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Lower ParelSouth Mumbai  


5 Reviews / 5 Ratings

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Sip Away Your Monsoon Blues Jul 30 - Aug 31

  • If you keep yearning for tea every alternate hour. Fret not; the tea counter at Foodhall will leave you spoilt for choice. Flavoured teas, organic teas, black teas, green teas, display teas, chado special reserve teas. It has all this and much more. With innumerable varieties and flavours, the tea counter at Foodhall is heaven for all tea lovers. You will find something to match every mood and taste.

    Keep it simple by opting for the all-time-favourite masala chai or enjoy some beautiful display teas like fairy peach pearls, lychee nut flower, jasmine rosette to name a few. Soothe your nerves with some exotic black tea or take the healthy route by opting for organic tea, herbal tea or green tea. Do not forget to check out the unique chai blends and sip on the classic Kashmiri Kahwa.

    A warm drink and a spicy hot snack is the classic craving during the monsoons. Head to the patisserie and demo counter at Foodhall and find something to compliment your cuppa tea.

    Time: 10:30am - 10pm

Monsoon Magic Jul 17 - Aug 31

  • Foodhall is all set to create the perfect mood to help you say hello to the rains. Go ahead; pamper yourself with your favourite comfort food this season. Take a pick from a variety of hot soups like roasted tomato basil broth and Hot & Sour Soup and keep yourself warm. Pair it with bread bowls and voila you have a quick meal to devour.

    Those looking to give the oily treats a skip this season, there is a reason to rejoice. Opt for the healthy quick bites to enjoy your guilt free indulgence. Take your pick from a range of delicious dips like greek goddess dip, roasted garlic dip, balsamic Mayo dip, Thai spice aubergine dip, olive tapenade mayo and much more. Pair it with a variety of accompaniments as per your mood and taste. Crackers, multigrain breads, lavash, pita bread, freshly baked tacos, cucumber and carrot sticks, the options are aplenty. If you are looking at something more filling, opt for the variety of Sushi available here. Sit back and let the rains engulf you in its magic.

    Nothing defines a rainy day better than a cup of steaming hot tea and the Chado Bar at Foodhall offers a plethora of tea options. Opt for the special Kashmiri Kahwa or stick to the good old masala chai. Dive into the heavenly hot chocolate if you are in a mood to indulge. Head to the Patisserie to get your dose of sugar rush. Choose from a variety of scrumptious goodies like warm apple pie, brownies, freshly baked cookies, warm banana bread to name a few.

    Time: 10:30am - 10pm

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