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> > > Fresh Catch

Fresh Catch

Mahim West  

  • 02224448942, 02230968981
  • Diamond Court Building, LT Kotnis Marg, Off L J Road, Mahim West, Mahim, Mumbai
  • Seafood, Goan
  • Meal for 2 - 800

12 Reviews / 14 Ratings

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Fresh Catch Reviews






Something Fishy!

A small restaurant located in mahim with some awesome seafood! The crabs , prawns and bombil were absolutely delicious. A must try for all seafood lovers! total value for your money not very expensive in comparison to other seafood joints.







Good stuff but short of VFM

So this place is a stone's throw from my place. Literally, a stone's throw away. Or less. But I'd never stepped into the place or ordered from there until a friend made a serious hard-sell on the place. Then I did what I always do. I looked up reviews and articles, and lo and behold, this lil neighboring joint is supposed to be one of the best seafood places in town.

Ordered a few times from here by now - rawas rossa kadi, mixed seafood pulao, fried bombil, fried kane

The rawas kadi was OK as was the mixed seafood pulao (I'm partial to the Goa Portuguesa prawns khichadi, which blows my mind every single time), but the fried bombil is totally standout. Crisp and very tasty and a notch or two above what's available in most seafood joints in the dadar-LP area. Their fried kane is pretty good too. An uncommon fish to be had in restaurants.

Now to the negative. It's pricey and small portions too. That factor detracts me from ordering more frequently, and more dishes at one go. I mean, they aren't selling top draw caviar here. I'd totally frequent this place if they match prices with some of the local joints (and I don't mean the cheap ones either!).



Excellent Food but poor quantity

After going thru all the reviews, i finally decided to visit this place yesterday for dinner. The hotel from outside looked a little shady...but still i went inside as food is all that matters to me. When we entered, we saw it is a small hotel with around 4 tables & has a mezzanine floor upstairs. The decor was very homely. I promptly ordered my favourite pomfret fillet tawa fry, prawns in butter garlic, steamed rice & plain rossa fish currry. Lots of families were dropping in...lots of youngsters too. So all this raised my hopes...seeing the crowd, photographs with celebrities stuck on the wall etc... Let me assure that my hopes were not crushed. Fish was fresh & very tasty. Pomfret size was of the hands (base of the palm to tip of small of finger) Prawns were equally delicious (very small size though). The butter garlic gravy was too good... i ended up having remains of that with plain rice. The food was well balanced. Nothing overtly spicy or oily. It was exactly like what you make at home. But i was disappointed with the quantity. Each dish i ordered was sufficient for only 1 person. The prices are competitive but sorry to say that the quantities dont match with it. The bill was Rs 1070/- for 1 person (no drinks or any other frills). My husband who accompanied me already had dinner so he was enjoying looking at me cleaning up the plates. The hotel owner needs to relook at the quantity that offer.


A veggie in a sea-food joint

Well, I am no authority to review this joint especially since I am a vegetarian. But I just happened to join friends from office who swear by this place and decided to go there for lunch on a Friday. Peer-pressure. While they were merrily ordering fish and other seafood, me and another vegetarian friend were twitching our fingers wondering what can we have here. Fortunately the waiter helped us choose Veg. Vindaloo and we went by his suggestion, and just to be safe we ordered a dal tadka too. And a veg meal in a restaurant is incomplete without Paneer so Paneer tikka was ordered. And to our surprise, all the veg dishes turned out to be delicious. The Veg. Vindaloo was with red gravy - spicy and tangy and dal tadka was unlike the ones served in the likes of Shiv Sagar and Bhagat Tarachand - this one was better. No floating oil on the top to prove the 'tadka' and no extra curry leaves that you pull out for half an hour before you realise that the acual dal is quite ess. But this one was just perfect and so good that we were tempted to order rice inspite of severe resistance from our tummy :-P. We had to was it down with a Vanilla and Lichee dessert which was not too good neither too bad. Just what you need after a good 'indian' meal.


A prized catch indeed …

We wanted to try this outlet especially after it was recommended by many from burrp and friends… took a while to find the place. Right from the welcome, what stands out are the smiles on the faces of the staff, incl. the owner. We decided to sit downstairs but could feel there was more action on the first floor. There was a huge Bong gang with guitars etc. for a lovely Sunday party and they were having a blast. Except us, everybody seemed like a regular there and nobody read the menu card :-) Good to see such a following. The owner was very friendly and would chat with everyone, giving their recommendations etc. their journey through 12 years could be seen on the wall, with pics of Tendulkar with the owner being most prominent.

He checked with us if we were there for the first time and recommended a list of must-haves … starting from Bombil fry which our 4 yr old just loved. This was followed by Prawn Rachiedo, excellent and juicy with just the right spices. Then their signature dish, crab meat with butter garlic sauce… a mildly flavored masterpiece which left just the right aftertaste. Neer dosas and pomfret curry followed … a little less spicy to our taste but lovely. What set the whole experience apart was the ‘homely’ atmosphere and the cooking, which did not leave any acidity or burping afterwards. It’s a very pleasant change from the oily stuff that is served at highway gomantaks of the world or excessive spices used at Gajalee.

Lovely experience and we ended up eating a lot more than what we had gone for – thanks to the owner ! Will definitely go back for the other stuff again … try it, you won’t regret the experience. A little on the expensive side though ... spent 2K for the above. Cheers !






