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> > > > Deliciae Patisserie

Deliciae Patisserie

Bandra WestWestern Suburbs    & IN 2 MORE LOCATIONS

  • 02226003002, 09029023000
  • Le Sutra The Indian Art Hotel,Le Sutra The Indian Art Hotel,14 Union Park,Bandra West, Mumbai
  • Cakes, Chocolates, Snacks, Tea and Coffee
  • Meal for 2 - 400

13 Reviews / 14 Ratings

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Deliciae Patisserie Reviews

Best Desert!!

Heaven in Khar... The best desserts i have ever eaten.. Will surely tell friends & family. Go there with an empty stomach and fill it to your hearts content.


April 16, 2013response from management at Deliciae Patisserie:

Thank you for your feedback!

amev_83 - Burrp User


2 Reviews

February 15,2012



i must be in heaven becuase this stuff is out of this world! Everything from pastries to cakes to the pannini's to the milkshakes. I have had very good experiences at Deliciaie and I continue to go back time and again. I usually don't write reviews but I felt I had to for 'Del'. This has got to be one of the best cafe's in Bombay with a wonderful seating area, and open air feeling that you just don't get in Bombay. The cakes and pastries are to die for and I would recommend it to anyone to make it their 'hang out spot'. And if you are there long enough you might get to see some celebs too. Give it a shot, it rocks!


April 16, 2013response from management at Deliciae Patisserie:

Its always great to get positive feedback, thank you!

kj1234 - Burrp User


5 Reviews

February 01,2012



One of my favourite places. its my late-night stopover quite often.The choco-strawberry meringue is to die for.Mind you its the best and gets outa stock early in the day.i lov evrythng about this place- interior,staff,menu. Definitly it peps up ur mood.
Must try.


February 15, 2012response from management at Deliciae Patisserie:

Thank you for your review! Appreciate the feedback, and hope you visit us time and again!


deliciae delicaeousss

out of the world ferrerro roche cakes and cheesecakes ... i dont know what the fuss about theobroma is, ive found the perfect cheesecake here much better service and quality , i guess they dont mass bake and that gives it that extra feeling of perfection.... great to just sit by yourself and sip a quite coffee with a nice slice of heaven....


July 21, 2010response from management at Deliciae Patisserie:

Thank you for your review. We appreciate the positive feedback!

cheemu - Burrp User


1 Reviews

March 06,2010


Desert landd !!!

If you just want to relax, have yummy milkshakes, hot coffee/tea or fresh pastries, Deliciae is the place to go to !! With a pretty ambience and outside seating to enjoy the great Mumbai weather, Deliciae also serves tasty panini’s and sandwiches !!! the cakes are my favorite …I order all my cakes from here including my sister’s 4 tier wedding cake and I can’t even say how much it was talked about on the cocktail night!!! The cakes are out of the world and are always very fresh (Doesn’t matter what time you go to the cafe) they also have a huge selection of pastries with new introductions every now and then..
It’s my favorite and I think anyone who loves to try new desserts will love the place. Also, it is so different & unique than the routine coffee shops in Mumbai :)


July 21, 2010response from management at Deliciae Patisserie:

Thank you for your review and for sharing your experiences at Deliciae with other Burrp users. We appreciate your effort!


yummy yummy...pastries.

i usually drop in here when i have to pick up cakes for someone's midnight bday celebration..
they have a great variety of half kilo cakes.a little on the steep side.
i loved the ferrero rocher cake.not a great fan of chessecake however my friend loved it. so no complaints.
polite n helpful staff.
even it makes a great place to grab a coffee in the evenings.
its not very crowded unlike the popular cafes in bandra.


July 21, 2010response from management at Deliciae Patisserie:

Thank you for sharing your Deliciae experience with other Burrp users! Do come in and try our Molten Chocolate cake or our Frozen Mud Pie!

The best desserts

Deliciae shares the space with Out Of The Blue which is also one of my favourites. If you don't really care about how many calories you gain or how much weight you put on then take a trip to Deliciae and treat yourself. They have some of the best desserts and some yummy shakes which can totally make up anyone's mood. I visit Deliciae whenever I feel low or out of energy and without a doubt, this place cheers me up. The ambiance is really relaxing and perfect for an undisturbed date!
You will also see tarot card readers and astrologers here on some specific days of the week.
So the next time you feel blue, you know where to go...


July 21, 2010response from management at Deliciae Patisserie:

Thank you for taking the time to share your Deliciae experience with other Burrp users! It is great to know that you liked our desserts and our cafe! Do come and try our After Eight Mousse and our Bailey's Cheesecake!

nikkik - Burrp User


45 Reviews

November 05,2009


quality slipping

Bunty's desserts were outstanding initially but very unfortunate state of affairs , as business grows quality and service suffer...this is the case here ... although some stuff is mind blowing and must try...


Rashmei - Burrp User


2 Reviews

October 09,2009


Increasing disappointment

The first time I ever enjoyed a proper dessert at Deliciae was on my birthday when I went and bought a mars heaven cake. Impromptu and no order in advance, I picked it up and I was truly in heaven. Everyone at the party also raved about it. Mars Heaven had indeed made it to the top of my list.
Come October, seven months later I had an very ordinary chocolate truffle pastry, which was dry and so not worth the 75 bucks i paid for. Still not letting it affect my choice, I ordered another mars heaven cake for my father's birthday hoping that they too would enjoy it as much as I did. I was wrong. I took 15-20 minutes to place the order on the phone. I was told it would be delivered between 6:30-7:00pm and it finally got delivered at 8 30. It still didnt dampen my excitement. But i was hugely hugely disappointed with it. It was old, not at all fresh, to rich and the cake was dry. I was really really disappointed with such low standards and for the price i paid, totally not worth it. I regret it and don't think I'll ever order from here again.


Ur girl wuld b rilli happy here...

nice place for youngsters to hang out....ull find the rizvi ppl here...lolz
nice place for couples...not dat costly....
cumon u can do it for ur gurl...;)



This Cafe deserves the name it has. The cakes are absolutely delish.
My last 2 birthday cakes have been from this cafe and they made my birthday even more special.Reminds me of the time when my sister and me were fighting over who should get the last bite of the
The Choco addiction cake will make even a person who doesn't like chocolates into chocolate addicts.
Oh and when you order coffee they serve it with the most yummiest cookies. they are just like homemade cookies and will bring back all the memories of the freshly baked cookies at home.
In short - you just have to go here.



Best Deserts in town

Deliciae undoubtedly has one of the finest deserts in town. One of the very few patisseries that has managed to keep up with the quality where everyone's standards seem to be dwindling.

The wide range of cakes and pasteries are nothing less than mouth watering. The ideal place to go for after a royal meal. The tiny tables and benches make for a wonderful place to lounge and engage in pleasurable converstaions.

Service is certainly a thumbs up. All in all a must go for every desert lover!



The Best cakes ever!!

If you've not been here, you've not eaten 'cakes'. Trust me on this guys - all of you HAVE to go here atleast once. After that, it'll only keep calling you back to cakes. Plus, it's not only cakes, they have all sorts of coffees and other non-chocolate stuff like chicken tikka rolls, pizza jaffles, paninis etc.

Thats for the food. The place otherwise is the most amazing decor that I've seen. With 'Out of the blue' right next to it, Deliciae maintains its class and panache to the brim. Once you get there, you don't feel like getting out.

Anyways, to cut it short - go there tomorrow. Trust me!