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> > > Gloria Jean's Coffees

Gloria Jean's Coffees

Pali Hill    & IN 3 MORE LOCATIONS

  • 02226426053
  • Carlton Court, Junction of Pali Hill and Turner Road, Pali Hill, Bandra West, Mumbai
  • Cakes, Snacks, Tea and Coffee
  • Meal for 2 - 400

26 Reviews / 27 Ratings

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Gloria Jean's Coffees Reviews





Why is the SOBO outlet not listed yet?

Having a prime location, and a good brand name - this place ideally shouldn't be going wrong although it is marred by a lot of competition around the area. Its a nice peaceful place to catch up on books and coffee. Must tries are Very Vanilla Chiller, Irish Nut Creme and Cookies n Cream!


A Proper Cafe

I am addicted to coffee and have almost been to all the coffee houses in Bandra west. Let me say ambience wise nothing comes close to GJ. The interiors are good, with bold pastels and the seating arrangement is also good, with couches, stools and chairs, makes it a good place to relax and catch up on your reading.

The food is average at best and so is the coffee, nothing noteworthy to be said about them.
Food 2.5/5
Service 3/5
Ambience 4.5/5
Price 3/5



Over hyped

Though the place is very close to my house i hadnt ever been there ,so finally me and my friend decided to try this place.

AMBIENCE- As we entered we realised the place is pretty small, there is an outside section and and a ac section inside with the tables being very close to each other . There were a few sofas and a few uncomfortable chairs, if one happens to be seated on chairs one just ends up envying the people on the sofa.

STAFF-Extremely unhelpful , our table hadn't been cleared and cleaned properly so we requested them to do so and despite telling them many times they didn't listen.
As we had gone there for the first time we asked them to suggest something they didn't do that as well.

COFFEE/FOOD-Not good at all ,coffee was very average and the pie and a sandwich we ordered were one of the worst things I must have eaten in a coffee shop.The prices are also high.

Now the question being why would one want to go to such a place and why is it so hyped? - I guess the answer is that its a celebrity hangout and people who think they are oh so cool might go there and also one can sit for a long time without being disturbed

Maybe worth trying once but not more.



Love this place!

The coffee's goooooood.
And even the food is not over priced, as I thought it would be. The Spinach and corn sandwich was pretty good. Haven't been here more than twice but it's a nice hangout.


This goes for the item - Very Vanilla Chiller

I had been to the one on 3rd Floor, Infinity Mall, Malad West. I ordered this item called Vanilla Chiller, a large size (mentioned there are Reo) and it said that it was expresso coffee blended in ice. But its also a VERY VANILLA chiller.

First i wud say that since i had ordered this, it is supposed to have some vanilla flavor in it! it was hard to distinguish the flavor of VANILLA in that cup of mine! It tasted so bitter, which was very unexpected! If i had to order the same at Costa, it wud be more of VANILLA and less of EXPRESSO but here it was the total opposite.

Secondly, the size Reo or the so called large was so small! If id go to Costa id early get double of that.. And it was so overpriced that too! They charged me an exorbitant Rs 237/- for the coffee inclusive of 2 toppings and the taxes ofcourse! the toppings also tasted yuck except for the whipped cream.. the chocolate sauce tasted like some CANDY SAUCE! I'd rather pay 20-25 Rs less and get a large cup from Costa which would be worth the quantity and quality of that coffee,

BOTTOM LINE (applicable to everyone!) - Noone EVER would mind spending for something which would be WORTH spending that much and would give a maximum level of satisfaction! Costa's way better! and gives you VALUE FOR MONEY!


Irish Nut Creme!!!

Yes, that's my regular order and I totally love this coffee shop. I've spent hours here reading a book or listening to music... writing... gossiping with friends. A coffee lover, I've tried many coffee shops in the city but none have me as addicted as Gloria Jean's Coffees especially this branch. Try their Irish Nut Creme if you are someone who enjoys flavoured coffees.


ntarle9 - Burrp User


3 Reviews

January 31,2011



Went there last night with my family, we ordered coffees and frapes... frape was okay coffee was shocking for 90 bucks, only good thing was the location and outdoor seating.

