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> > > > D.Damodar Mithaiwala

D.Damodar Mithaiwala

Dadar EastCentral Mumbai  


9 Reviews / 9 Ratings

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D.Damodar Mithaiwala Reviews






Good place

If you are in Dadar East, you should check this place out. Nice place with good snacks and their miniature samosas are the best. Besides, their other snacks are also good.


Amazing Snacks

Well this place is known for its sweets, which are very good but definitely out of the world. But the delicacy of this has ro be it's snacks counter. They serve samosas, khandvi, dhokla, sabudana kachori- each one better than the other. The man of the match is the chatni that they serve with the samosas. They serve dry chatni in the mornings, which I have not been able to eat anywhere in Mumbai. The other served in afternoon and evenings is also good, but cannot beat the morning dry chatni.


Yummy samosas, sabudana kachoris, bhajia etc

Apart from their sweets shop, they have this counter for all types of snacks, and you should have seen the crowd ! I had the samosa, sabudana kachori and mix bhajia and they were all really awesome. But best is their chatni, truly unique, makes whatever you eat really tasty ! I liked the samosa the most out of the three, finding the sabudana kachori too sweet for my taste and bhajia too oily. But for the price and location, its really awesome.


Nice Snacks

I have been eating from here since my childhood days. Some things have remained constant with time, the items on the menu, the people who are at the counter. The shop has changed its look many times to keep pace with the changing times but their Samosa is still the same.

They are a renowned Mithai Shop in Dadar for many many years. I have bought Malai Pedha, my favourite, from here after passing out of all major exams. But apart from the plethora of sweet meats & namkeens, my interest lies in the counter which has access from the outside; The Snacks Counter.

They have a limited menu, just like any other Mithai shop. Bhajia, Batata Wada, Patra [Aluu Wadi], Samosa, Pattice [Sweet filling made of coconut shavings encased in a mashed Potato layer and deep fried], Khaman Dhokla, Khandvi & Kachori.

In the morning, all the items are served with shredded raw Papaya and green chillies. But the real fun of the snacks is in the evening when they served with 2 chutneys; a yummy tangy brown and spicy green. I am biased towards the brown tangy chutney and wipe it off my plate in a jiffy and also lick my fingers off for any left over. I prefer to parcel items from here as they give some extra quantity of chutney than when you eat at the counter.

If you have a sweet tooth, please try their Sutar Pheni.


Excellent Snacks

If you want to have the real indian snacks, this is the place to be. From Farsans to samosas, everything is delightful.

The kachori is to die for.




One of the best i ever had in my life....awesome...must try kaju katri


Damodar Kachori Wala

Every evening the smell of freshly fried kachoris wafts through the bustling streets of Dadar Circle. The name Damodar is synonymous with crisp kachoris, soft yellow and white dhoklas and mouth watering pakodas. Served on paper plates along with orange papaya chutney & mint chutney, these savories have been relished by generations . Whenever I catch a train to Dadar and decide to engage in a nice evening walk to Matunga, I make it a point to stop by for a quick snack.

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Best Samosa in Bombay

The samosas here are amazing. They are real Punjabi samosas. The masala in it isn't pinkish. Just try it to see what I mean, Damodar beats Guru Kripa when it comes to Samosas.

There is no seating, you stand out and eat it on a paper plate or get a takeaway. There are always people crowding near the counter right from the time it opens at about 8AM up until 9PM. No queuing you just fight your way through. It isn't extremely crowded though, just a maximum of 10 people at a time. I suggest a takeaway for obvious reasons, the sweltering heat can ruin the experience of eating an otherwise delicious samosa. Request them to pack a few paper plates if you want to eat it in your car, which you can park safely under the Dadar bridge.

Chutney (spicy and sweet) is available only after about 2PM, before that you'll get a dry "mirchi". I prefer the chutneys. They have a lot of other items like batata vada, khandvi, idlis (only in the mornings). The sweets are supposed to be good too and what they sell the most. The samosa however, is the tastiest thing on the menu. Rs.15 for a plate (2 samosas).


sweet memories

i've grown up on the sweets of dayaram.........this place has been there at dadar since i was every occasion was marked with a box of dayaram's sweets......

the pendas, gundi paans (dunno if that's the correct way to say it...) gulab jamuns, all the sweets are worth trying......

one thing DEFINITELY worth mentioning is the suterfeni........order it a day in advance and tell them to make it you have to take it abroad.......they'll deliver it next day early in the morning (by 7-7.30)...............and then INDULGE....i've never tasted suterfeni as soft as theirs...(of course..when it's fresh)

the snack counter will be remembered by ALL of Agrawal's students......that's where they come for their evening snack during their break at 5 pm......and dayaram is always ready...

their chutneys are the best in mumbai.......the green spicy one is okayish....but its the brown tamarind which takes away the cake with all the icing..........

their samosas used to be a bit small for the price...but tasty nevertheless..........all the other snacks too were upto the mark...coz they always serve them fresh.........

now freshly renovated........dayaram's is the pride of the dadar tt circle