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> > > > Garam Masala

Garam Masala

Lower ParelSouth Mumbai  

  • 02224949370, 09769771223, 09769771511
  • Shop No 11, Madhav Bhuvan, Opposite Kamala Mills, Lower Parel, Mumbai
  • Italian, Indian
  • Meal for 2 - 400

8 Reviews / 8 Ratings

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Garam Masala Reviews


Hot n spicy

Being located just opposite to Kamla Mills, it obviously has majority of the office crowd...even I had gone there to grab a quick lunch.

Ordered Cheese-corn paratha,paneer tikka roll & ice tea(peach flavour)/ It was served hot n spicy n the taste was good too. The ice tea was sad though.


Rutu.Ladage - Burrp User


9 Reviews

November 04,2011


Good Place

Located just outside Kamala Mills, this quaint eatery is a real good place for snacks and even meals. Tried the French fries and garlic bread with cheese here recently and must admit they were finger lickin' good! :)

The 'masala' sprinkled over fries was something different than the usual salt & pepper fare and added an awesome flavor to them! The dips (sauce and mayo) were fresh and yummy too... The bread was slathered with cheese and sprinkled with coriander with real tiny pieces of garlic interspersed... Very tasty but it had been overdone and the bread went crisp. So a point taken from them.

If they just add an AC and perhaps maintain a li'l more cleanliness (the flies at the doorway to welcome us put us off a bit) it's a 5-star place for sure!


Are you kidding me?

Straight to the point - Had it not been for the tasty rolls, I would have knocked off a star.

While the food remains good-to-very good at times, the delivery service is the most pathetic I've witnessed ever! I must have ordered a good 10-12 times in the last month and there's never been an occasion when the parcel arrived within 90 mins (yes you read it right - 90 freaking' minutes). And guess what, the staff is unapologetic and have total disregard to any feedback on their punctuality.

More often than not, the single reply is 'short-of-staff'. I mean... Come on... you think you can be short-staffed every single day? And this another day, the dude on the line says (again, without any regret) - It'll take two hours for delivery. I could take a lazy walk outta office and reach there in 5 mins flat. But there's a different sort of laziness you see in the guys there... Too lazy to do business.

I hope the management (i.e. if there's any) pays heed to the frequent complaints about this quaint joint of their's. It makes perfect business sense to get their delivery thing right, since it's a catchment area of offices they serve.




Garam Masala

I had Paneer Roll and Schewan Paneer Roll Rs. 50 each. Both were very nice. They were made in coal fire. Enjoy.


Finger-licking tasty food!

A friend and I visited this place after reading about it on Burrp, and since then it has become a regular take away place for us. The Paneer Tikka roll is just too good and we never fail to order this with whatever else we plan to order. Their paranthas are also yummy and filling. Lemonade can be avoided, though. A real Value For Money place!



Awesome place for rolls

I tried their Paneer Tikka roll on my first visit, and have been back all through the week to have it again. Just can't get enough of it. There's something about the masala they use in their rolls. just awesome. Babycorn tikka is great too. Avoid the one with potato though. Most rolls are priced at Rs 45 and are pretty filling. Can't say much about any other dishes as I haven't gotten over the paneer tikka roll to try anything else! Go try it them yourself!



I have been to Garam Masala 2 Sundays back to back . Though its a small place with approx 16-20 seats but the food there is exceptionally good and really economical.

A couple can have a meal for Rs. 300 -350 starters main course and bevrages included !




great place

With it's cool layout,attentive staff coupled up with mouth watering dishes & all this at very reasonable rates makes you visit it again & again.