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> > > > Froot Cafe

Froot Cafe

Borivali EastWestern Suburbs  

  • 09833039639, 09833441156
  • Shop No. 18, Koyna CHS, Shantivan, Opposite Monginis Cake Shop, Borivali East, Mumbai
  • Fastfood, Juice, Snacks
  • Meal for 2 - 350

8 Reviews / 9 Ratings

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Froot Cafe Reviews

Frootcafe Loves you back

Frootcafe, A place were you can relax,Forget your Daily Mess and ask them to make something "FRESH" unique and to your mood...and they know it well, Tropical Mix tis one of My the Time your Fruit Drink is getting ready you will be Enjoying the Best Music collection Ever (Hindi & English) ...I think they have created there own Playlist....Try Veg Burger..i bet you will Never Go back to mcdonald...Very Friendly Staff...and the Most Lovable people in frootcafe are the ownera- GAUTAM AND SHALAKA



Simply amazing mango shake...

This place has simply the best seasonal mango shake that i have had this season.. the taste of the mango shake lingers on and makes you want to come back for more..I went thrice in a week..


Fake reviews galore!

I have been here and the place is average...not as great as the reviewers are making it out to be...minus 2 stars for getting people to write fake reviews for u ! nobodys a fool!


March 9, 2011response from management at Froot Cafe:

Hi Mr. Karan,

I will be grateful if you could tell me what you found average at our cafe. You have been fairly generous with your other reviews but have hardly reviewed our products. As for the fake reviews that you so clearly know about , I am sure you would know the identities of these fake reviewers. I am given to understand that you love good food...why dont you drop into our cafe once more and meet me, so that we could have a fruitful discussion on how to make our average cafe- better!

March 10, 2011response from management at Froot Cafe:

i had ur appleberry smoothie....which was fine....i was tempted to write a three/four star review but then when i went through the other reviews i realised tht all reviews were written by ur employees or friends....i want u to understand this is a forum where u can find out where u really stand ...if ur product is good which in ur case it will speak for itself.....i have been a featured writer on burrp 2 times and i also write for food guides as a u missed out i guess....but anyways as for revisiting....i will let u know if

March 10, 2011response from management at Froot Cafe:

Hi Mr. Dhawan,
Thanks for having our appleberry missed out on our best seller Mango Berry"For your information none of the reviews are by employees or friends....what do you call clients who come regularly to your cafe and are now part of our cafe culture...We can not be blamed for clients who have become our friends. If we had to get fake reviews done ,we would not have limited ourselves to only 7 reviews...surely we have more than 7 friends!I appreciate the fact that you are a featured writer...but reviews like the one yo

March 10, 2011response from management at Froot Cafe:

mr sarkar...ur doubting my intelligence...anyways i wrote what i had to and i do not need you of all people to advice me how i should write a review ....all your reviewers are first time reviewers...with no pictures and i quote one of the reviews "I have been associated with Frootcafe for over a month now and everyday has been a learning experience to me. It is not only a cool place to hangout, but also cool place to work. Gautam and Shalaka have always been very warm and welcoming" sure u limited urself to seven coz u got tired of wr

March 10, 2011response from management at Froot Cafe:

Hi Mr. Dhawan,

Assumption is the mother of all misunderstandings! If ever you visit Bangalore, please visit a smoothie bar called Smoothie Town at Brigade Arcade Madhepura( near Whitfield). This smoothie bar opened on 7th March this year. The last reviewer who you have quoted is the owner of Smoothie Bar( and not an employee!) who came to us for internship..He found out about us through burrp and facebook.Of course people have written about our sandwiches, Go Green, Sitaphal berry...It is you who have not written about any of our pro

March 10, 2011response from management at Froot Cafe:

yes it takes a genius to understand why a food plate is my display picture and a person of your iq level wont get i forgive for ur doubts on my moral authority u can keep them to urself...dont worry ill ensure i continue to write on great food and at the same time take up peoples case like i did yours when they take people to be fools...and for the benefit of enlighting others on this platform i shall do for the genuine/fake point tht u brought up..i wont deem it even fit to reply to that..u wudnt have brought tht up if

lonewolfz - Burrp User


2 Reviews

February 21,2010


Something Frooootyy

Good place....value for money for the sandwiches. Gr8 assortment of flavours & mixes.
The owner, Gautam is very welcoming.
Guys give it a try....


Fooddieman - Burrp User


1 Reviews

November 25,2009



This place is a delight for fruit lovers. From the usual juices to the smoothies this place has it all.

I have been a regular here for the past 1 month now.
Their multigrain grilled sandwich is paisa vasool.
One must have their daily specials. Chanced upon Sitaphal- Strawberry one day and it was out of the world.




Kool Menu, Great Juices

FrootCafe is a really cosy place where u can hang out for kool Juices. For people who are looking for Juices which are healthy, this is the place.

The menu is really different from other cafes and the "Go Green " is a must have !!!!!.

Keep up the good work and hoping to see many more frootcafe's in other locations too.


September 6, 2009response from management at Froot Cafe:

Thanks. Do try out our new variant in Go Green in Lemon flavour..We hope to add a few more variants in the Go Green menu.


Nice place to hangout

Nice place to hangout with family or friends listen to music have some juices and snack and refreshen yourself


August 12, 2009response from management at Froot Cafe:

Thanks. We are happy that this is a place for friends and family to come and chill out.

Watch out for our Power Juices being launched. We are also adding a loyalty program by this month end.


Cool Hangout

The ambience is good and the juices/smoothies are lipsmacking... Must haves - Go Green and Mango Berry..


August 6, 2009response from management at Froot Cafe:

Thanks for the review..We have just upgraded our menu and have now 40 drinks..Soon we will have a Power Juice section