried.

Overall, the restaurant has good food food (apart from horrible dal bukhara) and a good ambience, but they do need to work on their service. I may take a chance and visit it again sometime, maybe on a weekday when the rush is a little on the low side.

Do visit my blog for complete review and pics : http://theblahqueen.com/caravan-seraibandra-mumbai/
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Naina Acharya - Burrp User

Naina Acharya

May 29,2013

Good Place For A Soulfull Lunch/Dinner

As soon as I entered this place, I thought..wow what a wonderful place to have a nice family dinner. Good ambiance, Lovely food. More suited for people preferring less spicy food. The 'ma ki dal' was the best I had. the fish is also cool..and so are the reshmi kebabs.

Although slightly expensive..I would love to visit this place for a good peaceful dinner. Expenses - c,750/person (without drinks).
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Shadin Nazm - Burrp User

Shadin Nazm

May 27,2013


Went today - 26th May 2013 for Lunch at this place with my girlfriend as it was her Birthday. So thought why not take her out for a nice place for a Good Lunch - so Tried out Caravan Serai.. As it was a Sunday Afternoon there was only Buffet available - and opting for that was the best choice ! Brilliant food !! The Starters consisting of Fish and Chicken ( that's what we opted for) were just melting away in the mouth !! Plus they are served on the table .The Main course was even better ! The Biryani was one of the best i have had in a Long time (of course after my mom's hand made one) - but the gravy was Delicious as well..
The Deserts were Okay, but the Gulab Jammun did the Job well ..
There were no variety of dishes, Just one in Fish , chicken and Mutton for both starters and Main course , but the tasty dishes do not even make you feel the need for a variety of other dishes.
Yes there was veg too, but why would i go for veg if my love is for non veg..:P
As it was a Sunday, the charges were more for the Buffet than the regular days..but the Bill came up to 1350/- - Worth it !
Over all Great Ambiance !
If the place gets crowed the Service gets a little slow - at times of starters that is.
The Staff is Very Respectful .. and The Feel of the Place is just Very Relaxing.
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Aleesha  Gupta - Burrp User

Aleesha Gupta

May 09,2013

Mughlai food at its best

Its A perfect location to perfect food! Place. decor is beautiful. Staff is polite. Veg with mocktails Food for three 1500-
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drsan99 - Burrp User


March 31,2013


We (Four ) visited your Caravan Serai at Bandra today for the lunch Buffet today .

The food was quite good but your service was attrocious. There was too much commotion and one could not make out wether the waiters are coming or going and were a confused lot .One expects a quite atmosphere while having your food

We had to request twice for an empty glass for the beer and to get tomato ketchup

The plates and bowls at all the counters were insufficient and not clean and the refills wether for the starters,main course or sweet dishes were just not coming, We had to ask for the starters a no. of times.

In short you are not tuned to handle a crowd . The seating needs to be spaced out so that eating there is a relaxed experience .

SO PLEASE BUCK UP and make our next visit a memorable one


Dr. Sanjay
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Praful Badola - Burrp User

Praful Badola

July 22,2012

good food, good ambiance

came highly recommended and lived upto expectations.
I must agree there was much uncertainty around veg food, as it was always mentioned as goto place for non-veg food. But as soon as "Bhatti ka paneer" arrived we knew we were in for a treat.
Everything we ordered had amazingly unique taste(s), cocktails were good, and to top it all were perfect gulab jamun's.
warm and quality service with a feed good factor.
good ambiance

all in a great dinner experience and a better bang for buck.
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aryan121415 - Burrp User


June 14,2012


This time we find that the restaurant which was little empty with seats for 10 and immediately we got the table and as usual the starters were awesome and the food was excellent with homely service(i mean professionally) after nearly 2months we went back to this outlet where everything was just fine like earlier, dear guys please maintain the same standards and be the tough competitors to all other restaurants near by. we do not mind coming all the way from powai, best regards dear management for maintaining the same phase.
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mahesh84 - Burrp User


May 15,2012


Kaali daal, mutton raan, prawn tandoori are the best i've eaten so far. service is impeccable. overall experience was good. Staff are also very helpful with the menu,
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Reply from restaurant management

We are delighted to hear that you had an enjoyable experience at our restaurant. It gives us great pleasure to inform you that we have open caravan serai at Ackruti Star, MIDC, Andheri East. Please do give us the pleasure of playing host to you again and also do visit the new Caravan Serai. We are eager to hear your feedback of the new one as well.

Nishish  Saxena - Burrp User

Nishish Saxena

April 24,2012

Must Try for Carnivores!!