First sea food experience could not get any better

A bunch of colleagues on an overly tiring Friday noon decided on getting down with sea food. I'll have to admit, I was never really a big seafood fan until I tried this place. The resident smell of the fish always lingered in my head deterring me from even coming close to it. But yes, this was a completely different experience.

It's a very small restaurant at the corner of the road with a small cage at the entrance holding about 10-12 live (but tiny'ish) crabs. Not more than 6 tables on the ground floor and I believe there is more seating upstairs.

The owner of the restaurant usually takes orders and helps out in ordering food. I let him order for me after telling him I've never really had good seafood that I liked. The service is kind of slow, but the waiters are alert at all times

After reading all these reviews below on Burrp about the Crab Meat Butter Garlic, dare I not order that. 350 bucks was expensive, but the taste was unlike I'd ever had in my life. It was my first time with crabs and it was surprisingly pleasant. We then called for a Bangda Fry and a Pomfret Fry (I can never tell fish apart from each other, so just bear with me). The Pomfret was pretty darn good and their green chutney was a perfect combination. We then called for Surmai Rossa Curry and Gaunti Kombdi Rossa Kadi (Desi chicken). The chicken was unbelievably good and is a MUST TRY there. All this while, fresh batches of piping hot chapatis kept coming in and you just cannot stop! The remainder of the Surmai Fish curry was downed with steamed rice and a satisfying meal was ensured.

I think we ended up paying 650 bucks a head, which is expensive. I don't know how much sea food meals really cost, but I'd not hesitate going there had someone offered me the Crab Meat Butter Garlic and the Gaunti Kombdi Rossa Curry


Rauf fe - Burrp User

Rauf fe

68 Reviews

December 17,2011


Good home style cooking

It was by chance that I happened to get here, the one thing that impressed me the most on entering is the neat and clean layout of the tables in the provided space and the restaurant didn't look cramped.
The next thing was the owner who was attentive and suggestive too, since he guessed that it was my first time there, all his suggestions were ordered from the Bombay ducks, clams and the king fish curry and everything was good. It was a taste apart from the mahesh lunch homes the gajalees and the rest of sea food restaurants in Mumbai. The service was attentive and not intrusive. The two small cons are that no alcohol and portions are small, no problems in paying more for bigger portions.
Apart from these two drawbacks, everything else was fantastic!


snm1981 - Burrp User


69 Reviews

November 14,2011


Delightful & simple

Got here early for dinner and pretty much ordered the entire menu.

Lovely mentionable food not to be missed.

- Crab butter garlic
- Clams

So good, so delicious and so very fresh. The only grouse the thinly cut slice of kingfish was pretty stale. The place is an old catholic house converted into a restaurant very quaint and adds to the experience if you ask me. The owner is also very amiable and sweet, with recommendations and suggestions.

If you love Mangalore-an and can differentiate it from goa-n, then head here for sure.


TomSn1984 - Burrp User


6 Reviews

September 12,2011


Great Seafood!

For all Seafood Lovers this is the place to go!
We had: Clams, Prawns Tawa Fry, Prawns in thick green gravy, Crab Meat Butter Garlic and Kingfish Fry.
One star less because the Kingfish was not fresh! Can happen!
All in all lovely food will definitely go there again!
One remark: Please start serving beer! It's an absolute necessity for fried seafood!


Come Home to Karwar

With a work experience of over 2 decades in the hotel industry, having set his mark in the kitchens of top hotel brands across India, Francis Fernandes has brought the mouth-watering cuisine of Karwar to Mumbai. Not only does he take effort to pick up the freshest catch himself, but also churns them out using the freshest of ingredients; leaving patrons craving for more. I was here to review the establishment and had a great experience dining with Mr. Fernandes himself. Highly recommended dishes include, the "sweet corn prawn soup", the crispy "bombil fry", the "crab meat garlic butter" and last but not the least, a glass full of "sol curry". 10/10 for the ambiance and the service. A must visit, if you're looking out for seafood delicacies in Mumbai.


chowhound - Burrp User


9 Reviews

January 05,2009


Among the best seafood places in Mumbai

I've been eating at Fresh Catch for over 5 years now and can honestly say that it is among Mumbai's best seafood restaurants (I should know, since I am Mangalorean and seafood is literally in my genes!) :)

The place is unpretentious and tiny and scores a big zero when it comes to ambience, but the food has consistently been excellent. Even vegetarian friends who've sometimes accompanied me have raved about the meals they've eaten. Fresh Catch serves food that has it's origins in cuisine from the Goa - Karnataka coastline, with a greater influence from Karnataka perhaps. Almost every dish I've eaten at Fresh Catch has been a winner.

However, the choice in soft drinks and desserts is severely limited. Quite frankly, Fresh Catch isn't about the ambience or the desserts, but just about the main course--sea food. And when it comes to sea food, Fresh Catch is simply amazing. Although the nearby Goa Portugesa is far more popular, I don't think it comes close to Fresh Catch when it comes to food. Fresh Catch is also moderately priced with a meal for two costing between Rs 600-Rs 800.


Expensive and scanty

It's too expensive and the quality is too less for the price. And on top of that, the quality is nothing exceptional. My mom makes better food than these guys.