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> > > Firangi Paani

Firangi Paani

Linking Road  

  • 67105105, 67101101, 9004614085
  • Kenilworth Shopping Arcade, Corner of 33 Road, Linking Road, Bandra West, Mumbai
  • American, Western, Multi-cuisine
  • Meal for 2 - 1000

40 Reviews / 40 Ratings

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Firangi Paani Reviews


CHEATS-Planned cheating of customers !!!!

I visited the place earlier this week with a couple of official visitors from abroad. The elevator did not work so had to climb up the shady stairs. The stairs had garbage spilled all over it and at one point we were literally walking through garbage. The ambience inside was pretty nice so felt it should be ok going forward. The lighting was very dull and we had to really strain to make our orders. Drinks, food…. bill. As the lighting was low we could barely read the bill. The waiter kept pointing at the total he had hand written as a sum of the alcoholic bill and the non alcoholic bill. That’s when we understood there was something amiss…immediately the waiter grabbed the bill from my hand and said sorry sir there was a mistake and he had accidentally given me someone else’s bill. Later I understood, nerve of the guy, he had printed 2 copies of my bill and summed it up. A long argument prevailed and the manager came up to defend the waiter, got the feeling from the discussion it was all hand in glove with the management. I would suggest to avoid the place. However if you still plan to go there; please CHECK YOUR BILL BEFORE YOU PAY….



Best Part of Firangi is the Girls NITE..!!

I have been here on a wednesday nite I dono how many times.... Its the best way to enjoy a few drinks on a working days with your girfriends widout HOLES in your pocket... I love this place for the music and chicken Fingers...Nothing else is that great wen it comes to food.... Best way for us is to go thr by 9 take small drinks get slightly high and start dancing... and its a great thing for girls groups where there are drinkers and non drinkers....then coupons of non drinkers can be redeemed by drinkers as well.... *cheers*



Good ambience & food just okay

Last night I went to FP with my friends and had a nice time. Music was the highlight of the evening along with warm ambience. Though the dance floor is small but it didn't deter us from shaking our legs. Overall an evening well spent, but I guess it may be due to the company we were having and the bunch of girls sitting next to us. lol..



Thieving bastards in Linking Road.

Been there last night with my frnds. The staff is rude and un-inviting. Very slow service...No attention towards customers. Waiters along with the manager busy watching TV. The tables are very sticky and wobbling like a local train. Empty tissue holders , dirty menu cards, chilly chicken served with tooth picks (dhaba style). fucks not knowing how to treat a customer.." we ordered for vodka 30 ml with sprite ,n we tasted the vodka it was nothing but pure water in it, we couldn’t taste the vodka at all, we know that pubs cheat on people by mixing drinks with water but didnt know that a reputed place like this would do the same. We had a sip and our drink was nothing but water mixed with sprite, we thought we should move out before causing ourselves another damage and asked for the bill. Even the bill was fake. I wouldn’t recommend this place to anyone as a place which cheats on people doesn’t deserve to get any customers at all......
avoid this place the plague. thieving bastards.



Very unprofessional and illiterate manager

We booked Firangi Paani ( Bandra) exclusively for the 18th oct night (for 125 people) and also paid 25000/- in advance to confirm the booking. I informed them that it was our company success party and I wanted to make it special. They assured that it can be possible. When we reached the premises on Tuesday evening Prakash didn’t allowed us to enter inside and the place was occupied with other people. He behaved very rudely as if he was the Sheriff of that place. and justifying himself giving all bullshit reasons. He spoiled all 125 peoples evening and happiness. Such a behavior is not acceptable. How management can hire such an unprofessional, illiterate and arrogant manager?????? (Send this Desi Gavar to elementary school) Just because they got a higher paying party they canceled out on all others. without having slighted courtesy to call and inform so that we can go ahead with a booking elsewhere. Imagine having to reach there and be turned away in spite of having made the reservations one week back .....they clearly didn't give a damn about it !!! We turned to H2O at the last moment and they made sure our time there was memorable. ! Pls think twice before booking here.......they might just spoil your special day too.
P.s - the rating is purely on the basis terribly managed or mismanaged place.