I have been to this place quite a few number of times and it continues to please me without fail. It has a wonderful warm feel to it and the lights just add to the overall warmth. The whole set up is quite Royal and Open Kitchen adds to the effect. The staff is attentive and friendly and is well versed with the food being served. Hence you can rely on their recommendations. In starters I just love Atish-e-Murgh. The pieces are juicy and succulent. In main course we ordered Dum Gosht, which had well done goat meat and very tasteful gravy, Chicken Tikka Lababdar, it was recommended by the staff member and lived up to my expectation. Dum Biriyani is a must try but takes a little time hence one should order at the start of the meal. All in all the place lives up to my expectation every time I visit it.
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Reply from restaurant management

We are delighted to hear that you had an enjoyable experience at our restaurant. It gives us great pleasure to inform you that we are soon opening Caravan Serai in Andheri (East). We have been able to sustain and grow coz of patrons of your likes. Please do give us the pleasure of playing host to you again and also do visit the new Caravan Serai in Andheri (East) once its open. We will be eager to hear your feedback of the new one as well.

bennet79 - Burrp User


April 22,2012


I used to frequent this place atleast twice a week in my younger days while I was working in the Fort area and was a Carnivore!. My routine at times was to have a hair cut at Air Cool in Saks parlore and walk down to Caravan serai for Beer and Good Food. I have practically had every dish on the menu but would recommend their Raan E pukhtan specials. Try the rice and Pomfret tikka . You'll regret not living close by. They used to serve Liquor and I guess they still do. A fabulous place for good food.
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Reply from restaurant management

It is great to hear that the place has been your sought after dining joint for years together. We are indeed delighted to have patrons of your likes visiting us and enjoying our food. Do continue dining with us it willbe a pleasure to have you yet again.

apoorva32 - Burrp User


April 15,2012

Love D,Place

brilliant place and would love to go to dat place again... i hav been ther many times n d way the staff behaves show how much imp is d guest to them... the staff out ther are highly qualified n well versed n they know everythin bout the food they are servin... its an amazin experience n i recommend every1 to go ther n try it out urself...
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Reply from restaurant management

Thank you for you appreciation of our restaurant. We look forward to playing host to you for yet another memorable meal.

aryan121415 - Burrp User


April 05,2012

Again a great experience

First of all i would like to thank the management for reverting back, and even today (Wednesday i.e 4.4.12)we had been to caravan serai the place was again packed with no tables left had to wait for the table for 15mins it was my staff get together, same experience perfect place for the people who would love to enjoy their meal and cocktails with family and friends,since i was the host and suggested all my friends for dinner at this place, do try bhatti ka murgh,raan,Dal makhani, specialty of this restaurant.Hence forth all my bookings and get together s will be in same place no matter how long they take to get me the table. keep up the good work.

loyal customer,
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aryan121415 - Burrp User


April 03,2012

Awesome place for food & service

hi we've been to caravan serai Bandra at about 9.30pm on Sunday(1st April) the place was jam packed and asked for a table for 10, the Sr.Manager said it will take 15-20mins for us to get the table, we already wasted 1hr waiting for the table at nearby restaurant and were loosing the patience,then the manager came and told us that the table was ready, and he took our order for starters and main course his suggestions were great and even the food was delicious he was so courteous that in spite of handling reservations at entrance he managed to take our order and served the food in said time, the staff was so courteous,well mannered and decent in attending us and other customers,I sincerely thank the management for appointing such skilled staff specially the Management level. guys keep rocking,,,,,,,we will come back soon.
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aryan121415 - Burrp User


April 03,2012

awesome food & excellent service

guys the best place for the food and service on weekends too,,,,
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deepaka - Burrp User


March 27,2012

Another disappointing service day

I went to the Caravan Sarai on 24th March with family and yet another time disappointed with the miserably slow service. I knew the food will be good and it was good but the drastically slow service had ruined all the fun. I wanted to give my family an experience of good food but even after repeating trice we got our food served with the delay of more then 45 minutes (this is above the promised time), and on top on that we didn't even receive the full order and half of the food was already gone cold. Even speaking to the service manager present at the place was of no help as he was just kept apologizing without doing anything for serving the food. Would never like to visit this place again and would suggest whosoever like service above food to remain away from the place. I had a similar experience at their Andheri W restaurant as well but that was still better as the service staff still was concerned about the service and at-least made some efforts to improve it.
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s4l1l - Burrp User


