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> > > Dadar, Mumbai 28

Dadar, Mumbai 28

Shivaji Park  

  • 24448866
  • 377, Amar Kunj, Veer Savarkar Marg, Shivaji Park, Dadar West, Mumbai
  • Indian, Mughlai, Tandoori
  • Meal for 2 - 800

19 Reviews / 19 Ratings

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Dadar, Mumbai 28 Reviews


Bad service

The food here was belw par as per its location and is overpriced too. Service is also very bad as it took them all the time in d world to bring in the starters .


Sal  - Burrp User


224 Reviews

August 16,2012


Neighbourhood Joint

There are two restaurants - one with a Maharashtrian thali and one with the usual assortment of Indian and Chinese. It's a smallish restaurant that largely caters to families. We wanted to grab a quick bite so opted for Indian.

Food: Ordered the Paneer Makhanwala which was unexpectedly flavourful and the paneer soft.

Service: The service was very quick and attentive.

Damages: Rs 350 a main course and two rotis.


Just like any other...

Had heard a lot about this place and finally decided to treat my parents for lunch.

For starters, we ordered Sweet corn chicken soup which was really nice. With that we ordered a veg starter and a non-veg starter which was Paneer Shashlik and Dadar Mumbai 28 special chicken Tikka and both were pretty good!

For the main course we ordered Subzi Mazedaar and Mutton Bhuna with Phulkas and Laccha Paratha. Quite impressed.

One star less for their limited options in the menu. They must try new cuisines and must have more dishes if they want to try and be unique from the other restaurants around.

Ambiance is good and very comfortable. :)


Great food and service

Try their prawns, kadai chicken and dal tadka.

the service is good. One unusual thing I noticed is that they serve water and soft drinks to those waiting outside. The managers seem to be qualified enough. Great place to be in.



Delicious food

Had the unlimited vegetarian thali. The food was amazing. Starting with mango panna till the desserts. Would recommend it anyone who likes Maharastrian Vegetarian food.



Very poor

Waste of money and time. Quntity was too less and quality is like airline food.


sharanya.r - Burrp User


9 Reviews

February 14,2012


Never been treated so badly

One Sunday afternoon, my father and me decided to try the thaali at this place. There was some waiting and we were asked to wait for 20 mins. There is no system of writing down names and contact numbers. They rely on the 'security guard' and his word. A couple who came well after us were sent in before us and yet we waited patiently and very politely asked why this was the case. But they had no answer. When I told the manager that it was not the right thing to do, he had an 'i don't care' attitude' and implied that we could wait if we wanted to or find someplace else. Forget apologizing for their mistake (which is normally the case; we would have patiently waited for another 5-10 mins had he just apologized, he almost went on to imply that my father was lying. I was appalled and told him this people in the service and hospitality industry should know how to talk to their customers. Extremely disappointed with their service. Never going back there and will definitely dissuade anyone who is thinking of going there



Good food but bad service

I have tried this place for thali many times and the food is good.
Although the service is extremely bad.Food takes too long to serve and they serve cold chapatis and very slow service.
Some veggies are too sweet for a maharastrian thali.
Also i think the pricing for a thali is a bit higher.
Still a nice place ,overall not that bad.Good for a change.


vish1509 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

October 05,2011


sheer waste of money & shame on Maharashtrian Food

After reading so many reviews we went to Dadar,Mumbai-28 and had to digest the pathetic food served there. I think they are wasting the costly prime location among mumbai's realty market and moreover I found they are giving silly excuses for the unworthy tasteless food.
The Maharashtrian vegetarian thali had cost us 298 rupees but it was sheer waste of our money and its totally misleading the diners from other community for the Marathi food. First of all, they should serve hot food to customers but what we get is totally cold food,even the Fulka( small roti) was not served hot. We had these items on our thali menu- Koshimbir( cucumber curd salad), kayrus,Kothimbir wadi( Corriander pan cake), Dudhi Halva,Modak, Coliflower subji,Palak dal subji, chole, Fulake,Masalebhat,plain rice,Amati ( curry),papad,tak(buttermilk),Tomoto sar (curry made with tomoto pulp & juice from fresh grated coconut). None of these items were served hot and we had been told the excuse that the food was already made near mahim church and when it reaches there, we only served it ! "
Also the service is very poor. Insted of placing the fulfilled thali at the tableat one time, they like to waste their valuable time in serving the food items one after one waiter will serve you ghee then one will serve you curry..gosh! ( here managment should think about this because I saw people waiting in line outside the hotel,so they can trim the serving time for coming diners) . The food was certainly tastless and not even single time tickeled our taste buds ! So if someone really wants to taste the maharashtrian food/thali please go to some other normal food joints. Dikhave pe mat jao..apani akal lagao..guyz no quality food is available here ( I am feeling sorry that I did not think earlier about this )



Good Food... Pathetic Service....

