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MahimCentral Mumbai    & IN 7 MORE LOCATIONS

  • 02224446072, 02224446074, 02224446075, 08898083986
  • Shop No. 47, Georgian House, L.J. Road, Opposite Domino's, Mahim, Mumbai
  • Cakes, Chocolates, Snacks
  • Meal for 2 - 300

8 Reviews / 9 Ratings

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CeleJor Reviews







Cheaters for VEG eaters

This place is all lies... We've heard from its past employees that they never ever make eggless cakes. They lie to their customers. Never call from this place.






Fun desserts!

We picked up a bunch of pastries and chocolate eclairs on a dull and lazy Thursday afternoon and it couldn't have been any better.
the chocolate truffles were the best hands down! Not a big fan of baked cheesecakes so I almost spat it out. chocolate crunch was also good. the chocolate eclairs were really disappointing though

all in all, the chocolate truffle is what you should get


Chocolate truffle, yum!

Post lunch chocolate cravings are horrible and you can't do much when places like Celejor are near your office. On one of these craving days we ordered chocolate truffle, chocolate eclairs, chocolate crunch and cheesecake from here. The chocolate truffle and baked blueberry cheesecake was absolutely brilliant. The eclairs wasn't that great but we aren't complaining cause the truffles were enough to keep us happy for the rest of the day.



Cake stop

Already popular in the area, this place has a whole range of foodstuff. Their farsan and cake selection is great. I've ordered various cakes from here on various ocassions and have always found that they are fresh and prepared with care. No uneven sides or smudged prints on glazed surfaces.

I would reccommend the ferrero rocher cake and the lavache from here. The potato wafers here are also worth mentioning as they don't seem to be super oily or super salty.




I recently had the cheese cake here & it wasnt a cheese cake.. Well it was either China grass or Panna Cotta with a crumble pastry base & called a cheese cake. I brought this to the notice of the person at the till & he said was pretty sure that they are doing it right & that i am wrong


Suprita  - Burrp User


52 Reviews

August 31,2012


Yummy Yum Yum!

I used to pass from Celejor quite often and quite recently decided to actually taste their cakes and pastries which was a discovery in itself!

The place is so inviting and I don't fathom why it took me this long to try it. You have one section full of cakes and pasties and the other half of it is for Wafers,chips,biscuits and other bakery items.

Have tried their tiramisu, mixed fruit cake, chocolate cake and other types and each have been better than the other. There is nothing that can go wrong with any of their cakes/pastries!

We have become so much of a fan of this place that we even waited outside for half an hour recently during ramzan when they closed it in the evening for namaz. It was totally worth waiting :)

I would definitely recommend to try this to everyone.


Great variety

They have a wide variety of snacks available mostly the farsan type plus a number of soy specialities their pastries are ok but again a wide variety available I ordered a cake from them actually gave them a print out of a picture from the net of a Mickey n Minnie cake and they Excelled the look was fab n delighted the kids it was great to taste n they delivered all the way to radio club right on time well done guys


satori - Burrp User


14 Reviews

February 16,2012



Absolutely the worst pastry & croissant I have tasted EVER!
While their awesome looking cakes & pastries call out to u from the display --- PLS eat at ur own risk.
I ate a pasty Chilly Paneer & a tasteless Caramel Almond which had no taste of caramel what so ever with some nuts & loads of cream.
The service is ok, but whats the point if the food is woeful!
Left a very bad taste in my mouth!