March 19,2012

Good Food , Bad Service

Went to Caravan Serai with my family (4 people) on 18th March for an evening meal. We got in around 8pm and ordered our food starters as well as main course and refreshment drinks.
The food was very good and tasty! Well presented. We had a couple of chicken starters of which Keshari Chicken Kebab was just awesome. For main course we opted for the Chicken Dum biryani and it was just fabulous!
However the service at this place was disappointing. Had keep on requesting the waiters to fill up water when it got over post which only the the person who requested it had their water glass filled. The waiter didn't bother to check and fill the other glasses!
After the starters were served and couple of us had finished our starters, the waiters came rushing in to replace the dishes of those who had finished their starters and started serving the main course despite others still finishing their starters!
This was very annoying and felt like they wanted to get rid of customers in a rush! So it can be a good place for a quick meal but if you plan for a relaxing meal with family this is definitely not the place for you!
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Shashank Dwivedi - Burrp User

Shashank Dwivedi

March 10,2012

The Most Awfull service and food

1.Never talk in english with the waiters and buttler of this restaurant all are dumb,
2.Service is horrible even after reapeating the order twice u will not be served right,i asked for drinks and starters which neer arrived and my main course was on my table with my starter,when i inquired about the drink they said it was already served.
3.When asked about the floor manager he never turned to the table and waiters started running away from my table by hiding their glance.
4.finally i asked for my bill and my self went searching for manager.
5.manager was found scolding other butler for screwing other table with similar problem to other person

i realized that this is the normal scenario here and without saying anything moved out to andheri URBAN TADKA where i had good food and decent service even after being more crowded then this ugly caravan serai.

so its all time a big no no to this place and all my shippy and foodie friends avoid going this place even if its the last restaurant left open on the planet
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chocboxno.9 - Burrp User


December 30,2011

Disappointing experience yet again :)

Consistency - Awesome, the food here is still the same -AWFUL
Food - The main course was so bad, we had to and had to call for the deserts
Service - was good, staff was courteous, untrained but courteous, to me all that matters is courtesy, i don't care how much they know or how they dress.
Pricing - the dishes were priced what usually is at other places, a few surprises were - rumali roti - 110 bucks, butter milk - 185, fish gravy - 700, I dun remember if i'm missing a few.

overall experience was such that I would never go here again, nor recommend this place unless its like completely bought down and a new place is erected

In my experience one thing these guys figured right was no matter what you charge, people will come, we all may have money, but no time to add a bad experience to our time out.
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dsj_test - Burrp User


November 27,2011

Just the right spot

A nice Friday evening with some good friends and great food
The makai di roti and sarson da saag was a delight .
The Pulao was awesome too.
To top it - sweet dish Phirnee needs a special mention
Location is good, a bit crowded though - not enough space between tables
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Anant Singhal - Burrp User

Anant Singhal

October 29,2011

Decent place

The only time i liked their kaali dal was the first time i went there. After that, it just hasn't been the same. But I like the over all food taste. I go here with my girl friend pretty often and the service has been good. It's not as steeply priced at Copper Chimney, so I do prefer it at times when I don't want to splurge a lot on food.
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Manan Javeri - Burrp User

Manan Javeri

August 21,2011

Busy Saturday Night`

I arrived at Caravan Serai at the busiest time of a Saturday Night n got a 20 min wait (Not Bad). We went right to the main course and ordered the Panner Tikka Masala and a Veg Kholapuri. Food was Tasty (especially cuz' we were hungry) but the breads were ordinary. The virgin Pinacolada was a hit. No complains for the staff. I'll def visit again.
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Ashish Tribhuvan - Burrp User

Ashish Tribhuvan

June 18,2011

Horrendous Service & Wait Staff!!!

Went for Dinner with my Clients today evening at Caravan Serai. It was the biggest mistake ever.
When we were seated, no one attended us for 15 mins. later we ordered and were in our meal mid way, the Manager Mr Sanjay
got a table seated next to us they were a Table for 10 and he is telling them in front of us that they will vacate now.When we asked for dessert the server ( Waiter no 5) Vishal was very obnoxious
and said only some dessert were available. When we went to order he was rude and said now on one item is available in a very harsh tone.And we called him and asked if he is having a problem with us and why he being so rude, he was arguing with us.

Is this the type of service you offer Mr Krishna Tamang!!!!!
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ritzz05 - Burrp User


March 09,2011

Slow service!

Its a hum drum place...with nothin too great to write about...except for the fact that the service is extremely slow.
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dipeshwar - Burrp User


December 16,2010

Good food, bad location

Wish Caravan Serai was not located at a busy corner on Waterfield Road. Almost lost my appetite amidst all the noise and congestion getting there.