Usually I am a person very cordial with restaurant staff and a very extremenly generous tipper since I myself was the manager of an upscale pizza store in Chicago for a couple of years..however this waiter just way beyond my level of understanding. MR. PANKAJ.
I usually ask waiter names in advance in order to avoid referring to them as boss or excuse me out of respect thus I know his name. He was very cordial in the beginning and served me very well, I was very happy. But I do not understand what happened to him towards the end of the night that he just would refuse to bring me anything I ordered. I simply asked for a glass of water before I called for the Bill. He did not bring that until after the bill was cleared. The bill contained a 10% service charge + I tipped some more on top, and the bill was collected by another waiter. He comes to my table now and slams a glass of WARM water and leaves. Next I left my table and approached him in person asking him is that a joke and what is the meaning of this warm water? The manager was just around and he saw the way the waiter behaved. Then I asked the waiter in front of the manager ( MR PRAKASH) did I do or say something to offend you? Next the manager asks him to serve me some water, he very angrily refuses and just walks off. This was just too much to tolerate and digest for me. I go out maybe 2-3 times a week since Ive been a teenager in Mumbai and never have I ever encountered such terrible, primitive and juvenile service. Hope the management can and will do something about this.
The food and drinks were average, nothing too great but not bad at all. If gone with the right crowd I'm sure you can have a good time here MINUS waiters such as MR. PANKAJ.
Thanks for reading...Cheers !



Not worth visiting

The place is sad and boring wih not that gr8 DJ. The crowd is also not that happening, so overall, you don't have a happy feeling when you come out of this place. I am sure there are much better places in Bandra west



awesome place

last night we were in the firangi pani with my icici groups, we enjoy the good moments of our life. The music was good and the service provided was also awesome.

i like to visit one more time in firangi paani...with my groups....


Not up to the mark

I went to FP on a Thursday night..i was told to book a table 2 dayz prior..on reaching the place..they dint ask if we had any booking whatsoever..coz there was hardlyy any crowd..jzz 2 tables occupied..

Music was too loud..n it was too dark in there..waiters have to called over n over again even if they r doing nothing..that irks..

Food was good..the only thing good abt this place i felt..

damage for 7.. only 3.5k..pretty less than what we expected..



Very loud

We went there last night.. Absolutely loud place.. Too slow service, even though half the place was empty.. The waiters were outside smoking.. Somehow they finally gave us our drinks....

When we asked for the bill, some system failure rubbish.. We were given a handwriten bill. Crazy.

Apparently some of my friends have been experiencing similar things here



good ambience

the service is ok, food is ok, ambience is good.



I heard so much about FP and THIS is what it is! Bah. I suppose it's cool for cheap thrills but somehow it doesn't score with me at all. Average starters.

Bad lighting, dark, broody place. Too much like a brothel (like an untidy place not the other definition) or at least, like the ones I've pictured in my head.


Gone Down!

The service used to be great & amazing Wednesday parties until they revamped it. This has cut down a lot of me & my friends coming to the place, as it is highly priced. I would suggest to keep the ladies night going, because it brought in a whole lot of crowd which i am sure isn't there anymore.



Why can't I give a 0/5 ?

Went today at around 11 45 PM.
They said they are open till 1 AM so we decided to eat here.At 12 20 they tell us kitchen has is closing.
Firstly, the music is too loud ! Obviously they only want people to shout and screw their throats.This is my personal opinion ! Read the rest for the "REAL" story.
Ordered a beer for myself and a Long Island Ice Tea for my girl friend.The LIIT had very little, and I really mean very little alcohol.
Buffalo wings usually come with Blue Cheese dip.They did not have it in stock and the attendant was pretty cool with the fact ! He served the same to us with mayo.
We ordered Thai red Curry which they served us within 5 mins,so we asked them to take it back so it doesn't get too cold.When it returned to the table, the salad we got with it earlier was missing !!!!! On questioning, the guy says, "Sorry, they are cleaning the kitchen now so they must have taken it " So don't be surprised if your drink next time tastes of Colin on account of hygiene.
The Penne Pasta we ordered was so bad that we had to send it back !
1450 for a 30-min debacle !


adeeps - Burrp User


1 Reviews

December 04,2010


Average Food,poor service & loud ambience

Was there yesterday with a couple of colleagues...must say that the place is immensely over-rated as I found the food to be average(we ordered 3 different appetizers for for non-veg and veg each..hence tried 6 of their dishes)...the drinks are expensive..but their most important thing..their service is really bad,the staff seems to have an attitude of "that they are doing a favor by taking orders"....Please avoid !! as there are many better alternatives available @ Bandra(west)


Can be skipped ...

