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Fusion Grubz

Lokhandwala (Andheri)  


6 Reviews / 6 Ratings

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Fusion Grubz Reviews

rafat - Burrp User


1 Reviews

January 28,2011






good experience....nice place

I have been to Crepteria Lokhandwala branch for couple of times is very good....i ordered egg mayo crepe which was hot and delicious....n i had ordered pasta in Arrabiata sauce which was hot n good in flavour....garlic bread was served with it which was crispy n tasty.....over n all a fine place to eat, but i was disappointed Bcoz their Wifi connection dint work, there were no newspaper or magazine to read on the shack.....service was good thou....i would love to visit again soon.


Aditi  - Burrp User


1 Reviews

December 30,2010


bad coffee ,lacklusture experience

Nestled between the ubiquituos American

franchisee "PizzaHut" and the Indian franchisee

"Cafe Coffee Day" is the brand new franchisee

"Crepeteria" in Lokhandwala, andheri.
The outlet offers all-day breakfast as well as

main course ala carte options as a part of its

menu with interesting combo deals as well.

This review was done at dinner time so it

reviews main courses and desserts finishing off

with coffee.


There are very few places in Mumbai that offer

the oppurtunity to enjoy a meal in an open air

set up and Crepeteria is one of them. It had

options of the airconditioned inside section

which screened a football game(not live!)
But as it is quiet delightful on a cool

December evening to sit outside and have a hot

meal admist the pleasant breeze, that was what

was done!
And even though this section overlooks the busy

Lokhandwala street ,(and also the waiting

queues of the next door Pizzahut) it is quiet

pleasant to sit there.
The seating in itself is quiet basic and has

wobbly chairs if you must know.
The staff dressed in bright greens, are prompt

and polite however not very knowledgeable on

the menu's details. they hand you two menus ,

one for the combo deals and the other for the

ala carte. This review was done with dishes

from the ala-carte menu.

Dishes reviewd:

Pasta Arrabiata
Nutella Thrill

Main Course:

Pasta Arrabiata:

Served with fresh garlic bread , the dish was a

sign of things to come. Amul cheese , sloppily

grated over the pasta, greeted us. The menu

described the meaning of "pasta" as paste of

different varieties. So talking of the "pasta"

it lacked the right consistensy but seemed to

have the right proportions of chilli and basil.
The penne pasta though was boiled to

perfection. It was a perfect al dente.

Upon tasting the pasta, it turned out that

instead of using fresh tomatoes for the paste,

there was lot of ketchup that was used

rendering a sweet (and undesirable) taste to

the pasta.The cheese, instead of being Parmesan

, was the amul cube cheese, diced in an

unproportionate manner,bits of it grated, bits

of it diced.Neverthless, the pasta would have

been better off without this partiular

cheese.The pasta though had the right amount of

chilli flakes that are meant to balance the

tomatoes and render a spicy flavour but the use

of ketchup in the paste somehow overpowered the

flavour.The olives were diced correctly however

lacked the flavor and freshness and overall the

pasta was a downer.

The Garlic bread was fresh, soft and rubbed

with just the right amount of butter and was

the standout dish from everything tasted!

Desserts: Nutella Thrill :
(Chocolate Hazelnut Nutella with whipped cream)

This was the highlight of the dinner.
The crepe was smooth, tender and evenly cooked.
The crepe filling was original Nutella so there

was no compromise here in the quality. There

was also chocolate cream on top of the crepe

which was just right. The cream however was

slightly sweeter than usual but was served

separately so one could choose to not have it.

Overall it was a decent crepe, not exactly a

"thrilling" dessert but far loyal to the

quality described on the menu inlay than the

main course.

Coffee: cappuccino

Espresso, hot milk, and freshly prepared

steamed-milk froth. That is cappuccino in a

nutshell. What could possibly go wrong in a

simple 3-step drink ? As it turned out at

Crepeteria, all the steps could go wrong.
The most important factor in preparing a

cappuccino is the texture and temperature of

the milk. But the foam served here was

inconsistent and lacking in texture.And most

alarmingly, stale-tasting.
Also there was a variation in the quantity of

milk but that could be acceptable as an

experiment.However the biggest downer was the

quality of coffee beans being used. That took

away the taste of the humble cappuccino

completely. The beans were of really inferior

quality and add to that the manner of the

preparation of the coffee itself and the drink

at the end was nowhere close to the traditional



December 30, 2010response from management at Fusion Grubz:

