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  • Most people would recommend this place to others
  • Most tried items: pizza
  • Nearly half the visitors mentioned Saturday night

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Very romantic ambience with candle lights
Bad Experience
Sam Dayal - Burrp User

Sam Dayal

June 12,2016

NOT authentic French food at all

I am half French (my father is Indian) and have lived in Paris for a very long time. I don't appreciate being mislead. The food can definitely be called as a mix of cuisines from different part of the EU but no its MOST DEFINITELY NOT FRENCH.

What place calls itself French and does not serve food like Crepes, muscles and other such typical French food? This is rubbish.

It would be sensible to change your name instead of trying to come across as "French"!!

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Niv 1960 - Burrp User

Niv 1960

April 28,2015

Quaint Joint

Opened close to candies at reclamation, chez moi is one of those quaint joints which are perfect for a nice dinner conversation with friends and not really party hangout. Full marks to their service and the decor although the food portions can be a little better.European decor, candle lit dinner tables, soft music .The food was well presented and was filling. stuffed mushrooms with cottage cheese are surely not to be missed
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Lillian Mendes - Burrp User

Lillian Mendes

January 31,2015

Second visit!

This is a cute place with a very homely atmosphere and great fresh cuisine. It's almost like a doll house, perfect setting for a date or an all girls outing. The portions are small and overpriced but the taste and ambience make up for it. The paprika chicken and the chef's special chicken are the two dishes that i tried, it goes great with a glass of red wine. It's like a small café imported to India from Paris and thats the reason why i keep coming back for more!
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Lillian Mendes - Burrp User

Lillian Mendes

January 22,2015

Cozy Corner!

This is a very small and cozy restaurant and is always crowded.You have to always wait to get a table here..but the food is absolutely delicious..Sadly we went there a little late so we couldn't order the chef's special stuffed chicken which is so scrumptious. The starters like the corn and jalapeno balls is very tasty..even the veg stuff is pretty good.The ambience is also nice and gives you a very relaxed feeling! Decently priced.
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Jagmandeep Singh - Burrp User

Jagmandeep Singh

January 14,2015


Chez Moi means at my place or home, it is suppose to be a single word but anyways most the people frequenting the restaurant wouldn't know what the name stands for.

Chez Moi is located in the back lanes of Bandra reclamation and has a romantic setting. The place is cozy and nice done up with subtle lighting and music. Seating is restricted but they have made the most of the space available. This was the first restaurant I dined at post moving to Bandra 3 years back and it will always hold a special place.

The bar menu is restricted to wines but they have a exhaustive selections or options in Reds & White. The Sangria served is good as well, must try. When it comes to food, its quite authentic. For starters, Chicken wings tossed with bird eye chilly, Bruschetta, Portuguesa Prawns and Classic pepperoni pizza, aglio olio, lamb bolognaise. The dishes are just fabulous, as authentic as they can get. The portion size is a downer for big eater like me but presentation is good, service average, however, staff is polite.

It is a good getaway for couples who wish to indulge in a romantic evening.
Overall, 7.5/10
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Dantoinette - Burrp User


February 12,2014

Charming Place!

Chez Moi is a lovely little place with excellent food. It is the ideal date place tucked in a quiet corner near Lilavati Hospital in Bandra.
The food is a bit expensive for the portion size but I guess the ambiance makes up for it especially on nights they have a guitarist playing.
It is definitely a place every couple should try at least once!
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fireplague - Burrp User


December 17,2013

Romance is in the air

Chez Moi, located in a lane opp to Lilavati Hospital, is a lovers paradise. The place with a decor of french colonial times is relatively small. However, the same works in its favour as the dim lights on the walls and candles on the table makes the mood really romantic. Moreover, when we went on a Saturday night, they had a live guitarist. Despite me not being a great fan of live performances, the college lad played some 90's English songs which are worth an applause.

Coming to the food, we orderered a greek salad, chicken dish and wine. The food was average like any other place. Nothing in particular to crave out for.

A let down: They serve only wine :(
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Ruchikah - Burrp User


November 26,2013


Just when you would think "how cute can a place be?" you enter Che Moi and the answer is right there. What a love ly ambience. And of course the food matches up to it. VEry classic, very careful about flavours. The service is prompt, which actually is not such a big deal as the size of the place is very very small. But nevertheless, a must try oce for all those who love their pastas and havent been to this place yet!
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Mansi Dedhia - Burrp User

Mansi Dedhia

November 13,2013

oh so gloomy

Going to chez moi after hearing so much about it was not a great experience at all...the place is really small..and is very very gloomy..not that its the first place which has dim lights..but this one was not at all pleasant or calming..it has the smallest ever seating..the bar stool common table was also very small to just keep a glass..felt like a dingy bar..I felt I'd get drunk even without drinking..the ac was dripping n causing the already crowded place to waste a table..just dint like my experience here..
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Nivedita Karmaran - Burrp User

Nivedita Karmaran

October 05,2013

Little Romantic Nook

Don't be unfazed with its little look, it has plenty of space to seat many people. Once seated in your nook and the candle light gleaming with good music running in background. Can't get any better!
I liked that they gave the menu along with a magazine, you can browse through if you are alone. Food is fantastic, whether you are vegetarian or non-vegetarian.

Good amount of choices to select from and service is at fairly delivered.

I would surely visit this place again.

meal for 2 on an average Rs. 1000 without alcohol
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Krutika123 - Burrp User


August 26,2013

Mission Accomplished

I was looking for the near-impossible. A place in Bombay which is quiet, has great Italian food and the real kicker, not too expensive.

After two days of asking for recommendations from friends and on Twitter, and scouring the burrp! site for just such a place (applying all possible filter combinations), I finally decided on Chez Moi.

Located in the same quiet lane as Masala Zone and I-Bar, we had no difficulty in parking.

Chez Moi is pretty small, but it’s commendable that they’ve avoided cramping the place by putting too many tables in. They have a couple of tables on the outside too, but we chose to sit inside. Thankfully, it wasn’t crowded; just a couple of more people besides us. We selected the table closest to the window. The decor is minimalist. Nothing that would jar you.

We began our meal with the Mushroom Cappuccino soup. I loved its texture; silky smooth, and the flavour of the mushrooms was perfect. If you’ve tried the one in Bonobo and liked it, you’re sure to love this one.

We decided to order a pizza instead of a regular starter. I usually prefer Margherita pizzas and was about to call for one when I changed our order to the Four Seasons Veggie on our server's recommendation. Good call! I usually tire of pizzas after the first two slices but I went on to finish my share. And this was a generous 10' pizza.

I was pretty full after that but got greedy. I can't go to an Italian place and not try out the pasta. Since our server's recommendations had served us well till then, we decided to go along with whatever else he suggested. I therefore got a Aglio e Olia and my companion got chicken steak with black pepper.

A little too al dente for my preference but certainly not inedible; tossed in garlic and olive oil, my aaglio e olia scored big in flavour.

The pepper chicken was a solid portion of meat served with veggies (broccoli, avocados etc) and mashed potatoes on the side. My companion with a nod said it was “Good”. Man of a few words, his clean plate at the end of the meal spoke volumes for him.

There are books there that you can pick up and read if you're alone but that'd just be a waste. Go there with your someone special. At night. They have candles on the table! I loved the music too (Mika - The Billy Brown one), and the volume was just right. You pay attention to it, when you find yourself liking it, otherwise it's in the background.

