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> > > Fro Yo - Frozen Yogurt

Fro Yo - Frozen Yogurt

Waterfield Road  

  • 26443020, 9820889960
  • Shop No.4, Silver Pearl, Opposite Harley Davidson, Waterfield Road, Bandra West, Mumbai
  • Ice-cream, Juice
  • Meal for 2 - 150

11 Reviews / 11 Ratings

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Fro Yo - Frozen Yogurt Reviews

frozen yogurts

liked the frozen yogurts but the toppings used werent so fresh..........
wud prefer goin to cocoberry instead




Wanna try some yummy deserts.. Try frozen yogurts.. I had never thought there would be a place solely for yogurts but when I discovered it, I was excited to be there.. Trust me, I was glad I went there and I loved every bite I took.. It was yum.. Much better than those packed yogurts..! It's fresh and yum and true value for money..! :-)




The best yogurt place in town... beats its competition by miles. To know more visit ?


August 17, 2011response from management at Fro Yo - Frozen Yogurt:

Dear Malik, thank u so much for your review and the kind words... It give us great pleasure in knowing that you enjoy having our frozen yogurt as much as we love serving it... Do drop by at our newly opened 3rd location at Carter Road... Thanks...


The best yogurt in the city

I am a Yogurt fan. I have been to all the yogurt place in the city and Fro Yo has the best yogurt along with the most elaborate choices of toppings. They have awesome mix of smoothies, very different and excellent flavors.
I would personally suggest blueberry yogurt :)
I will go to Fro Yo for more whenever I am around.


August 17, 2011response from management at Fro Yo - Frozen Yogurt:

Hi Jimit, great to know you enjoy our products.... Our idea with the smoothies was to have the combination of the frozen yogurt with fresh fruits... Making it healthy and of course a great source of necessary vitamins and minerals... We look forward to serving you soon...

Smoothies need improvement

The Sunshine smoothie tasted like bland orange juice. It was watery and inconsistent (not blended well).

The place is a joint with small indoors and outdoors seating areas. The decor is good. A pleasant burst of bright, solid colors.

Froyo in an ice-cream cone is a nice idea. The variety of toppings is good.


May 29, 2011response from management at Fro Yo - Frozen Yogurt:

Hello. We would 1st like to thank you for your review, and state that constructive criticism is always welcome. We apologise for the bad experience you had with our smoothie. will definitely look into it right away and make sure the consistency is kept in the future. If you could just let us know when you visited Fro Yo it would be very kind.
Thank you for your appreciation. We are always trying to innovate with our products and we hope to receive positive responses from you in the future. Best regards, Fro Yo team

May 30, 2011response from management at Fro Yo - Frozen Yogurt:

It's really nice that you respond to the reviews.

It had visited FroYo on May 27. Something was wrong probably with the proportion of ingredients which led to the smoothie becoming watery.

June 4, 2011response from management at Fro Yo - Frozen Yogurt:

Hello, Thanks for getting back to us. We have had a word with the staff that was present on the day and have made sure that such an error will not be repeated. Again, we apologize for the bad experience you had at our store. However we do request you to please do visit our store once again, and try our new range of smoothies that will be introduced in about a week's times. Best Regards, Fro Yo Team.


Amazing flavours (the Large size is whooping large! - good to go for 3-4 people).
Very nice and fresh toppings.
Good price - not over-priced.

Absolutely recommended.


May 27, 2011response from management at Fro Yo - Frozen Yogurt:

Thank you very much for your kind comments... It's a great feeling for all of us when our products are appreciated by our esteemed guests... Hope to see you again at Fro Yo very soon...


Loovvvvvvveeeeeee it !!!!!!!!!!

So happened to visit the second frozen yogurt store bandra has to offer... And was left delighted.... Have had Cocoberry a few times and had tried the Blueberry there, which I swore never to have it coz it tasted awful. To my surprise the friendly staff at Fro Yo recommended the Blueberry and even though it was hard for me, but i still tasted it... N Oh My God, it was fabulous... (have been back to have it like 4 times).... The spread of toppings is just fab... Some fruits they cut fresh after the order which was a great sign to show their focus on quality...

So on one visit I ordered the Big Twin Blueberry n Strawberry (coz the mini leaves me wanting more) with fresh strawberries, chocolate sprinkles and fresh kiwi. I loved how the sour went with the sweet... Also love the serving quantity here which is so much more than Cocoberry... (trust me, cocoberry does not even fill half the cup)...

On my last visit I happened to meet the owner who was very nice to chat with and gave a lot of info on the products... His favorite he said was the plain yogurt with caramel sauce and banana puree... Sounded interesting so we got a small coz we weren't sure, but were pleasantly surprised... It tasted great... We also got a large Frojito, (a mojito with strawberry frozen yogurt), its was nice as we could eat the yogurt first and then mix it with the drink which tasted quite delicious... It was nice and refreshing...

This is one place in Bandra that i'm gna keep coming back to try the other flavors and the other smoothies that look fab on the pictures...

You guys are doing a great job, keep up the good work and just a suggestion, maintain the quality and you guys will do great...


March 10, 2011response from management at Fro Yo - Frozen Yogurt:

Hey there, first of all thank you so much for your kind words. Great to know that you enjoyed the plain as much as the blueberry. Hopefully we can make you try new combinations each time you visit us.
Be rest assured that our commitment is to use and maintain only high quality ingredients and products. As mentioned below, it is one aspect of the product that Fro Yo will never compromise on. We hope to see you back soon to enjoy your cup of Fro Yo....

