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Sam Dayal - Burrp User

Sam Dayal

June 12,2016

NOT authentic French food at all

I am half French (my father is Indian) and have lived in Paris for a very long time. I don't appreciate being mislead. The food can definitely be called as a mix of cuisines from different part of the EU but no its MOST DEFINITELY NOT FRENCH.

What place calls itself French and does not serve food like Crepes, muscles and other such typical French food? This is rubbish.

It would be sensible to change your name instead of trying to come across as "French"!!

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Niv 1960 - Burrp User

Niv 1960

April 28,2015

Quaint Joint

Opened close to candies at reclamation, chez moi is one of those quaint joints which are perfect for a nice dinner conversation with friends and not really party hangout. Full marks to their service and the decor although the food portions can be a little better.European decor, candle lit dinner tables, soft music .The food was well presented and was filling. stuffed mushrooms with cottage cheese are surely not to be missed
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Lillian Mendes - Burrp User

Lillian Mendes

January 31,2015

Second visit!

This is a cute place with a very homely atmosphere and great fresh cuisine. It's almost like a doll house, perfect setting for a date or an all girls outing. The portions are small and overpriced but the taste and ambience make up for it. The paprika chicken and the chef's special chicken are the two dishes that i tried, it goes great with a glass of red wine. It's like a small café imported to India from Paris and thats the reason why i keep coming back for more!
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Lillian Mendes - Burrp User

Lillian Mendes

January 22,2015

Cozy Corner!

This is a very small and cozy restaurant and is always crowded.You have to always wait to get a table here..but the food is absolutely delicious..Sadly we went there a little late so we couldn't order the chef's special stuffed chicken which is so scrumptious. The starters like the corn and jalapeno balls is very tasty..even the veg stuff is pretty good.The ambience is also nice and gives you a very relaxed feeling! Decently priced.
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Jagmandeep Singh - Burrp User

Jagmandeep Singh

January 14,2015


Chez Moi means at my place or home, it is suppose to be a single word but anyways most the people frequenting the restaurant wouldn't know what the name stands for.

Chez Moi is located in the back lanes of Bandra reclamation and has a romantic setting. The place is cozy and nice done up with subtle lighting and music. Seating is restricted but they have made the most of the space available. This was the first restaurant I dined at post moving to Bandra 3 years back and it will always hold a special place.

The bar menu is restricted to wines but they have a exhaustive selections or options in Reds & White. The Sangria served is good as well, must try. When it comes to food, its quite authentic. For starters, Chicken wings tossed with bird eye chilly, Bruschetta, Portuguesa Prawns and Classic pepperoni pizza, aglio olio, lamb bolognaise. The dishes are just fabulous, as authentic as they can get. The portion size is a downer for big eater like me but presentation is good, service average, however, staff is polite.

It is a good getaway for couples who wish to indulge in a romantic evening.
Overall, 7.5/10
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