I’m definitely visiting this place again.

Meal for two : Rs.1300 (inclusive of taxes. No alcohol)
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Bhakti Menon - Burrp User

Bhakti Menon

July 17,2013

Enjoy Victorian charm at Chez Moi

What you see- One rainy Mumbai evening, nestled amongst eateries and cafes, Chez Moi attracted us with its quaint entrance. The door was done up with blue, green and yellow colors but left a tad unfinished. Inside, the tables and chairs carried the same unfinished look and well placed candles cast a radiant glow. Victorian lamps, money plants, wrought iron candle stands and old clocks added visual appeal. Slow lilting music pleased our ears as we looked around at posters and photos featuring Paris. A human hand soap dish, white in color was placed near the wash basin- nice but strange.

What you get- Chez Moi’s limited page menu was bound in an old Vogue magazine and featured limited reds and white wines. On probing the server, we were informed that more brands will soon be added. Apart from the wines, Sangria, a wine punch made with red wine, juices and chopped fruits can also be ordered. We settled with a red wine Sangria pitcher as the place slowly started to fill in. The food menu boasted of limited European, French, Italian cuisines with salads, cheese platters, pizzas, risotto and pastas and other main course dishes predominantly in chicken.

We started our meal with the Tapenade platter, a dish popular in the south of France. The platter had an assortment of black olive-fig and artichokes tapenades and pesto topped bruschetta. While, a mix of fig and olives in cream paste blended perfectly lending a sharp and pleasant taste to the black-olive fig tapenade, the artichoke tapenade did not disappoint as well. Artichokes with capers and olives, spread on a toasted bread was the perfect accompanist to our Sangria. Next, we ordered stuffed mushroom, a recommended chef’s special which had over sized mushrooms stuffed with veggies and cheese.

For the main course, we ordered chicken breast in caramelized onion sauce, which was served with grilled veggies and mashed potatoes. The next dish Coriander Burre Blanc with fish had Indian salmon grilled and topped with lemon butter sauce with herbs. The menu claimed it as a traditionally French dish, and apart from being nicely made it was well presented too. A small counter near the kitchen entrance displayed desserts like tiramisu, chocolate mousse and passion fruit cheese cake, but were not appealing enough to order.

Our Verdict- Chez Moi which means “My Home” is done up like a Victorian house with a cosy feel but can be improved. The place is small and sits only 30- 35 guests, so prior reservation is recommended. The menu is very limited given the size of the place but can include more French dishes. Head here for a romantic dinner or chat with an old friend or simply enjoy a book you always meant to read with a glass of wine. Valet parking is not available and parking can be a challenge as Chez Moi is housed in a residential colony. The service is knowledgeable but needs to be more attentive.

What you pay for a meal for two – Rs. 2000/-
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Pooja Sachdev - Burrp User

Pooja Sachdev

May 15,2013

Totally Avoidable

i had dinner tonight Chez MoiChez Moi and i must say it was one oof the worst experiences in a ver long time...to begin with our orders were taken incorrectly, to top that the guys served the wrong dish to the wrong ppl...hell after that he forgot to bring out the extra veggies.......after that he got my meal stone cold and when i complained he just stared at my plate as if by some laser beams from his eyes he was gonna heat the food!!!!!
So this is 3 orders down....then came the fourth order....which means at a table of 6 we all got our orders piece meal.....
ahoh i forgot the salad....we ordered a greek salad and it had some very old and sad crumbly feta...instead of nice juicy pieces...and it was doused in balsamic and olive oil...absolutely horrendous...
i ordered brocolli soup only to be told much later that they did not have brocolli so i had to cancel my soup....
finally the icing on the cake was we ordered the chef special and were informed that it would take 20 mins....
so we went ahead and ordered 2....now after a wait of 1hr ++ we got only one....chef special...saying that we cancelled one....i dont know if chez moi starves their staff that they begin to hallucinate.....any how when we complained the other guy said sorry we will get u another one in 5 mins...i repeat 5 mins!!!!!!!
and guess what it came in 10mins so i want to know why were we made to wait for one hour in the first place....and how do you justify in a group of 6 ppl at one table in a restaurant everyone i mean everyones food comes one by one....and the gap is nearly 20 mins!!! and then there are 2 ppl who are just sitting and waiting for thier food...by which time everyone has finished.....
After we complained i was told to wite a lond complain and the manager there justifies all this by saying WE HAVE OPENED A NEW PLACE...how the f is that my problem i spent a good 5000rs on the meal for this shit.....
at the best part is the manager thinks its ok to serve 4 minnie macaroons to a table of 6 with 2 kids!!!!and he thinks that is compensation!!!!!
seriously guys what a shit evening thanks to you all....
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Smita  Patel - Burrp User

Smita Patel

April 03,2013


Good cozy joint...very high feel good factor...owner is very warm and gives you personal attention.
Good Food...looking forward to exploring the their new branch at oshiwara.
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mitali109 - Burrp User


February 27,2013

Refreshing & Rejuvenating

A perfect place to visit after a long stressful day or week. The cozy wooden interiors and the friendly staff will make one smile instantly. The food is delicious and fresh which makes the place worth visitng! :)
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prernagarg - Burrp User


February 06,2013

Very romantic and cozy

One of the best decor i ahve seen in recent times.. very cozy and romantic.. and food that matches upto ambience totally.. just love coming here for a quiet dinner.. love their bruschettas, pizzas and pastas..
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kunus - Burrp User


November 11,2012

perfection at its best

visited dis place sum tym back...a small cute place wid wooden interiors done extremely well
the service is too good . for the drinks we called for a lemon grass mojito wich was jus amazing...d best mojito i've had so far.
d french pizzeta is jus amazingg wid small biscuit kinda pizzas
for d main course v called for their pasta in creole sauce which was good...overall a lovely dining experience
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mmoushumi - Burrp User


September 13,2012

Finally some place where they give what they claim

Ambience : Quaint , quiet and absolutely my liking
Food : The stuff mushroom just out of the world ... fabulous , teh prawns were Ok .. cant point what was missing ... but not bad .. the lamb was very tuff and hard ... The pizza make your own .... was fantabulous ...... the Australian was just great ... Overall I had a fabulous time ...

My recommendation .... your staff is excellent .. except help them to communicate more confidently ... .... 3 cheers to u and ur team
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luvoffood - Burrp User


July 30,2012

gone from good to bad

Like the place when it first started was really value for money and the food and ambience was excellent. visited the place again recently, the experience was not quiet good.
the portion size has been reduced, the prices remaining the same the service charge of 7percent isnt worth shelling out. on top of that the bill calculates the service taxes and Vat on the total as well as the service charge which shouldnt be the practice.
has lost its charm as well as the feeling that we used to get to go back again and again for the value it used to give for the food that was served.

Dont think i shall visit again.
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Nmahtani1986 - Burrp User


July 04,2012

Rubbish - Pls. STARVE yourself instead

Two deserts on the menu - both awful. The apple pie has no apple only sugar in the rather floury dough. The chocolate cake too is very dry and doughy and the raspberry syrup is ridiculously bad!!!

French onion soup was everything but a French onion soup. Onion not caramelized. Soup is very sweet. The vino flavor is missing. AVOID

pizza is decent. Tepanade too is nice - the fig one is on the sweeter side.

