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> > > > Dum Lagaa Ke

Dum Lagaa Ke

Malad WestWestern Suburbs  


23 Reviews / 26 Ratings

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Dum Lagaa Ke Reviews






Dum laga ke!

We went with a tight budget and a massive appetite. Dum laga ke definitely did not disappoint us. We had a Chicken Biryani along with a Chicken cream soup. The soup was just the right mix of creamy and had a fairly decent quantity of chicken. The biryanis are definitely good and give the place its name! Must try if you are around in the area!


Mr_Moeez - Burrp User


10 Reviews

December 14,2013






Dum Lagaa Ke Kahaana

What do you Expect.....Guys it is after all by one of the most loved and craved Biryani Centers in Mumbai..BBC :) and most importantly near our workplace Mindspace-Malad.
Amazing food and taste with quality and flavour maintained with Dum Biryani being the best
keep it up guys :)


Nemesis - Burrp User


47 Reviews

August 12,2013


Good for Biryani and,... well, thats all

Being a fan of BBC (Borivali Biryani Center), but not having any of their restaurants close to work, I'm happy I found this place. Although the restaurant seems to have a separate identity, it serves BBC's biryani, so needless to say, it's really good. I've been here about 5-6 times and so far, the service has been pretty decent. But that's where good part ends...
Its a bit cramped and even during the day it's dingy. A couple of times I have experienced some kind of a foul smell lingering in the air. The biggest con for me is the prices. It feels a bit on the higher side for a small restaurant like this - I just can't seem to justify it. Also, they have certain specialty items and one of them is the black dal, however, I didn't see what was so special about it. It was average at best.
So overall, a definite yes for the biyani but thats about it.


Only one delivery boy

The food is good however if you want to order it at home they don't do home deliveries if you live away from Malad even if u live in Goregaon west Link road..... So they should mention Home delivery only in Malad because of lack of staff...
So your only option is to drive all the way there and eat...


Good food but bad service!

Probably the slowest workers and the waiters toppled with almost good food. Nothing great to mention about this place. The take aways are paid more heed than the diners, so basically a no no for a family gathering.


Good food but need good staff

The Food is no doubt very nice but Staff lack proper talking and attending etiquettes...... Besides that the Waiters are always unsure whats available...
Must try is Butter Chicken (With whole new & different preparation style)...




The biryani is very sweet. I had ordered mutton biryani, but there was no meat in it, just bones and fat. That made the biryani very greasy. There is no flavor of meat or rice. The whole taste is just overridden by sweet masala which they put in huge quantity.
I had to walk a mile, smoke a packet of cig and gulp down a liter of coke to get rid of the taste. Very bad experience.




The biryani is very sweet. I had ordered mutton biryani, but there was no meat in it, just bones and fat. That made the biryani very greasy. There is no flavor of meat or rice. The whole taste is just overridden by sweet masala which they put in huge quantity.
I had to walk a mile, smoke a packet of cig and gulp down a liter of coke to get rid of the taste. Very bad experience.


Pls update the menu

Please Update the menu card as the rates are very old. ......... Any ways thumbs up for putting it online


FoodieFaiz - Burrp User


8 Reviews

February 21,2011


Some really well made food - Chicken Mumtaz!!!

Have ordered biryani by kilos in the past, made people die hard fans of their Chicken Mumtaz, end up eating their chicken tikka masala/butter chicken twice a week! Well, i just love their food, may be due to lack of better options near my place (near inorbit). Use their home delivery services which take around 30 - 45 mins, the sitting place is quite cramped. Nonetheless, they make really amazing chicken dishes - the best among them for me is the chicken mumtaz. It would be even better if they add more dishes to the main course. Recommended from me!


foodlover - Burrp User


9 Reviews

January 06,2011


Average Food , moderately priced.

Well, i have been coming to this place everytime for some one's treat or something else. The ambience is good but it could have been better. The last time we ordered was Tandoori Chicken, Murgh Mumtaz, Aloo Moti Kabab, Mutton Biryani, Garlic Naan, Butter Roti, Palak Makai Pattice and soft drinks. The starters were tasty and the biryani was average. The Chatpata prawns was only chatpata but very less prawns. Lastly their Malai Rabdi could have been better as it was quite watery and chunks of malai pieces in it. Cost : Rs 2300 for 7 persons. I would recommend this place if you are not too fussy about the food.


pankdbg - Burrp User


1 Reviews

December 02,2010


not worthful

BBC (Dum Laga Ke) in Malad near Toyata Showroom
The Price is 50% more as compared to another BBC (Goregaon, Borivali) But the Food quality is lesser than other BBC. Ambience is not good as in BBC borivali.

