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> > > > Four Points By Sheraton

Four Points By Sheraton

VashiNavi Mumbai  

  • 02261587777, 02227817979
  • Plot No. 39/1, 6 To 15, Sector 30-A, Vashi, Navi Mumbai

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Four Points By Sheraton Reviews

One of the best I've been to!

I got married here and had stayed over a couple of nights here despite home being 2 buildings away

Their rooms are huge and the view is brilliant! The decor and lighting is very relaxing

Though slightly expensive, you get brilliant VFM with a mini bar, fully stacked fridge and some munchies in the room

The service is very good and the staff is always ready to help and the fact that it is the next building to InOrbit mall, the shopping is also covered!



Lovely place


I am frequent visitor of four points Sheraton really like this place as it is one of the best place in navi mumbai to hangout.The best part i like about this place is their full night coffee shop where you can sit as long as you want.yes their food is awesome al carta and buffet both are very tasty.Their staff is outstanding



Consistently sad - Jan '11 to Aug '12

Went for the midnight buffet earlier this month. It was an absolute letdown even with someone else footing the bill!

For Rs 550 per head, we got to ask our way to the partially shielded buffet area, which is adjacent to the security scanners at the entrance. This section is reached even before the reception desk. That in itself was weird.

The stark lighting, the odd location and the uncomfortably close cluster of tables (2 tables out of possible ten were occupied in the 1 1/2 hour that we were there) force a negative rating for ambience. And for how this buffet seems to be regarded by the hotel.

Water had to be requested; the bill took ten minutes to come (from a desk facing our table) after repeated requests. The tiny spread was disappointing by way of variety and quality. There was a veg soup that was unappetising, at best. What should have been cold salads were sitting limp at room temperature, what should have been hot dishes sat cool in their dishes. The main course was limited and forgettable. There was a tiny chocolate dessert that was hard to finish. The one decent thing about the meal was a berry cheesecake, and I'm partial to cheesecakes. Yet, it that wasn't worth a fifth of the total price and it certainly didn't compensate for the rest of the meal. We were actually speculating whether our meal consisted of leftovers from lunch or dinner or both. A small but tasty roadside snack was being considered, but the late hour posed a problem.

I truly wish I could write a positive review bubbling with enthusiasm over having discovered a great place for the occasional late night meal. But our time there was soured by far too many factors for that. My favourite part of the 'experience' would have to be the cheerful smiles of the security staff. And those would be available even if I was to pop in just to use the washroom.

I'm sure people will still go, because on paper a late night Four Seasons buffet in Vashi at 550 sounds like a steal. And while these guys may deserve more chances and more reviews, I don't see myself lining up for a table there anytime soon. It was a depressing meal.


accque - Burrp User


4 Reviews

October 23,2011


Mid Nite Buffet -Ok Type

Went on 22nd Oct 2011, with the type of projection and name the this hotel has, the expectations was big.. Well was disappointed by the spread in the restaurant-Wrapped. The spread was less. There was one soup pot which was full, 2 non- veg salad and and usual veg salad, some carrot,tomato, lettuce and apple with mayo sauce.2 non-veg side dish, 3 veg side dish, rice and papad. Three desert and a south Indian Kheer. The food was ok type only it tasted similar to that of local Karnakata hotel. nothing different. they had only chapatti at that point. Had little bit of everything, as told in the start it didn't meet my expectation. The ambience wasn't there, it was like a small get together with 4-5 tables...The desert pastry had mosquito on it. I took a piece without a mosquito on it, but one came and landed on it. Highlighted this to the waiter... don't know after that.. Overall it was just a regular restaurant. Not worth going to unless someone is footing u r bill !! Did write this in their comment sheet don't whether any action will be taken...


Okie Okie Types..

Went there on a rainy weekend.. Its near the Inorbit mall and has a nice view from inside..

The staff was good.. The Mocktails were awesome.. Simply loved it.. Chicken Chilly was Spicy and really good.. Veg starter was some aloo based which I dint liked.. It should have been some Paneer thing.. But there were only 2 starters 1 veg and 1 Non veg.. I guess they should decrease their 11 salads menu and convert it to 5-6 Starters..

There was 1 live Pasta counter which was good thing.. But unfortunately I dint liked anything much in Main Course.. There were many Veg and Non Veg dishes.. And next bad thing is that they close their counters even if the people are there by 3.30.. So u need to surve yourself before 3.30 and expect nothing at counters after that. Which is wierd.. They should keep it open for late comers atleast till 4-4.30 So that customers goes satisfied with all.. I ended up surving many dishes and not liking anything much.. main course they served cold nanns which was annoying..

Desserts were 2/8.. 2 out of 8 were really good.. 1 was horrible..

Dint find it value for Money..

It has Ambiance as per standards but unfortunately not food..


kperiwal - Burrp User


5 Reviews

January 02,2011


Pathetic - Thats the word.

On Jan 1, 2011 I accompanied by another guest decided to have the mid night buffet at Fourpoints, Vashi. We called up the hotel and the operator informed us that the mid night buffet started at 11 and was on till 4. He also informed that the same was priced at Rs. 350 including taxes.

We reached Fourpoints, Vashi at 10:50 pm and entered the restaurant. There we were informed by the captain - Rakesh, that the buffet would star at 11:30 pm as the dinner buffet was still on and would end at 11:30pm. We seated our self on one of the tables.

The staff in the restaurant did not even bother to serve water and I had to ask for the same. The glass at the table was also dirty.

After about 15 minutes, the captain - Rakesh went to each of the tables and informed the guests that the buffet was ready. We headed towards the soup counter. Only one soup was served and that too without any side orders like a bread basked or bread rolls. On asking if there were any provisions for soup sticks or bread basket, the staff told me he would have to check the same and get back to me. Though I was told that bead rolls would be served with the soup, I didnt see the same till the end of my meal and my exit from the restaurant. Moreover I could hear the captain talking/shouting over the phone on his colleague regarding the bread rolls in front of the guests itself.

The spread of the buffet was disheartening and unsatisfying. Only one appetizer and that too vegetarian, was served, where as I was told over the phone that they would have one of both veg and non veg starter. The condiments for most of the dished were not served on time. The Raita and papad to be served with the biriyani was served after I had completed my meal. The food was cold and tasteless. There was neither variety or number in the dishes served. The dessert was not even replenished after the initial serving had finished.

I do not understand how could a Hotel of your stature have such poor standards. It almost felt like we has been served the leftovers of the day.

I had read on the internet that Sheraton Four Points, Vashi boasts of a delectable spread of 35 varieties. There were not even 20 dishes, even if I counted each salad dressing as a separate dish. There was no choice on the indian flat bread served with curries.

The staff was not very attentive and had to be constantly asked for. I would have rather went to attend a marriage party as it might have even turned out to be a better experience.