Entrees centre around cheese stuffed balls - risotto or meat or corn & jalapeño. Tried the risotto round and meat ball rounds. Ok. Nothing fancy nothing complicated. Don't expect cheese to ooze out. Meat had a funny taste to it.

Skip red meat - strictly. The lamb / pork dish in the mains - pls. skip. Go hungry instead or go to candy's next door. The table next to mine ordered it and returned it and got a refund. The chops have no meat on it & was raw.

Service is very slow. Highly understaffed. Only 2 waiters.

You will see the chef walking out thru the restaurant a dozen times for a smoke. No smile whatsoever. When the kitchen door opened I could see staff in their vests.

Meal cost 900 per head with no alcohol - waste of money and a dining experience.
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Ashwini Gadiyar - Burrp User

Ashwini Gadiyar

June 24,2012


Small on portions. Low on taste. High on price. Disinterested waiters. Not visiting again.
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supreme239 - Burrp User


June 17,2012

great food great ambiance but unending taxes

i was there recently no doubt they have good food very authentic, but their portion very small luckily we weren't that hungry.
2 drinks (aerated soft drinks), 2 starters and 2 mains, our bill was 1365 and INCLUDING TAXES IT WAS 1705!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. IF U R REALLY HUNGRY AND GO THERE ,EXPECT A BILL NO LESS THAN 2500/-
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Nishish  Saxena - Burrp User

Nishish Saxena

May 24,2012

Très romantique!

Chez Moi is a place which is small at the very first look. It ends even before you are completely inside it. But as they say Good things come in small packages; it stands as a testimony to the statement. Place has a completely romantic feel to it. You can not ask for something more romantic. Everything just contributes to the romance. To start with, the number of tables is very small and hence you can easily listen to the low whisper of your partner. The tables are spaced far enough apart that you're not sharing your conversation with half the restaurant, and vice versa. Tables are candle lit and they are small,your partner is always within your reach. The overall Lighting is also very warm.

Menu has quite a nice spread when it comes to starters. You can have various options to choose from. In Main Course the offerings are rather limited but yes they are just enough to give you some choice. The menu is continental and has a good variety of the same.

In food we had, Bruschetta and it is worth a mention, a mix of subtle flavors of cherry tomatoes, basil and cheese. Cheese platter also has some nice cheeses like Gouda and Parmesan, albeit, I would have preferred some more variety. In the Main Course we had Four Seasons Veggie Pizza. It has Roman style crust and had a very nice taste. The taste is typically European and hence nothing is over powering or very strong in taste. The food compliments the romantic mood.
Desserts does not offer much of choice though. We had Chocolate with Raspberry. Taste of raspberry did not go well with the chocolate, raspberry was too strong for the chocolate.

In terms of service is the staff is quite good at its work and remembers to give you your space. They are always within your reach but never intruding in your space. They are well versed with the menu and can help you in selecting the food.

Overall it is a perfect place where Romance meets Good Food. Anyone looking for both should definitely visit Chez Moi.
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Tolani9384 - Burrp User


April 01,2012

Best Place in All of Bandra

We had just moved to Bandra and chosen chez moi for a quick bite last week. The evening lasted for hours. The great food complemented by Ammans ( owner ) amiable nature and congenial staff was just the beginning. The appetizers and wine were so good we found it difficult to move to the mains. The staff choices were in tune and on par to what we wanted and service was excellent. The photography on the walls were brilliantly done adding to a fantastic Parisian atmosphere.
We have visited many overrated restaurants in Bandra and conclude that Chez Moi is the best that Bombay has to offer for their pricing , services , food and overall dining experience.

Varun & Kadambari
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veganontheprowl - Burrp User


March 27,2012


I like the ambiance of the place, just wish they would play their music a bit softer. Ordered for a basil grass mojito, got the lemongrass mojito instead. But I wasn't complaining because it was good.

When it was time to order for the mains, I asked for my pizza without the cheese. The waiter immediately refused and only when i persisted and explained to him that that is how I eat my pizza everywhere, he agreed to ask the chef. Sure enough the chef was out two minutes later and after i explained how I wanted it, he gave me a disclaimer that the pizza won't taste as good. I'm used to it, but just wish chefs were more open to the idea that pizzas can be eaten without cheese and they do taste good. (The chefs in Italy didn't mind me asking for a pizza without cheese!) Anyway after all the hoopla my Pizza Romano came without the cheese and also without the sun-dried tomato which I only noticed after eating two slices. The sun-dried tomato was the reason I ordered the pizza! They were very generous with the olives though.

The pizza was not bad, I hope the chef reads this and tries one pizza without the cheese for himself! The others at my table enjoyed their sun-dried tomato risotto and the Aglio Olio was okay for them.
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deepikasdesai - Burrp User


March 25,2012

Heart meltingly adorable

Chez Moi always looks so inviting!
In the day its warm, inviting and quirky and in the night with the yellow lights, candles and perfect chill-out music it becomes the best date spot.

First things first- the white wine sangria is TO DIE FOR! Im a big fan of sangria and generally no place in Mumbai ever gets it right. Burrp.com actually awardedChez Moi for having the best sangria in town- and I think they win hands down!

The food overall is actually just amazing! Their thin crust pizzas are a must...and the main course I had was a grilled fish with vegges and mashed potatoes which was light, with delicious seasoning. My friends had chicken for their main course and seemed as deeply satisfied as I was :)

I think what this place has to offer which no other place does- is the serene happiness it seems to exude. The warm mediterranean colour palette, beautiful french music, the menu set in actual Vogue magazines, and the dancing light from the candles on the vintage frames and clocks; make you never want to leave- or atleast keep coming back!

Chez Moi gives that warm fuzzy feeling of love :) and waiting to go back again
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ashishmalla.91 - Burrp User


March 25,2012

Superb food and decor

Excellent looking place and yummy food along with one of the best sangrias
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deepika.malla - Burrp User


March 25,2012

Cosy, romantic place with the best Sangria!

It's the perfect place for a date or an intimate gathering. The beautifully done up place starting from the quaint looking light blue door, right till the last table with a study table on one corner just oozes old school charm, warmth & romance. I went there with friends & ended up having a super meal and the best white wine sangria! The thin crispy pizzas are delicious with a variety of toppings options. I had a chicken risotto which was again well prepared, considering risottos are one of the trickiest dishes to master. The appetizers we had were in chicken & fish along with another steamed fish entree , all of which tasted like sumptuous and authentic continental dishes. You enter feeling you have entered a cute little restaurant in Europe and the best part is, the food & drinks also pleasantly taste just as great! Will be returning very soon!
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Kiran632 - Burrp User


March 25,2012


After catching numerous wrtie ups about a new european style bistro in bandra called chez moi, i finally picked the phone and made a reservation in the hope to try something new. And chez moi truly delievred! Unlike other over crowded restos in the burbs, chez moi was a breath of fresh air. A matchbox cafe perfectly placed in a quaint residential lane, it's rustic interiors inspired by european art, music, decor, books and memorabilia creates a wholesome experience seconded only by its mouth watering pizzas, fish in mustard sauce that melts your taste buds with joy and one of the best sangria pitchers I've ever had.
In my experience chez moi is the perfect date place with an irresistible charm that comes with the small size of the place and the unbeatable combination of gourmet food at a price that keeps your wallet happy. And for art lovers like me, the collection of books, pictures from across the globe are company enough on those long lazy afternoons all while swaying to some eclectic european music.
This tastefully designed whole in the wall bistro is just what bandra needed!
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The pesto pasta at Chez Moi is to die for and is much better than its expensive Italian counterparts. A casual stroll down candies lane will take you to this tastefully decorated cafe that serves excellent food. A must go to for anyone who loves italian food. Chez moi is perfect for a cosy candle light dinner date. If you ever do go don't miss the mushroom starter and the house desert:)

For more such reviews log on to http://dead-geraniums.blogspot.in/
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Rohan30.06 - Burrp User


February 26,2012

Delicious food worth the price.

