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> > > > El Italiano

El Italiano

Malad WestWestern Suburbs  

  • 66716205, 66716206
  • 1st Floor, Anant Enterprises, Palm Spring, Link Road, Next to DMart, Malad West, Mumbai
  • Mexican, Lebanese, Italian
  • Meal for 2 - 700

22 Reviews / 23 Ratings

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El Italiano Reviews

Amazing Ambience and Desserts !!!

The new name of this place is 'Food world'...
When i entered this place, i was not very impressed.... I was already turned off bg the ok ambience and the average staff..

Ordered Nachos.. looked below average but tasted ok... the mocktail was very syrup-ish.... but further ordered the pizza, pasta and garlic bread... and it tasted awesome..

Giving it 4 stars only for the great food quality... Should definately try...
Dessert - "Chocolate bomb" (the best on the menu,
Chocolate melting from the molted bomb type cake served with vanilla ice-cream.



Good place for Italian Buffet

After reading the reviews here, I decided to go and try this place on my Wife’ Birthday. The Restro bar type feel is really good. They have two door entries so we decided to sit in the restro bar type one, since it was dark & cozy. I had decided to try out the Buffet menu (Not sure why they call it a Buffet since everything is served on the table).
There are 4 starters on the menu, so we decided to order 3 from those
Bruschetta (Just about OK)
Garlic bread with cheese (Totally Worth it, a perfect blend of cheese & garlic between the fresh baked bun)
Pale di potato (Worth giving it a try - A kind of potato skin fry with tasty mayo sauce)

2 type of soups( which we didn’t try)

Any type of Pizza can be ordered from the menu, so we decided
Nawabi and Indian pizza (Both the thin crust Pizza were dam good)
Different type of pastas on the menu (Not that great)

Dessert - "Chocolate bomb" (the best on the menu, Chocolate melting from the molted bomb type cake served with vanilla ice-cream.

The price of 410/- All inclusive per head is worth it.



Being a veggie coupled with a special tongue for Italian food, this place meets it all, if you are looking for a romantic ambiance with soft music beaming around, or a chilled out place to hit over with your beer buddies, then this place is absolutely not for you. all you get is ah-mazing Italian delights at a reasonable rate, that you can savor with your family over couple of wine. The risotto and the lasagna is totally absolute cheese paradise on your tongue. they have a decent amount of wine brands on their rack. After the sumptuous meal we were absolutely delighted by the dessert-chocolate bomb, i am still salivating while writing, the texture of warm molten dark chocolate melting on your tongue was/is an inviting gesture from the resto to visit again..



Lunch Offer in Amazing Ambience

They had a lunch buffet offer since over a year. I'm not sure why it was called a buffet 'cause u had to order a la carte. Oh, well, I'm not complaining 'cause it was just 350 bucks per diner! It offered soups, salads, starters, pastas, pizzas and dessert as well! Good: The variety on the 'limited menu'. Better: Fresh, hot, good service Best: U could order ANY pizza from the menu! Bester: Unlimited food Bestest: The price!
They even offered a choice of ice tea in the beginning, but that was discontinued later.
We have eaten at various outlets at least 8 times, taken guests and truly relished every morsel. Now comes the sad part: The offer is over and it is unaffordable again! Now, a single Margherita pizza costs about 350 bucks!!
Weird: There was NO mention of this offer on their website and barely 2-3 hoardings around the area mentioned it, much later in the year!
Oh, and the Malad outlet offers the best, quietest, best decorated and most romantic ambience of all the Little Italys in the city (except maybe the Juhu one. Can't comment on that 'cause I haven't been there.)


ameyk85 - Burrp User


2 Reviews

September 28,2011


Disappointing, no value for money

Me and my fiance planned to visit this restaurant for our Saturday lunch as we wanted to try authentic Italian food. The place was relatively empty when we entered. The ambience of the place was pretty ordinary, nothing special as compared to the prices of the food items. Ordered a Fantasy Pizza (400+ bucks) and Lasagna (also around 400). However, we were disappointed as the pizza was a thin crust one and barely 8-9 inch in size. Lasagna was served next and between the two of us we barely got a few spoonfuls to eat. The quality and the taste of the food was pretty decent, but it wasn’t as yummy as we expected and the quantity especially left a lot to be desired.

With our stomachs just half full, and looking at the quantity of food served so far, we were apprehensive about ordering dessert. (We had planned to order Tiramisu, but decided not to as we would have got nothing more than a tiny piece). So we decided to go in for the standard choc brownie with icecream to conclude our lunch. I would say a meal for two here costs around Rs. 1200 and not 700 as mentioned.

