A 6 Course Dinner Menu At Ruka

A sushi or sashmi, salad or soup, small plates, mains , staples and dessert.

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A 6 Course Dinner Menu At Ruka

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WowTables' Terms:

Taxes are not included in the advertised price

This experience is priced at Rs.1650 per person inclusive of all taxes and charges.

The dishes in this set meal cannot be shared with guests having a-la-carte

Valid on all days for Dinner.

Not valid for take aways

All sales are final

Reservations will be taken up to 2 hours before seating time.

Availability of tables may vary.

No pre-payment is necessary. Please pay directly at the restaurant.

Guests need to pre order (tell the server the items in each course at the beginning of the meal)

For any further queries please contact the WowTables concierge at 09619551387


Ruka, Ramee Guestline Hotel


Ruka serves as an ideal location for a light lunch, dinner or even a social get together with friends,family or colleagues. Guests can choose between casual bar area serving unique molecular cocktails, an intimate dining area or even opt to sit at the sushi bar where they can view Chef Masato Toida having over 43 years of experience, and his team deliver liberated Japanese meals with skill and creativity.Chef Masato Toida from Japan, has mastered the art of Kaiseki which is the detailed and beautiful presentation of a multicourse Japanese meal. It is regarded as the most expensive format of servingJapanese cuisine which is aesthetically created signifying sophistication. Speaking on the menu Chef Masato Toida says "Ruka has a comprehensive and alluring menu that focuses on retaining fresh and seasonal ingredients. The presentation is artful while the ambiance is relaxed and informal. We deliver a comforting Japanese dining experience where we have used age old techniques; however have still managed to create contemporary culinary offerings."

Contact Number, 02266935555, 02267159200

Address, Ground Floor,Ramee Guestline Hotel,462 A.B. Nair Road,, Juhu,Mumbai


Rs. 1650 per person


  • 6 Course Experience at Ruka
    (All dishes are served with soy sauce and traditional condiments)
    • Course 1
      • Sushi & Sashimi
        (Choose any one)
        • Vegetable Nigri Chef Choice (2 pieces) (V)
        • Vegetable Philadelphia Maki Roll (V)
        • Crispy and Spicy Avocado Roll (V)
        • Sashimi Tuna/Yellowtail/ Salmon (3 thin slices)
        • Sushi Tuna/Prawn/Salmon (2 pieces)
        • Spicy Tuna Maki roll
        • Crispy prawn tempura maki roll
    • Course 2
      • Salad & Soup
        (Choose any one)
        • White miso soup (V)
        • Seasonal mixed vegetable salad (V)
        • Crab and cucumber in chili mayonnaise
    • Course 3
      • Small Dishes
        (Choose any two)
        • Steamed Soybeans, Sea Salt Flakes (V)
        • Vegetable & Chive Gyoza (V)
        • Assorted Seasonal Vegetable Tempura (V)
        • Carrot & Daikon Cake (V)
        • Spicy chicken gyoza
        • Chicken & Pakchoi dumpling
        • Prawn & Black Bean wrapped & rolled in a spinach
        • Prawn and bamboo shoot dumpling
        • Rock shrimp tempura
    • Course 4
      • Mains
        (Choose any one)
        • Stir-fry French beans with fermented bean sauce (V)
        • Grilled Brined Chicken with Teriyaki Sauce
    • Course 5
      • Staples
        (Choose any one)
        • Spicy edamame fried rice (V)
        • Vegetable Udon Noodles (V)
    • Course 6
      • Pastry
        (Choose any one)
        • Soy Rare Cheesecake (V)

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