I frequently fly out of Mumbai and it doesn't hurt to swing by this joint for a meal. Think europe think Chez Moi is an ideal description of the european seating and archaic ambience lover like me. The food is great and every new recipe added is worth a try out. The staff is warm and friendly. . the best part is that everyone knows exactly what the dishes and drinks look and taste like, I absolutely don't mid sharing what I feel like eating with the blokes and their recommendation works every-time. If you have seen the culinary photographs in high gloss lifestyle magazines thats exactly how the chef serves each and every dish... seriously this guy know what he is doing. Putting all of it together you have a fabulous place for a date, meeting, hangout etc. and this place wont let you down.
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Natasha  - Burrp User


February 24,2012


The ambiance seemed something straight out of a classic movie/book! I loved it from the minute go.
The menus are different, it seems like you're flipping through old magazines whilst sitting in a quaint little cafe on the streets!
We began with the Chicken Roulade and a Sangria. I enjoyed the dip that came with the roulade. Somehow the hint of extra garlic didn't put me off.
Then we had a simple white sauce Pasta and a Pizza with bbq chicken and veggies.
The service deserves a standing ovation! Well-done. The servers knew what was being served and not to disturb someone during a conversation. Most importantly, they smiled - which made all the difference, really!

Go and eat here, if you haven't already...
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Poorti Pawar - Burrp User

Poorti Pawar

February 05,2012

Never Disappointed...Love the place..

This place has never disappointed me ever... Me & my partner prefers to visit calm & simple places with less crowd n romantic Ambiance. This places suits our needs perfectly. Have been here couple of times but recently had my birthday lunch with My sweetheart.. Food is really yummy___spl pizzas n pastas(spaghetti).. have tried Barbecued Chicken and Chef's spl stuffed chicken.. Superb...never had anything better.. Their mushroom n spinach stuffed potato fried is simply amazing as a starter to be shared with group of friends..

Ambiance is lovely.. dim candle lights,romantic instrumental music and Ur loved one holding your hand and a glass of their finest wine in another hand.. can't imagine a better simple romantic meal...

Have to try so much more at this place.. Its worth many many many many visits to try different menu options... Love it.. Love it...Love it...
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OrangeCandy - Burrp User


October 20,2011

Decor is nice, food is just OK...

In the mood to try something different in Bandra, my friend and I visited Chez Moi last night for dinner. Tucked away in Bandra Reclamation near IES and other restaurants/bars (Quench, Masala Zone, I Bar), it's a very convenient location if you have people coming up from town and from the suburbs.

The restaurant is small and has 7-8 tables. The decor is simple, comfortable and is just the right atmosphere for a semi-casual meal. The only negative was that the music tended to be a bit too loud (a common and unfortunate feature in way too many restaurants in Bombay).

That's the good part. As for the food, the first word I would use to describe the menu is "odd". (Note: nothing is French on the menu except "French fries"). I would say the intent is pretty good but the execution of the dishes leaves a lot to be desired. The pizza we ordered was ok, but nothing I would be tempted to order again. The soup (broccoli & walnut), again just ok, but the finishing touch of adding cream on the top left the dish looking a gross pale green when you mixed it all together. The grilled veggies salad had way more balsamic dressing than the "lightly tossed" description had led us to expect. Overall, we honestly struggled to find things on the menu that excited us.

The decor and location lend a lot to the potential for Chez Moi, but it would take a big improvement in the execution of dishes coming out of the kitchen for me to recommend it to others.
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dkb123 - Burrp User


October 15,2011

bon restaurant!

Firstly.. I rarely write reviews for places.. But this place surely deserved it..

Well went there to celebrate my anniv! Had informed AD about the same while making the reservation! As most people said.. the place is surely cosy and the dim lights and candles surely set the mood right for a romantic evening! The food and drinks met our expectations! The Basil Lemon Grass Mojito is a must try! What we liked the most was the hospitality. AD himself was serving at tables, taking care of all the guests, their needs etc.. I am strong believer of customer is king and AD and his team lives up to that spirit! Keep it that way and u'll have ppl flowing in forever! Oh ya and what was noteable is that the restaurant was full on a week night!

Merci beaucoup...bonne chance!
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mehta_rushabh - Burrp User


August 17,2011

Mixed feelings

I visited this place a couple of weeks ago with my wife, after reading good reviews about it online. Unfortunately for us, when we reached the place, it was raining heavily. While everyone raves about the "unfinished homely" feel, it was really shocking to see the roof leaking all over inside the restaurant, including above our table and the table next to us!

While the food was excellent, we were really disappointed with the Basil Lemongrass Mojito. It was completely bland - it looked like plain water served with lots of lemongrass. When we asked for some sugar syrup and lemon, we were actually admonished by Mr. Rahul (manager?)! He told us, "If you have ever had a mojito before, you'd know that it is supposed to be bland!" Well, Mr. Rahul, I don't know where you have your mojitos, but the cuban ones I had in Florida and New York when I stayed there consisted of 5 ingredients - white rum, sugar, sparkling water, lime juice and mint...

I'd definitely recommend the place for the food, but would advise against engaging the staff in any kind of conversation after this experience. Also, please note that the food is not THAT great that you don't even feel the need to put salt and pepper shakers on the tables...
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twinkle.shah - Burrp User


August 01,2011

Pathetic service

Just been to this place on a friday night. Pleasant - when the manager took reservations. But pathetic start... Service is like udipi restaurant. works on how much a table can churn in an evening. If you book at 9.30 pm, expectation is be out by 10.30 pm. Whats the point of choosing a cozy,tiny joint if you cant spend some quality time. If you just want to go for a quick bite, thats the place. you pay exorbitant not to get shitty service or someone pissing u on your evening. Not worth it ! Avoid.. there are many better joints in town.
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Reply from restaurant management

Hello Ms. Shah,
We are terribly apologetic about the rush on the evening you turned up at our venue. We believe it was a busy weekend and chaotic night. However we still do stand by our promise of providing a warm, cozy and romantic ambience. Your case has been a one off error and we promise you that on your next visit you will be offered stupendous service along with your own personal space.

Hope to see you soon once more.


M_Aggarwal - Burrp User


July 30,2011

Rustic and pleasant

Went to Chez Moi last night - had purchased some super-discounted vouchers through dealsandyou.com, but had not heard of this place before. Before going, i checked out the reviews on burrp and was pleasantly surprised to see that most of them were unequivocally positive. Happy to say that our experience was very good too.

