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RADHAKrishna 9393 - Burrp User

RADHAKrishna 9393

April 28,2015

Best Italian and Mexican

This is good restaurant for best Italian and Mexican food. All dishes with pure veg preparations topped up with authentic taste. There is a great variety from Sizzler, Mexican platter, Thai Green Curry with rice, mocktails etc. All dishes are changed to make it more palatable to the Indian taste.The fake waterfall with the blue led lights before the entrance gives a good feel while entering the restaurant. It is an expensive restaurant, certainly than the normal ones.
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Meghana M. - Burrp User

Meghana M.

May 13,2014

Super family experience.. specially for Jains

I visited this place with my parents with one being pure jain. The menu looked great with lots of jain options that too in international cuisines.. which we generally dont get at many places.. The service was exceptionally fast on a super packed sunday night.. Brucettas and bean tacos were good. Indian sabji was served very nicely.. kulcha was not done very well.. but again sizzling brownie made it up for all good.. A very good experience in all !!
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roshan_ms - Burrp User


January 29,2014

Never Go to This Restaurant wid ur Private Vehicle

It was my friend's birthday treat on the 1st of August and we planned to go to Flags (Malad Link Road). I parked my Karizma R that had just been purchased at the restaurant's parking lot which was actually a footpath with 7 security guards hovering around. We entered Flags at about 9 p.m. We finished our dinner and exited the place only to find my bike missing. I tried asking the security guards about the same, but they had no clue. The manager agreed having seen me park the bike but had no clue about its whereabouts either. We realized it had been stolen. With about 7 guards hovering around, it was shocking to have a vehicle stolen. While having a discussion with the manager, I came across passing comments, that theft was a constant happening here. There are absolutely no CCTV cameras installed either which further added to my displeasure. It was my First and Last Visit to Flags
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shah_vama - Burrp User


October 19,2013

Amazing food, my family's super favorite place

Flag's though a little far from where i live, is one place everyone in the family enjoys. The cheese fondue is finger liking, the variety of cusines and especially when most of the menu is also avaible in Jain makes this our favorite place. The nachos are super cheesy and yummy, the pizza's are great. The Humpty Dumpty starter is my favorite. Dad likes the Dum Biryani. The evenings have a nice candle light dinner like ambiance. Overall a very good experience once and all visits here.
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rons_agg007 - Burrp User


October 16,2013

Best Nachos ever

Flags is most famous fine dine restaurant in malad i believe. The Cheesy Nachos is baked beans is one of the best nachos ever tasted. They are having a huge number items on their menu from various cusines like Punjabi, chinese, mexican, italian, continental,etc. Any person of any age group or liking any cuisine can visit this & will get a lot of variety & delicious food.
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Ayushi Jain - Burrp User

Ayushi Jain

June 19,2013

Veg World (Gujrati) Cuisine

The place looks grand from the outside.....the name is also attractive, but when you enter(with the hopes of being greeted by a sophisticated waiter and a grand menu), all hopes go down the drain when you see the butler talking full on marathi-gujrati tone....

While we were placing the order, variety was good, but everything tasted the same..to add to that, the pesron who took the order asked us if we needed "papad" with our sizzler....which was our main course.....

I would have appreciated that more if I was dining at a thali restaurant or a typical north Indian outlet...

Would like to quote a hindi proverb here- "oonchi dukaan feeka pakwaan" ...would not like to visit this place again
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Priyanka Mishra - Burrp User

Priyanka Mishra

May 04,2012

food was okieish..

Me and frnds decided to go to flags i first thot dat dey may be having something very exciting... bt i was disappointed wid the food... we ordered for d soup wich tasted gud..i had ordered fr miso soup... den we ordered some starter called paneer charchol or sumthing... omg.. it was soo spicy wid sooo much of black pepper in it... d taste of pepper was soo overpowering dat i didnt njoy having d dish... d oder starter was decent bt nt grt... den we ordered fr lasagne and again it had sooo much pepper in it... i dont knw wats wrong wid dese ppl.. i had also ordered fr a mango mocktail which was gud.. bt dey took quite sometime 2 get it... also to mention my frnds had also ordered some mocktail wich tasted lyk gelusil... :O after all dis mess i didnt think it ws a gud idea of wasting ne more money over d desserts... so we paid n left.. in all d experiece was bad... :(
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pankajk - Burrp User


April 30,2012

Not really World Cuisine

I pass by this restaurant on my way to work everyday.
So, I decided to step into it on a Sunday evening with my better half. Sunday evening and the place was not so crowded. Only 2 tables besides ours were occupied. The place was quiet and peaceful and the decor was good. They played instrumental music.

She was in a mood for a tomato soup and some Garlic Bread. So we ordered Cream of Tomato Soup and Garlic Bread without Cheese. One thing that I noted was that the waiters in blazers took their orders on some kind of a digital notepad instead of pen and paper. And then we waited. The tomato soup was prompt but not to our liking. Too much vinegar (or maybe ketchup itself) made it taste like a hot bowl of ketchup instead of fresh soup. It was warm and bearable at the most.
We like our Garlic Bread with our soup and waited endlessly for the Garlic Bread. We slowed down and stopped consuming the soup so as to enjoy the Garlic Bread with it. We inquired for the Garlic Bread and also placed an order for a Lasagne. Finally the Garlic Bread arrived. Thankfully the Garlic Bread was a saviour. Not out of the world but good enough. Dash some oregano on it and it was better. Unfortunately there were 6 pieces of garlic bread and our remaining soup lasted us for one garlic bread only.

The Gujju family on the other table were celebrating a birthday of a little kid and it was cute. The restaurant allowed pictures and played the "Happy Birthday" song.

The Lasagne arrived before the Garlic bread was over. What I saw made me skeptical and I was right in my apprehension. The Lasagne was too runny. It was like a bowl of pasta soup. Being a veg restaurant, I would've expected the lasagne to have a handful of exotic veggies. Well, It didn't. What it did have is a good amount of cream, cheese and the sauces. Nonetheless, it tasted decent. Not too much unlike a lasagne. Before the lasagne was over they turned on this waterfall thing on the wall, which enhanced the ambiance.
We called for the bill and left with a full stomach.
That was the end of a not so satisfying and not so disappointing veg world cuisine.
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