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> > > > Food First

Food First

Goregaon WestWestern Suburbs  


23 Reviews / 27 Ratings

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Happy Hours Aug 01 - Aug 31

  • Food First brings to you Happy Hours. Now you can sip on a free drink on the purchase of two as part of their Happy Hours.

    Time: 12pm - 8pm

Independence Day Buffet Aug 14 - Aug 16

  • Celebrate Independence Day with family & friends at Food First. Lavish Buffet Spread. Dishes from different states & live pasta counter.
    Time: 7pm onwars
    Veg: Rs. 575
    Non-Veg: Rs. 675

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Food First Reviews






First choice !

Had been here to celebrate my birthday with family...The ambiance is classy n nicely done, the staff is courteous and a very nice pan Asia spread.
We ordered the Methi til ka shek for starters and I would highly recommend it.
It is just a melt in mouth dish.
For the mains we ordered the paneer butter tikka masala ( a little non spicy than v normally eat but a very delicious creamy edge to it)
The dum aloo was also relishing..
For Indian breads we ordered a variety of them namely onion cheese kulcha, garlic butter naan, butter roomali roti, kashmiri naan & missi roti.all were very tasty (Huge portions )
The subz handi biryani was extremely delicious n aromatic .
A very nice place to hang out for family dinners.
Highly recommend !


March 3, 2014response from management at Food First:

Dear Sir
Good afternoon!!
Thanks for such a great review....!! I must appreciate your eye for details !!Please visit us again.
With warm culinary regards
Debashis Roy

food on the way to become first

I again went to this place some days back this time the service was much more faster then before the ambiance was great as always .And the hostess again too good i went to many place but no were i have seen such a hostess so friendly and the staff's hospitality.This time i had a great experience but still the quantity is the average


March 3, 2014response from management at Food First:

Dear Sir
Good afternoon!
Thanks for a such a nice review !! please visit us again.
With regards
Debashis Roy

Lazy Lazy Lamhe

If you are looking for a place where you dont mind utterly SLOW service.. choose food first ..The staff seems to be lost in their own world, probably they are not able to handle a full house. There was a time when i was about to loose my temper because of the slow service.

The food is good though followed by the ambiance.


August 3, 2013response from management at Food First:

Dear Mr. Vasudev
Greetings from FFRL !!
Thanks for your feedback.
Debashis Roy

food not first

I went to this place on the festival of Holi. The service was horrible, and the quantity of food was below average. The only thing to look for was the ambience of the restaurant, and the staff's hospitability. Specially the hostess. She welcomed us warmly with a beautiful smile, as frirndly as anyone could be. No reason to visit the place ever again. A horrible experience.


July 29, 2013response from management at Food First:

Dear Sir
Thanks for writing about us, it's already four months gone, when you visited us as you say !! Anyway sorry for not making you happy !!
Debashis Roy

Good service and ambience

The ambience is amazing and although the food is just about average, the service is brilliant. Definitely worth a second visit.


July 29, 2013response from management at Food First:

Dear Ma'am !!
Thanks for positive review about us !! Please visit us again and give us the chance to serve you again !!
With warm culinary regards
Debashis Roy

Horrible experience

Service was completely messed up.all items came in late.Papad smelled of fish.on complaining an aged Bengali steward refused to accept and argued denying the same.would never come back


June 23, 2013response from management at Food First:

Dear Sir!
Firstly I am really sorry for unable to make you satisfied ! We always try to make our guest happy but may be some time not, its a bad day for us ! I personally know and check about your complain,I was there in the restaurant . I don't want to go for any explanation, in our industry guest is always right !!We have completely different setup for vegetarian and non vegetarian !!
Again I am extremely sorry to make you unsatisfied ! My humble request to you please visit us again !!
With warm regards
Team Food First

Birthday party place

we celebrated our daughters 5th BDay here. The ambience was good and the staff friendly. Debashis is a great restauranteur .... he's a chef who has been around the globe and knows his food....maybe that's why I was expecting the food to be as great as his Death by Date Ice cream which he flies in from Kolkatta...or his meetha pan ice cream.

The non-veg starters were okay and a few veg starters as well. But the pasta was too bland even by my kids taste. I guess I did not order the right stuff possibly. Hopefully the next time I am there I will get some unique dishes and will change my review.

All the best Debashis. This place has great potential.

