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> > > > Foodito Deli & Grill

Foodito Deli & Grill

Mira RoadThane  


6 Reviews / 7 Ratings

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Foodito Deli & Grill Reviews

raagi - Burrp User


1 Reviews

February 14,2014






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This wonderful restaurant was closed down at least a year back. Food was terrific but management was not able to manage the business.


Anup Baheti - Burrp User

Anup Baheti

4 Reviews

September 16,2012


Foodito - Mexican & Italian

have been planning to drop in for a quick bite for a while but couldn't manage until last night. A good place for Mexican and Italian food in Mira road. Its a bit cozy and will not accommodate a large number of customers at the same time.
Atmosphere was good, cleanliness was maintained.
Food served was pretty good but the time taken to serve should be improved.
The staff was welcoming too but had to remind them couple of times to bring out the order.
Overall one can visit this place for a change and will be pleased (Just keep an extra half hour at hand with the service )

Ambiance - 4/5
Food - 4/5
Staff - 3.5/5


Foodito an Agent for 3rd grade food places

Foodito has declined its standard to zero. We had ordered for Veg food. I took quite some 1 1/2 hour to be delivered. When we opened the packet, it was Mutton .... to total vegetarians place. The order given to Foodito was forwarded by them to some other 3rd grade restaurant in Mira Road. They are actual agents for 3rd grade restaurants in Mira Road. The parcel was replaced after 1 hour... again with only the Koftas, when the entire curry had spilled into rotis and other items. One order... the delivery takes 1 1/2 hour... replacement takes 2 hours... that too, the delivery boy says don't tell me anything, this has been forwarded by Foodito to my restaurant.... so go hungry man!!!!


May 14, 2012response from management at Foodito Deli & Grill:

Dear Madam,

Greetings from Foodito...

We apologize for the grievous mistake which has happened on last Sunday,there could be 10 explanation for the mistake happened, but we would look forward to continue our relationship.
For that our management has decided to provide you a complete free lunch in Foodito.
As an initial set up we have outsourced our home delivery system to a third party (that is not a restaurant, but a company)which created all the situation by exchange your parcel with an another parcel.
We are exp

May 20, 2012response from management at Foodito Deli & Grill:

Mr. Kadam, should think twice while making such false promises on the web. Yesterday, I thought of giving Foodito a second chance, and I happened to call up this gentleman. Since he was away from work, he promised me that I would get a call from the restaurant in a few seconds... which never happened. I waited till 30 odd minutes, and called up the restaurant, if the information was given to them. They said they will get back to me in some time after speaking to Mr. Kadam,,,, again waiting for it. Mr. Kadam, when Mira Road has Pizza Hut, Domino

May 21, 2012response from management at Foodito Deli & Grill:

A very unprofessional place, not ready to take any criticism and improve

An unexpected discovery in Mira Road

Foodito Deli and Grill:
Discovered an unexpected cozy restaurant in the southern corner of Mira Road, which are mostly found in Andheri and beyond… Foodito Deli and Grill. It’s famous (for me) for its ambiance and aroma of some promising food. I and my wife were welcomed by a permanent-smile-on-face manager. Interior is in lines of Leopold Café and Jugheads. Comfortable sofas and soothing lighting makes one at ease. Menu card is on a bit expensive side (which later I found okay in comparison to similar joints) and had a balance of continental, Indian and a sprinkle of bakery items. We stuck to Moglai food with some yummy chicken nuggets (its lime-pepper chatni is a killer). We tried Peach Ice Tea, which was not very enjoyable as expected. Well, the overall experience was, for me above average and for my wife “it’s good” with half a smile. It’s a nice place to try once in a while but doesn’t leave you with nostalgic memories…
Anwar and Nusrat Khan.


prakashn - Burrp User


1 Reviews

August 17,2011


uniquely delicious experience!

Had a wonderful time munching italian and mexican delicacies at foodito last week. Much MORE than expected , the taste of the food was truly unique and the ambience very spacious and friendly...definitely going to revisit!!!


