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VashiNavi Mumbai  

  • 02227821722, 02227821726, 09820136471
  • Plot No. 133/ A, Sector 8, Near Sagar Vihar, Vashi, Navi Mumbai
  • Punjabi
  • Meal for 2 - 1000

26 Reviews / 28 Ratings

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Chenab Reviews






Good Punjabi food

Been here once with family and we had Chicken shorba, Chicken Platter which were stand outs in the starters and soups section. For main course,we had makke ki roti, Sarso Da Saag, Methi Chicken, Dal Bhukara , Patiala Lassi, naan and kulcha, everything was awesome and then had fresh Jalebis for dessert which was fantastic to say the least! I know where to go for good Punjabi food near my home now!



The late Chenab.

Chenab WAS a place for a soulful evening, with authentic Punjabi cuisine, breezy informal ambience, traditional chaarpai seating and [above all] Jagjit Singh in the background.

If you noticed, it WAS.

The place has lost its charm. There's nothing to talk about now, neither food, nor service, not the music.


KoolGirly - Burrp User


4 Reviews

February 22,2013


Pucca Punjabi

Chenab is one of the oldest and best Restaurants in Vashi, Navi Mumbai. The food is great specially their black dal and the Chicken preparations. If you like open air restaurants then choose the roof top which has charpais and gives you the typical mordern dhaba feel. The kababs are lovely here. Its great for vegetarians as well non vegetarians. Remember to make a reservation though as the place is almost always full except if you go really early


the food and ambiance has gone downhill

used to be THE place to go to for lunch and dinner with the family. but now this place has gone down hill. thr service is sad and the food has gotten worse by the day


Aditi Naik - Burrp User

Aditi Naik

69 Reviews

September 26,2012


Chenab....less popular option now!

Chenab is known in Vashi for its authentic North Indian cuisine. The aromatic experience just as you enter the place raises your expectations. And let me tell you, they don't disappoint in the food department. Everything else is a little dicey.

The interiors to begin with, look a bit scary I mean cramped and suspicious. Not quite inviting. The roof top lets air in, but way up the stairs is a little shady. You'll hear gazals and instrumentals all along. I'm not sure if that would soothe you down.

Staff and service is nothing noteworthy. They serve because that's their job and they are paid for it. They are not quite aware of the ingredients in dishes.

The list of orders for 3 people:
Tawa Chicken - Perfect blend of spices, must order.
Paneer Amritsari - Again cooked well, fresh and soft paneer, succulent.
Mutton RoganJosh - Slightly spicy, perfectly marinated mutton and thick gravy.
Naans & Kheema Naan - Avoid kheema naan, the moment you try to take a piece, it disintegrates.

Quantity is good and food is delicious. A meal for 3 cost us around Rs 1100 with taxes. For food its worth it, but for the whole package, not so impressive.


Lost it's charm. Quite badly

A few years back, Chenab was the restaurant to go to for a crazy heavy meal. The flavors used to be very distinct, fresh and hot. Chenab also used to have Navi Mumbai's best North Indian cuisine buffet, par none. Not sure if the management has changed recently, but the restaurant has gone downhill. And quite badly.

The walk up the wooden stairs to Chenab's dining area is quite dangerous and feels like you are going up the stairs to a shady building and not to a place where you'd be spending about 300 bucks for a buffet meal. The lunch menu is usually the same with Tawa Subzi, Chicken Handi, Surmai Curry and the rest. The food is stale, not even warm and the moment they run out of their regular Jeera Rice, you will be served "cold" plain half-cooked rice

Dining area is quite small and can get warm. The bar area is dimly lit with night bulbs and the whole place smells weird.

Skip this place, go to Golden Punjab and have your money's worth


sia_44 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

March 23,2012


Awesum as always! Must try..

i have been to chenab many many times and everytime my experience is very nice! i have never seen such a rooftop anywhere before and the food is also just awesome.. the service, the staff , the food, the place everything is just AWESOME ! Must try hotel !