Kind Regards, Fro Yo Team

May 11, 2011response from management at Fro Yo - Frozen Yogurt:

Have to say, its been a couple of months since I've been coming in, and fall in love with the frozen yogurt each time I come... your frozen yogurt is just delicious... you guys are doing a great job....

TarunS - Burrp User


1 Reviews

March 04,2011


Just Average

Another brand got added in monopolized segment of frozen yogurt chain. I tasted like all the flavors here before I narrow down my choice to Blueberry. It was good. I don't understand why yogurt chain just make this flavor better? or Is it I like blueberry so much? :p

But Froyo's strawberry disappointed me big-time. It tasted awfully bad and something else than strawberry. The only thing that was fine about this outlet was different variety of toppings offered. Apart from that rest of all flavors was like copied from the Cocoberry menu. Can't we have different flavors please?

As far as pricing goes the small cup without topping costs here just 2 rupee less than cocoberry; but, the pricing with toppings is beaten by cocoberry.

Lastly, the brand name has been completely copied from U.S. based yogurt chain "Fro Yo" although sparing complete brand logo duplicity URL:

Let us see, how will be future of frozen yogurt desserts will shape up in the future. More the options better off we are !


March 4, 2011response from management at Fro Yo - Frozen Yogurt:

Hey Tarun, thanks for visiting us... Good to know that you enjoyed the Blueberry fro yo... About the strawberry please let us know what you thought tasted so bad and we would definitely look into it...

Be rest assured that our brand name is not an attempt at copying anyone but an outcome of referring frozen yogurt as fro yo in most countries. Our search for the brand name was done in India alone. However thanks for bringing the same to light for us.

We hope to see you soon..

Regards, Fro Yo Team

kiwichick - Burrp User


11 Reviews

February 17,2011


FINALLY....decent yoghurt

I resigned myself to the fact that in Mumbai you could only find sugary artficial yoghurts, thats not even remotely healthy but then a friend told me about Fro-Yo....I agree with the reviewer below....the branding is definitely a lil shabby and could do with some work, and had it not been recommended I probably would have walked right past, but I suppose the saying 'never judge a book by its cover' is very fitting in this case.
The yoghurt was perfect, and the choice of adding fresh fruit toppings is a good idea. The yoghurts are definitely of an international standard and reminded me of the yoghurt bars back home.
Keep up the good work guys.


March 4, 2011response from management at Fro Yo - Frozen Yogurt:

Hello, thanks so much for your review... Since the start we are trying to provide a wide variety of toppings for our customers to choose from... They enhance the flavor of the yogurt and most of them are also healthy... We are always on the look out for new toppings to add to our range so there is something new to try... We look forward to seeing you soon at Fro Yo...

Kind Regards, Fro Yo Team


Fro Yo so much better than Cocoberry

Phenomenal, just bloody phenomenal. The pricing whoops Cocoberry's sorry a**e and the produce is much better. I found the juicey burst from the Blueberry yogurt so delicious, and when you compare both in terms of creamy dairy goodness, flavor and texture you just know what's better. Little advice though, how do you get past such disgusting branding :P Improve that and you've a superb brand that i'm excited about :)


March 4, 2011response from management at Fro Yo - Frozen Yogurt:

Hey there, thanks for sharing your opinion... Be rest assured that at Fro Yo we are committed to maintaining high quality and only use the best and fresh local and imported ingredients.... Quality is something that would never be compromised in Fro Yo, whether its the frozen yogurt or the toppings...

Thanks for your advise on the branding which we will definitely look into and try to match your liking...

Do visit us soon for the newly introduced flavor - Passion Fruit (sweeter than the other flavors, yet slightly tangy)...

March 4, 2011response from management at Fro Yo - Frozen Yogurt:

Let's try the Passion fruit flavor :) The Kiwi wasn't as good as the Blueberry and Plain though :)


Strong competitor....

Had been to cocoberry a couple of times....Wanted to try frozen yogurts somewhere else....thankfully Bandra had 1 more place to offer....

Here comes Fro Yo....
The newly opened place opposite harley davidson showroom in bandra.The place was easy to locate.

The dessert scenario in Mumbai is changing and changing for good....This is the most healthiest way to enjoy the dessert without adding those extra calories.

The place is small like any other dessert shops(other den the big daddy's of this business)....

We checked out the stuff they had to offer....honestly speaking we were quite pleased.

The place is quite economical as compared to cocoberry....i say that as the price for a medium size yogurt in fro-yo is the price of the small cup in cocoberry....

The damages for a medium size blueberry yogurt was 185/-(including 2 normal and 1 premium topping)....

It also has lot of smoothies and other beverages...

The smoothies were looking good....

The place is a fresh has a lot of work to do as its just 1-2 weeks old....but i'm sure they will do will give cocoberry a healthy competition for sure....

a request to the owner....plz come up with 1 more branch in JUHU...plzzz if posibl...thanks and ya all d bst!!!


March 4, 2011response from management at Fro Yo - Frozen Yogurt:

Hey Samit, first of all thanks so much for being the first one to review us.... great to know that you enjoyed the blueberry fro yo... As you mentioned it is definitely one of the healthiest ways to enjoy a desert, as there is no presence of cream... We are now over 2 months old and hopefully a little wiser, do come back to enjoy your cup of fro yo and share your experience with us once again.... Also, we are in the process of looking at locations in parts of Mumbai and hopefully we can find something nice closer to you...

Regards, Fro

March 5, 2011response from management at Fro Yo - Frozen Yogurt:

oh dats good to knw that u'll are expanding ur chain....we will definitely drop in soon...
hope u'll open a branch in andheri west/juhu.
keep up the good work.