Cost - Rs.300 including taxes..

We went on a sunday night and to my surprise there was enough place though the restaurant has only 4 tables

Food : Is good... 3.5/5 (all of the serving was devoid of salt)
- Alvache fadfade (i dont know what its called in english/hindi)..
- vanga-batata
- chana usal
- kadhi
- aamti
- poli (chapati) , bhaat
- srikhand
- samosa ( i dont know what this was doing sitting in a maharashtrian thali though)
- taak, papad etc.

Service - Pathetic to say the least.. they have only 2 waiters who come back only after a year is passed.. The waiters need to be trained a lot in terms of serving etiquettes. He was all over the place with even spilling the dal on the table..
We waited for a good 15 minutes before we were served with anything on the plate.. and the food came in installments.. i can write an essay on that, but i will not..
this was very unlike the gujarati/rajasthani thali we had near charni road.. there was a line of waiters with different dishes lined up.. it was a different experience altogether..
i would rate this at 1/5 interms of service..



Awesome ...Jai maharashtra....

The experience was fantastic..I was there wid my 3 frds...
1)Good Music and arrangement..
2)Awesome Service
3)Zakkas Messages on walls
4)n moreover fantabulous food....

Thanks 4 making lunch memorable...

All the best...



Awesome..Jai Maharashtra!!!!

The experience was fantastic....
1) Best arrangement,
2)Best Service
3)n moreover Fantabulous Food....

Thanks 4 makin lunch memorable....
All the best....



Ok maharashtrian Thali

Thali priced heavily probably coz it's served in silver plates but tastes just ok. I'm sure Mumbai has better authentic maharashtrian restaurants.



The name and Food does not match

The name of Restaurant Dadar Mumbai 28 . It is a average neighbourhood joint sans the name which has got nothing to do with the food or otherwise.


Good Starters Main course was ok ok

Went for lunch to this place with colleagues. We were total of 10. In starters we ordered one tandoori baby corn and mushroom and one paneer tikka. Starters were good and in non-veg starters we had one Chilli chicken and one chicken pahadi kabab.

In the main course we ordered 2-2 portion of each dum-aloo and Dal Makhani and one portion of Chicken Lahori + different kinds of bread(roti, parantha, kulcha, naan)

The veg main course was okay okay... Hardly any spicy.. its more likely blunt kind of food. In drinks we had 2 kingfisher mild pints + 1 kingfisher mild + 5 Bacardi breezers + 2 fresh lime soda's + 1 diet coke.

Total damage to the wallet was 4300(approx). Will think twice before going to this place again.


Authentic Name, but Multi Cusine

Total wash away of expectations. I was expecting something totally new, something that probably never existed, but I guess its official Mumbai does not have its own cuisine which can be served for Lunch or Dinner. Mumbai surely has the Vada Pao and Pav Bhaji, but they are not full meals, and also devoid of meat.

The food is not bad. But I was expecting something authentic and got some real standard fare. Huge Menu, which is something I don't like. Food that you will get anywhere. There are a number of places that serve much better food compared to what this shop did, nevertheless it wasn't bad.

There were a few attempts at incorporating some local food like those interesting papads, etc (newly heard of names), but I guess no meal as such originated in Mumbai.

They served an excellent Rabdi though. Nice and thick with good layers of cream. For what they serve the place is a little over priced and lowering the price a little could get the business flowing for sure.

Could be visited to read the innovatively made menu card. For the food, can be avoided


Good new place to visit

My kid is a fussy eater and due to vacation we went to try this new place Mumbai Dadar 28 at Shivaji Park
He ordered his fav Panner Tikka and Sweet Corn SoupThe soup was pretty Good for his liking but we found the veg were min in the soup but full marks to the Panner Tikka the panner was soft and masala to the min with no color added. For the main course we went by the stewerds recommendation (They were very helpful must say) Veg Lahori Prawns Masala with Rotis and Naans which were to our liking The pineapple raita was a bit disappointing but overall a good experience and food worth it. I recommend the same for all and hope they maintain the same



Finger licking testy food !!!!

A very sober, decent place newly opened near shivaji park.
Good ambiance, good décor, testy food

We ordered chicken pahadi kabab & spicy chicken in hunan sauce. Even though it was way above spicy but it arose all out taste buds.
Then we had chicken malvani & daalkhichadi. Elegant preparation…
Quantity is quite adequate wrt to price.


Teething Trouble !!!

Day one, I along with my team (10 of us) reach the place & feel good. Start ordering for drinks & starters - are told this is not available and that is not available. Understanding their plight as it's day one for them...we appreciate it and go along with whatever they have...

Food quality is good...preparations are decently served...staff needs proper training ! They are still not up2 the mark.

Still highly recommended...