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> > > > Domino's Pizza

Domino's Pizza

Nerul EastNavi Mumbai    & IN 103 MORE LOCATIONS

  • 02227703265, 02227705071, 02227705087, 02227705209
  • Plot No. 31, Ground Floor, Sahyadri Cooperative Society, Sector 21, Nerul East, Navi Mumbai
  • Fastfood
  • Meal for 2 - 600

5 Reviews / 5 Ratings

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Domino's Pizza Reviews

Lack Customer Service!

I placed an order for Rs 570 and waited for 45 minutes. The order never came and when I called them, I was informed that the order was never placed. There was no apology, no remorse whatsoever and absolutely lack of courtesy.
The phone was picked up by Jyoti, who told me that if I wanted to order I should or I am free to cancel the order.
Amazing, as to how easy it was to let go of the customers with other pizza outlets mushrooming.

If this carries on, soon there will be no "customers".


A rather very small place

You are better off with takeaway than sitting there. Place has only 2x4 chair tables, 1x 2 chair table and a few single high chairs.
They give priority to deliveries hence it takes time(delivery is low too because they cover a very large area)
Pizzas are okay, not very good.



Not really that bad an experience!

Definitely not one of the best places to have a Pizza but if you have not other options you can try a pizza here. However, the chicken wings I ordered sucked big time.

As said by others, the regular crust isn't great though the Deep Dish is good enough. And yeah, it was a struggle finding chicken pieces in the chicken extravaganza I had ordered :D


sabatg - Burrp User


3 Reviews

September 10,2009


Worst Pizza I ever had

I ordered a chicken Pizza for home delivery. When I ordered over phone, the delivery boy started to chat with somebody else in the middle of the order. When I asked to take the order, he handed over the phone to somebody else and the next person asked me thrice before confirming the order. The delivery was ontime but the Pizza was pathetic. To start with, the bread was hard as there was not enough cheese topping. I am not a person who likes lot of cheese but I need enough cheese so that the Pizza dough is soft enough to eat. Adding to that, there was hardly any chicken on the Pizza.

It was a very bad experience and I will never order Pizza from the same place. I believe the franchisee owner only wants to drive the profit and the quality is sufferring a great deal.

My advice.. never order from here if you are a Pizza fan...otherwise you will be heartbroken...



The Worst of the Lot

Yes! thats what i can say about this extremely filthy and mismanaged outlet which caters to a very large area (Nerul/Seawoods/Belapur) of Navi Mumbai.

The first thing that "greets" you at this mini-restaurant cum take-away joint are the numerous canine hosts lounging around the restaurant premises. Dont be surprised if these poor animals come and sit under ur chair while u r tucking into ur undone and extremely overpriced piece of bread they call "Pizza". Im sure the dogs are part of Domino's theme at this outlet.

The "Pizza" itself is not well made with most being overcooked and soggy if delivered at home. I dont understand for one how can these multinationals be allowed to set-up shop in India and overcharge us so much when the product they are delivering is of extremely poor quality. I have lived in many western nations and not once did i find any Domino's or Pizza Hut serving "bread" based pizzas. Seems like we Indians are still considered naive and handed out disgusting stuff as food for higher prices.

Apart from this the service is very poor with hardly any courtesy and attention to a customer at the premises and poor processing skills over the phone. I used to order quite often from this place(out of no choice) and on all occassions i have never recieved any serviets(tissue paper) or sachets of ketchup with my order, this even after i remind them at the time of the order specifically to include them in the delivery.

I have since, stopped ordering from this disastrous junk called Dominos and rely on other means.

Wrapping this piece up, all i can say is that if you wanna have a pizza with burnt cheeze, dry bread, stale oregano and a load full of dog ticks.. then do visit Dominos in Nerul.