The most worst and pathetic are there people specilaly "A Old Man" sitting at the Counter.
He is very stupid person and having no idea of cutomer management and there satisfaction. He is very rude and short temper.


Disappointed :(

A search for an apparently cheap eatery in Malad West led me to Dum Laga Ke which is an offshoot of the famous Borivali Biryani Centre. Though a friend suggested Rasoi (Which is close to Dum Laga Ke), we choose to go to Dum as it is a tried and tested place by my friends. I have been here only once, which was over a year ago, and honestly speaking, it was amazing back then! So for me, it was to know whether Dum was still maintaining the same standards!

Dum Laga KeOur order consisted of the Prawns and Chicken Tikka Biryani and also Brain Garlic Fry for starters. While there are no complaints about the Brain Garlic Fry we were a tad bit disappointed with Biryanis.

The quantity of rice was good but sadly that of the prawns wasn’t. We were hunting for the prawns in the sea of rice! Though my friend who ordered for the Chicken Tikka Biryani didn’t have any such problems he did complain about the Chicken Tikka not tasting like Chicken Tikka. Correct though he was, I think it was deliberately done so as a pungent Chicken Tikka negates the flavour of the Biryani so you either taste the tikka or the rice and not the Biryani. As a whole, it tasted like Biryani and not chicken pulav which was a good thing in my opinion.

What was missing from both the Biryanis was the distint aroma associated with the dish. My guess is that since the Biryani here is in such high demand they must be preparing the dish in huge quantities. That’s a shame really for food made like it’s an assembly line product never comes out as good as the one made with love and care!

In comparison though, the Biryani at ‘Just Biryani‘ at the same price is better!

The best meal of the night was the Brain! Cooked to perfection. Though expensive at INR 170 it was worth the money. Many write tales about how a certain dish at a certain place gets them hooked on for life. Well Dum Lage Ke did just that with their Garlic Brain preparation.

Lastly for drinks I ordered for Zaffran which is a Kesar flavoured drink. Last time I came, there were Kesar strands floating in the drink which gave it the peculiar taste. This time, it was just a sugary-flavoured drink! Recession affecting them?

Overall, the meal was satisfying. Though a bit disappointed with the Prawns Biryani but the Brain Garlic Fry more than made up for it!

Address: Shop No 2 & 3, Ganga Niwas, Next to Toyota Showroom, Link Road, Malad West, Mumbai

Rating: Ambiance – 3.5/5. Setting of the place is nice though intriguingly the seats here are a little too low and for tall people it could cause a major discomfort!

Food – 3/5

Price – 3/5. Definitely on the expensive side but they don’t cringe on the quantity. Not yet atleast.


Delicious starters & biryani! OK ambience, service

Tried Dum Laga Ke family sometime back. It's a small joint with 2 levels, each seats abt 30. Prices are on the higher side for average Ambience & service. I found the place darkly lit & d music annoying. But the taste makes up for all complaints.
We ordered chicken kebab that was really tender & well-cooked. Chicken Bhunna for main course was sufficient for 3, because we reserved place for the biryani to come. The mutton biryani (not tawa) was real tasty; good proportion of meat & rice, top quality basmati & very little oil. to conclude, its not a place for which one should come down to Malad, but if you're around - do try!



noorani da fan...

im a regular at this place and i order the same thing everytime i visit..
noorani kabab
jehangir kabab
mutton ghotala
and rotis
why?....because u wont get these dishes of this quality anywhere else in mumbai


rpcgroup - Burrp User


1 Reviews

January 01,2010


Hopeless Food

I had ordered 2 Mutton Rogan Josh at home
1) The food was delivered after 1 hour even though the hotel is just beside our house, I had to call thrice and every time they kept on re confirming my order
2) The quality of food was extremely pathetic, oily and tasteless
3) At a price of 130 bucks I just found 3 very small pieces of meat in one portion
Overall I think it is a hopeless place to eat and agree with the reviews above


NiharikaP - Burrp User


1 Reviews

November 09,2009



Reading these reviews I went there for dinner a few days back. To say the food was utter rubbish, tasteless, god awful is putting it mildly. We ordered a chicken biryani and a mutton biryani. Believe me besides salt and onions there was no other taste..and that too excessive onions which made the biryani sweetish. As if that wasnt enough the mutton and chicken were tough so much so that it wasnt chewable and just rubbery. It is also very expensive. Avoid like the plague. Its just not worth it.


mraju - Burrp User


1 Reviews

November 04,2009


Customer Service

I have been to this from the day one of the start , As I work next to this Restro ..:)
and also was a great Fan of BBC from the day one I came to Mumbai and its been 6 years I have tasting their Briyani . But I feel the Quility have not Changed but Quntity Yes , and also the Customer Service have Fallen apart to a Great Extent compaired to First 1 year .I Recommended this Place for one of my Friend Family who went for a Dinner , They Served a Chiken Rool instend of Panner , and her wife was a Born Veggie and manager did even Bothered to respect their feelings.
Might be CS is dropping


Awesome food.

