3 Course Euro-trip at The Little Door with Unlimited Sangria

A Starter, Main and Dessert paired with unlimited Sangria.

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3 Course Euro-trip at The Little Door with Unlimited Sangria

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WowTables' Terms:

Taxes are not included in the advertised price

This experience is priced at Rs 1275 per person inclusive of all taxes and charges

Valid on all days for Dinner

The dishes in this set meal cannot be shared with guests having a la carte

Not valid for take aways

All sales are final

Reservations will be taken up to 2 hours before seating time.

Availability of tables may vary.

No pre-payment is necessary. Please pay directly at the restaurant.

For any further queries please contact the WowTables concierge at 09619551387

Guests need to pre order (tell the server the items in each course at the beginning of the meal)


In your daily life there are very few places you come across that allow you to just unwind. No jarring lights, no over the top décor – just a beautiful place that takes you away to a happy state of mind. At TLD, there's something special about the food and drinks. They aren't the take it or leave it people. They're more like the "we're happy to actually implement feedback you've given us – time and again, until we're perfect and even after that, there's always room for more."


Rs. 1275 per person


    • Course 1
      • The Beginning
        choose any one
        • Funghi Ripieni – Mushrooms, The Best Way Possible (v)
          Stuffed with parsley & jalapeño cheese, golden fried, served with onion garlic mayo
        • Vol Au Vents – Put On Your Best Italian Accent While Gorging On These Saucy Mozzarella Filled Minis (v)
          Round puff pastries with creamed deliciousness of herbed garlic mushrooms, corn & sundried tomato
        • Li'l Pita Sliders – If It Was Mandatory To Write Each Dish Name In Hindi This Would Sound Like A Very Funny Dish. Jokes Apart, It’s One Of The Bestsellers (v)
          Mini pita breads with green peas falafel, hummus, peanuts, potato hash & pickled salad
        • Strixxi Mimli – Love Malta? Here’s A Quick Lesson In Maltese (means: Stuffed Strips)
          Fried chicken strips stuffed with cheese & herbs, served with garlic mayo
        • Pollo Verde – Spanish Farmers Favourite, Them Farmers Like To Farm Chicken Too Indecisive Lot
          Chunks of chicken sautéed with onion, peppers, garlic & feta in chilli wine sauce
        • Popper Pops – Better Tasting Than Any Lollipop You’ve Had So Far
          Italian herbed & batter fried chicken-meatball on stick, served with pepper basil sauce
        • Pesce Scottato – Soft, Savoury, Succulent...Sss, The Words Used To Describe This
          Delicate strips of fish pan seared with herbed tamarind & mushy peas sauce
        • Battered Shrimps – Now These Were Actually Caught Being Battered By Waves Of Beer At The Frothy Cape Of Good Ale
          Beer batter shrimp, flash fried & served with orange juice reduction
        • Calamar Au Pesto – Only Original Greek Squids Are Used. Illegal Immigrant Squids Are Served In Cheaper Bars
          Calamari rings sautéed in olive oil with garlic, sun-dried tomatoes & basil pesto
    • Course 2
      • Something Substantial
        choose any one
        • Champagne Risotto – The Chef Raises A Toast While Pouring The Champagne Into This Risotto (v)
          Arborio rice cooked creamy mushroom sauce, mixed with sundried tomato, flavoured with champagne & saffron
        • Vodka Penne – Like We Said, The Simple Pleasures Of Being A Bar… (v)
          Pasta cooked with onion & basil in tomato cream sauce, mixed with broccoli & flavoured with vodka
        • Pollo Con Salsa Al Pepe – A Very Narcissistic Cook Decided To Name The Dish After Him-Self. Forgiven, Because The Dish Turned Out Great
          Chicken breast rolled with mushrooms, grilled & served in mushroom pepper sauce accompanied by creamy potato mash & leafy salad
        • Porky Duet Xl Burger – You Sure Can Burger Your Way Into This One, But The Question Is... Can You Burger Your Way Out?
          Bun overstuffed with curried pulled pork, bacon onion jam, cheddar slice, cabbage slaw, onion, tomatoes, mixed lettuce
        • Gambas Ala Parilla – Exotic Sounding Isn’t It? It Is!!
          Grilled prawns in chef's special orange chilli sauce, served with butter parsley rice & vegetable medley
    • Course 3
      • Drunkessert
        • Drunk Dessert Of The Day
    • Drinks
        • Melony White – Some Say It Was Achilles Favourite Drink
        • White wine + vodka + melon + ginger ale
        • Blushy Pink - Easy On The Ears And Eyes, Now Give Your Other Senses A Chance
        • Rose wine + triple sec + peach schnapps + mediterranean mandarin + pomegranate + lemonade
        • Healthy Red - 5 Of 6 Ingredients Are Recommended By Doctors To Keep ‘em Away

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