Chez Moi is a nice cosy little place with a charming ambience. Its a 30-35 seater (if i judged correctly) but, happily enough, the food is as big on taste as the place is small. We are all vegetarians - ordered the french pizzeta - delicious, pizza sauce / cheese toppings on a base of tiny naan-like bread ; the tapenade platter which is like a mixed bruschetta platter - different toppings like fig/olive, olive paste, tomatoes/cheese/olive oil ; broccoli and walnut soup - a delicious broccoli soup of just the right consistency with generous helpings of minced walnuts. For mains, we ordered the caesar salad, penne arrabiatta and sun dried tomato risotto. Don't have anything to complain about either one of them. The iceberg lettuce leaves in the caesar salad were fresh and crunchy with just enough black olives / cherry tomatoes / dressing to impart the correct flavor. The arrabiatta sauce was thick like a semi-paste and not like a curry (which many places these days serve up) and also not too meagre which makes the pasta too dry to eat - just right. The risotto had a delicious cheesy / buttery flavor and the sundried tomatoes on top gave it the requisite amount of tanginess.

The fruits in the red wine sangria are well marinated and it goes well with all the starters / they also have a mock champagne which we ordered and we all like it so much that we ended up ordering 4 of them !!

The menus are printed on sheets of paper stuck in old issues of L'officiel magazine (i think). I thought that the menus could do with some reprinting / redesigning since the paper as well as the magazines looked quite tattered. Also, Chez Moi needs to have a more extensive dessert menu - the only entry for desserts was a line that said "house desserts".

All in all, this is not a place for fancy schmancy dining but if you're in the mood for good, tasty, honest to goodness wholesome italian food, in a pleasant / unhurried ambience, you could do much much worse than this place. I recommend it wholeheartedly and will definitely be going back.

Avg cost - Rs 400-500 per head
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Reply from restaurant management

P.S. Do not miss our live events starting soon at the cafe. Log on to www.facebook.com/cafechezmoi for more info and details on the line ups.

keychain - Burrp User


July 29,2011

Phone switched off on Friday evening

I tried to call on Friday evening, to see if they took reservations. July 29, 7.30 PM. No luck. Seems like bad service.
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Reply from restaurant management

Hello Keychain,
Apologies no one answered the phone on that day. It was simply because our phone lines were jammed that evening due to some technical issues from MTNL.
For the future you can try these 2 numbers incase you dont get through one:
Landline: 2640 1804
Mobile: 7738 38 2407

Hope the above problem is never repeated and we hope to see you soon!


omkarh - Burrp User


July 12,2011

very cosy

After reading the reviews for this place on burrp i finally decided to visit this place. a small place with very simple but nicely made interiors. the menu card is very well done with the menu attached to a fashion magazine. the menu is not extensive . we ordered garlic bread some stuffed chicken and chicken steak with black pepper for the mains.both the dishes very nicely made.
since it was a dry day we were not served wine but the mocktails the basil mojito and the mock champagne were excellent. overall a very good place to have a quiet dinner. damages for 2-rs 1100.
a must go....
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penocchio - Burrp User


July 11,2011

Perfect ambience on a rainy night

This place is so cosy and so spaciously arranged for a tiny eatery, it pulls you inside. We had made up our minds to visit one of the other restaurants in the same line, but we couldn't help walking in looking at the wonderfully lit interiors. It was worth it. Yes, a tad bit expensive, but the flavours and the courtesy make up for it. We gorged our hearts and tummies out onto the chicken caesar and grilled salads. The service is excellent and the food to die for.
A must visit for a Bandra Reclamation visitor.
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Reply from restaurant management

Hello Penocchio,

Thank you for the wonderful words and encouragement.
You made our day by beautifully conveying the essence of our venue and its service food and decor.
Glad we surprised you and exceeded your expectations.

Hope to see you again very soon for some more cozy times over good food, wine and conversation.
Next time do try our Sangrias and wines too to get you in high spirits.

Also help us spread the word about Chez MOi by joining our fanpage on facebook and spread the word by posting us on your wall and letting your friends know.

Join us on: www.facebook.com/cafechezmoi

Hope to see you very soon!


hirens - Burrp User


July 05,2011

Super !!

Been to "My Place" for couple of times now, Pizza is to die for - it cannot be better

A.D. - start with some good beer
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vaishalim - Burrp User


June 14,2011


This cozy little cafe is just the place you want to go to for : a special occasion , to spend time with friends , a quiet dinner....ummm....actually lets say, it is the place you want to go to for any and every occasion! :)

We had a really great time at the cafe. We were a mix of jain and non-jain eaters and the management was nice enough to entertain our special request for Jain food... it was, i understand their 2nd time and the jain food too tasted really good.

The ambiance is very European, the staff is very co-operative and the food is outstanding. Can't wait for my second visit there!
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Reply from restaurant management

Hello Vaishali,
We were more than happy to serve you our cuisine Jain and Regular both. Glad you guys had a good time at our little bistro and we hope you will visit us again very soon.
In the mean time please spread the word and do join our facebook fanpage for further offers, schemes and menu options and events.
Like us on: www.facebook.com/cafechezmoi

Dhairav Dalal - Burrp User

Dhairav Dalal

May 19,2011

Quaint and cozy

The place is small and deceptive, but the food is very good. We had the sundried tomato pesto and the mushroom risotto both of which were fantastic. Heard that the sangria is fantastic, but have yet to try that.
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Reply from restaurant management

Hello Dhai13,
Thanks a bunch for the appreciation. We promise to only make things better.
Do drop by soon. I think our Sangria would like to meet you too.
And for further updates do LIKE us on www.facebook.com/cafechezmoi. Help spread the word!


P.S. - Our brand new white wine Sangria says hello too!

Mumbai Moo - Burrp User

Mumbai Moo

May 15,2011

Please start home delivery!

My House is what the name Chez Moi means in French, and it certainly has that warm, cosy feel to it. I think Chez Moi is currently closed for refurbishment, and so I look forward to seeing the new and improved interiors very soon ;o)

Just don't change a thing about the food - this is perfect. The salads, the stuffed mushrooms, the cold coffees/iced teas, the fries = all very good.

Overall, a great little find! Just wish you'd start home delivery for when wandering down the road feels too arduous to contemplate after a hard day in the office ;o)
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Reply from restaurant management

If we have made your wishes come true then we sure hope to see you at the bistro pretty soon.
And this time please come and drop a hello!!!

cooknextdoor - Burrp User


April 23,2011

You've Won Me Over

It looks like a tiny and charming brasserie that could be anywhere in the world. Till you start eating and then say thank god it's in my city. With outstanding food and great personalized service, this place takes it up a notch.

We decided to go with the Easter Special - 2 soups, 2 starters, 2 mains and 1 dessert for Rs. 2500 - so we could taste as many things as possible. The spinach soup rocked. The walnuts in the soup gave it a crunch and excellent mouthfeel. The BBQ prawns starter were intensely flavorful and peppery - it's not to be missed. In the mains the chicken steak was excellent but the star of the show was the fish in coriander sauce. Now you've gotta be told that I am not a seafood person but I have to say it was irresistibly good. The dessert was the only let down. The chocolate nougat mousse needed more personality. It was too sweet and lacked the depth that a good dessert has.

