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> > > > Gloria Jean's Coffees

Gloria Jean's Coffees

Goregaon EastWestern Suburbs    & IN 2 MORE LOCATIONS

  • 02240034754
  • Oberoi Mall,Oberoi Mall,International Business Park,Goregaon East, Mumbai
  • Cakes, Snacks, Tea and Coffee
  • Meal for 2 - 400

6 Reviews / 6 Ratings

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Gloria Jean's Coffees Reviews

Better than Bandra....

The same Monday when I visited Starbucks, I had to meet someone else & after the Starbucks visit, was in no mood to continue there. Sauntering around, chanced upon Gloria Jeans on the 2nd floor. Quiet, few business types & few love birds.

I had played a small role in the pre launch of Gloria Jeans, but have never ever visited them and hence thought this was a nice opportunity to try them out.

I ordered my cold coffee & was impressed, asked whether I would like it with ice cubes/crushed ice; strong; with/without sugar. Feeling a mite peckish looked at the options and was recommended to try the Shepard pie (just been delivered and would taste nice warmed up).

Served well. Tasted the coffee and found it exactly to my liking and taste. Took a taste of the pie, I have had better during my sojourns to the outskirts of London in their pubs and surprisingly at a couple of places in Singapore & Thailand; But definitely worth the recommendation the man made.

Overall a very nice experience. Definitely worth visiting again if I need a place to meet people in Goregaon east.


Good new menu

I love their coffees but was quite disappointed with the food they were serving. But the new menu is worth a try, they have bagels, hot dogs and yummy muffins.

Good option for a late breakfast.


Douchebag central

This review isn't as much about the coffee shop itself as it is about it's patrons.

I got a very hostile vibe from almost Everyone sitting around there.

I hate the western suburbs just because of this very type of people. Arrogant consultant and hipster yuppie types who think the universe revolves around them, when they are in fact, very irrelevant.

It doesn't cost money to smile at a person sitting next to you and not generally be completely hostile. Sure you are a very busy shit who can't afford his/her own office but give me a break please.

And there are no power outlets for laptops it is very weird, you need to sit with ass facing the bar (there is a barrier/window kind of thing) and put the cable through the window to get to the power outlet at the counter.

Also the staff are strictly okay. No courtesy or friendliness there either. And it's totally self service they actually yell out your name and you have to go pick up the coffee and someone can steal your computer in the meanwhile.

Zero privacy as well. If you want power outlet the whole mall can see your laptop screen.

I am never going back. Everything that is wrong about Bombay yuppie culture can be seen here. The entire mall is shit as well. So chaotic and crude. And then these yuppies think they're hot shit. Yeah right.



Ummm...Just about ok!

If you want to have a chat with a friend or discuss some topic with a colleague or simply be all by yourself with a book accompanied by a cuppa coffee...Gloria Jeans at Oberoi Mall is the place to be! The hot coffees may be good but definitely can't say the same about their cold coffee and iced tea, which is strictly ok. Comfortable seating, well located but average coffee....Will have to taste more varieties to get impressed! Till then, for me, its just about ok!!!



When you go to this unknown but a nice coffee shop. I can tell you i found it worth as it meets international standards as far as the professionalism and the ambiance they create.Gloria Jeans has finally grabbed the jeans of the coffee lovers.Finally something worth drinking can be found. Unlike CCD or Barista this one is far more superior.


Calling all Coffee lovers.....

Move over barrista, CCD and Costa.....

situated at Oberoi Mall, Goregaon, this cafe undoubted scores over any other coffee cafe chain. They have a nice variety of coffee's most of them creamy and strong (not just hot brown watery liquid). Their caramel coffee is out of this world....

This place is worth a try for all coffee lovers...... ask for a double shot if you like it really strong