Venkatesh Nallamchetty


June 23, 2013response from management at Food First:

Dear Mr. Vemkatesh !!
Thanks for supporting us !! You are our valued guest, please visit us again and give us the chance to serve you !!!
With warm culinary regards
Debashis Roy


Food and ambience first

Visited this place on a Friday evening. The experience...right from the time you enter the lobby of the very unique! The decor is simply mindblowing!!! The food is out of the world. The vegetarian fare is awesome. Although a non-vegetarian myself, I did not mind skipping the non-veg order as the veg fare itself was soooooo good (my husband is a vegetarian)....The service is also great..the personal touch by the manager is highly commendable


April 30, 2013response from management at Food First:

Dear Maam!
Greeting from FFRL for such a lovely review!! We are honoured !! We,the team FFRL, try to make all our guest happy and like to returned them back with a good dining experience & when appreciation comes from guest end it really makes us satisfied !! When you visited the restaurant, I was in leave for that day, please come again and personally I would like meet with you for better service !!
Again thanks from Team FFRL !!
With warm culinary regards!!!
Debashis Roy

Excellent food ,superb ambience

Food first offers mouthwatering receipes. Its has a very good customer service. Its really a wonderful place to spend your evenings with your family and loved ones, specially valentines. Im in love with this restaurant. Believe me, it will be a memorable experience.


April 22, 2013response from management at Food First:

Dear Patron,
Thanks for a positive review!! We always try to serve our best and would like to make a memorable dining experience!! We are new in the city,such kind of review gives us moral boost to serve better !!
Once again thanks and visit us again !!!
With warm culinary regards
Team FFRL !!!


Only one word--Mindblowing!!!!!!!!

Yesterday, I was with my family for the Barshobaran festival. The moment you step into the restaurant, the experience starts.(I will not disclose it--let the surprise remain!!!!) One thing's for sure, the experience will be something which will take you off your feet. The food is just too good. The staff is always there to help you. Mr.Debashis Roy, personally spends time with you. It is the small small things that has been taken care soo beautifully, that impresses.
Surely this is an experience, one should never miss!!!!!!
Suman G.


April 13, 2013response from management at Food First:

Dear Sir !! Greetings from FFRL !!!Thanks a lot for giving us such a beautiful review!!!We are honoured !!Please visit us again !!!With warm culinary regards !!!Team FFRL !!!

Loved it !!

Great food, excellent staff and nice ambiance.... I loved it. :-)


March 29, 2013response from management at Food First:

Dear Sir / Maam, Thanks for visiting us and spending your specious time to prays us !!!Please visit again !! With warm culinary regards !! Team FFRL !!!


Awesome experience!!!

We went there on 16th March'13 and the place was really nice. Not only the food was good but the interiors was well used and wonderful! Drinks were good. (Mock-tails unique and refreshingly nice & cocktails excellent).
There was tasty chat on the house and they also gave some cheeslings along with drinks... though these are little things but gives a welcoming feel to the whole dining experience. Please keep this up. :-)
I really liked it and would definitely revisit it...


March 18, 2013response from management at Food First:

Dear Mr. Anand! Good afternoon! Thanks for appreciating our effort! We always try to serve our best and when guest like you or any body appreciate, it become a moral booster for us!! Please visit us again!! With warm culinary regards !! Team FFRL !!!

Food LAST at Food First

Ya... you got that right - food is LAST on their list of priorities. And for the first time it was a Burrp review and rating gone terribly wrong for us.

We started with Paaya Soup. Thankfully the Steward had the grace to pre-warn us that the mandatory paaya piece would not be there (because some people do not find it appealing ). I innocently believed him.

One of the main reasons I relish Paaya Soup is the definite twang that it has because of the inherent taste of the mutton (good quality) and the secretions that it has when you cook it for that long , at that temp. When the Paaya soup appeared I promise you it tasted like it had been prepared from some soup powder. And made me re-think exactly there werent any 'Paayas' visible in it.

Next came the Sunehra Murg ke Kebab . Again - terrible meat ! And the marinate , though potentially well spiced, had obviously had little time to do anything good to the meat. So bad meat + less marination time combined with inadequate understanding of how long does the kebab need the koyla - and bingo ! you have the staid, non-succulent, sometimes soft sometimes chewing gummish Sunehre Murg ke Kebab from Food First.

When I complained the first time round they actually offered to replace it. Which they did. IN record time ! Unfortunately it was worse than before. Also I had requested that they serve it with simple kachoomber - as in didnt need dahi or anything - simply finely chopped onions and a dash of lime.They said it isnt the way they do it - OK. But then , this time it came with thickly sliced Onion Rings !!!!! Thats when we got really upset - and within seconds the Kachoomber was on the table !!!!!

Incidentally this Kachoomber was the ONLY thing they got right that evening !

Didnt have the guts to eat anything else here today evening.

