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Nascimento Pinto - Burrp User

Nascimento Pinto

June 22,2015

Great place for family dinner

I was a regular there with my family and found the ambiance to be very good for family outings.

The food is really good and they have the regular dishes of Chicken Kadai and Dal Makhani which are very tasty with their Roti Basket.

The prices are also reasonable and not expensive at all compared to today's standards.

The service is also very good and they do not serve their food late to any diner.
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Aditi Parkar - Burrp User

Aditi Parkar

June 03,2014

Good Food

its a great place in a place like Vasai. the food is good though the service is a bit slow. on weekends you have to wait a bit long to get a table. the vegetarian appetizers especially the paneer cheese kebab and paneer tikka. the seafood should also be tried. its a good family place and is also close to the station. the provide quick home delivery as well. the price is reasonable so you don't have to worry that you are spending more and eating less. if u staying and vasai and are feeling lazy to go to town to have a good dinner this place is worth it.
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Huban Kasimi - Burrp User

Huban Kasimi

May 22,2013

Good food But horrible Service

Celebrity has really good authentic seafood in Vasai, however the wait for a table is absolutely annoying! We had a really bad experience once and from then on we simply opted for take away's.
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Unmesh Ghadi - Burrp User

Unmesh Ghadi

April 21,2013

best food in vasai

nice food... try anything new and you wont be disapponted. they have maintained quality and taste over the years. best restaurant in vasai.
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sajinair23 - Burrp User


February 04,2013

Good for Take aways and Home delivery

We , a couple of families were there on Sat with 4 kids in tow and had one of the worst dining experiences of our life. Having grown up in Vasai, had some wonderful memories associated with them and was looking forward to eating there after almost 15 years.....To say that we were treated like guests forget celebrities would have been an understatement.....The schezwan sauce requested with the starters never arrived on the table ....Egg hakka noodles for a child was delivered more than an hour later ,again almost after 4-5 reminders and literally screaming at them....in the end, we finally managed to catch their attention by threatening to walk off after 90 minutes ....I guess the restaurant still doesnt have the capability to manage a full house on a weekend....the Captain was downright rude right from the beginning....waiters were shouting back at him...you need patience when you are serving a large family with kids....preferences and consensus takes time....However, the saving grace of the evening was the absolutely excellent kerala fish curry that they served as the main course but by then we were too agitated to enjoy the food..... my 7 yr old finally summed up the evening by telling me that Dare I get him here again ......Still will recommend for take aways and home delivery....
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Nivedita Karmaran - Burrp User

Nivedita Karmaran

March 11,2011

I din't feel like a celebrity

We were tired and wanted to eat good food in Vasai. We entered Celebrity we kept looking as all tables were full after few minutes one of the waiter noticed us and ushered us to the 1st Floor. There was lot of tables available here. The place is a bit cramped. We were asked to seat at the table for two. I felt lil uncomfortable as I dint have enough room to eat properly. so I suggested we sit at the table adjacent to us which was meant for 4 people. We made ourselves comfortable when the waiter came and rudely told us to vacate that table and sit where we were seating earlier.
Obviously we were upset. we ordered veg food half heartedly. We ordered tikka platter and veg biryani. It was plain ordinary, the tikka platter had too much masala and veg biryani was bland (how can anyone go wrong with veg biryani?).

We ate a lilttle and packed the rest. We did inform the Restaurant manager about how upset we felt about the seating and food. But the manager just shrugged in fake empathy. Thats when we decided this not a place worth visiting again
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ketsfoodcrazy - Burrp User


December 01,2010

Nice family dining place

Without question, currently the best restaurant in vasai(w). The food is of good quality. Particulary kebabs, chicken satay and Triple schezwan rice are my personal favourites. The service is very quick too.
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Pushkaraj H - Burrp User

Pushkaraj H

August 25,2010

Easily the best restaurant in Vasai

I've been here like a thousand times and by now have tried and tasted each n everything (I seriously mean it) on its menu at least 4 times, and still cant get hold of myself. Celebrity has evolved in the past few years with regards to its space n taste. The space gets bigger and the taste gets even better. The ambiance is good. The most important thing is it has a different section for family (Grnd flr 2 secs and 1st flr 1 sec) so u'll b comfy away frm the usual crowd.
Like other restaurants it doesn't matter if ur a herbivorous or a carnivorous....all is equally good here. Highly recommended is the Chicken Tandoori and Murg Musallam....order a full plate if ur 6 ppl n i bet u can't finish it. Chicken Lazziz a must if 2 ppl. Panner Kadai Mirchidar is a must try for veggies. The bar also has quite a good range. Ur meal wont be complete if u don't try the Sizzling Brownie for a desert. The restaurant also accepts food coupons (Ticket Restaurant), so its convenient.
Now the reason for taking away the 1 star would be tht I know wat to expect when I enter here as its been a frequent hang out place. The menu has changed but its been a lill long now...though u wont find such a variety in other rests...but still they can improve. The music definitely has to improve. But a must try for everyone...especially Vasaikars...
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