Especially their dum biryani, it was awesome.

Tried a lot of their stuff, n each time the food was better than my expectations. Definately a place to try out.


Delicious !!!

Just had a Subzi Veg Dum Biryani. Got it home delivered and oh boy it was awesome !

Very good quantity, is stuffed with vegetables and paneer and is served along with Raita. Its a complete meal, infact its quite good enough for 2 people also.

At 80 bucks its a bang value for money !

If at home it was so good, if you go and have it will be even better !

Looking forward to savoring it again ! :-)


We found a Gem

We happened to be in Malad last weekend and chanced up this small place which was an offshoot of 'Borivali Biryani Centre' which is arguably one of the best Biryani places in the burbs'.

Dum Lagake, just like the Borivali Biryani Centre also has a take away facility but we were in the mood to indulge ourselves so decided to get a table inside the restaurant.
The place looks a lot smaller than it really is, its still small but quite a perfect setting for a family restaurant, lunch/dinner with friends or just your gf/bf or spouse! It welcomes all!

After taking in the ambiance we decided to ordered the food, starting with Zaffran, Noorani Kabab and Chicken Biryani.
The stuff did take time to come but it was well worth the wait.
Starting off with the Noorani Kebab (As my friend's review below mentions), it was chicken stuff with mutton kheema and it was an extremely delicious starter so much so that we even contemplated on ordering another plate but by then the Biryani had arrived.

The aroma of the biryani was quite gripping. Not only that but it was as delectable as it gets! The standard of biryani has gone down in quite a few places but not here! They make biryani the way its supposed to be made! If only this place was nearby I would love to go here every Sunday for lunch!
The food was accompanied by the drinks, Zaffran, which was quite sweet, almost like a sugar syrup but it was nice as well. Good to see kesar in the drinks and silver foil as well.

Lastly, after the food, we ordered for gulab Jamun, which hot, sweet and large in size and quite soft too.

The food was great and the whole experience at Dum lagake was made even better by the service. The waiter would come and stir the drink without being told. Offcourse he saw me unsuccessfully stiring the drink which is why he came but what was good was that he did so on his own accord. Similarly after we finished with one round of biryani and just when I picked up the bowl to serve myself the waiter came and did the needful, again without being told to do so. Oh I would loved it if someone fed me too!! lol.. But i guess thats going to far now eh?

Chicken Biryani - Rs.120
Gulab Jamun - Rs.40
Zaffran - Rs.35
Noorani-kabab - Rs.150

Kudos to these guys for keeping the place going with great food and good service as well!


quicksand - Burrp User


7 Reviews

December 24,2008



This is one of the best places I have ever been. I have gone there thrice in 2 weeks and each time the food was excellent.

Try their chicken tikka masala, mutton curry, chicken biryani. Also try their dish called Noorani Mumtaz [I think], its chicken tikka with kheema stuffing. It'll blow your mind. Even their Gulab Jamun is amazing.

Bill for 2 people came to around Rs. 380. Meal included Noorani [1 plate] , butter naan, Chicken briyani [1 plate] drink called Zaffran [dint like] and of course the Gulab jamun.

The place is quite small. Bit cramped on the ground floor but plenty of room on the 1st Floor. Who cares as long as the food rocks, aye people

Small place, value for money and good service. Hope they continue to maintain their standards in the coming years. Cheers.



VFM place

This place is really good value for money. It has been started by the guy who owns Borivali Biryani Center, a good and economical takeaway place for Punjabi and tandoori fare.
The service is very good, and though it has opened barely a month ago, there were several other diners at this place. Strictly speaking this is not best gauge for a place's success. But if you can pull in a decent crowd and have them coming, then it is a feat for a one-month old eatery.
I had a kheema kabab, which come with a covering of cheese and bread, which was amazingly yummy. The chicken kabab in yoghurt marination was also good.
This place's forte is its biryani. There was also a kheema paratha, but it was too laden with butter and crumbled too easily when you tried to eat it. The chicken kadai was alright.
Price-wise this place was reasonable. A group of four will be faced with a bill of Rs 700. But no alcohol is served here.
The only negative about this place is that it is very cramped.