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> > > > Emperor's Court, Renaissance Mumbai Convention Centre Hotel

Emperor's Court, Renaissance Mumbai Convention Centre Hotel

PowaiCentral Suburbs  

  • 02266927561
  • Renaissance Mumbai Convention Centre Hotel,2/3 B,Powai, Mumbai
  • Chinese
  • Meal for 2 - 2000

9 Reviews / 9 Ratings

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Emperor's Court, Renaissance Mumbai Convention Centre Hotel Reviews


Authentic..& Royale

Sometimes it is worth it to pay higher for food which is authentic and exactly how it would be from the land of its origin.At least that will tell us whether the original cuisine is akin to our tastes or not.

Eating at emperors court is an experience in itself . The restaurent is located on the ground level of the hotel . There are total of around 10 tables and one private dining table. 4 of these tables are directly overlooking the powai lake. It is one of best views from a restaurent i have been to. The view is clean and uninterrupted .Its worth paying for.For non vegetarians its even better as the kitchens have huge aquariums from which fresh sea food is prepared.

The menu at various online sites has not been updated and we realised this when we were told that there were hardly any veggie dishes there. There was a set meal at Rs 1800 per person however its too elaborate.

We hence went on the chefs reccomendation and were not disappointed. The first to come were our mocktails . One was wild berry based and tasted awesome. The second one was even more amazing...its was a spicy guava drink which really set the stage for the food.

For starters we had the vietnamese rolls which though were a little oily were stuffed with stir fried shitake mushrooms and bean sprouts. They were served with spicy tofu,sweetned pineapple slices,roasted peanuts coated with honey & sesame seeds, chilli vinegar& asafetida & mango sauce.The portions are huge and there were 6 rolls in the dish.

For main course we had the chinese vegetables in garlic sauce along with veg fried rice.

The rice were heavenly....i realized that the the size of cut vegetables is critical to the flavor of the dish. The veggies were chopped to the optimal size , small enough not to overpower and big enough to lend their individual flavor. The water chestnuts gave wonderful crunch to the rice.

But the most amazing dish was served along with the Chinese veggies. Noticing that our veggies were a little dry our server bought a pepper sauce for us. It was heavenly. It looks like a manchurian sauce but has a explosion of black pepper in it without the burning heat of a pepper. The sauce is made fresh everyday and the highest quality black pepper is used to make it.

At RS 2100 as the damages i think it was completely well worth it.
Overall for the quality of ambiance and the food i would recommend this restaurant for a special occasion.


Emperor’s Court, a Chinese speciality Restaurant

Nestled on the banks of Powai Lake in Mumbai, Emperor’s Court is Renaissance Hotel’s Chinese specialty restaurant. After beating the heavy Powai traffic to reach here, you fall in love with the enormous and serene property. Past an impressive lobby on the ground level lies the restaurant with its stylish Oriental decor and an open kitchen. The smiling host leads you to one of the well spaced tables. Candle light exudes a warm glow and bite sized treats placed on the tables invite you to embark on an excellent culinary experience.

What you get - The bar menu at Emperor’s Court boats of an excellent collection of domestic and international liquors, wines, cocktails, breezers, beer and more. Emperor’s Court has two speciality cocktails - Teekha Peru, made with vodka, guava juice and tabasco and Paantini made with vodka, sambuca (Italian anise-flavored liquor), gulkand (sweet preserve of rose petals) and betel leaf. The latter has a very interesting Indian twist. We opted for a Long Island Iced tea, not listed, but smilingly obliged for and found it breezy and well made.

The food menu lists appetizers made with lobsters, crabs and other seafood, beef, pork, chicken and Chinese greens. We ordered for Stir fry vegetable wrap, which had mushrooms, water chestnuts, baby corn and capsicum stir fried in a light soya garlic sauce served with lettuce leaves. You place the greens in the lettuce and wrap it up nicely to enjoy this dish.

For the main course, we settled for Stir fried shredded duck in chilli sauce, which came recommended. It was medium spicy and devoid of harmful MSG or Monosodium glutamate. Steamed tofu in ginger garlic sauce had silken tofu mingling with seasonal Chinese greens. Fried rice with ginger and garlic had a nice undertone of both the ingredients ginger and garlic, and no surprises. The dessert menu lists Mango pudding, Fried ice cream and the recommended Banana toffee.

