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ColabaSouth Mumbai    & IN 8 MORE LOCATIONS

  • 02222872733, 02222872734, 08898083981
  • Oxford Centre, Shop No. 1, SBS Road, Colaba, Mumbai
  • Cakes, Chocolates, Snacks

5 Reviews / 6 Ratings

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CeleJor Reviews

gkvgkv - Burrp User


1 Reviews

October 26,2012


Worst Expirence

Thank You FRONT STREET CAFE -Vashi Sec 17:-- Yesterday was my Child's birthday and i had ordered a 4 Kgs cake Theme from CELEJOR-COLABA... He delivered the cake 2 hours before the party in a MESSY CONDITION....My wife was in tears seeing the cake not knowing what to do with it... One side my child was eagerly waiting for his cake and on the other side there were around 100 guest attending the party...I don't know what struck me & i told my wife to ask the FRONT STREET CAFE-Sec-17 guys to repair the cake... I THANK THE "FRONT STREET CAFE" OWNER AND HIS TEAM WHO UNDERSTOOD THE EMOTIONS BEHIND CAKE AND REPAIRED IT IN AN HOURS TIME "WITHOUT CHARGING ME A SINGLE RUPEE".... The worst part was that the "CELEJOR-Cloaba" guys dint even bother to pickup our calls and attend the complain..."CELEJOR---THUMS DOWN TO YOU-- THE WORST EVER EXPERIENCE".....and "FRONT STREET CAFE--VASHI--SEC-17"...THANK YOU SO MUCH AGAIN....


vaishaliuke - Burrp User


1 Reviews

September 21,2012


Reliable, Trustworthy?

NO! Usually, I send my peon to buy the brown bread, today I had sent my maid. Despite writing down the note that I need fresh bread they gave her the stale bread. And how did they cheat? They pasted today's date lable on the previous old label, the pevious label was not removed with precision and the expiry date was clearly visible.
I called up the shop, the manager was sorry & passed it on to the servants saying, they r new , v always throw the leftovers this happened by mistake.(???) Had I not been careful I would have ended with food poisioning!
Yes, I like Celejor's cake, pastry and bread but not this CHEATING! Be careful & double check the products for its freshness.



Selling Stale Bread

Dear All,
Don't believe a thing about their reviews. I had A rather horrid experience of buying french bread from them which was so hard that a steak knife couldn't cut it. On trying to return it I was told that I can't as I had damaged the bread. I reasoned if it can't be cut obviously they shouldn't be selling it. They were arrogant in-spite of selling stale merchandise which I think must have been at least 3 days old. Be very careful as you may get food poisoning or other ailments. Disgusting product and an even disgusting manager with no etiquette.


Too Good

Our office usually orders cakes for birthday of our colleagues. This time they ordered from Celejor Colaba. Oh boy was the cake was superb! This was called 'dark temptation'. The chocolate cream was melting and the cake itself was delicate and delicious. Filled with walnuts.

I, who was on a weight watch, could not help but to go for the second helping, and a small third - all from the corners and borders of the cake (to get more cream).

I traced the shop to Colaba and found its ambience very pleasant. Hogged on more cakes and some pastries till I felt satiated.

Anyone who reads this should atleast try Celejor. Its a nice change from Theobrama (which is itself very good - no doubt)



Awesome cakes at this bakery, i patronize the one closest to my house at August Kranti Marg but they are both equally good.

They have a decent selection of breads but nothing spectacular.

Just picked up the Chocolate Ganache for a dinner last night. 225 for half kg.

Buy another half kilo to rub all over yourself. Its that good.