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> > > > Fratelli Fresh & Wine Bar, Renaissance Mumbai Convention Centre Hotel

Fratelli Fresh & Wine Bar, Renaissance Mumbai Convention Centre Hotel

PowaiCentral Suburbs  

  • 02266927141, 02266927540
  • Renaissance Mumbai Convention Centre Hotel,2/3 B,Powai, Mumbai
  • Italian
  • Meal for 2 - 2500

11 Reviews / 14 Ratings

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Fratelli Fresh & Wine Bar, Renaissance Mumbai Convention Centre Hotel Reviews





heaven for foodie

Been there for dinner buffet to celebrate my friend's birthday. I've never seen so many food in one place. it was pricey but ultimate experience. So many dishes but all were tasty. overall 4 out of 5. can visit this place once in six months.


Good food

+ Good quality of pizzas and main course preparations

- Servers are a little distracted
- Appetizer menu is very limited
- Wine menu not geographically diverse
- Ambiance is a little too dark for a business dinner


SoniS - Burrp User


2 Reviews

April 14,2013


Used to be a great place

Had fond memories of this place and visited it after 1.5 yrs. it's disappointing. House breads were totally dry and cold.. Mixed up our drink order. Garlic bread bruschetta was just warm garlic bread that I could have got at a local bakery. Ravioli had only 1 dominant flavour - salt.. Only saving grace was the pizza which had some bit of flavour and seemed the only edible item.. Too disappointed to order desserts. Not going back...


abidikar - Burrp User


10 Reviews

February 10,2013


All time best

Good but expensive. Good service. Good food. Good portions.


Breakfast Breakfast and Breakfast

If you ever get up after a horrible night of work, workout, sport or partying and you're craving for that ultimate breakfast place....this my friend is the place to be. The breakfast buffet at Fratelli Fresh is fantastic. It has its usual english breakfast corner with choice of eggs, bacon, sausages, potato wedges etc, to quite the substantial spread of cereals, yoghurts and cold cuts. My south indian friends weren't exactly blown away by the dosas and other south indian items but were more than satisfied. But what totally blew me away (or blows me away coz i keep going there) is the bakery section. The variety of breads, cakes, muffins, pancakes etc. is simply excellent. The fresh croissants are to die for. A whip of butter on em croissants and youre ready to devour your eggs like a hungry lioness. Might I suggest the eggs benedict while youre at it. Theres also a good choice of fresh juices and lassi. But like I said, the bakery section is what I love about this place. And of course, nothing beats a lovely breakfast with a lovely view of a lake and the fresh air walk you can take around the place to burn the calories after youre fed and fat. Having brealfast here feels just right!!


Fresh by the lake

At the very first look the restaurant wins you over with its location. An evening can't be spent any better than having Italian meal by the lake.

Went there for an early dinner while the Sun hadn't gone down completely and I could still see the lake. The restaurant has a quiet ambiance and the soft Jazz playing in the background makes it even better. The wine display in the center of the restaurant tells you that they have a collection of some of the best Italian wines.

The recently launched menu has some of the most authentic dishes from Italy. I thought of going beyond pasta this time and totally loved it. I ordered Mozzarella and Ham in Corrozza with a glass of Pinotgrigio. I am not much of a ham eater but this dish gave me a completely different perspective. The cheese was soft and fresh and so was the bread. The tangy sauce made from tomatoes and onion was a perfect accompaniment. For the main course I went for PerCarlo (chicken stuffed with artichokes and seasoned with wine and herbs) served with asparagus, porcini mushrooms and baby potatoes. The chicken was tender and artichokes gave the dish a nice sour flavor.

The dessert menu had a new entry called passione or sweet passion (red berries and raspberries cooked in wine and topped with cream blended with brandy). The taste still lingers in my mouth and can give tiramisu a run for its money anytime.

The restaurant has an open kitchen and everything is cooked/baked fresh right in front of you.

Would definitely go back for another meal soon.


The Awwwwwwwwwsome Brunch!!

The ambience simply lights up my heart!!
The food fires my apetite and well the wine fuels my intentions!!
the pretty hotel houses Fratelli that serves the freshEST yummiest italian i have ever tasted!!



One of my favourite brunch spots!

Enjoying the beautiful lake Powai while discovering the tasty Italian and Mediterranean cuisine inside an open spaced Restaurant. A very good price-performance ratio on Sunday Brunch makes this exquisite restaurant to one of my preferred favourite brunch spots.

In the end @ Fratelli’s everyone can become a gourmet!



Almost the way it should be

We went here for a fairly special day. We had bruschetta with prawns, tossed whitebait, penne in white sauce, and a steak.

Everything except the pasta was simply superb. The steak was done to perfection. The chef here definitely knows a thing or two about Italian food. And the portions are generous.

This restaurant has the some of the grandest and most elegant interiors in Mumbai. This is a must visit place though a little expensive (the steak was ~ 1800 )



After being told a couple of times by the staff at Renaissance to try this place we finally decided to go. On a lazy-rainy afternoon the mister and I landed in this vast expanse of space with nice furniture and nice staff. Like every other place in the city this had a Sunday buffet too which we decided to skip and are eternally thankful for that.
The buffet looked unimpressive and was priced prohibitively expensive @ 1800/- per person.

We went for broke and ordered À la carte and little did we know that it would almost be literally true. Since it was a late lunch we ordered a pizza and a roast chicken. The pizza was a simple affair with pepperoni and some fresh herbs. It could have been a promising piece had it been served hot. The chicken, a roasted gig with some parmesan on it and stir-fired veggies was almost frozen. Don't know what's with the place and their dislike for hot food. The best part was the way the tiramisu was served in a cute jar. The tiramisu was not up to the mark.. Too gooey and sweet and the cake was too wet. Some more coffee on top would have been nice. A pizza, a chicken dish and a tiramisu - for a whopping INR 2000 plus.

As far as my experience goes, Renaissance is a good place for view, ambience, service and feel but the food by and large is not great, Fratelli being no exception.


Designer Italian

I was looking forward to trying this restaurant after hearing all the hype about it. We were invited first of all to sample some wine and cheese outside the main restaurant.

Once done with that, we moved inside. There was the obligatory Italian chef to greet us, and an interesting use of space and materials to furnish the restaurant. It's a very large, open space.

Then the menu. Yikes! It felt complicated and "advanced" for the palates of Mumbai. Too difficult to make a definite choice, but not overwhelmingly taken aback with the actual dish when it came. Bizarre.

And don't look at the prices. You'll have a heart attack before you get to your tiramisu and coffee.

Go hear to boast to your friends and colleagues, and share in the hype surrounding the place.


Booted up

The Renaissance’s latest dining venture – its name most likely inspired by an Australian chain that sells Italian produce, rather than by the Scottish alt-rock band – seems to be a vigorous attempt to pump money into a melting economy. Take for example, this Italian restaurant’s version of insalata caprese with roasted cherry tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella and rocket. Nothing too fancy, you’d think. Except that it slices Rs 1,100 off your card.