However, once one has braved the exterior, the place is actually quite good. They have a lot tables and the service is pretty decent.

The starters are nice and the food is tasty. Portions sizes are also good. A good place for an evening out with family or freinds; drinks and a good meal.
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nikkik - Burrp User


December 13,2010


Have had some awesome meals here when it first opened but quality and quantity slipping lately.
The non veg kebab platter was excellent but some pieces so large that they remain undercooked n pink in the center. Lobster tandoori was not red tandoori but yellow and overloaded with coriander and also tiny portion for the Rs 850 they charge, was thoroughly disappointed with that...staff and service v helpful and prompt, faultless.
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1un_estomago - Burrp User


November 07,2010

You can go for it but it needs some changes

It was just 2 of us who entered this place and the immediate impression by looking and walking in the restaurant is quite good.. The Staff is very approachable, welcoming and has enough seating areas, for a 2 ppl affair (like mine) to a large group can be easily accomodated..
But as soon as i was about to sit, noticed that the seatings are real low.. For a 6 footer( like myself) its not the most comfortable position to be seated in.. And if i am willing to pay ( lil exp place) then the least you can do is have a good sitting place for me on which other than kindergarten kids can sit on!!!
The food is really nice and tasty.. very well made, but the staff is not very clear on what to suggest and when asked for a drink which is Blue and has crushed ice in it .. they give a blue lagoon, which is just blue!!!

Aloo Gobi, Makai tomato masala were the 2 veg dishes that we ordered and both were good and tasty... Though we did not order anything non-veg, my freinds who have visited this place tell me its nice!

They have tried to give it an authentic feel with the chairs, table, vessels, but the songs playing at the background is hilarious and does not do justic to the ambeince! Stop playing Daler Mehendi please!!
neverthless, small minor changes in the height of the chairs and table and slighlty more informative staff can do wonders to this place..

i am giving 3 out of 5 for the food that i liked and the overall ambeince... You can go for it but it needs some changes :-p
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roshni84 - Burrp User


October 22,2010

Not quite there!

The place had a good feel to it when we walked in but the seating was not very comfortable and although it was quite empty the waiters refused to move us to a table that looked more comfortable.
We went with the waiter's recommendations and didn't like the food much. His retort was "this is our best seller" but well not necessary that I like it too!
The only saving grace were the drinks! They were good!
Service was not too bad! but could've been better!
Overall, I feel I they can improve if they tried a bit more!
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sneha.p - Burrp User


August 07,2010


This restaurant was in my list of joints to dine in for a long time.And finally I had a reasons to celebrate and went their to dinner.Although when I entered the restaurant it was all empty and on a waiter's suggestion took a corner table for two.We had just started witht he starters, after about half an hour late group of eight entered and although the full restaurant was available they were asked to seat in a table next to us which was a 6 seater table. when the group inquired for the extra 2 people seating they were told in front of us that we would be leaving shortly and they would join the table for the group. After that the group were looking at us as when we would just go so that they can accomodate and the waiter wanted us to give the dessert and the maincourse order together saying it would help them for making food faster. I found this very rude and unprofessional. Although it was my first visit to the hotel and went their to celebrate a special occasion it was a very disappointing expereince.Although the ambience was good and the food ok it left a very bad taste of experience in me.
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Spreading Joy - Burrp User

Spreading Joy

June 21,2010

Great food , service could use some polish

It is on the first floor of the same building which has Red box.

The ambience is relatively dim and it is all low seating. Many people like low seating but I personally find low uncomfortable and prefer the regular height tables. It is not high end ambience but somewhat middle end.

The food was better than I expected. Since we all are vegetarian had a a all veggie meal. The tandoori starters were all very good. The Paneer tikka, mushroom kabab, the veg seek kabab were all very good. The potato starter was especially good.

The main course also was better than I expected. We ordered the paneer khurchan, black dal, and navratan korma. I liked all the dishes - the navaratan korma is on the sweetish side. The rotis/nans etc also were well baked and great.

The service could use some improvement in polish and class.

Overall I would say it is surely one of the superior mughlai/tandoori food I have had in Mumbai and worth a visit for the food,
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Saurabh Ghosh - Burrp User

Saurabh Ghosh

June 11,2010

The Best I believe inn ...

truly kind off perfect place for a meal .... lovely ambience around .....

wud alway's prefer the Indian floor .

yepphh!! but again EXPENSIVE ( still won't get a double thought to splurge upon it )
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Big Foody  - Burrp User

Big Foody

June 03,2010

Nice place

Went to Caravan Serai Bandra with some friends for dinner. Although quite expensive, generally the experience was good. The starters and main course were good. Prawns was really nice and juicy.
For main course we ordered one Naan Terai along with 3 side dishes (for 7 people). The Naan Terai is a huge naan. One such naan should suffice about 8-10 people. Seven of us couldn't finish even half of the naan!
Overall a nice evening with some good food, decent ambience and prompt service.
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Denis  - Burrp User


May 25,2010

Great ambiance and great Indian food

One of the coziest places in Bandra. One of the best dal makhanis in town!