In a nutshell, the food served at ‘Little Italy’ was also similar to the name – ‘Little’ food for a ‘huge’ price.


Pavan Bhatia - Burrp User

Pavan Bhatia

9 Reviews

September 19,2011


I went again!

Hiya all, I went yet again to Little Italy in hope of good service.. and i finally got it!... As always, i love the food here.. so i always keep coming back. Ordered some drinks, a starter and a pizza.

They got it right this time, very prompt service and good food as always. I guess you have worked on the service bit. Good job..
I went there at a time, when the restaurant was empty ( i do that in particular always).

Thumbs up this time.


Nice Experience

Tried Italian and Maxican Food there.. Loved it.. Italian was recommended by Staff there :) .. N The Mocktail (Peech Punch) was just awesome.. Dessert Strawberry and Mango Gelleto was also nice.. Great Ambiance and Food.. Loved it.. :)



Great Food....Bad Service

We were a group of 4 and we visited the restaurant on Sunday for their Unlimited Lunch Bufett, which at 450/- per person is great value. We reached around 1.00 and the place was relatively empty with just 2 tables occupied.

The service was initially prompt, with our soups and appetizers arriving hot and in good time. By the time we ordered for a Salad, Pizzas and Pastas, it took us little more time that it generally does and w found that we were sitting on the table with no food. Which was OK as the food more than made up for the wait.

However the restaurant was packed by the time we were ready to avoid desserts. When we placed an order for the same, we did not know that it would take almost 50 minutes for the desserts to arrive. This at a time when they were serving desserts at other table as well. When you have a waiting for restaurant, it would be smart if they tried to clear tables as soon as possible. But no - we haid to wait for almost an hour for the desserts. By this time, we saw that the other customers were also getting restless and patrons of 2 tables had tiffs with the staff over poor service and left dejected in a huff. I had to remind the staff 4 times for my desserts.

Needless to say this spoilt our mood, despite the good food. If this place wants to attract customers, it will have to really buck up with their services. The staff is unenthusiastic, they are unwilling to offer any suggestions and generally just seem as if going through the motions and not enjoying what they do.

The 3 stars above are for the food. Their service would be probably be a single star.


June 7, 2011response from management at El Italiano:

Hi Amit I'm really sorry you had to go through such an experience....i'll look into it and find out what caused the delay. However any explanation will not justify the time that was taken to get the desert. I'll make sure the person involved be taken to task for this. Let me know how i can compensate you for your time lost or next time you come down I would like to meet you personally.
Thanks & Regards
Kushal Shetty

June 7, 2011response from management at El Italiano:

Hi Kushal, Thanks a lot for your prompt response. I really do not expect any kind of compensation in lieu of the service. Honestly, I really love the food at Little Italy and I shall definitely keep coming back for it. Any changes that are done to improve the service standards will only make the dining experience of my patrons as well as myself much more pleasurable then what they are right now. I shall definitely try and get in touch with you next time I visit.



little italy now offers an 'unlimited' menu!
we tried their bruschetta, calzone with a mushroom filling and chocolate bomb - all superb.
the salad was a great disappointment, though.

a great place for a quiet, leisurely lunch.


Great veggie option

Been a few times to this place - and have never been disappointed. The portions are generous and the taste consistently good. The garlic bread is to die for. Pastas and pizzas are consistently good.
Its completely veg - and yet has tons of choice. All in all a very good option.


Good Veggie Option

4 friends went to this place on a Sunday afternoon and were immediately given a table.

The ambience of the place was strictly average. I couldn't relate the place to any kind of theme. Was just a normal restaurant.

Food: We ordered for Garlic Bread with cheese which was amazing and equally good were the Minestrone soup. The Lasagne was good - but could have been a little better. The Bombay Pizza was not too great. It just had small pieces of paneer and mushroom topped - but not worth the amount charged.

Service was alright. There weren't any delays. However - the waiter brought 2 glasses of Fresh lime soda in his hands without the use of tray. Cheap. Even my mom points it out when this mistake is made at home. Also - they do not provide a finger bowl post meal - even the washroom is located outside the restaurant area.

Damages for 4 = 1400

I might want to go again - but its not a place I'd look forward to.



How can S**T happen to the same person twice?