Verdict - Emperor’s Court is a contemporary Chinese restaurant featuring cuisines from Shanghai and other parts of China. The set meal available at dinner consists of a soup, two appetizers, main course and dessert and is a good way to sample the offerings of the vast menu. True to its name, Emperor’s Court is a classy affair and a good place to enjoy with family or impress your date. The restaurant attracts a fair share of business guests and serves the main course in small and regular portions. Book in advance to secure a table with an overwhelming view of the Powai Lake. The service is friendly and well informed. Valet parking facilities are available.


Expensive, but totally worth it

Having heard that a new chef is in town, we went to check out this restaurant and came back with a happy smile on our face.

The Lemon Drop Basil Margarita is simply delicious and a must-have. The ChillyMary tasted like cold tomato soup with lots of tobasco.

The Lobster in Wine and Garlic is served with glass vermicelli. It was a bit too bland for the Indian palette. But the Spicy Crab with Mantou bread was the highlight of the dinner. The sauce was awesome - just the right hint of sweetness and spice. And whatever you do, do not miss on the Mantou bread. It is so good, you can have it just like that - which is what we did.

The Mi Goreng was fine, nothing to write home about.

For desserts, we had the Jasmine Tea Mousse, which was ho-hum. But the Date Pudding with molten caramel was really nice. The portions are huge, so two can share the dessert and also some of the main course dishes.


Good food worst service

We went for the Brunch today at this chinese restaurant. first 20 mins no water was served even though we had asked for regular water. Then we handed out some discount coupons to be checked in before we pick up the burnch menu for which they took another 20 mins. We asked for fresh lime soda... the ones wanted sweet got the salted one, i wanted mixed and i go the salted fresh lime. Wonder why so much of a confusion in 5star hotels speciality restaurant.
Now about food, oriental food with lots of live counters.... khow suey was very well made, Thai curry was juts okay and Nasi Goreng isnt worth a mention. The dimsums were really good specially the chicken with asparagus ones. The best was the sushi counter... one can fill up just on sushis. And yeah there was roast duck but then service led us down there. We ordered one and waited for 15 mins and then when i go back to the counter i see rolls being made for some guests who were seated much after we were. Were they in-house and hence the first preference?!! So they just forgot about my order and when I enquire still no apologies were made for that?!
So cant talk about the duck at all.... its very sad.
They do have the staple main course chicken in some sauce and rice but i guess u don't look at those after having to go through all the live counters.
Deserts counter had a lot of variety. the chocolate ones were pretty good. One Jasmine flavoured desert is an interesting try.
Though this one restaurant has a nice view but because of its poor service i doubt i will visit again.


5 Star !!!!

Emperors court is just worldclass.. soo much variety in food.. and everything soo authentic... its the best chinese i hv ever had.. ambiance wise its the perfect place to be... the view frm the restaurant is classic and serene... just love the place and wud like to visit again and again...


nikkik - Burrp User


45 Reviews

October 27,2009


lousy food , good service

Went the other nite for dinner, ordered the crispy aromatic duck with pancakes, v sad to say the duck was not crispy loaded with uncooked fat and really not authentic. Spring rolls were raw and empty inside.. complained vehemently abt the food ,so the chef came over, tried to improve on the dishes but cant say he did much better...They need to learn the duck from Royal China...too bloody far to go for lousy v expensive food.. dont recommend the Renaissance...


liked it mucho

been here a couple of times and did not find a single dish I could fault. Must tries are the starters... really delicately balanced prawn as well as chicken.
repeat visit assured


jane1234 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

August 24,2008


Best Chinese food and service

Great Place to enjoy with family and also i have seen lots of business guest having meeting

Grest placed with some nice friendly staff and some great food.

Good place to enjoy the powai lake......

If lucky u can get a table besides the glass and can ejoy the view of the powai lake.

Once again great food and great service

25 out of 10




Rightly named!!! It is a beautifully done place with 15 on 10 for ambience and service. The food is delicate and devoid of our ol friend MSG. Their vegetarian spread is unbeatable.

The most remarkable thing about this place is that they serve in regular and small portions.

Look out for their Darsan… sinfully tempting.