Pros: great kebabs, tandoori food, super cozy, friendly service.
Cons: very limited wine list (only cheap wine), kulchas are too spicy.

Wonderful place to visit from time to time!
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Darshak Shah - Burrp User

Darshak Shah

May 12,2010

Rated as best hotel in Awful service...

I visited this place around 12.45 am after watching the IPL match live in stadium. I was fortunate to find this place open. On entering, I found the interiors quite decent but moments later the experiences made me feel “I am in hell”. The following points:-
1) There was a big piece of paper on the ground. I expected the hotel staff to clean it, but to my surprise the Manager himself kicked the paper piece like a football below the table right next to mine.
2) Since the IPL match was over, the LCD screen was switched off. I requested the staff to switch ON the LCD screen, as I wanted to see the highlights of other IPL match which I missed same day. The staff replied that they are not authorized & it’s against hotel rules to change the channel. I was convinced with the answer. But moments later, some other customer requested to turn ON the LCD screen & the same staff obeyed his orders. I was shocked & brought it to the notice of the Senior Manager. Seeing the injustice had taken place, he also elaborated on hotel rules but finally had to apologize for such behavior of his staff.
Overall, very rude Management officials & rules keeps varying from customer to customer.
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samitgandhi - Burrp User


May 12,2010

pathetic filthy place.

dis place is d biggest turn off....dnt ever take a risk to go here guys even if any1 takes u 4 a free meal here...
i happened to go wid my fly on my wife's b'day....n trust me we were very disappointed wid d whole ride....pathetic starters,sad ambience,super sad mocktails,and food was like yakkkssssssss...so dnt even think abt it just chuck it....
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Foodzo - Burrp User


February 25,2010

Pls Dont Visit

This is one horrible experience of food and service I experienced at caravan Serai. I visited the place on the occasion of Valentine’s Day, horrible service, not that great food compared to price, very limited choices compared to so called North-west Frontier Food
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Sharon D'souza - Burrp User

Sharon D'souza

January 22,2010

Gr8 Fud Yet Indigestible gvn d pathetic Service!!

After lots of R&D en about good reviews we land up at Caravan Serai....Must mention that my friend did tell me that though the food is good, the management is a LITTLE not up to the mark!! Well thats not what I would say post my experience-though the food was good-the service experience was just PATHETIC!! I wouldn't be unrealistically harsh but Caravan Serai just deserves the word-Peak hour or no peak hour.....It was nothing I've experienced before with worst management. Right from requesting them to fill our glasses to water [4-5times request for one fill] to requesting them to place our cake [since it was a farewell throw] it was a terrible experience!!

Good food or no Caravan serai is just not the place to be!!
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psgupte - Burrp User


December 17,2009

Andheri location - The worst dining experience

This is my first review ever, I thought it would also be a social service to save other foodies from giving up eating. Yeah!! thats how I felt after visiting this place, if you food is your addiction then please visit Caravan Serai at Andheri link road to cut this obsession. Rest assured you will give up eating,period.
This was easily the worst dining experience ever. The service was horrible and food was tasteless. I was utterly nauseated after this visit. My vocabulary can be found wanting of expletives to define this place and the experience.
Please Please do not try this place, unless you want your day/night ruined.
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si2781 - Burrp User


December 06,2009

Exhorbitant and a big let down!