All in all, I would go back there real soon. It's a place that ain't afraid of flavor baby!
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Praneet Kakani - Burrp User

Praneet Kakani

April 16,2011

An Ideal Date experience

The place is designed as a French bistro and has an amazing collection of continental art. It is a place with a different touch altogether than all the other mumbai bistros.
The candle light dinner experience is simple and amazing. The food is very good and more than value for money.
The sangrias are pretty good and thank god for a bistro to have them but when I was there, there was no bar, so yes hopefully they have one now, for wine would have been amazing with the quality of the pizzas and pastas served.
If you are looking to go for a nice and quaint date with some good soothing music, this is the place for you. Nevertheless, one can go and just enjoy the cozy experience with friends.
But I should mention this is not a place to go to if you want to have loads of fun and maybe get drunk, you have other places for that, this bistro gives an altogether pleasant experience and takes your mind off with it's simplicity.
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laramc - Burrp User


April 12,2011

simply wonderful

Just simply a wonderful treat. Peace for the mind, pleasant for the eye, grand for the tongue and wonderful to the ear.
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Reply from restaurant management

Hello Lara ..
thank you very much for the shortest sweetest and most accurate review of the cafe!
We hope to see you soon for a chat, some wine and a treat to all senses possible!

ruchikhemka - Burrp User


April 11,2011

Will sweep you off your feet! Best Sangrias in Mum

Went there on Sat evening with my husband and a friend. We were really in the mood of having some really good conti food. Went to Chez Moi given the number of reviews on burrp. All I can say is that the place completely takes you in with a big surprise! The decor is simple as a road-side European Bistro. The Sangrias are among the best I've had in Mumbai! The starters, even a simple bruschetta is simply yummy! The chicken in bbq sauce was really good too. We ordered 3 main courses after that.. and each made to perfection! Short on words to describe how perfect it was. Definitely going there soon again..
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Reply from restaurant management

Hello Hello Hello ...
Thank you so much for your kind works .... Yes we do try to ensure our food is well done and appreciated .... so thank you very much for acknowledging our efforts and ensure we will only improve hereon!!!!
Hope to see you again for some happy high sangria times!!!!

Sal  - Burrp User


April 04,2011

Charming Bistro

A lot of small eateries have sprung up in Bandra Reclamation and this is the latest entrant. Was apprehensive when I made a reservation since they didn't even take my phone number down which says empty to me. I guess empty was good for us since we got far better service. If you're expecting fine dine this is not the place to go to. But if you're looking for a charming little bistro where you can sip a sangria and enjoy a good conversation this is it.

Food: Starters - Ordered the buttered corn soup, the platter which comprised 2 pieces of fig and olive tapenade, artichoke tapenade and Bruschetta. Not a soup person usually but the soup was but the outstanding and couldn't stop taking a few spoonfuls from my companions bowl. The dish for the day was the platter - must order for veggies. Loved the unique combination of sweet and sour with the fig and olive tapenade.

Main Course- There weren't too many options for veggies besides the usual pizza, pasta and a couple of other dishes. Given its supposed to be French I'd expected some more options. Ordered the Margherita pizza and a cottage cheese steak. After the spectacular starters the main course fell a bit short. The manager did say they are looking to change the menu every 3 months so the next change would be in April.

Drinks: They have some innovative mocktails and I went with the recommended basil mojito. Want to try the lemongrass one next time.

Damages: Rs 1000 for a soup, starter platter, pizza, main course and a mocktail

Go for the starters and ambiance if nothing else.
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Namrata Jain - Burrp User

Namrata Jain

March 27,2011

Superb !

Excellent food,one of the best mushroom risottos I have ever eaten.The stuffed mushroom starter is also highly recommended.

They have just opened up 3 months ago so they are still in the process of building up their menu.They don't serve any alcohol at the moment,only Sangrias,which I didnt opt for.They don't have any desserts either at the moment.But the food was so good I frankly didn't feel the need for any dessert.

Must visit,good food & very prompt service !
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Karan dhawan - Burrp User

Karan dhawan

March 10,2011

Not my "chez moi"....

This is one of the many "cafes" to open up in bandra although chez moi does missout on the buzz and positive energy that most cafes today exude,but then sometimes for a mumbaite you dont want that buzz and if a quiet romantic meal with your loved one is your version of romance then chez moi is the place for you...

The conundrum that most cafes face today is since they dont serve a particular cuisine they have to be the jack of all trades and masters of all of them and i feel chez moi hasnt just reached that stage yet...they have a lot of teething problems like no desserts and more importantly no debit /credit card machines at the time of my visit ..please check with them before reserving if they have that installed yet...but i guess every cafe goes through that initially so no negative points for that.

On to the food then...the menucard is a very novel idea with old vogue magazines being used as the base but unfortunately the menu dissapoints...very few choices in appetizers and even way fewer in their mains...but even so whatever i did try was good...not great but good.The dissapointment lies in the fact that apparently this is a french cafe ...im not sure a french cafe anywhere in the world serves italian pepperoni pizza/bbq chicken and typical italian pastas..i would say that this place is more of an italian cafe..i started off by ordering a bora bora mocktail which was very nice and refreshing with a subtle taste of passion fruit which i thoroughly enjoyed followed by penne in pesto sauce which i thought was a little undercooked but supremely cheesy which i preluded with an italian style thin crust pizza which looked delicious but tasted just awrite ;mainly because the pepperoni topping i asked for had a stale smell in it..probably if i would have asked for a plain cheese pizza i would have liked it much more because the pizza had nice rich textures to it with a thin delectable crust..
last but not the least i ordered the mustard chicken steak which was very pricey for just two strips of chicken with mustard dressing on it and a meagre accompaniment of grilled veggies and a mash of potatoes which was quiet nice but the chicken didnt score very high on taste...it was bland and unfortunately not very flavourful..though i would suggest the chicken pepper steak to first time diners as it seemed to be more appetizing ..[reference neighbouring table lol]
All in all a nice evening more so because of the company the ambiance and a very kind and gracious host..amaan if im not mistaken but slightly marred with average food and an overbearing elderly gentleman who probably asks u if the food is good with every bite u take which seems nice initially but gets annoying as the evening progresses but i guess its better than not asking at all...i wish amaan all the luck but if chez moi has to stand up to the salt water cafes or the olives or the cafe mangi's of bandra it has a longggg way to go.....
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Reply from restaurant management

Hope to see you again very soon. Check out our offer for the India Pakistan Semi Finals game also and for more updates and info on offers and schemes i suggest you join our fan page on www.facebook.com/cafechezmoi

rose01 - Burrp User


February 28,2011

An 8/10 Experience

First things first, please do not expect a big and busy restaurant when you are visiting Chez Moi. It is a tiny place which can at best seat about 15 people at a time, and cater to about 10. If you're finicky about ambience (as I am) it's best to call and reserve a place coz frankly there are only 4 tables near the entrance worth sitting at, and you should make sure you get one of those. The decor and ambience is quite 'European street side' and appealing.

We visited Chez Moi last Saturday for dinner. We tried their pizza which was fabulous and a definite must try. The chicken and veggie salad that I ordered was a bit of a disappointment coz their 'exotic veggies' consisted of only peppers and cabbage which dont quite spell exotic at all- no matter what color they are. Zucchini, mushroom, baby corn and broccoli were saved for the side dishes with the more 'wholesome' entrees. The taste of the chicken steak was really good, as were the mashed potatoes, but they were a bit stingy with the mushroom sauce that comes with it...leaving the dish looking rather meagre (as all French dishes do). But the taste of the food over all was awesome.

The biggest disappointment however was that they dont serve desserts! Now I did read another review raving about their great dessert but there was none when we asked for the dessert menu. So I dont know what the deal is there...so if you have sweet tooth, do check in advance.