Simply took an auto to Mumbai Tawa which is down the lane and relished the succulent, juicy , well marinated, well cooked kebabs.

PS : On an after thought - even the simple terrace of Mumbai Tawa was better than teh airport-like girdled decor of Food First. Seriously guys ! Get your food sorted - we will forgive u the bad interiors.


March 5, 2013response from management at Food First:

Dear Ma'am, Thanks for your visit and the precious time you have spent for us in Burrp !! I am sorry for not satisfying your need ! We never use any soup powder what you have written and paya, with bone and flesh , will be disturbing to eat in soup bowl, that's why we don't put in it! In your next visit, if you need that definitely I will provide you !!And the way we make Sunehara Murg, may be you dont like I am sorry for that but it is one of our best selling item ! Finally Ma'am I am really sorry for your dissatisfaction and not providing you

chetan_0421 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

February 18,2013


Inefficient Cordination

I had been to this place for dinner on Valentine’s Day and although i did not manage to find a table, i found their service and coordination - Terrible. The restaurant is wonderfully set with a high ceiling and glass side wall but it could have been way more pleasing if guests would have been handled well. I understand that it was Valentine’s Day but i don’t understand a reason why you cannot have a manager near the front door coordinating wait times. I was waiting inside the restaurant for nearly 30 mins and there was utter chaos. Some of them waiting for food that was ordered nearly an hour back. Nobody was willing to confirm the duration of wait time. This made me wonder what the point of waiting for a table is if the restaurant is incapable of serving the ones who were already seated. I left after waiting for 35 mins assuming that I wouldn’t get a table and even if I do will I ever get what I want to eat!


February 19, 2013response from management at Food First:

Dear Mr. Chetan, Greetings from FFRL!Thanks for spending your time for us! It's Valentine Day and restaurant was fully packed and the guest who had come for dine are sitting for long time! We can't say them to vacate the place,it's a very special day,if some one wants to sit more time after finishing the food, we are helpless sir! I do understand the guest those who are waiting for table their inconvenience! I personally spoken with you and told the entire thing that day!! Any way we are sorry for not giving you a place for dine! Hope to see yo


great food and ambience but bad service

i visites this reataurant on valentine's day. Lets start with good things first. As soon as u enter it has a high glass ceiling. The posiioning of the tables is very good. overall excellent ambience. The food was amazing. now coming to the bad part.i had specifically requested at time of reservation for a window view table which i did not get.The manager told me that its on first cum first serve basis. The service was horribly slow.The food took ages to come and somewhere that does spoil yr fun.The service was bad.infact people were literaly shoutin n fightin at the restaurant because of the the end i jus gave a suggestion that due to yr inefficiency u shouldnt even take service charge from yr customers as a matter of gesture to which they refused.then i aksed them why did i not get the table when i was told specificaly u wil get it.In the end they said they wont take the bill but said as if they wer obliging me.they finaly didnt charge me but sir let me tel u, i stil dont mind cumin n payin yr next tym pls dun show yr customers as if u are obligin dem when yr staff was inefficient and could not serve anyone on time orelse other customers wudnt hv walked off.They din charge me but after that the warmth was lost and at time of leaving i was being feel like a beggar who was obliged and given food for free.Sir let me tel you i will remember this and if im around next tym near yr restaurant i wil come and pay yr bill because i din cum there for free fud.and i mean it because the way i was treated after that was not correct especialy when yr staff accepted its yr mistake.Ii came for a nyc evenin was sumwhere spoilt. the rating is high because of food and ambience.and sir if my bill is going to be a cost of somebody salary i wil pay it immediately because i dont want yr obligation.


February 15, 2013response from management at Food First:

Dear Sir, Thanks for the feed back! Last night in such busy & packed situation, we could not provide you sitting in front of the glass facade,which all are looking for & you become unhappy,we are extremely sorry for that ! Apart from busyness our motto is to make our guest happy,we would like to make the day for his n hers for any occasion & as you had told that you were not happy, I told the team not to charge you. We believe in long term relation,please visit us again and give us a scope to serve you !! With warm culinary regards!!!

krupa desai - Burrp User

krupa desai

1 Reviews

February 15,2013


One Word- Awesome..

One who visits Food First will obviously appreciate evrything about this place. But what i liked the most is the ambience. It is like a dream date if u want to take ur loved one there. Apart from that the food is excellent, less oily and quite healthy. For food i would rate the restaurant 10 on 10.. the only thing which was disappointing was the service. very SLOW.. Overall a great expierence..A must visit with your spouse.. gives you the actual feeling of romantic candle light dinner.