Went here for the first time yesterday. The place it too cramped up with a LOUD music being played.
The music is too loud to have any kind of conversation.
They were out of draught beer also ! Something which is "featured" for this joint.
The crowd comming in pretty ok, though the service being offered was highgly confused !
We were twice served an order for someone else's table, fortunately we had not taken a dig into it. At one point it was forcefully told that we had ordered the dish even though we had not ! A settlement was reached when we told that we would eat it and not pay for it , the waiter then happily took it away.

Even the platter of chicken served was very hard to bite up on. So food is not upto the mark either.

Interiors are good but the place is really high on pockets !
There are better alternatives in the area that you could head to.


Prabsi - Burrp User


8 Reviews

October 26,2010


Nice food awesome music and ambience

we went thr for celebrating birthday of one of my friend and it turned out to be 1 of the best birthday party we ever had. the food is awesome the music is great !! and ofcourse beer rocks !!

I will look forward to revisit that place on a special occasion

thank you guys for the wonderful evening.



Don't wanna second date?! Try this place

Ok the only reason I gave it one star is because the guy who serves tequila shots let me wear his cow-boy hat for the entire night. :)

Other than this the place was so not happening. It is so uncool that the person like me who prefers to be sober on Saturdays resorted to 4 tequila shots to perk it up. Unfortunately, even that didn't work.

The place is neither here not there. The music is so loud that you just can't sit and chat with your friends and have a good time. Nor you can get groovy because a. the DJ SUCKs and b. the crowd is dull. Only desperately single girls were shaking their booties last night to hook up.

If you fall in that category then too stay off the place, because the single boys who come here are so how shall I put it.....not worth it.

Moreover, its in such a shady locality that the minute you step off your car you become conscious of your neckline and hemline.

In short, do your Saturdays a favor, skip firangi paani.



gawd awful!

Firangi paani is the most pathetic place to chill! gawd awful music and really rude management... Yeah its a bar! y do they have a tiny dancefloor? its so negliglible mebbi nano(tata) has more place to move around .. They have absolutely nothing for dinner.. Yeah the mocktails and drinks are good! but nothing extraordinaire :S sucha disappintment!


horrible experience

went there 4 times in this month the 1st time there was a problem with the bill i told them and they corrected it ...........the second time also there was a problem and they made us pay for extra drinks that we never bought.......then the 3rd time we went we were like 6 people and we drank a lot and the bill call about 25 K after all that we cleared the bill and left at 12:15 now yesterday after calling for the bill there was a problem i ordered 4 drinks in happy hour and 2 where not in happy our so the total should be 10 drinks but i was charged for 11 drink wtf........i spoke to the waiter .....then the specs waiter starts fucking argueing ........i m like call the manager.......the second waiter comes and he is like sir the last u came u did pay 7 K bill i m like wtf.....i cleared everything and left no he is i have to pay the bill to them ....... the bouncer told me you guys were 2nd last to leave the club i m like no i left at 12:15........ i called my brother up and asked for the bills so then the manager is like ohhh i will make them understand and saying sorry was the use of that after that insult.............i would rate it worst then awful..............if u go there keep a track of the bill......


Give it a miss

I second that. Why would anyone want to go to this place?
Music, Food quality, drinks prices are just not acceptable .


Worth a Miss

Not a great place for food the quantity is very less and its damn costly drinks as well as food and the music aint so great as well


why would anybody go here?

this place is the biggest joke in bandra.

blaring club music, in what barely passes for a bar.

naturally, the food and drinks are overpriced, and barely adequate.

there is absolutely zero reason to go to a place like this.