Finally a deli close to home!

No longer do i have to trudge to Andheri and beyond to get a decent Italian or Mexican meal. Foodito has suddenly appeared out of the blue to offer a cafe style experience in far flung Mira Road.
Since it is walking distance from my home, I decided to give it a try. On a sunday evening, Foodito draws a crowd like a moth to flame.

Ambience: Occupying two shops, the restaurant has an open kitchen which is visible from the outside thanks to a glass facade. The kitchen is clean, contemporary and reassuring. You can see the chef preparing your dish while you wait on one of the five tables that comfortably seats up to 18 people. Top marks to the interior designer for giving it a rustic yet contemporary feel. One wall has a Mario Miranda mural similar to that of Mondy's and Cafe Mocambo while the others are exposed brick.
Rating: 4/5

Food: On my first visit I tried the Mexican Chicken Finger Burger which had a unique taste to it unlike most burgers. It reminded of the Goan meat pickle that my mom makes. My brother had the Volcano Taco platter and a plate of fries which was pretty good. For dessert I had the Chocolate smoothie which had the right taste and consistency expected of a well made smoothie and my brother had the Dazzling Brownie which was your basic sizzling brownie with icecream. The total bill came to around Rs. 410 which was pretty high compared to Mira Road standards. But since this place is on a different level from most Mira Road eateries, I was satisfied enough to make another trip.

On the second visit the next day, I decided to try out the chicken Lasagna which was better than most places I've been to. On the waiter's recommendation, i added an extra layer of cheese which might have been a mistake considering the amount which nearly hid the large portion of lasagna. My friend ordered the chicken Pizza Americano which was chicken cubes in BBQ sauce, onions, jalapeno peppers etc. on an 8" thin crust base. The base was a bit soggy by the time it reached my table. At first bite, I clearly felt the absence of a tomato base which gave it a slightly wierd taste. The mozarella was nice and stringy, but it soon proved to be a bane as every bite was a fight to get enough in your mouth without having to wrestle with the cheese.

Overall it wasn't all that great compared to the greasy-as-hell Joey's pizza which is my gold standard in comfort food. Keep in mind that I am an absoute hog when it comes to food ( I can finish a whole serving of Peppery Lamb Noodles from 5 Spice, which is no mean feat), the lasagna and two slices of the pizza left me full.

Deciding to have something light for dessert, we ordered a slice of blueberry cheesecake and a green apple fizzy ( green apple syrup and soda). The cheesecake was passable while the soda was more ice than liquid. I understand that the drink needs to be cold but not so much that you need to fill the glass completely with ice! I probably got two or three sips before it was gone. This time the bill was Rs. 710. Thinking something was off, I checked the bill and saw that i had been charged for an extra slice of cheesecake. Any other place in town would have offered the dessert free as an apology, but since this is Mira Road, I didn't expect them to do that. Just got an apology and a revised bill of Rs. 635.
Rating: 3/5 (Since they've just opened up, I'm hoping that the food will get better over time)

Service: Since it is a small cosy restaurant, there is just one server handling all the tables. The rest of the staff is behind the counter making sure you get your food as fast as possible. As I mentioned earlier, Sunday is a busy day and people were waiting outside to get a table. The manager and the server made sure everyone was happy and I didnt see anyone leave in a huff over not getting a table. This is the kind of service and hospitality Mira Road needs.
Rating: 4/5

Phew! Looks like I went overboard with this review. All said and done, if you're ever in Mira Road and need a good place to eat, this is it. It stands out head over heels over any restaurant between Borivali and Virar.


July 19, 2011response from management at Foodito Deli & Grill:

Hi !
really appreciate your frank comments about the food, ambience & the service. All of that you have mentioned will surely help us understand & grow in terms of providing better service to our customers. Foodito started on 11th of July, Monday morning, last week being our very first week of business there were many issues that were left unattended, but the management is definitely finding ways to give a very comfortable and satisfying experience to our customers ensuring incidents like wrong billing, issues with the beverages etc don't