In regards to going back its not happening at all..


saira19 - Burrp User


6 Reviews

December 17,2010


are u friggin kiddin me

had heard 4om my frnds abt GJs, was in Bandra so decided to go have a cuppa.. the ambience is quite nice & relazed, loads of foreignors n ppl on laptops n all..I ordered a chocolate cold coffee- and trust me it was horrible- der was no flavor in it and it tasted like a raw combo of water and milk- i had 2 send it back...the staff were nice and remade the coffee after I complained but it still wasnt uptp the mark- my college nesquik from the vending machine tastes better...anyways I also had a blueberry muffin whcih was ok n dry...the chocolate muffin was quite good. Also this place is shit expensive- i paid 145bucks for my coffee and additonal 100 bucks 4 my cupcakes...doubt I would go back-



I love this place! I don't think I can ever get enough of it. It's perfect for alone-time, for just reading, writing in your journal, working on your laptop or just meeting a good friend or two. I reviewed this place before but I decided that one review just can't be enough for a lovely haunt like this. I love it for when I wanna just pick up a coffee before I head to work or when I just wanna chill there on an early evening after too much work. I like the coffees there too be it their cappuccinos, lattes or coffee chillers (Very Vanilla Chiller, Cookies Cream Mocha Chiller); I have no complaints absolutely. The service is great and the staff is friendly enough without being too intrusive. Surprisingly, it being popular with most Bandra-ites, even if I go there on a particular heavy day, I still manage to find myself a cozy spot where I can read my book and sip happily on my coffee as I wait for a friend (or not, as the case might be). The crowd they draw in too is pretty much the unaffected and cool kind which sort of allows you to have your space carefully un-invaded. I love Gloria Jean's. I never thought I'd have a thing for coffee houses after Starbucks but I do. And I hate CCDs and Barista compared to this coolio.


kiwichick - Burrp User


11 Reviews

November 14,2010



Lets just say I was VERY excited to hear that Gloria Jeans was in Mumbai...a little slice of home...even though, admittedly, its an Australian company AND also a company which great coffee lovers dont really give a second glance at back home...but nonetheless, was happy to see it and eager to check it out.

I was VERY disappointed I would have to say. The coffees are horrible, and the hot chocolate....lets just say, looked like muddy water! When asked for a replacement, the same thing was put infront of me again.

What is also disheartening, was that I have been there twice, and twice have had customers complaining over something or another.

Trying it out just reminded me of why back home, the majority of coffee lovers dont choose Gloria Jeans.


MarinGA - Burrp User


3 Reviews

October 25,2010


Coffee and more!

Love this place for everything it has to offer! From the awesome coffee to the roadside view to the great staff, appreciate all.
One of the few coffee places in bandra that has descent coffees and shakes. Been a regular for almost an year and never a dull moment.
Have read the earlier reviews and totally defend Gloria Jeans. Love this place for all it has :)


Shit shit shit... coffee

Okay dessert thats why i gave 2 otherwise 1 is shit.... shit rather have the coffee at home my mums nescafe...

why charge 100 for cup of coffee when it taste shit...


sonal.varan - Burrp User


5 Reviews

September 05,2010


coffee and is awful....

just move to bandra Tought go to Australian chain for nice cup of coffee, but it was totally waste of time and money... shit ... F...king awful coffee... had piece of cake it was not bad... thats was only good thing about this place other wise i would have given 1 star...



Awful Crap coffee/ and average dessert

Average dessert and awful coffeeit watery , i tought it wil be same as GJ dubai but i was dissapointed...not worth it... at all...only thing it attract people because of the brand name...


martinray777 - Burrp User


3 Reviews

September 01,2010


Below Average coffee...Good looking Girl

Went for coffee last the quality is average... not worth it...waste of money... coffee is much better at COFFEE BEANS TEA LEAF AND AT CHOCOLATE AFFAIR...only good thing about this place good looking girlss... to look at...