Good place to hang is very nice,service is excellent but these guys need to improve thier food quality.I order for some chilly chicken and grilled mushroom and it was really horrible,i had a plan to order some more food but after i had the mushroom i didn't dare to order any more food. I suggest this place is not for food lover, but yes large varaity of drink,cool and crazy music,service is very friendly.
These four star is for music,ambience and for service, if for food not even a single star..............


Nice place

I liked the place. The music played was soft and soothing. The waiter was very helpful. The light is dim gives a kinda feeling of candle light dinner. The food and drink are good but bit expensive. We reached at 6 still we had to wait as it was not set. Happy hours are applicable to specific drinks only.
FP is on 2nd floor .As you enter the 2nd floor via steps the path is full of filth and debris of construction. The management must make a note of this and take action asap.
Overall ambience is good.


value for money

Expensive but worth it..the snacks..the sound and specially i like the people who work with a smile on his face..awesome ambience..makes you relax completely...
Good place.......


December 15, 2009response from management at Firangi Paani:

We appreciate the feedback & views on your visit to our restaurant. Hope to see you at our other brands in Mumbai i.e. Angeethi at Vile Parle, Firangi Paani at Fun Republic & Linking Road, Bandra. Have a wonderful Fine Dining Experience with BJN Group. Cheers!!!


what a sham...

after hearing about FPs Ladies Night deals and further inspired by gypsy696's review I decided to take a few gal plas and hit FP on a Wednesday... the plan- get a few free drinks (we didn't expect everything to be on the house as some of us were very particular drinkers), some small eats and some fun conversations...

Since none of the above mentioned goals were accomplished, I can safely say the experience was disappointing!

To start with the drinks- nothing on the free list was available. From vodka the choice was only Romanov (ugghhh!!, i'd rather drink Mr. Muscle!) and for Rum some McDowells thingie (i'd rather go thirsty than take a risk on arbit brands) and so on and so forth in every category... If there was anything decent listed (and i'm now calling Old Monk decent- that's how low we had to peg our standards!) then it wasn't available...
Snack- just ok- and definitely not free... not even the tortilla chips... why would any half decent place lie about these things?
Talk- no chance due to the loud music... which I'll forgive coz this is a pub after all...

Service was bad... every drink took its own sweet time to arrive... that too after multiple reminders... which really ticked me off once i saw the 10% service charge... my @$$!!! i wouldn't tip them Rs. 5 for their shoddy service if it were upto me!

considering I had such a great time here just last week on a "non- Ladies night" evening... when the drinks were great (try their Scarlett O'hara) and snacks were good (nice Barbeque wings) and service was attentive, it's sad that just to get in some traffic on a Wednesday, they'd put up such a bad show...

so it's 1 star for Wednesday and an extra star for my last week good experience :-)



Very OKAY!

After visiting the Andheri Firangi Paani, I had expected something similar with the one in bandra. Being a resident of Bandra, I was quite excited to discover that a Firangi Paani had opened up here.

So with a lot of enthusiasm, I went there with a bunch of friends. 1st of all, as we entered we had a miff with the guy at the entrance asking for age proof and all that.

Once we were in, we grabbed a table and thought of ordering some snacks. To our surprise they barely had anything to eat!! So we called for a portion of cheese cottage balls. When the order came we were shocked to see 4 -5 tiny cheese balls placed in the dish and it costed a bomb!

The next we thought to shake a leg, so we started hunting for the dance floor. It was cramped in one corner of the place and was really small. A complete let down.

Anyway for people who want to just sip on to some drinks and not eat or dance, then its visitable!.... I would give the Andheri
Firangi Paani 5 stars but this one was disheartening!!



I mean sure the name makes you go 'whaaat' and you go the place, but trust me once you go in there is nothing 'OMG' about it.

In short, go to MTC man, seriously :


November 11, 2009response from management at Firangi Paani:

We appreciate the views & suggestions on your visit to our Premium brand- Firangi Paani.

We apologise for your unpleasant experience at Firangi Paani.