The service was quite good, with a courteous host attending to us throughout our meal.

Overall a good experience, which could have so easily been a great experience had they taken care of the few shortcomings mentioned above. A meal for 2 will set you back about INR 1200...but its definitely worth a try.
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avantikaM - Burrp User


February 15,2011

Excellent food, operational disaster!

The Good:
1. Food was excellent!! (4.5/ 5) every single thing we had, especially the coriander fish
2. The strawberry seduction (desert) is probably the best desert I’ve ever had
3. Very well set menu- well balanced meal (The Rs. 2500 package)
4. Staff was very friendly- Both Amman and Rahul were very good hosts.
5. Ambience was pretty nice (except for the loud music), but it could do with some refining.
6. Location is excellent, and it’s a cute, cozy place. Also easy to get parking!
7. We would’ve had a perfect evening if it hadn’t been for the painfully slow and ill coordinated service. I’ve heard that it’s a new place, so I’ll give them the benefit of doubt as far as management is concerned

The Not- so- good:
1. Could’ve been managed better- it was an operational disaster!
2. We made a reservation, but still didn’t get our table even after half an hour. (and we weren’t the only ones)
3. Service was painfully slow- 1.5 hours and we were still waiting for our starters. Wine took about 45 minutes to come. So did each of the starters (they came separately)
4. Although they took down our order, we had to confirm it thrice! Probably since there was so much table- shuffling going on, the waiters would bring the wrong food to the wrong table pretty often
5. Food came first, 10 minutes later we got the cutlery, and 5 minutes after that, we got the plates (after asking twice)
6. Music was too loud
7. I wouldve said that its worth the wait (for the food), but it really took far too long to come- its just not acceptable

1. They don’t accept cards, so carry cash
2. Unless things change around there, be prepared to spend about 3 hours for a meal. May just be a good idea to avoid the place on holidays
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Reply from restaurant management

Do join us on www.facebook.com/cafechezmoi for further updates on events, offers and promotions!

Vikas Maru - Burrp User

Vikas Maru

February 14,2011


I juz saw dis lil plc whil pasin by thot of goin der on 14th wid my gul for Romantic lunch..dey had sum 2.5k thing whr u get 5 course meal n wine I dint wantd wine juz cald up 1st d guy who ansrd my call was dam rude man..i askd him i dnt want wine he strght away said NO Evn if u dont want wine cant help it...i was about to ask sumthin n agin he said NO....Daammm u guyz r new ...juz make n new plc lil cozy it dosent mean ppl wil come to ur Bristo...i rely wantd to go dis plz but det guy mesd up my mood.........Cool...n yeh one more thing on der FB page i ask is der anything spl for 14th aftr 3 days dey replyd...det to the same thing...n now juz i cked it dey have deltd my comment gud ppl...hop u do well in ur Business...i dnt evn want to give single Star but its not allowing me to post the review...dets y i hv selctd 1 star...
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prajj - Burrp User


January 27,2011


The 4/5 stars for Chez Moi is for its generous host Amman. He really took spl.care of us while we were ther n made very sure that we r taken care of. The BBQ Chicken is a must try here. The quantity of food served and the mocktails have scope for improvements. Spl thanx to Amman for greeting us wid flowers n for the yummy cake too.
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Reply from restaurant management

Hello Praj,
thank you very much for your super review and we are glad that we made the evening special in whatever way we could.
hope to see you soon and request you to follow us on www.facebook.com/cafechezmoi for further updates on deals, events and offers!!!

prajj - Burrp User


January 24,2011


This is a question for chez moi moderators..
1) Do u hav candle light dinners every evening?
2) Im planning to celebrate my fiance's birthday @ a very romantic restaurant with candle lights (just the two of us) ...so do u have any special celebration provisions??
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silentshadows - Burrp User


January 22,2011

a waste of money!

Food and Presentation: 2/5 - awfully small portions of food, though the drinks were fairly well presented.
Ambiance and Decor: 3/5 - an attempt to make it a cozy place, like a small bistro - but the feeling of being in a run down garage-turned-cafe feeling is more predominant
Quality of Service: 2/5 - an overtly pompous and annoying man running around from table to table, trying to be friendly, almost pushy!
Best Suited For: (rich)couples,groups of not more than 5-6 friends with LOTS OF MONEY TO SPEND
Vegetarian Friendly? - Ah ! not really.in-fact, not gourmand friendly at all !
The bottom line - Go there if you've got money to spend on very trite dishes and a not-so-great collection of wine and mocktails.
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Reply from restaurant management

"What seems pompus to you is actually much appreciated by other patrons as a friendly staff and management." and "A person who appreciates good quality will truly appreciate the food and its quality and also call it 'value for money' in the same breath." - This is highly condescending. Infact, your pomposity is ooozing out of this response too. Besides, I am sure it is not difficult to get people to positively publicize a restaurant on the internet. All the best mate!

Farheen Darwesh - Burrp User

Farheen Darwesh

January 19,2011

Cozy up to French wine and European food!

I saw this small cozy place on one of my night outs at the pub next door to it.
Very French decor, warm and cozy, romantic and Candlelit. Just how i love my evening dinners to be.:)And their menu is a Magazine! Lotta thought has definitely gone into their decor and i love that!

Their service is extremely warm and friendly.Its what you call service with a smile.:)

Their food is mostly European and its very delicious too.

As for the big question.What to eat??

1) Fig and Olive tapenade. Some thing very different. Go try it!

2)Gorgonzola cheese pasta with sunsdied tomatoes is super delicious too. But i do not recommend it for people who dont like strong flavored/smell cheese. It was the best dish i had that evening!

3) BBQ Chicken for starters. Yummmmmmy! Tangy, a little spicy and nicely done. You have to try this too!

4) 4 season Pizza. i loved the flavors on the pizza were nice. Well balanced out with the cheese, Bell peppers and sundried tomatoes. Its the way pizza is meant to be not too doughy not too crispy! And a generous amount of toppings and cheese!

They dont have their liqor lisence yet, Some wine would have definitely been nice with my Pasta!
Try their Lemongrass Mojito. Refreshing, light and not oversweet like you get elsewhere!

Well.. thats all for this place right now. Go there with your darling. Its super Romantic!:)

Im definitely going there again soooon!
Happy Eating. :)
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Reply from restaurant management

join us on www.facebook.com/cafechezmoi for further updates on events, offers and promotions!

gastrosopher - Burrp User


January 19,2011

Chez-rming Little Bistro

Chez Moi, French for “my home” is a cosy little bistro tucked away in a spot between an auto parts store and brokerage firm in Bandra Reclamation. The place is easy to miss because of its muted lighting especially in comparison to the bright lights from Quench next door. A weathered green door welcomes you ‘home’ and upon entering you notice the walls decorated with images from Paris. The place has an unfinished, homely feel to it with mismatched furniture and threadbare walls. The menu is presented in old issues of L’Officiel Paris and it’s fun to browse through all the clothing ads in French. All the art on the walls is on sale so if you see something that catches your fancy get in touch with the staff.

We went in for dinner one weekday evening and the owner, Amman, greeted us. It was a slow night and we were the only ones in the restaurant. They still don’t have their alcohol license and so we started out with two lemon ice teas (Rs 60). The infusion was a little strong and the teas came minus any ice which was surprising.

