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Sunny Gurnani - Burrp User

Sunny Gurnani

January 16,2014

Must try in Andheri W

The food is great, portions are generous, and prices are excellent, too, especially for lunch. And they make chicken curries with dark meat, rather than chicken breast

For chicken they use succulent and delicious thigh meat, which is tender and cooked perfectly. very pleasantly fragrant, and with a touch of sweetness to it. I knew I will miss it the first moment I tried it.

Service was a bit slow, and the furniture really needs replacing, but you come to a restaurant primarily for food, rather than for furniture, right?

They also serve amazing Chicken Schezwan Tandoori and last but not the least, the pricing is pretty good in here.

I strongly recommend trying this place!
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varpri - Burrp User


August 31,2013

Best place for Mughlai cuisine in Andheri West!!!!

Have always ordered home delivery at my cousin's place in Lokhandwala and love the food from Food Inn. This time i though of visiting this place for an early dinner with my boy gang last month.

Ambience: The aircon room upstairs is for family and is fairly decent with good furnishings.

Food: After my meal i would say that this is the best place to have dinner in Andheri west if one wishes to have good Mughlai food.

1) Mutton Seekh kebab: They were the most delicious seek kebabs i have had in my life!!!
2) Chicken shezwan tandoori: This is a food in speciality. They basically grill the tandoori chicken in shezwan sauce marinate and it was really a great fusion dish.
3)Mutton and Chicken kathi rolls: The mutton was better then the chicken since it was just spicy enough and the bhuna mix in the roomali roti was mindblowing.
4) Chicken reshmi tikka: Regular and tasty.
5) Chicken Lazzeez (the dish of the evening!!!!): This is the best main course chicken gravy dish i have had!!!!!!! The chicken pieces were good ones and the gravy was well spiced with good assortment of garlic and pepper in it.

My cousin advised me that the biryani there is ok but we were so stuffed anywayz that we did not dare to order any rice dish.

The caramel custard was nice.

Overall i would say this is paradise for meat lovers like yours truly and our tribe.

The damages for the evening was about 400-500 per head.

Service is quick and efficient.

This is a must must visit people!!!!!! Go for the dine in so you can enjoy the stuff piping hot......
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vikrantsonawala - Burrp User


July 15,2013

Weekend Lunch........

Visited the place first time for lunch. So ill start with the ambiance, it was awesome, the service was decent and the quality of the food was very good, i tried the Chicken Green Lemon sauce..... i just want to say it was superb!!!! and yes worth for money!!!!!
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princess2088 - Burrp User


January 12,2013

Horrible management

Very uncivilised and cheap people to deal with...The management doesnt know how to speak or handle the customers... I'd give it a minus 100... completely spoilt my experience !!!
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Damian Fernandes - Burrp User

Damian Fernandes

November 25,2012

YUmmy Butter Chicken

Food In in the Heart of Lokhandwala market is the place you definitely don’t wanna miss after your shopping spree in lokhandwala. After all your walking around from shopping the perfect thirst quencher is the fresh lime soda. And the fun part is you get to add your soda so you can make it to your liking. Its specialty is its biryani's, sheek kababs, butter chicken. And if you’re a sweet tooth you'll love the ferni or caramel custard. The place also offers other varieties like chicken lollipop, and chicken fried rice.
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Nikhil Chinchankar - Burrp User

Nikhil Chinchankar

November 09,2012

Best Tandoori Chicken in Mumbai!!

I have had tandoori chicken from possibly, every raved about joint in Mumbai, and I strongly believe that the Tandoori Chicken at Food Inn is THE BEST! The rest of the food however is just OK. The Egg Masala is probably my favorite other than the Tandoori Chicken. Bheja fry isn't bad too! But you can definitely give everything else a miss.

Affordable pricing and a good place for a quick meal.

Please try the Tandoori Chicken! I vouch for it! :)
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Anjum  - Burrp User


October 19,2012

Must try!

Chicken tandoori, chicken fried rice and chicken tikka biryani! My favourite dishes from Foodinn. I've mostly have the food delivered home but the restaurant is good too. Avoid eating outside and instead sit in their AC section on the 1st floor. It's a latest addition to the place and is well decorated. Plus the service is quicker if you're sitting there, as opposed to sitting in the AC section on the ground floor. Even though I'm a fan of non-veg food, the veg biryani here is pretty decent too.
It's just a little expensive but once in a while it's cool, for the quality of the food.
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karan09 - Burrp User


December 14,2011

reasonable place

great food, love the tandoori, service is good and the rates are reasonable. worth it in every possible way. would love to visit this place again and again. :-)
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Tariq Chauhan - Burrp User

Tariq Chauhan

June 12,2011

Good food, service and all reasonably priced

Excellent Mughlai cuisine and must check out their Chicken Tandoori. Situated at the heart of Lokhandwala market, its an ideal place once you r tired of all the shopping. The joint ambience in itself is understandably not plush but excellent service and reasonable price more than makes up for it.. !! Go for it ! Cheers !
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Harjinder Rai - Burrp User

Harjinder Rai

April 08,2011

Home Delivery Always

food is good if you want good and average priced meal. have been ordering for about 5 years from there and till date have no major problems.
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A B - Burrp User


April 02,2011

Best chicken

And when I say it I mean it. They have the most awsum chicken tandoori compared to any other restaurant I have tried so far. My recommendation - chicken tandoori, dal tadka and roti. Try it!!

and like its said - who cares about the ambiance if you have good food!!
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santoshv82 - Burrp User


March 13,2011

Good one..