Brilliant Experience

I had been to Chenab last Sunday & had a wonderful time there. Sat on the rooftop khaats leaning against those mud caked walls & enjoyed the monsoon winds coming in from the creek. Its an ideal place for a quiet family dinner & to just hangout with friends. The ghazals playing in the background lend a very serene touch to the atmosphere.
The Chicken Dum Kebabs & the Chicken Tawa Biryani is just awesome!! We ordered 2 servings of each coz we couldn't get enough of it. The best way to finish your meal at Chenab is the Kulfi or the Gulab Jamun. Both the desserts melt in your mouth & you just don't want the evening end. Kudos guys!!


Never to return again !

Hi there!
I went to Chenab, vashi on April 19, 2011 for dinner with a friend of mine. The place is a bit hard to spot and had a weird entrance, maybe because the place was under renovation when I visited. We chose to sit on the rooftop which offers dhaba style khaats with pillow n all. The rooftop is lit by golden bulbs which give u a lantern like feel but also add to the heat and the molths , if you happen to be seated next to one.
We ordered panaeer achari which was okayish, and dal bukhari which was awesome. The lachcha parathas n butter nan were hard as rock. This was sufficient to put us off.
The service was really bad. The manager seemed uninterested and the waiters had an expression as if they were underpaid. The food took ages to arrive. If that's the case on weekdays, i shudder to think about weekends.
All in all, a very bad experience. A mistake that will never be repeated.


AK  - Burrp User


6 Reviews

April 17,2011


On a self destruction Mode!!

Have been at this place multiple times earlier but was shocked to be here this time. They definitely need a new look for the roof top at least. Though the food is good but was better earlier. The entire experience of the good food goes down in drain due to the worst service.
This was the last time at Chenab for sure. There are other places with equally good food and far better service.

Was surprised when had to ask several times for the water to be served.

They are on a self destruction mode by losing customers due to their bad service or rather i should say worst service.


virender - Burrp User


1 Reviews

January 25,2011



I always visit chenab when ever i pass vashi - navimumbai. i must have visited this place atleast 10 times in last six months but the only dishes i have are Murg Tang Talwar, Tawa Mutton, Dal Bukhara & Khasta Rotis. Home made vegetable packle served at this place always remind me about my days spend in North India. A must for you all when ever you pass Navi Mumbai.


shahharshil - Burrp User


1 Reviews

December 18,2010


Really bad experience

the service is worst i have had in long time. the buffet table was unattended and food lay there like forever.
of three vegetables none was good..........rice had small stones.....dal less the said better...........
finally desert (malpua) was cold and tasteless
i would urge you to avoid the place



Boss maja aa Gaya. Getting recomendation from my sis, went to chenab with my pals.Really we had good time, good food - delicious punju khanna. We had awesome dum kabab, which was served in earthen pot,soft tawa paneer with black dal & khasta roti.Choice of sweet is very limited.Person at reception told us it will take 10 min to get seat at roof top but we have to wait for more than 40 min.Staff at reception shud know to handle guest, but was worth waiting.Nice place,recommended to all.


a complete disaster..!!

I hav always enjoyed going to chenab especially for the location it open dhaba in mumbai is hard to find..
but my visit this time was totally ruined by the super bad service and mosquitos!!!
not only were the waiters disinterested in listening to what we were saying but were rude as open air restaurant should always have some arrangement to keep mosquitos away but that was missing and wen we askd the waiter rudely replies "u better sit in the ac section"...
The paneer we ordered was dry wen we specifically asked for a gravy dish but only if the waiter cared to inform us.. the bill came 20 mins after we asked for it..

the food was good but who can enjoy it wen u r the food for some mosquitos at the same time..!!
no matter how good the food is the restaurant starts to fail ur expectations as soon as u step in..
all in all it was a complete disaster..!!


yuck !!!