Amman then took over and recommended the off-the-menu tapenade platter (Rs 210) which contained bruschetta, a fig and olive tapenade, and an artichoke tapenade on baguette. The bruschetta was delicious the bread toasted to a nice crisp. The artichoke tapenade had more cheese than artichokes while the fig and olive tapenade was a little on the sweeter side. We also tried their cheese core meatballs (Rs 210) which were served with an herbed dip. The meatballs were fried to a crisp and the cheese oozed out every time we broke into one. They were lightly spiced with a distinct pop of pepper and very appetizing, especially with the dip.

For our main course we went with the penne in gorgonzola and sun-dried tomato sauce (Rs 185) and another off-the-menu recommendation, chicken steak with a wine sauce (Rs 320). The penne was divine with a distinct taste of the cheese in every bite. Succulent and perfectly grilled, the chicken was served with grilled veggies and mashed potatoes which were creamy yet light. Beautifully caramelized onions and mushrooms finished the dish. How we wished we could have had some wine to go with the meal!

The meal however felt incomplete without dessert as they had none to offer.

Chez Moi has clearly spent a lot of time on the ambience and presentation. The sparse menu could definitely be expanded: currently pizzas and pastas, made with French recipes though and not Italian, dominate but this can be confusing to regular diners. One of the things that we liked was the innovative use of an old sewing machine as a wash-basin.

Chez Moi is a great place for a romantic dinner or just to relax with your book on a warm afternoon. The location is excellent - quiet and cushy, and parking spots are plenty. All in all, it’s a charming place for a not-too-expensive meal for two.

Meal for two (minus alcohol and dessert): Rs 1200

(burrp! reviews anonymously and pays for all meals)
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lagna.das - Burrp User


January 16,2011

hearty pretty cutey :)

Visited this mini looking cafe but actually a proper restaurant on a not-so-busy-weekend... all i can say is im super impressed with almost everything.
ambiance- blue floorings,white walls,dim lighting,soft music,pretty knick knacks,good looking wall hangings,mini book rack. unique,very French,very laid back.i heart it.

super involved hosts,well managed team,hardly any teething problems,great recommendations.
Food- lemony butter sauce fishy dish and a pasta in white sauce with sun-dried tomatoes.
excellent preparation and presentation,well proportioned too.
pasta not too garlicy or spicy, fish-tangy mustard aftertaste.

Damages- Rs 800 approx (meal for two without alcohol)
go there for a hearty romantic meal...u will be more than satisfied.
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Reply from restaurant management

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Food Hungry - Burrp User

Food Hungry

January 14,2011

Chez Moi indeed!

Beautifully ambiance, friendly staff and super cozy. It definitely feels like being in a small French cottage.

A cutesy place for a quick bite or a romantic dinner....

Went with about 5 friends so got to try a lot of their food... the Pizzas were deliciously crispy although burnt at the edges. Their pasta (in white sauce) was mind blowing though. Chicken in burnt garlic sauce i'd skip, but the one with mustard i'd recommend.

The drinks (non alcoholic) were really nice to. Took a special liking towards the Ice Tea.

The staff needs to be trained up a bit on etiquette and how things are meant to be. Currently, they're in awe of each person who enters.

The owners are pretty sweet and recommend some good food as per your likings so take them up on their offer when they'd like to suggest something!

Overall, a place i'd definitely go to and recommend to my friends.

PS: On the pricing, it aint too bad either!
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Reply from restaurant management

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samitgandhi - Burrp User


January 09,2011

Romantic Place.

We were at bandra so decided to have dinner at either quench/masalakraft.

We checked out this place as we were heading for the parking area.

Chucked the plan for the above mentioned restaurants and headed to this place to check it out...

The place is BEAUTIFUL....very very ROMANTIC.

As soon as we entered we felt as if we have come to some of the restaurant in France/Italy.

Love their European concept....See it to believe it.

We were welcomed by the owners...they are 2-3 partners.

They welcomed us and without any reservation help us get a table(lucky us..we just dropped in to check out the place and fell in love with it....read further)....

The place has a very beautiful and vintage kinda arrangement and decor.

I loved the decor of this place....Its supa romantic trust me.

Coming to the food....Ordered 1 starter(figs bruschettas)...its highly recommended....neva had such 1's anywhere....lil sweet though but being a gujju i didn't mind dat at all...

Next was the main course....Decided to try their pastas....we decided to order 1 pesto sauce with sundried tomatoes and 1 was some mix sauce pasta(arabiatta+white sauce)....

The pastas were excellent.Thl quantity was good.

Do try their Lemon Grass mojito....Its good.

Had a gr8 time at this place....

We are definitely heading back to this place to try their pizza's....

All the best to the owners....Keep up the good work.
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Reply from restaurant management

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Chris F - Burrp User

Chris F

January 08,2011

Interesting find....

I read about this place and last evening after a killer week I decided to check it out with a few friends.... I was hoping for a cosy, non noisy, non crowded, chilled out place.... and it delivered on 3 out of 4.... the loud music was a little bothersome but the staff was very responsive and lowered it on request...

so in short service was good... ambiance was good...

coming to the food.... we ordered the artichoke tepenade for starters and a pasta and a risotto for mains... the food was really tasty..... flavours were perfect... and obviously they weren't stingy on the quality and quantity of ingredients...

2 negatives:
1) the risotto rice was undercooked... and had to be sent back.... the owner / manager was a little cocky and tried to pass it off to me as a la dente... now im no masterchef but i know my a al dente arborio from plain undercooked rice with hard gristly centerbits...
2) they were out of so many items... mushroom sauce for the pasta, fish and all sea food.... and this despite a very limited menu.... (esply for vegetarians!).... however since they are new I can live with that....

in all i'd probably go back... and hopefully get a chance to try the fish (I'm a big fish fan).... and maybe give the risotto a second chance! :-)
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Reply from restaurant management

Hey Chris,
our sincere apologies for the Risotto not being upto your expectations and we promise to try and deliver an above expectation experience next time.
thanks a bunch for all your kind words for the outlet and we can promise that all our teething issues are now sorted out and a more than perfect experience awaits you at chez moi on your next visit.
hope to see you soon for some great wine and happy times at chez moi!!!

maverick1982 - Burrp User


January 04,2011

coziest resto in bandra.

me and my girlfriend happend to chance upon this bistro last week as we were making our way to another restaurant. its charming lights and soft candle lit mood made us change our mind and just pulled us inside for a peek. as we entered the change of pace and the mood of the aromatic venue just made us sit on a table as the owners themselves greeted us with a warm smile. the fact that they had no hang ups addressing us themselves made us feel real special and they did take good care of us with.
the place is cute with small touches of elegance that make it a delight and discovery in each corner. the menu cards are the most innovative we have seen. the lists on the menu were tight and well thought out and very unique from other places we have been to.
the food took a tad long but was well worth the wait after the owner (Amman if i remember his name correctly) mentioned that it is slow cooked and the slow cooking definitely reflected in the flavours and aromas of the dish. the starters were also fun with somt fun meat balls and a unique fig based tepanade which we couldnt get over.
what we had planned as a quick bite lasted more than a couple of hours simply because of the absolutely adorable and chilled out ambience.
we truly felt at home at chez moi and definitely plan many more visits there ...
P.S. check out their wash room ... its the cutest we have seen in a while.
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