Dear Superhypersonic,

I feel extremely sorry for your disappointment at Crepeteria. I am glad that these points have been brought up so that we can improve ourselves and serve our customers better. We have always tried to offer 'Value for Money' to our customers. Pasta Arrabbiata is priced at just Rs. 99/- and hence we do not offer the expensive Parmesan cheese. Processed cheese is used for the garnish. I have also asked my Chef to further train the staff for the proper garnishing of the cheese. The flavor of the sauce is a matter of p

December 30, 2010response from management at Fusion Grubz:

Hi Adith,
VFM is fine,however using processed cheese in pasta is just not done! The dish would be fine without any cheese if adding Parmesan would not be profitable to you.
The coffee made me suffer a severe stomachache for the next two days so it will take a lot of convincing for me to venture another try though!
However its good to see your honest & sporting reply for my review and for that alone I wish you the best and hope there is improvement.

Inder_k - Burrp User


9 Reviews

October 28,2010


Lousy place

I went in there on a Sunday and , the place was relatively empty just a few tables occupied ... no service for first 10 min , waiters and the guy at cashier seems busy with some thing .. i walked up to the counter and picked a menu card and was told by cashier we will serve you now , please be seated and another 12 minutes passed by no one came to ask us even a glass of water???
we waled away next door to Pizza hut where we got served in 2 min and food was on table in 12 min's ..


December 30, 2010response from management at Fusion Grubz:

Dear Inder_k,
I am extremely sorry for your disappointment at Crepeteria. We would definitely sort this out. We were positioning it as a Cafe earlier and hence were not asking for water to the customers (similar to CCD, Barista, Subway, etc). In fact we realised it that our customers are expecting us to ask for a glass of water and hence have now started it at our Cafe.
Thank you for your feedback as these help us know our shortcomings and then we can work on it to provide a better customer experience.

nishgupta - Burrp User


1 Reviews

October 07,2010






Wow Experience !!!!

Based in the heart of lokhandwala its an amzing place to hangout. The food is yummy with lots of new and exiting options to try out everytime you visit the place. Specially the crepes....

Have been to the place, twice...once in the evening and second time in the morning to have an amazing experience an equally good service at both the times.....

Moreover they even give you games to play... which i think is one of its kind.... to make you stuff more while playing ;-)

Non-vegetarian have a little lesser option but the preparation is good...
The thing which i was unconfortable with was the lights.... they were too flashy during the evening....

Overall a must visit place!!!!


December 30, 2010response from management at Fusion Grubz:

Dear Nishgupta,

Thank you for your appreciation on the food and games. We have taken your suggestion into consideration and have reduced the lights. Now they are just perfect for a cosy evening.
Do visit us again.


Well made crepes and fries.

I went there on the weekend.its located bang opp the barista, samarth vaibhav. anyway this place is known for the crepes. they are quite well made.we ordered for 4 of them. was little disappointed on that as couple of them were served hot n the remaining two was just served almost cold. the paneer and arabia crepes were really well made.
even the magic fries was awesomely made. all the stars for that. what slightly put us off was the very limited menu and the slow service. on a fairly packd weekend evening there was only one attendant running around everywhere. however the hostess was very warm.overall its a good change from the ccds, one can have a good cup of coffee and crepes as long as one is not seated outside. the traffic noise kills the experience.


December 30, 2010response from management at Fusion Grubz:

Dear Lagna.das,
Thank you for visiting Crepeteria. I am glad that you liked our Crepes, Fries & Coffee. We have taken your suggestion of increasing the menu size and in fact if you visit us now, we have an extensive menu including combo's and some new fizzlers, pasta's, garlic bread and many more added. Some of the meal Crepes are infact not served HOT, for eg. The Salad Crepe, Crepe Italia etc. So in case you want it hot then please let the server know, and we will be glad to do it for you.







We went for a spa in lokhandwala...We were super hungry so decided to check out dis new place beneath chandan sparsh....
We like creps...and boy oh boy dis place doesn't disappoint at all....
The positives of dis place are: -
1) The variety of creps are good...They have everything from italian,dessert creps...and many others...
2) the desserts out here are good...The crep dessert is a must try here...
3) Its a very european style ambience out here...It feels as if u have come to some place in europe for just grabbing a crep...
4)The service is superb...The people out here are very helpful and they serve u whole heartedly....
5) Innovative...It is a very innovative place and dis my friend is the future...

Cons: -
1) A small place...During the weeknds it might get difficult to get a place to eat here...
2) Its a little pricey.

Overall our experience was excellent so I would defi go back here again....Happy munching!!!


September 22, 2010response from management at Fusion Grubz:

I am glad that you are happy with our Food & Service. Do visit again and we will strive to improve further and exceed your expectations.

September 22, 2010response from management at Fusion Grubz:

surely sir....all d bst!!!