To break the monotony with the usual North Indian dine outs we tried this place for the first time and the single online review i read up was ga-ga over the food. So I call up my friends and land up here on a Sat nite. Well for a start the 20 mins waiting time promised to us extended to 50 mins before we were asked to come in...the managers had no clue as to hw to manage the crowd (this is before i am to check out the menu and eventually the prices). The first thing that hits u is the dim (rather poor) lighting where one can hardly appreciate the decor(if at all there is any) plus the noisy ambience. While the waiting time killed half the appetite, we were willing to give the food a chance. But lemme say this, no good food (if at all) can ever compensate for the lousy service which was downright pathetic from the very basics. The waiter didn't know if there was port wine on his menu..forget that...first comes the plates, then the starters served, then the fork n spoon, then the table cloth (on request to which were told to have patience cos its really crowded tonite), and finally served us water. During all these, the stewards seem to be in a hurry, confused and sometimes uncurteous. Meanwhile what caught my notice is a service table in the corner which is used by the staff to place the dishes, cleanup cutlery, etc. (before serving the guests)...you dont want to know how your oh..so.delicious kebabs are stacked up one over the other for want of space. Spare me the sight bcos every damn dish on the menu is priced at least 250-300 bucks for the average guest's hard earned penny. The non-alcoholic beverages served are plain and ice cubes had to be requested again (man i cud tip myself for a change). Move on..as the Veg Pulao ordered gets replaced by Veg Kohlapuri placed on our table and the steward trying to convince me on that. As my pal loses his cool and calls upon the Manager, the gentleman is "truly" apologetic about the experience (holds my hand)..and gives his best performance lest we raise our vocal cords and he loses his job. Nevertheless, his apology rendered, he never comes back to check up on us the second time or for ever at all. Drinking water was never replenished through out the meal and the stewards are mostly in a chaotic state. The paneer served was nice and tender and the food decent but we're switched off by now. To end it all with a finger bowl with cold water, we pay and push off in extreme disappointment...so much for delivering value. One needs to deliver it right to the guest during peak capacity to make a mark in the service industry which definitely does not seem to be the case here. To end it...maybe this experience will wear off and i'll go back some day just to give myself a another try on the food.
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sunisata - Burrp User


November 27,2009

Good Food. No Service.

On a Wednesday evening, we were just two of us. Beer was 'warm' instead of 'chilled'. Water served was not cold but warm. Crockery need replacement. Quarter Plates were chipped. Had to ask for replacement. Only Good part was 'The Food'
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Pratish Sanghvi - Burrp User

Pratish Sanghvi

November 19,2009

A Peshawari Clone - Short on Service

Its quite uncommon to get 3 calls within 2 hours from the restaurant manager to confirm our reservation that too quite prior to our given time. We had made dinner reservations at Caravan Serai for 7 on a weeknight. On arrival, after a minimal wait time we were given our table.

The decor & the ambiance was great. But the moment i sat down, something struck me - everything about this restaurant is mirrored to the Peshawari restaurant (ITC Andheri) which to me is the mecca of north indian cuisine. From the layout where kababs are grilled behind a transparent glass, to the wooden raw tables, to the dim lighting - and it doesnt end there. Whats shocking is that the plates are exactly the same as the ones in PEshawari and so are the bibs! Even the color pattern is the same!! Even the menu was introduced as North West Frontier cusisine - fans of Peshawari would know what im talking about.

Anyways, moving out of the comparison and into the food, the menu is great much more in variety than its mentor. We went for the mix platter and the tandoori mushroom starter. The platter was ok, but the mushroom was fantastic. We placed our main course order but the wait time was ridiculously high. It took them almost 30-40 mins to get our order while we were chewing on the papads and the chatni - which btw was quite awesome. The main course comprised of - Dal Makhani (as expected, delightful - came too close to matching the best), Yellow Dal Tadkaa (One of the best or the best i have had), Paneer Labadar (excellent - hope i got the name correct), and Subzi punjabi in yellow gravy (very good). The roomali rotis and naan were very good and glad they were served warm.

I was very impressed with the food - the portion size could have better though. But all in all, two thumbs up to this place for it hits you right at the taste buds. What really disappointed us was the service - which was all over the place. It took real efforts to get thier attention and while the service could be tardy, it also seemed impolite. As the fellow burrpers note on service issues stand the same - go on an evening when you have all the time and you will surely enjoy the food. Not to mention, you will get a sense of Peshawari at half the cost!

Damage for 6 without drinks - 3100.
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USfoodcritic - Burrp User


October 23,2009

Brillant meal with questionable management

I have been very fond of Caravan for the past several years but recently I have been disappointed with management. We had a lovely meal with the best malai chicken kababs and lamb off the bone starters that Mumbai can provide. Their curries, sauces and breads are equally wonderful. Where I question is their ability to manage the flow of food and customers.
At the tail end of our meal we had been rushed. I was asked 4 times if they could clear my credit card even with us waiting for food. Finally without even receiving our last dessart one of the floor managers Siddarth asked us if we could leave to allow other guests to come. I of course said I would accomodate their lack of logistical management and ability to have our final dessart arrive, if they would give us free take away dessarts for our inconvenience of not recieving all of our complete meal. They were not able to accomodate my small request. To avoid any disturbance to other patrons as the waiting customers had started becoming rude we decided to go.
If you are considering to go to caravan, I highly recommend anything on their menu as I have enjoyed them all. However I would request each reader to ask Siddarth if you would be given the opportunity to complete the entire meal or will you also rush them off the table before enjoying your complete meal. Mention that the comment came from the foreigner who asked for julab kambus to go....Sadly tacky for a 5-6 star restaurant's management to be less then classy, but non the less great food.
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niceguy_p - Burrp User


