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> > > > Cuppa Joe

Cuppa Joe

Bandra WestWestern Suburbs  


4 Reviews / 4 Ratings

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Cuppa Joe Reviews

Review of red velvet cake

never had something like this b4.simply outstanding.large portion served.worth try it atleast once



Cuppa Joe...Yo! ;-)

A couple of friends met up at Bandra for dinner and one of them kept urging to go to Cuppa Joe. Frankly none of us knew what this place was all about. Promising her a dessert at Cuppa Joe, we had a quick meal and headed straight to Carter's to look for this place. In that lane-full of cafes, yogurt parlors, restaurants and stalls its not your fault if you miss it.

It is a small cozy cafe with basement seating. Mostly made up of wood, it adds to the English feel. On display are the choicest of cheesecakes, cupcakes and pastries *drool all the way*

Having my friend endorse Butter Beer all the way to the cafe, there was no doubt we would call for it. And trust me its the best beer (slurpy slurp) you'll find anywhere and being non-alcoholic it works best for me since I am a teetotaler. Its a huge glass, so have someone share it with you. It was also the first time we had an Iced Latte with hazelnut as the flavor (nice).
Recommendation by my friend - Waffles with maple syrup.

Since this was an after dinner thing, we excused ourselves from the inviting desserts. The next time I'm there, I'm definitely trying the Red Velvet cake(simply have to...)Slightly overpriced for the portions. Not a complex menu, they've stuck to the 'cafe' tag!



Awesome Red Velvet

Cuppa Joe doesn't strike the eye at first glance while strolling by, as it is overshadowed by Coffee Day and Costa Coffee.
But once you spot it, it doesn't fail to impress.
For us it was almost love at first sight.
We spotted the red velvet cake before we walked through the door.
A friendly greeting when we walked in and good recommendations by the staff took the experience up a notch.

The red Velvet cake and the Caramel flavoured cold coffee were amazing.
We had to take a long walk down Carters to digest the calories though.
The only thing that could make the place better would have been outdoor seating facing the sea..... Oh well, you can't have everything!!
Waiting to go back next week, and the week after ......


Just About Right

I have visited Cuppa Joe twice before, and it has been a pleasant experience. The location is where the old Tangy Tomato joint was off Carter Road, right between the Citi ATM and Yogurt Bay. The interiors are well done, with seating predominantly in the basement portion.

I have tried the Cappuccino and the Mojito on the menu once respectively. The Cappuccino is average, not something new or exciting with respect to the coffee beans or the taste The Mojito has a very strong flavour and could do with a slight revision. We did try to order a Snapple yesterday, which is listed on the menu, but were informed that they do not have any at present.

What IS noteworthy about the establishment is the food that they have to offer.The Paneer/Mozarella/Mustard Panini was really tasty. All the flavours were combined just right and tasted great; in fact, I added some more mustard on my own as it really complimented the dish! ;) Even the pesto Panini is a worthy contender.
The cookie monster (aptly called so) is a large cookie that fits on the palm of your hand. Prepared with CHUNKS of chocolate chips,a dash of sugar and baked to near perfection (just a little more time in the oven wouldn't be a bad idea in my opinion), it is definitely something worth trying for anyone with a sweet tooth craving.

My only gripe with the place was when I asked to turn the music off whilst seated downstairs (they offered to lower the volume but didn't do that either) and secondly when I wanted to clear the bill by card only to be informed that they are accepting cash alone (both events took place yesterday). A prior notice would have been helpful, especially if any patron visiting doesn't have the liquidity.