Like i said in my earlier review ( confused staff ).... I liked the food out here... so I went again ( and i will go again too.. and maybe write another bear with me ... please) so here's what happened. We sit.. and this time its an empty restaurant!.. Yaay!... The waiter comes... we placed our order. One starter and One pizza and a few Mocktails. We explicitly state " GET THE STARTERS FIRST..... AFTER WE FINISH... GET THE PIZZA"... OK says the waiter... he goes and comes back with our mocktails.. We are glad... no goof ups so far!... just to be on the safe side.. we repeat. " GET THE STARTERS FIRST..... AFTER WE FINISH... GET THE PIZZA"... OK says the waiter. And walla! he comes to our table with a Piping Hot pizza which looks really yummy. we repeated or earlier statement. and asked him if he understood... he said yes and was about to start serving the pizza like he was dumbfounded! WOw... we asked him to please go and get the starters first. he goes and gets the starters ... and after we finish... we ask him to get the pizza. which is cold as rubber by now. so we asked him.. why is it cold?... he replies No No.. it was kept NEXT to the oven... and all this while it was on their serving tray which was behind our table! so ppl at Little Italy.. Please listen out aloud!.. U already have only a handful of guests even on a weekend... keep this up and u'll have none!.. I'm gonna come back for sure.. and I will definitely recommend the food and not the service...because i love your pizza!.. only with crossed fingers of a great service.. and hoping to write a better review the next time!



Good food, nice staff

Went on a Thursday night .. hardly 2 tables occupied ...
Good authentic Italian food, however place could have been done better ...


Tasty. Authentic. Awesome!

I had been here for a date and truly enjoyed every part of the dinner. Sauteed Mushrooms smelled as if they came from Italy itself. Breads were exceptional. Thin base pizza too was super-tasty. A glass of wine completes this classy Italian meal.
Service was quick. Peaceful ambiance. Though its time for them to get a new paint :-P
Will surely visit again.



Worth every penny!

I have been to this place thrice now and it never fails to make me go again. If you are a veggie n have a thing for italian this is the place to be. the food preparations were awesome and the waiters were well informed. The service was decent and the delivery time too was decent. One thing i like that this place is never crowded and one can enjoy a quiet dinner on any day. Its pretty expensive though. A pint of beer + a white sause penne pasta + 1 starter.. 1200 rupees for 2 ppl. But its worth every penny! Looking forward to go again.



Confused Staff

Been to this restaurant yesterday. The staff was totally confused about what they have to do and what is the right thing to do. they asked us to sit at a table, exactly a minute later they as us to vacate the table as it has been reserved for some one else. They wanted us to shift to the resto-bar. We didnt want that noisy place. Then they asked us to wait outside until another table gets empty. We asked to see the manager. The manager never came, but the menu cards did, and we continued placing the order and had our meal. It just disturbed the entire experience of the restaurant. What added to the mess was, what used to be a nice quiet place earlier was a absolutely noisy and confused place, with odd remix numbers playing in the background. i like the food out there so i guess i can recommend the place for the food.



Gr8 places for veggies

The best veg italian stuff you will find. A bit on the costly side but then its worth it.


Mama Mia!

I have been to Little Italy a few times, and the place has always delighted me! The ambiance is rustic, quiet, and you can enjoy your meals in peace. The staff is courteous, and polite.

The food is very authentic, very Italian. The pizzas are superior, and the pastas scrumptious. Of course you need to have a thick wallet when you come in here, cause the food certainly isn't cheap!

Another grouse, it's completely vegetarian. :( But it still satisfied a meat eater like myself, and I am certainly going to visit this place again!



Culinary Simplicity

A pure veg. italian restaurant which is divided into two areas one is the restaurant the other is a lounge area.....they have created a classic yet thoroughly mordern menu featuring dishes from around Italy.....i spoke to the person who was attending us (very helpfull) the the bread to the pizza base to the pastas and deserts were home made on the premises...service was prompt....and food was up to the mark......thumps up all the way


Good but expensive....

One of the reasons I like this place is whenever I have visited I have always got a table without any waiting….cld be coz it serves only vegeterian food..

Nevertheless the experience has been good …Ordered a Pasta barbaresca (hope I got the spelling right!)…. Which was damn good….i observed that everybody was ordering the same pasta…..(could be courtesy burrp!!)..also had Nachos which were good though I like the cream center one better….and finally had a Tiramisu…which also good. Damage for two - 750 bucks …Service was decent.

Overall a good place to have veg Italian food but slightly steep!!!

My ratings
Food - 4/5
Ambiance – 4/5
Service – 4/5
VFM/Damages – 3/5


Simple Gr8 Food

This place a kind of western atmopshere with nice interiors.
The food we had was simply gr8.
just luv the place.


Good pizzas and ambience.

I had been to this place 3 times and I liked ceasar salad, Bombay pizza, broccoli soup.
But I find it a bit expensive. ya.. no doubt on satisfying ambiance and service though.

Must see restaurant.