5 Course Burmese Experience at Burma Burma

A soup, salad, a choice of starter or steamed bun, rice or noodle and a dessert

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5 Course Burmese Experience at Burma Burma

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Taxes are not included in the advertised price

This experience is priced at Rs.1250 per person inclusive of all taxes and charges

The dishes in this set meal cannot be shared with guests having a-la-carte

Valid on all days for Lunch and Dinner. For Dinner the last order is 10:45pm

Not valid for take aways

Reservations will be taken up to 2 hours before seating time.

Availability of tables may vary.

No pre-payment is necessary. Please pay directly at the restaurant.

For any further queries please contact the WowTables concierge at 09619551387


Burma Burma


As the world slowly discovers the rich history and vibrant culture of this exquisite land, we bring you a slice of this spectacular country that offers a peek into the authentic heritage rarely found elsewhere. An amalgamation of neighboring cultures like chinese, indian and thai, burma has for centuries been at cultural crossroads. Embodied with a unique permutation of influences, its distinguished traditional identity has evolved over time and become the essence of Burma Burma. We serve traditional burmese vegetarian cuisine alongside vigilantly selected tea's and merchandize that emulates delicate intricacies of timeless burmese heritage in the modern light. Welcome to our small world of Burma.

Contact Number, 02240036600, 02240036601

Address, Kothari House, Oak Lane, M.G. Road, Opposite Mumbai University, Fort, Mumbai


Rs. 1250 per person


  • 5 Course Experience at Burma Burma
    • COURSE 1
      • SOUP - HINCHO
        choose any one
        • Samuza Hincho
          Try eating samosa in this unusual Burmese way, samosa served in tangy soup with cabbage, carrot & capsicum
        • Tohu Hincho
          A nutritious soup prepared with vegetables & home-made “ tohu ” - Burmese bean curd
    • COURSE 2
      • Salads - Thoke
        choose any one
        • Thoke Sampler - Salad Sampler
          Laphet / Grapefruit / Raw Mango
    • COURSE 3
      • STARTERS
        choose any one
        • Tohu Kyaw - Chilly Tangy Chickpea Tohu
          Burmese chickpea tofu tossed in chilly tamarind sauce
        • Pyaa Jo Kyaw Lentil Fritters / Burmese Falafel
          A dish of Bengali descent popular in Burma, made of grounded lentil, with spices, onion, coriander & golden fried
        • Naan Pe Bya - Burmese Naan With Creamy White Pea
          Sprouted white pea puree cooked with spices, coconut milk & brown onion eaten with Burmese naan
    • OR
        choose any one
        • Brown Onion & Roasted Chilly
        • Tangy Spring Vegetables
    • COURSE 4
      • NOODLES & RICE
        choose any one
        • BURMA BURMA “ Oh No Khow Suey ”
          Our signature one bowl meal of coconut milk stirred with veggies & served with an array of toppings. Choice of Udon, Hakka, Whole wheat & Flat noodles.
        • Mohingar
          This National dish of Burma can be eaten anytime at any occasion. Thin rice noodles in a rich soup made from banana stem, ginger, lemongrass, onion & crisps
        • Panthay China Town Noodles - Street Noodles
          Noodles tossed on hot plate with ginger, garlic, vegetables, curry powder, chilly, coriander & lemon
        • Ohn Thamin - Coconut Rice with Peanut Chutney
          Rice cooked in coconut milk flavored with shallots & raisins, served with peanut tomato chutney
        • Burmese Fried Rice with Lemongrass Curry
          Rice tossed with turmeric, vegetables,brown garlic & crisp onions
        • Red Chilly Fried Rice with Spicy Vegetable Curry
    • COURSE 5:
      • DESSERTS
        choose any one
        • Shway Aye
          Chilled coconut milk served with sweet bread, coconut jelly & lotus seeds
        • Tagu Pyi An
          Sago cooked with Burmese palm jaggery- thanya served with coconut custard

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