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> > > > Domino's Pizza

Domino's Pizza

PrabhadeviSouth Mumbai    & IN 103 MORE LOCATIONS

  • 02268886888, 02224375957
  • Shop No 3/4, Kohinoor Corner, Veer Savarkar Road, Prabhadevi, Mumbai
  • Fastfood
  • Meal for 2 - 600

4 Reviews / 5 Ratings

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Domino's Pizza Reviews

Gateway4 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

February 02,2013


Hopeless Food

I can't imagine how this outlet is still in business.

Pizza arrived cold with scarce toppings, as always, on both Veg. Extravaganza and Peppy Paneer. Garlic bread was stale, hard and just as the pizzas - absolutely tasteless.

Far from what Dominos had originally started with - this was an avoidable experience. I wonder how a listed company can live this such reviews - Food for thought for Jubilent...


Review Reviewed

I must write this and that too in all good sport.

No I am not changing my review on the food. It was still terrible. Even on the second occasion. Pizza toppings were scarce, chicken kickers were ... ouch.

Well the single point that gets them to earn a good 4/5 rating is their brilliant customer service. Professional, courteous and above all, no non-sense and prompt.

After reporting this to their website, about the entire debacle of my first order, one of the seniors called me, say in 20 minutes or so. THAT my friends, is something I would say first for me in India. Besides that, instead of defending or reasoning who was right or wrong, he apologised for the hick up and offered no obligation, fully on the house next round of pizza. That my friends was the second instance when I ordered their pizza and yet, I was disappointed by the quality / quantity of the food. So to make it pretty clear and emphasis more on the aspects of customer service I thought I did rate them 4/5 and hopefully people will notice it and sort of not demand it but gradually educate the service industry to understand and appreciate the importance of customer service/relations.

Definitely let it out friends!!


nlodha - Burrp User


1 Reviews

December 31,2011


Bad Service

Disgusting customer service.
I kept calling them till I could get through their number which was constantly engaged.
Then, the couple of times that I did get through, say about thrice, someone kept hanging up on me without asking me my number or name or any such details. The phone would be picked up and then cut.
Finally, when I did get through, I told the girl on the line that this had been happening. She, yells back at me, in an EXTREMELY rude manner saying that people did not know my area.
I said I was not asked. She didn't seem interested in taking my order and continued to be rude and refused to speak properly.
Disgusting behaviour.
I actually like the pizzas and order quite often. I can't believe that after the money they make, Domino's can't hire people decent enough to listen and pay heed to a consumer complaint. And instead, be rude and scream back at the people on the line.
Upsetting experience.
Will think twice before calling them now.

Also, not to mention, the pizza came about 2 hours late. Even though it had been mentioned that the time bound delivery is off, 2 hours is a little too much.
And guess what! No cheese dip. For which, obviously, I was charged.
Domino's is out.
I'm ordering from Garcia's or Smokin' Joes from now on.


Terrible pizza and service

I ordered a few things from them yesterday. One item was missing. I called them immediately and reported that the item was missing. Since it was late, out of courtesy to the staff that works so hard, I asked if it is ok to claim the missing item next day and I was told it is no problem.

Well cutting long story short, here is, in brief my experience of what I got.

Pizza was terrible. Four tiny pieces of chicken. Ouch.
Chicken Kickers were raw, under cooked and hard to chew. Rock solid if one may say.
Red pasta, can not comment, as I have not received it.

I called them up to claim the missing item today. Once again, out of courtesy, I thought I did order something to make the trip of the delivery boy worth while. I asked if they could send me Garlic bread sticks. I was refused. It seems Garlic bread sticks are side ordered and do not qualify for delivery. Gees that means even the pasta do not qualify for that. On top of it, they still wanted me to place an order for a pizza. So that they could then deliver. Hell no way I am ordering a pizza with them which is expensive and comes with name sake pieces of toppings and such un-friendly service.

I am disappointed. This is not a reflection on any individual. It is, in my view a reflection on the organisation that does not bother to upgrade the skills of their staff in terms of customer service. I have no grudge against not receiving my product. My bad luck if it were to be. So long as I was told that I will not get the product. I would have appreciated the fact being told and not kept in dark. I would not complain at all. I understand rules and policies of any company so long as I am told about them.

So in short, not a happy customer. I would caution all when you order with them. Apparently the service, the quality is declining. I have not heard anything from them yet. So sad. Yesterday they called me back for confirming order, today they can not be bothered to call me back because I am not ordering anything. WoW. Since I am claiming an item that has not been delivered? I am not asking for anything free or compensate. I was just asking for what I did not receive and they had promised to deliver. Well so long Domino ... you did not deliver Khushiyan on my birthday. It was sad and painful to be treated this way. So long.