February 15, 2013response from management at Food First:

Thanks ma'am for such a lovely review!Yesterday restaurant was full, people are waiting out side still we have tried our best to make the Valentine Day SPECIAL for every one! As because we told "Your Valentine deserves best" . Again thanks for supporting our efforts! Please visit us again !! With warm regards !!!



if you have to describe food first restaurant that is one word only excellent.
staff very well behave and food is fantastic.must visit again.keep it up.


January 19, 2013response from management at Food First:

Dear Mr.Sukesh! Thanks for your review!! It's really encouraging for us. Again thanks for moral boost up! please visit again. Regards.

Fantastic experience!!!!

It was a fantastic experience. Food was nice. Staff was very courteous. Good value for money.
They told us to try the date jaggery ice cream - was quite nice.
After you come out you feel you had nice simple food and enjoyed yourself.
All in all a wonderful experience on the first day of the new year. Will definitely visit it again.


January 2, 2013response from management at Food First:

Thanks Mr. Parthiv! Thanks for give us the opportunity to serve you! Our motto of New Year Bash was to give good food, unlimited liquor, good entertainment & nice sit down dine experience!! Thanks for liking our service and give such a nice review! Wishing you and your family a very Happy & Prosperous New Year ahead !!!


Amazing place

Kudos to the entire team.. there is only 1 word for you... Amazing.

Be it food, service and the warmth. The best part is they are in my office building.. Its time to take their membership plan. Kudos Team Food First and keep up the good work.


December 12, 2012response from management at Food First:

Thanks for the positive review !!We are trying our best to reach the desired level what our valued guest looking for!!Thanks for appreciating our effort !!! with warm culinary regards !!!


Much awaited fine dine restaurant in suburbs

There was a dearth of restaurants in this part of the suburbs and Food First comes as a relief for all the food lovers. Now people don't have to travel to Andheri-w to visit the overcrowded restaurants. It has the finest Indian cuisine and an unmatched ambience. The variety in the bar menu is to die for. You can only experience such hospitality in 5 star hotels.So what are you guys waiting for. Get your seats reserved now. Cheers!!!!!


December 2, 2012response from management at Food First:

Thanks for spending your specious time to write a good review about us!! We are new in the town and I must say till date, we don't go for any advertisement! We are depending on truly word of mouth !! Thanks lot sir and thanks to all Burrpian


Nice experience..!!

The name itself says Food First & everything else later... Food is very nice,,ambiance is also very good & the staff are also very good. Dont miss the chance to sit in the corner one it gives u a beautiful look of the outer view. Don't forget to visit this Restaurant...Overall it's very different & unique Restaurant.


November 7, 2012response from management at Food First:

Thanks's Ma'am, thanks for the positive review! Hope we will get the chance to serve you again !! with warm culinary regards !!!


Innovative Food with a beautiful view!

The first thing you notice when one enters Food First is the height of this restaurant and the huge glass ceiling. Its one of the most innovatively designed places, ive seen in a very long time. Be sure to catch the seats right close to the windows. It gives you an amalgamation of an indoor but outdoor feeling. I went there for dinner, but would love to see how it would be in the day with all the sunlight coming in and making the restaurant look even more beautiful! The lounge/bar area is also done up very tastefully with some great lighting.
But the best part of the restaurant wasn't the gorgeous interiors... it was the food.. and the place is rightly called food first! The general manager was kind enough to recommend some interesting dishes that were truly delectable. they gave us an amuse bouche to start with which was on the house, and then we went on to the starter made of papad, patori fish main course-dal makhni, mushroom in pyaaz and garlic naan! all of the dishes were fantastic! To top it all they suggested us to have a Gud (jaggery) icecream, which was a burst of superb flavour in my mouth.. When you go there.. try this for sure!
The staff was very nice , helpful courteous and knowledgeable about what they were serving us!
I am definitely going to go back again- This place truly has Indian food with a twist!!!


November 7, 2012response from management at Food First:

Gooding Ma'am !! Thanks for choosing us !! I must say you thank you for such positive review !! We are honoured !! With warm culinary regards !!!

Amit Pal - Burrp User

Amit Pal

1 Reviews

October 31,2012


it’s a must must must try

I think it’s the most amazing restaurant I have been to.
The food it’s just fabulous and the ambiance is very unique,
It’s a complete outdoor seating experience with the comfort and
coziness of being indoors (AC in an outdoor seating…beat that!!!)
the best fine dine experience ever…
it’s a must must must try. Keep it up Food First. !!!


November 7, 2012response from management at Food First:

Thanks Sir !! Thanks for appriciating us !! We are new in the city and it was the first review !! Thanks a lot for your precious time !! with warm regards !!!