I had visited this place some years back for an afternoon buffet. The food was terrible !!, the mutton was like rubber & the rest was so bad dat I dont even wanna write about it !!...yuck..avoid !!


Very average

I was looking for a good Punjabi joint in the Vashi area and enthused by the rave reviews in this site, we visited Chenab with a lot of hopes and aspirations.

However, what it turned out to be was no where close to what the earlier reviews suggested. We opted for a la carte since the vegetarian options on offer in the buffet were not great.

The soups we ordered Dal Shorba and Tamatar Shorba were a good start though the quantity could be increased. The veg seekh starter we ordered could be a death penalty for a High BP patient. The cook erred on the side of caution by adding twice the amount of salt.

Coming to main course, we ordered Paneer Achari, Dal Bukhara, Masala Kulcha, Paneer Kulcha and Veg Raitha. The paneer dish was admittedly good. Dal was ok but not great. The Masala Kulcha again had excessive salt. And the paneer kulcha was ok. The raitha by the hosts own admission was made several hours back so the onions in it had clearly invaded everything else.

At the end, we ordered for Lassi. And to our shock(!), lassi was not available. Ever heard of a Punju joint without lassi! So then we ordered chaas hoping that at least that would be available. The answer was yes but it took 25 minutes to arrive. Reason ... dahi had to be purchased! And the quantity of chaas ... a one by two is essential unless you want to fill your stomach with it ...

As far as ambiance was concerned, not sure of the roof top ... but the place needs urgent refurbishment ... A first timer may be put off by the everything around including the entry to the place ...

All in all, Chenab may have been a great joint a decade ago but in today's times with the plethora of options, it may be given a rightful pass.


sinhat20 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

August 23,2009


Singh Is King

This was our first visit to chenab. We had heard very high about this punju outlet from our friend who is regular there.Definately Chenab deserves full marks for excellent Punjabi feast. We had Succulent Chicken Kebabs, Murg Amritsari, Khasta Rotis along with my god... Dal Bhukhara. We packed two Dal Bhukharas & gifted to my north Indian Boss. Next morning he took our team members to Chenab for Buffet Lunch. This time I discovered Badam Pista Kulfi, which should be a must if ever you happen to visit this place. Cost wise it will not dent you much.


Good buffet option for Lunch

It offers value for money. More for non - Veg Cuisine.
In Buffet option for Lunch, they offer Soup, Salad, 2 Vegetables, Tava bhaji, Dal, Rice, Desert (Sewwt). No Ice Cream, unlimited Buttermilk - Chaas. They offer roti basket. Non - Veg option offers Fish, Chicken. Also Biryani, along with Veg options too....
You can also avail Tuesday Vodafone Offer...!



Chenab - Jawab Nahi

I have been visiting this punjabi restaurant & dhabha since 2004.Chenab is among few restaurants in mumbai/navi mumbai, where authentic punjabi food is served.My all time favorite are Paneer dishes which melt like makhan, over sized chicken leg - murg tang talwar, heavenly Dal Bukhara & Chura paraatha - only if served Crisp. Best thing about this restaurant is you can hang on with your friends & also take your Grand parents. Open air, roof top dhabha ambience cannot be expressd in words.Last week we had Buffet Lunch for Just Rs. 200.We had Chicken, Mutton, Fish, Veg & also one peg Vodka for juuuussssst Rs 200.

My every visit to chenab has been memorable. Some time back during my visit to Chenab, my long time wish was fullfilled - i happened to see JAGJIT SINGH, famous ghazal singer dinning & listening to his Ghazals, which are always played at Chenab.

I came to know this place is Jagjit Sing's favorite, try your luck!


Good choice if u r looking roof top!!!!!!!!

Chenab is a good place if you are looking for any roof top restaurant specially in navi mumbai ( which i like the most).

Food is good. I always prefer non-veg here which is quite good in taste and quality.