September 14,2009

Aweful service when it is full

When the restaurant is full on weekend night, the staff is just in a hurry to clear up the tables.
A waiter dropped water in our plates containing the the sabzi. He just bought another plate, and did not replace the sabzi, which he was supposed to do. No apology received also.
We ordered a sweet dish, but the staff to accommodate other waiting guests mentioned that the particular sweet dish is not available today. Its impossible, since totally they serve only 5-6 sweet dishes.
Multiple times request for water went unheeded.

Caravan Serai has excellent ambience. Unfortunately ambience cannot satisfy the requirement of a good meal and service, which create a lasting impression.

Avoid this place if you are used to good service standards.
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Tanvi S - Burrp User

Tanvi S

August 18,2009

Looking out for classy Indian food?

Here's a nice Indian Restaurant with very classy interiors, not snobbish and candle-light to add to it.. Service was great, reasonably priced and the food was yum!!

Dont forget to have the paan at the end of your meal....

4/5 - more lighting would have been gr8.. it was a bit too dark..
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Nishant Singh - Burrp User

Nishant Singh

July 25,2008

Loooooove the ambiance

Caravan Serai was a random pick for lunch on a busy weekday and it was not a bad choice atall!
As soon as we entered the place, we were taken aback by a very North Indian village house ambiance. It was quite a pleasant setting for a relaxed lunch. I`d give 5 stars for the ambiance cause of the fact that we spent 2 hours there instead of the regular 1 hour lunch time we have in office and did not even realize that. (Offcourse the yelling from the bosses later is not counted).
Jumping straight to the food, we ordered a few quick starters.
Kesari Murg Tikka , Kokri Kabab and Paneer Paratdar and a lassi and fresh lime soda to go with the food.
First things first, the Kokri Kabab (I think thats how its spelt) was just out of the world. crusty from the outside and had filling inside. I do not exactly know what it contained but whatever it was it was extremely delicious. The Paneer Paratdar was soft, bland and it melted in the mouth. The chicken starter was pretty good. Nice, tender and yummy.
Next up was the main course which consisted of Chicken Kolhapuri and Subzi Punjabi along with Kulcha. My first time with Kulcha and I really liked it. Quite delicious, even though it was plain I could eat it without the gravy!!
Chicken Kolhapuri was spicy as usual and as far as I can remember, the most spicy Kolhapuri Chicken I have ever had. Subzi Punjabi was nice as well. A mix of sabzi along with paneer pieces. It was a good tasty dish and more on the spicy side but not as spicy as the Kolhapuri, just good enough for my taste.
The Lassi was very very nice. I really liked it, not very thick and not very thin either. For dessert, we had Shahi Tukda which was the first time i was having the dish and it was quite a delicious way to end the whole meal. The Fresh Lime Water, well, i could never differentiate between a Rs.3 nimbu paani and a Rs.100 nimbu paani and I will leave it at that.

Here are the prices:
Kesari Murg Tikka 260
Kokri Kabab 195
Paneer Paratdar 215
Chicken Kolhapuri 240
Subzi Punjabi 195
Kulcha 50
Shahi Tukda 125
Fresh Lime Soda 50
Fresh Lime Water 50
Lassi 90

The food was excellent, coupled with a very relaxed ambiance makes this a must visit place. But one thing, the waiters kept hovering around the table. Well ok it was not very crowded that time of the day but this was just a little too much. We were engrossed in our petty conversations so did not notice them much but that can really put off people. Overall four-stars to Caravan Serai.
Bon Appetit!!
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Priti Shah - Burrp User

Priti Shah

May 06,2008

Poor service and very ordinary food

we went there on a weekday after a hectic morning for lunch. Had heard a lot about this place and the only thing that was right was how well decored is their interiors.

Rest was one of the worst experiences I've had. The food though north Indian, was very bland and the service was so irritating.

The manager & attendant all would just stand on your head for you to finish your meal and get out asap. I mean who would want to pay so much when u cannot even enjoy what you eat and instead just gulp it down.

We almost left half the food and jus walked out. Later grabbed a subway as we were still famished.