Would request you to share your contact details with us so that our Operations Manager would get in touch with you to know more about your unhappy visit to Firangi Paani.

Cheers!!! BJN Group.

Customer is nothing for them

I would never go to this place and also would never let anyone else go there. The bouncer there is rude! he doesn't know how to behave with females.

They demand entry. Is this a discotheque? They want us to plead to them for the entry.

Go to Bonobos or MTC which is next door or better Hawaiin Shack or Totos.

This place is a no!



Thats how the bar is, you feel like you have reached a bar in London. The pros : They have some decent live acts once in a while and the food is also tad above edible standards, but WHY? is it SO expensive. Considering they don't even have a restroom within their outfit (Atleast the Fun Republic one does not) A bottle of beer sets you back 300 appx, which reminds me of this dance bar i went too. haha. Check it out though, you will fall in love with the atmosphere, not for long.




Horrible service

I went to this place last night with my husband and 2 girl friends at around 9 pm. The place was packed with after office crowd mostly men and groups of men. I was told that I would be given a table in 30 min but for 1.5 hour there was no reply given. We asked the staff around 5-6 times but they did not seem bothered. We were standing for more than an hour calling out to the staff but no one seem bothered even to take our order. Frustrated we went to the bar and ordered some drinks but we could not find anyone for a snack order.

No doubt the place is doing well, but the sucess seems to have gone to thier head. These kind of places only have a short life and with such service, it may shut down soon or become a drinking bar for only men



Good deal for ladies

Firangi Paani - Bandra and Andheri - have a ladies special on Mondays and Wednesdays. The deal is ladies drink for free between 6 and 10 pm. Not buy one and get one free. I mean FREE. OK you have to pay service tax and the "free" selection is only on indian alcohol.

Thats why i went there alone last nite.

The pub is beatifully furnished, the bar well-stocked, the bartenders jovial and spirited, service quick and efficient, and my beers chilled. What more can one ask for?! Oh - definitely order the tortilla chips. Their salsa is tangilicious! There's a seperate smokers' room - which is a nice feature coz i hate going on the stairs or downstairs for a smoke in between drinks.

I had three beers on the house, their complementary tortilla chip basket, and cheese garlic chilly bread. I just had to pay taxes and for my garlic bread. The total bill: Rs 110. So its a great deal if you're a girl.

Would i go there if the scheme wasnt on? Probably. The prices are on the higher side. A bottle of water costs Rs 80. They also have a cigar selection....



FP Rockssss

Hi Just moved in to mumbai from bangalore, have been missing my regular hangouts there, until i figured my favorite pub Firangi Panni has followed me to mumbai. Went to check out Firangi Panni @ Bandra ......its just the same as the one in Bangalore. Great music, Cool bartenders & just an awesome place. Made me feel at home.



Fab time @ FP

A bunch of ma friends gave me a suprise party @ The Firangi Paani Bandra, probably the best b'day after a long time, the music there was supab, sweet staff and the bartender made us some real cool stuff. Amazing one

Coolest hangout in this side of the city. Thanks Firangi paani for makin my day special.



Bandra gets its spirit Back

If it wouldn't have been for this.. I would have ended up going staright to town to have a good weekend. Just amazing .. My friends and I had a great time. Well stocked Bar, great Service, and to top it all just the right music.

Guys, I strongly recommend this place.. This place ROCKS.!!!




Warning: Beware of staff cheating you repeatedly

A group of friends and I visited the venue for the first time a couple of weekends ago.

The new Bandra branch of FP much in line with other FP venues in terms of the comparatively high price of drinks, the style and excessively loud volume of music, the fullness of the bar and the generally fun atmosphere on weekend evenings.

As a themed british pub concept, then anyone familiar with the authentic will be sorely disappointed.

However, a late night venue where you can down a few drinks, sweat profusely and have your eardrums blown by cheesy 80's pop and soft rock is your thing, then go for it, you will have a fun if expensive night on the town.

My gripe is less with the style of the venue (each to their own I say) but with the horrendous, if not illegal attitude of the bar staff.