With friend, few drink and a good non-veg i think chenab is worthfull palce.

But sometime service is little late otherwise u can enjoy a good eve here



Chenab going downhill

When Chenab first opened it was a big hit with the local as well as Mumbai foodies... the food was very authentic and tasty ,wholesome and the ambience was something people enjoyed... it was a great experience sitting in the terrace section on charpoys in true dhaba style...
but somewhere down the line ,success seems to have gone to the owners head... chenab today is a drab looking place...starting with the upholstry to the quality of food... everything looks downhill... the waiters are disinterested... a far cry from the days when they used to be all smiles ...
I think the time has come to write the obituary of this place ...


yuga.c - Burrp User


1 Reviews

December 29,2008


Awesome Mughlai food

One of the best Mughlai food I have ever had. A MUST place for the people who eat non-veg. For all the veggies, dont get disappointed, It serves some mouth-watering paneer preparations.




The place doesnt have the most attractive entrances - the word tacky comes to mind. And we happened to be the first people for dinner on a sunday - that was 8pm btw. A strange sight greeted us as we opened the door to the AC section - some 10 of the waiters stood in a semi circle staring at us :) !!! Havent got that kind of a welcome in any restaurant I have been :D
One thing you can avoid is the lassi - its by no means bad - infact its thick, creamy and sweet. The problem is the size - the copper tumbler that its served in holds enough for 3-4 regular glasses !!! So order carefully
The food was mixed at best. We order Khumb Paneer Bhutta something for the veggies and a Chicken Acharwala. Now as most regular eaters know, a chicken achari is a regular item on all north indian menus and is usually one of the best kababs available. However here, the kabab came all burnt, with no hint of any tanginess of any achar or anything, for that matter. Just a burnt crust of a very bland chicken. The veg starter on the other hand, was excellent. Not only was the paneer metling in the mouth, the masala has a unique flavor.
Same story at the main course - we ordered a Chicken Khurchan while wifey ordered a Tukde Paneer De. Now we normally prefer spicy food to non-spicy stuff. And even though the chicken had a spicy gravy, it was just a mish mash of spices which produced no specific flavor and ended up tasting bland
The veg on the other hand, being a little creamy, but had an excellent flavor and we ended up abandoning the chicken and finishing off the paneer. The rotis were again nothing to write about - we had ordered keema naan in which there was no taste at all of the keema - it was just coarse red powder of some kind. The masala kulcha was better.
We didnt have enough space in our stomachs to try desserts after finishing those giant lassis each. The place does have some nice touches - like the achar kept on each table. The waiter informed us that the achar was prepared by the owner's wife. And it as very different to the usual red achar found in most places - this was made of unlikely stuff like turnips, potatoes, carrots etc with a mustard base.

All in all, this place has a lot of potential - that was the best veg starter I have had in a long time. But it needs to be consistent (and reduce the size of its lassis :D )


rajasagar - Burrp User


11 Reviews

December 03,2007


Authentic North West Frontier Food !

When food melts in your mouth and you come out satiated - you go burrp and manage a litlle jig by flinging your arms out and going Oye Balle Balle !

Thats what a dinner at 'Chenab' made me do. One look at the place and I thought they are only out to take me for a ride. Overstuffed, over staffed - over booked and pot bellied families with bungee jumping kids almost made me walk out of this place.

But my friends who took me here ( even they were visiting for the first time) were too tired after a long drive on the Expressway returning back from a DIWALI break. And were in no mood to try searching for a better option.

Are we glad we stayed. The initial salads were a delight. Have you had a 'Kachalu' salad marinated in 'amchoor' and served with slivers of onion and spiked with tiny sharply hot green chillies ? Heavenly - and wakes you up from your stupor and prepares you for whats coming up.

We let the staff choose for us - and they laid out their best for us. The chicken was succulent and so was the paneer. The vegetables were well done and very fresh and retaining their originality - not mashed into the gravy.