I dont think i would ever wanna go back there or recommend this place to anyone.

It was an absolute waste!
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Yashesh Gandhi - Burrp User

Yashesh Gandhi

January 10,2008

Simply Indian!!

Caravan Serai is the best Indian Restaurant. Situated on Waterfield Road, Bandra, it has restaurants like Red Box Cafe, China Gate and Golden Orchid as neighbours.

Coming straight to the food, I have been here loads of times and have come to realization that the following are best they have to offer for vegetarians

Panner Tikka ( White Colour Afghani Style)
Bhattiwale Paneer Tikka (Red Colour)
Veg Sheek Kabab
Veg Hara Bhara Kabab

Main Course
Paneer Khurchan (their speciality)
and finally
Daal Bukhari ( the best)
Turrah Naan
Khasta Naan
Lachha Paratha
Rumali Roti

In my numerous visits, I tend to order a combination of the above along with different rice and rotis.

Their food is best had with a nice chhas, lassi, beer or their superb long island iced tea. Apart from this, they have a well stocked bar serving most indian and foreign liquors and a limited list of wines.

I am going to share with you my experience of my latest visit.

I had gone for dinner on a weekday evening at 9pm after a long day of shopping in the Suburbs... and what an end to the day!

We were promptly given a table of our choice ( the restaurant was almost empty). Light Bhangra music was playing in the background. This place is so wonderfully decorated; especially the columns and ceilings are treated really well. There is a glass enclosed tandoor kitchen. There was a small floating candle on the table in a bowl of water. This set the perfect mood for dinner after a tiring day.

The waiter was prompt in handing us the menu cards and gave us enough time to decide our food. We decided to skip starters and head straight for the main course.

Our Order:
1 Paneer Khurchan (Rs. 215)
1 Daal Bukhari (Rs. 200)
1 Jeera Rice (Rs. 140)
1 Cheese Naan (Rs. 75)
1 Lacchadar Paratha (Rs. 45)
3 Soft Drinks (Rs. 50 each)
1 Mineral Water (Rs. 55)

Total: Rs. 990 (inclusive 12.5% VAT) for 3 people

Coming to the food,

The Paneer Khurchan is definitely the best. The paneer melts in your mouth and had a perfect blend of spices. Their famous Daal Bukhari was superb, only place that does a better one is peshawari at ITC. It was nicely simmered for 24 hours. A word of caution, the portions are king sized and very very heavy. The daal has loads of ghee in it, so order accordingly. The breads were nice and well made.

I keep going to this place, in fact I was there yesterday, and they never seem to disappoint anybody. Great for family celebrations or dinner with friends, and also a date.

Enjoy the food and share your experiences.

Bon Appetit!
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shwe27 - Burrp User


November 28,2006

In Bandra. Need Indian?

I admit, I’m not a fan of the generic “Indian” food. Give me specific regional Indian cuisine any day over the paneer butter masalas of the world (yes yes I am fully aware that Punjab is a region too!). So I did agree to go to Caravan Serai with some trepidation (it was a Monday night and it was miracle enough that I’d found people willing to go out instead of watching Monday night comedy in a dazed “waiting for the weekend already” manner!). Post the silent prayer that this not be yet another meal that left me feeling like I’d drunk a litre of oil with a few peas thrown in, I tried to focus on the thought of dessert.

The ambience was the regular “we serve authentic north west frontier food here” getup, nice I guess, complete with the low tables and full aprons a la Bukhara. The non-veggies on the table (read all but moi!) ordered the burra kebabs and chicken tikka and breathed them in faster than can possibly be healthy, but from what I gauged they were very good. I myself had the sabz galauti kebab (ordered in an assertive “just cause I’m vegetarian doesn’t mean I have to miss out” manner) which I must say seriously melted in the mouth and was really quite delish, enough for my carnivore friend to comment that there had to be some meat in there somewhere for it to be this yum.

The rest of the food was also very tasty (trust me I’m usually NOT a fan!) and while I’m sure I did practically drink a litre of oil/cream, the taste was atleast worth the guilt! And as if I hadn’t eaten enough I had the malai kulfi too, which as it turned out was surprisingly good.

Some friends of mine had complained earlier that the service here was very slow etc but I guess we were lucky. Our waiter even agreed to get chaas specially made for us though it wasn’t on the menu (ofcourse one could question how a place like this could not have chaas on the menu in the first place). As you walk out the main entrance there is pretty good Pan for the taking. Without alcohol, the food is around 400 bucks a head which isn’t too bad. So if you’re in Bandra and craving Indian food, this place is definitely worth a visit.
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