If you are not calorie concious..this is the place to be..these guys have lots of variety at decent prices...
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khalidfirdausi - Burrp User


September 23,2010


I really enjoy having dinner at Food Inn. Its Authentic Mughalai and Tandoori dishes. Also service is great.
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Vic  - Burrp User


September 17,2010

Best for Tandoori Chicken

It was a hot afternoon ... we were starving for food and I was in a mood for Tandoori Chicken.... i was taken to this place...
Take it from a hungry man... And as commented previously by others, if you not bothered about the calories and like tandoori chicken it’s a great place to dig you teeth in the deep hot mouthwatering tandoori chicken…
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u dont wanna kno  - Burrp User

u dont wanna kno

December 26,2009

Upgraded look!

Food Inn recently got a makeover...for good.. the place is much better now...
The staff is friendly n helpful...
Food is amazing...if you are a vegan then its not the best joint for you...
All in all, if you are in lokhandwala n feel like eating indian - this is the place...
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Inder_k - Burrp User


October 11,2009

Bad at its best

I went in there , and ordered a simple meal for two , Chicken Tangdi and Chicken Roll, the service is so poor they didn't deliver my small order for exactly 48 min, i had to walk off and they kept on saying 2 min ...2 min ... but the food never showed up.. in the end they said 10 min more ???
For a road side restaurant like Food - inn , which works on fast food idea ....48 min is way beyond any ones time for a quick meal ..wont dine there ever, even if offered a free meal.
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Nishant Singh - Burrp User

Nishant Singh

June 13,2009

Good food - not for the diet conscious

I read in the papers sometime back that the Tandoori Chicken was the best at Food Inn. So I decided to try it out for myself and took my friend along as my sole witness to my tasting ritual. Even before we sat down we placed the order and by the time we found the table the order had arrived. What timing!! The chicken, though a bit burnt in parts was quite yummy. Tender and well cooked the chicken was devoured quickly. Still hungry, (or atleast hallucinating hunger) we ordered for another dish. Chicken Kabuli bonless and 2 naans. The chicken curry was very very good! Even though we were full, we still ate on to our hearts content until we couldn’t eat more!

The Kabuli was good, as it was suggested by the waiter himself. The tandoori was good too but I must say I have had better. If my memory serves me right, I have never had better tandoori chicken than at Bistro Grill, Juhu. Infact this place got my hooked onto tandoori chicken for life! The Tandoori at Food Inn, was quite salty as well, not exactly to our taste, I must say.

The total meal cost us 200 bucks per person and I think it could have been down to just around a 100 bucks if we didn’t choose to stuff ourselves up so much! Besides the food, we also had lassi which was cold and thick (awesome!) and my friend ordered a sweet lime juice which was, well, frigging sweet!!!

Will definitely go to this place again for some curry delights and lassi to go with it!
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glutton111 - Burrp User


December 16,2008


this is a superb place for GOOD food at cheap price in a place like lokhandwala..supposedly the desi Covent Garden of Mumbai..lol. Prices have just been increased recently but still lower than most places serving biryanis at Rs 55 and Chikten tikkas at 90 rs. MOST IMP...its open till 1-1.20 am...so all u owls...njoy the party here. home delivery available late as well.
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Ajay Awtaney - Burrp User

Ajay Awtaney

September 14,2008

Decent food when you have nowhere else to go

This Food inn is not related to the ones at Juhu or in Colaba. Tho the logo looks strikingly similar. that said, lets go into the details

Food inn is a decently priced outlet for the times when you want to have your non-veg made up nicely, but not too pricey. they have an airconditioned seating and one outside. The same food priced differently for putting the A/c on.

No specific favourites, but I depend on this man when i need food at 130 in the morning and no other place mebbe open. But dont take the "biryani" though, you'll end up fishing for the pieces of flesh inside.

The rest is all good!!!!!!
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Anaggh Desai - Burrp User

Anaggh Desai

April 24,2008

No Diet Food

1st cross lane of Lokhandwala. Typical moughlai stuff swimming in rich oily gravies & great meat that is of no use to the diet conscious. Has been there for eons and shall continue for time memorial.
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