I have frequented the Andheri venue on numerous occasions and always found the ambience excellent and the service acceptable if sometimes slow due to it's popularity on weekend evenings.

At this venue one is consistently provided with a bill to check before payment, and any change is then returned accordingly.

Unfortunately this is not the accepted system at Bandra and it seems at this location the staff are systematically overgharging customers.

Case 1:
My order comes to a surprisingly expensive 1400/-r so I hand over 1500/- expecting a receipt with my change.

There is great disorder around the till point so when change of 100 comes (2x double house G&T, 2x Kingfisher pints) I question where my receipt is.

After more disorder around the till my receipt arrives, priced 1059/-

I was then handed the correct money I was due.

I immediately reported this to the manager.

(I shall not dwell on the audacious 10% "service" charge which was added to this incorrect bill)

Case 2:
The next round I ordered away from the bar from a different server - 2x Kingfisher pints.

The beer came and I was told 400/-

When my change came without the receipt I stated i required the receipt.

Subsequently the server returned with the correct receipt for 377/- and a further 20/- change.

Small amounts, but hey, you add each of those individual attempts at cheating the customer and they add up to a sizeable sum over the course of a weekend.

I again reported this to the manager.

Case 3:
My wife then ordered a round of 2 G&T's and once again encountered a receiptless, overcharging experience.

There were at least two other couple we spoke with who had experienced such attempted thefts (strong words I realise, but that in essence is exactly what it is) during the evening, and these were quite possibly only the ones who were wise to what was happening.

In summary,the venue appeared to have an institutionalised problem with what can only be described as "thieves" being employed in their service.

It is such a shame to have what is otherwise a much needed Bandra venue sullied in this way.

I contacted BJN, the holding company to alert them of my fears but did not receive the courtesy of a reply.

I urge anyone who has a similar experience to demand a receipt if they try a similar trick, report it to the management and then force BJN to act upon this.

I for one shall certainly not be returning until this is reviewed.


But i have finally found what i was looking for !!

I was about to go this Saata Saasta place cause it was end of the month for me. Yeah ! Right Bankruptcy time. So i was walking towards MTC (Mumbai Times Cafe) I saw this signboard of Firangi Paani)

Finally so bloody finally i have found my kind of place where i can enjoy my kind of music, ambiance & off course people around.

With the likes of Dj's like Marvin & Bosco. Saturday night they played Retro music but when i reached their they were playing pop music. Not much of classic stuff but then it was not bad either. I also checked what kind of taste these dj's have and asked few requests but they were puzzled for some reason. Finally i bargained with rolling stone & led zeppelin. etc. Anyway they played quite ok kind of music. No complain. Much better then any other places where i have been to.

Happy hours : 6:00pm - 8:00pm Buy 1 get 1
(but before believing this please confirm )

The barmen & other staff were really happy shinny lot. From the first step in that firangi paani building till the end it was really warm & friendly welcome which i experienced. Thank you Guys !!

Smoke zone is just like size of taxi but then it is located in the most happening place around in linking road so it was realistically accepted. They also have Television in that smoke room where you can change channels if you like.

All and all really good place so far this was my first impression hopefully shall last for long.

Thank you guys whoever owns this place & whoever reads this page !!



The end of Hawaiian Shack?

I think we've all had enough of the crowded 'Shack' experience and the serious attitude problem of some of the staff. I guess thats what happens when you dont have much competition around!

Its time Bandra had more options like Firangi Pani!



Awesome :)

This place is simply amazing!! I have been here once with around 10 of my "drunk" friends. We were completely satisfied with the service and the quality of food. 5/5 I would say!!

The drinks are awesomely - WOW!! Seriously, if you want to have a booze then you should be here!! The music played is mostly Trance and House. The beats literally give you a 'kick'! Haha...

However, this place does have some drawbacks too.

The smoking zone is not a part of the restaurant so those who want to smoke have to smoke in the "smoking" zone in the room next to it.

Also, this place is a little expensive! So you need to be loaded really well if you want to enjoy yourself!

Overall it was a "high" and a "kick"-ass experience!! :D

Will surely visit this place again!!

Take care fellow drinkers, smokers and dopers!!