The Dal Makhani was a royal treat and an authentic Punjabi slow cooked delicacy. The Yellow Dal tadka was piping hot and the tadka was the sputtering type that makes for a gastronomic flavour that can only be experienced and not described.

The 'kadak' tandoori rotis were crisp and the 'kulchas' were mouthwatering melt in the mouth types. You have to try the 'Kulchas' because these were the only ones this side of the North West Frontier Province that makes the grade. ( Dara da Dhaba at Dahisar comes a close second ) Missi rotis were also quite a mouthful. The accompaniments are what really makes the entire exercise a treat for hungry stomachs.

The true blue Punjabi hospitality warms the very cockles of your heart. And order the 'LASSI' only if you can down a thick creamy slush of frothy white curdly tanker of a copper Glass (huge by Bombay's standards) and remember the old adage - Do not Drink LASSI and drive- You are bound to fall asleep on the steering wheel. Lassis have that effect.

Alcohol is available but sadly none of my tribe drink. Yes we are the rare 'Sardarjis that do not drink alcohol.

After such heady food, we just paid the bill ( roughly about a thousand for a family of 4) and trudged our 'expanding WASTE-Lines' out of this joint with a huge belch and lots of back slapping after a sumptous meal and a good holiday.

Check this place out on an empty stomach.



NWFP - revisited!

Something weird about the North West Frontier Province (one - that it doesn't exist anymore... two - that the cuisine still does!)...

A good one-hour drive in the night to Vashi (Navi Mumbai) and located in a serene location in Sector 8, Chenab can be easily missed by anyone unless you're looking for it... I'm rather glad that I belong to the second type..

Reviewers on other blogs et al recommended sitting at the dhaba upstairs... which I, and my significant other duly did. Well... it isn't bad.. atleast not in cooler times... but mind you... the bugs, especially at night, have an obvious liking for your food... sometimes even before it's served! So while we enjoyed the first 15 mins listening to some ghazals after ordering our starters and soups, the next 5 mins weren't too much fun... three out of the ten thousand bugs sat comfortably in my soup and our glasses. I think one died! After the sad episode where we paid our condolences, we decided to move down in the AC section (always a good option)... So unless you are the adventurous freak and don't mind some extra seasoning on your food, please avoid the dhaba section and head south!

Our order - Palak Shorba, Bhindi Churi Muri, Makhni Parathas, Kumbh-Makai te Paneer and Punjabi lassi (no liquor on October 2) While i avoided the soup (for very obvious reasons), the bhindi - a deep fried starter of sliced okra was the best I've ever had... crunchy, spicy and very very chewable! The vegetable was lip-smacking (mushroom, baby corn, cottage cheese in an onion-garlic-capsicum gravy) and so were the parathas. But there was something else which made the evening memorable!

A recommendation (read upsell) by the waiter and we were conned into ordering the Punjabi version of their lassi. The difference between a regular and a punjabi at Chenab - the regular comes in a 300 ml glass.. while the punjabi one needs a bucket!.. Yes.. you read it right... the glass made all eyes on other tables look right at us -- not because the punjabi lassi was unpopular.. but because apparently (read obviously) it's murder to serve it for two satiated people. 30 mins into it and I still struggled to see the bottom of the glass... that's when I gave up and reminded my wife of her Punjabi origins. Taking no further gyaan, she did the needful. Thankyou God for getting me a punjabi wife!

Great experience... this comes in my list of favourite eateries... and for the 'Damage' -- 700 bucks for what we ordered and 40 bucks for a pack of Hajmola at the chemist.


syam pillai - Burrp User

syam pillai

2 Reviews

September 11,2007


best place to be...

thumps up for the service and ambience...if u r from new mumbai, its the best place to chill out with a couple of drinks...
even they do have 'happy hours' , so that u can keep ur vallet thick....hey forget to tell u the gazals they play is gud enough to down some 5 beers per head,,,,!!!