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> > > > Domino's Pizza

Domino's Pizza

ColabaSouth Mumbai    & IN 102 MORE LOCATIONS

  • 02268886888, 02222024455
  • Strand Coffee House, Strand Road, Colaba, Mumbai
  • Fastfood
  • Meal for 2 - 600

10 Reviews / 10 Ratings

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Domino's Pizza Reviews

DimpyT - Burrp User


4 Reviews

January 25,2014






Bad Delivery and Fake Promise

This review is specifically related to the Santacruz West Branch, it does not show up on burrp list so mentioning it here.

We had done a party order for 90 people, on the first call when placing an order I had asked for some discounts but the manager was not ready to budge despite we keep ordering every month. But the manager promised he will give 2 portions of bread sticks and special discount coupons (not fliers) complimentary. Also I specifically mentioned to send enough ketchup sachets, they refused saying they do not provide it..WTF...a bread item without ketchup. I requested them to get them. So what they did is they added a chilly sauce sachets one in each packet...HELLL... I had mentioned to them clearly that we are going to distribute each piece of Lebanse rolls and spicy twisty to 90 people. So we fell short of ketchup and it was bad to just eat it plain

Unfortunately these people did not even show up on requested time, they were 40 mins late. Did not even stay to their promise of providing the discount coupons till date. I had called them immediately but they kept me on hold for 5-7 mins






Always makes me Smile :)))))

Dominossssssssss... I order from Dominos very often as my office is just near by! Its Amazing how their whole online system gives you offers and does a hassle-free delivery. they have also provided me with coupons delivery lot many times which gave me so many new reasons to eat Dominos :) My Ultimate Fav!!



worst ever

Domino’s the international brand………………
Visited: 11/03/2012..
Domino's Pizza Colaba
Strand Coffee House, Strand Road,
Opposite Strand Cinema, Colaba, Mumbai

Very surprised …. Dominos been my preferred place for pizza in India, but after this evening I must say dominos need to act or soon this brand also gana go down as Pizza Hut…… dominos come up very fast in Indian Pizza Market but I guess due worst management system its just going down………..
After a gr8 day in colaba I took my best friend to my loved pizza place dominos. Got shocked the way guys abusing each other……… I always loved dominos pizza but today it just so yaaaaaaaaaaakkkk…… even the pasta was burned.
A very down market hindi song was playing in back ground supported by all staff by singing loudly inside. They were not even bothered about a family sitting there with small kids…….
It’s a open kitchen in colaba Dominos and the way guys were making pizza was disaster……… the kitchen was so dirty with all the equipments’ falling apart.
As surprised that there is no management system in that outlet, so many staff visitors making fun using ………….. Words. Its always good to have a good manager or security to control or the free pizza to staff tapori visitor will never stop.
. Although I am a regional head for one of the leading Restro Bar chain in Western Mumbai… I always use to give example of Dominos for pizza but I must say the way dominos is going now ……… it will just bring the chair to garbage bin,,,
Mahakali andheri (E) Dominos staff are good, even many other place but the colaba was just …………………. I just speech less…. Can’t say if its really a dominos or something ……..
A/C was not cooling at all. Floor very dirty no cleaning walls dity…. Dominos must close or change all staff of this particular outlet. It’s just damaging the repo of the whole chain.

All The Best…………..



Luke Nelson - Burrp User

Luke Nelson

2 Reviews

December 09,2011


not clean

the place was not clean and mosquitoes were flying around. overall, not happy.



I generally have pizzas from this outlet often. Recently quality has reduced drastically. Sometimes they are burnt, some times the base is undercooked.
Last time I ordered Golden delight non-veg regular, there were 3 pieces of chicken in total, very little cheese (It was supposed to be extra cheese), and lot of corn. The pizza base was under cooked. After this horrible experience I have decided to keep away from Dominos.


Dominos quality is dropping

I have been eating thier pizzas since last 8 years, i have very bad complaint for this particular outlet because since the last couple of years i have been receiving coupons on mail as a priority customer for the gourmet pizza. Now when i use these particular coupons like 20% off, free garlic and dip, or free coke.. My pizzas have been coming stale, burnt.. Specially the garlic breads in every oder. This is really disappointing by domino's



I totally agree! Tasty pizza but they are so dumb!

I lose my patience each time. I usually dial the Peddar road outlet, It is impossible to communicate in either english or hindi! I now only ask my friends to call, i can't anymore. Also, too expensive for a delivery joint.



If you manage to order - the pizza is great.

Let me say it loud and clear before you pick up that phone :

The pizza is great, unhealthy and fast but hey its nice once in a while. But this is all if your operator gets your order right (or gets your order at all) - they are amazingly stupid and will add random toppings according to their whims and fancies. You say 'tomato' and they'll say 'angola?' - I'm serious. If you get a bad operator hang up and call again and ask for the manager to take your order.

They also pretend your coupon does not exist (tip : exploit them with coupons from their website - I've been using the straight 20% off for a year now)

They come up with some really weird pizzas (like hamburger pizza) - try at your own risk - usually the classics are always better.

If your pizza is late (unfortunately it never is unless you resort to sabotage by chasing down your deliveryman and throwing a rock at him), don't expect it free - expect yourself to be arguing with the delivery guy.

For taste - better than Garcia's by miles but Pizza Hut's Ring-O-Garlic still tops the taste-o-meter for Pizzas here.

Best of luck ordering.

P.s. People with sensitive digestive systems stay away from the tomato - not fresh sometimes.




Before today, I had never ordered pizza from Domino's in India so I was not really sure what to expect when I picked up the phone to call them. I am happy to report, however, that I was thoroughtly satisfied with my experience at the Colaba Domino's.

The staff were friendly and curteous. They efficiently took our order and delivered our lunch in under 30 minutes. Additionally, there were no mess-ups in the order despite the fact that we ordered several pizzas with multiple different toppings on each.

With regard to the food - it was very "what you see is what you get" and exactly what we expected. No surprises in the quality of the pepperoni (which is usually an uncertainty in India) or any of the other ingredients for that matter. The veggies were fresh and crisp and the cheese was plentiful!

We got a total of 5 dishes and polished all of them off in no time. Total damage: 1,100 bucks.

All in all a great lunch at the office. The Colaba Domino's can expect me to be calling back again soon!


Free Pizza

If you are ordering from this Domino's then be ready to get a free pizza.. according to their advertisements you get a free pizza if its not delivered in 30 mins. I have gotten free pizza's about 3 times.. not intentionally but the pizza also becomes cold by the time it reaches you.. and usually the cause of the delay is because they are delivering to many other people before they come to you.. and one good thing about getting a free pizza is you dont have to feel guilty because the money does not come out of the delivery persons pocket!!! so time them for 30 mins!