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> > > > El Grotto Lounge & Grill

El Grotto Lounge & Grill

Malad WestWestern Suburbs  

  • 02228441450, 02228441451
  • Kedia Chambers, SV Road, Malad West, Mumbai
  • Pan-Asian

10 Reviews / 10 Ratings

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El Grotto Lounge & Grill Reviews

Not Worth It

The place has a very interesting cave like concept that i have almost never seen but, the novelty just ends there. The place gets pretty hot & its unbearable to sit there with all the hukka smoke around you. The food was ok & service pathetic. This place needs an overhaul.




I enjoyed this place and had a loads of fun with my friends. Flamming shots are good. I also liked some Chinese n Punjabi starters here. Its good



Shady! Cheap! Ran away at the look!!!!!

We were searching for a new place to hangout, so went at El Grotto since some friends had suggested....first its hard to find the place...second weird people stare at you near the parking....i was actually scared to enter the place...still on my bf's insistence went was shocked...the place looks horrible ...ya i understand ...they wanted to make a underground theme and all but the decor was cheaply done...yuck crowd....that was it for me...went back to tried n tested ontoes..!!!!



its SHIT ! ! !

The place is horrible and location is bad. It is hard to find and very cramped up. You might feel almost claustrophobic... all they have for sitting is benches... as if you are at a railway platform. And the crowd is shit and it looks as if its a slum-rehab place... cheap dirty lil morons.. who think holding a pint in their hand makes em cool can b seen... very dirty n shitty crowd...
definitely a place i would NOT recommend. wish burrp had a 0 star rating



serving its purpose very well

hey ppl, i just happen to read the reviews and i noticed something really ridiculous abt this 1 review below tht mentioned abt FAKE SPEAKERS AND HOW DISAPPOINTING IT WAS AND SOOO WANNABE......!!! well such ppl know nuthing really about modern equipments used in different places and THE FAKE SPEAKERS ARE A/C OUTLETS, LOL NOT FAKE SPEAKERS, m gonna have a nice long laugh over this for a long time anyways ,
EL Grotto is known to serve food and bev's at a very nominal price and certainly provides better quality and service compared to few places around tht are more expensive as whst the hype abt a few ppl not likin this place, to be honest ppl who are looking for an up to the mark service and quality maybe they should go to 5star hotels, cuz nuthing else would satisfy them. EVER..... !! i think ppl should get their general knowledge right before marking a negative comment on any place.....!!!! Fake Speakers...... this could be a nice plot for a stand up comedian, for a person going to a pub wondering why are the so called fake speakers throwin out cold breeze.../ hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.
Becuz its the a/c outlet not a speaker..... lol damn...!!! dont believe
this place is serving its purpose really well at the price its servin at and to top it up its safe all the time.




hey ppl i hv gone 2 el groto quite a few times c this plae had got this underground theme sort of thing and the place is not that bad............ and as far as the wannab part is concerned it is avoidable ..........2 reasons u want 2 go here .........
1)booze is kinda cheap..... like a pint of beer costs u around 80 bucks ..
2) hookahs r reasonable an not bad

but ya da bad things da service is kinda slow ... andnot tried eatin der as yet



i have been to this place twice and was dis-satisfied both the times.

Crowd - not good
Food - ok
Music - some songs are good, some are very bad. the fake speakers were a disappointment and is very wannabe.

my suggestion will be to go to neways instead.



The Best Place to Chill

I think the person who has written the review above has absouletly no sense of any lounges...

According to me El Grotto is the best place in has some great music, quality food( When i say quality i mean its better than most aunthetic restaurants) ny time better than other lounges i can say comfortably from borivali to lokahandwala...The boos is fantastic...its got all the flaming shots and the bartenders keep performing their flarinf shows every now and then, the sheesha is absouletly fantastic my fav happens to be "on the rocks" and the best part abt this place is tht there are two sections where the sound is loud for the head bangers and party lovers and the other side is soft and if one doesnt like loud music, the other section is absoultely perfect for him....

Now comes the best part the crowd is really good and its open till the wee hours of morning every fri and saturdays...its an absoult party on these days...

also the addition of a pool table recently has mad sur tht one passes his time really well when a person is in el grotto...

its also the perfect place to watch the ipl on the big screen



a new wannabe around the block

The most stuffiest place I have ever visited, its full of hookah and cigarette smoke and i doubt they have even heard of an exhaust fan. The service is OK, waiters look and act super bored as if they have been dragged out of their classrooms; which means some of them might even be underage. All jerseys have the no. 24 on them, there is a poster of Bob Marley in one corner and Chelsea or some team in the other. I think these guys have serious identity issues. They want to be all over the place with sports and music and a name like El Grotto. Do justice to none.

Food was OK, the sizzler is a strict no-no, drinks are ok. All in all a place to visit once probably while you are on SV Road and want to avoid the traffic for an hours time. No worth travelling all the way to Malad to explore this.



El Grotto

5 reasons to be there
1. great music
2. pocket friendly alcohol bill
3. Flaming Shots
4. House, Hip Hop & tecnho
5. good crowd

really easy to locate, El Grotto is very close to malad station and is very much on SV road.