Simple capuccino and cafe mocha is all we tried. we were not left disappointed for the price paid. lovely laidback dim lighting ambiance. i love the seating area with seats facing the road..the whole feel of dangling my feet n having my coffee seeing people is quite an experience.even the staff is quite definitely coming back again.



Not comparably!

I used to be a regular customer @ GJ Dubai and in other countrys. I loved the iced coffes and the cookies. I was happy and surprised to find a GJ in India.... I will only talk about the shop at the turner road: The shop stunk every time i went in, the cookies and cakes taste like *** the shop is situated at a crowded street (so no way to sit outside) and the service was regular.
This shop deserve a 1/2 star rating but i gave 1 because i still love the brand GJ.



Request to the Management!

I'm a big fan of GJ and I totally love the Irish Nut Creme & White Chocolate Mocha flavoured coffees. I also like the laid-out ambiance. But I notice the place is losing out on its charm.
First off, the A/c is not in proper condition and the staff seems least bothered. When asked, they say the A/c is working just fine. Secondly I noticed some flies inside the dessert counter. They were happily sitting on the Mocha Mousse Cake which I don't think I'll ever order. A sincere request to the management..plz don't screw up our favourite coffee shop!!!


Full on Sin...

The moment you enter Gloria Jean's, it starts working on you. The aroma, The ambience, The coffee...

The ambience is cozy with it's sofas and dim lights. And the best part is, you won't find it filled with unneeded overflow of noise. For a coffee shop, that's quite impressive, coz without that 'noise' element, you can actually have a conversation. I would call the ambience 'Pleasant'

Self-Service is the key to placing orders here. I have always savored on the blend of Java and Chocolate so I got a Cafe Mocha for myself, which was just perfect. I haven’t tasted a better combination of coffee and chocolate in Bombay. My partner had a hazelnut flavored coffee which was amazing. We tried a couple of sandwiches. Cannot say they were out of the world. But they were all right. But the coffee here, is just what coffee should be. Aromatic & Sinful...

In all, an evening spent sipping a cup of coffee at Gloria Jean's with friends or a date or just reading a book is quite a fulfilling experience. The coffee they brew ensures that and the ambience confirms it. A winning combination for a coffee shop.


One of the Nicer Coffee Places in Bandra...

Located at the junction of Turner Road and Pali Hill, this is a cozy little coffee place. Even when you're sitting inside the A.C cafe, it's still warm because the seating arrangements are in the form of cushy sofas all tightly knit- which makes for warm conversations as you chill with your friends. The Coffees are great, no complaints there. I love the muffins too, they're really good! The Sandwiches don't look very appealing but as far as ambience and decor of this place goes, it's totally intricate and quite pretty.


Yummy Coffee!

This place is one of the best cafes in the suburbs. The cappuccino is yummy even though it is a little overpriced. The ambiance is really welcoming and I simply love the outdoor section.
The perfect place for coffee and conversation...


shroff - Burrp User


19 Reviews

November 20,2009


Great Cappuccino

I know my coffee & I can vouch for their Cappuccino, sip when steaming hot, truly VFM
The ambience is very pleasant, dim lights, chilled out, not noisy
The guys behind the counter are friendly
The food, I'm not a big fan of
Visit this one!


ItsRayna  - Burrp User


28 Reviews

October 27,2009


best flavoured coffee

I can say without thinking twice, this is my favorite cafe in bandra. The coffees r so yummy! I always order the white chocolate mocha and sprinkle lots of choco powder on it. Irish nut creme is also nice and frothy. If you want to sip sweet coffee and check out sweet boys then this is the place for u!



Average coffee and shoddy service

The coffee here is decent but pricey but just about value for money. The service in the Bandra branch is just awful as expected from everywhere. Also, it seems that the cakes and sandwiches are old. One plus point though is the loyaltly card which allows you to stamp a card everytime you buy a coffee and if you get 10 stamps, you get a coffee


Very nice

Me and bunch of others were shopping and stopped by this place for a quick break. The ambiance was very nice (both inside and outside). The colors blended in the landscape well.
The coffees and the smoothies were very good. Very reasonable prices too. Some good selection of sandwiches were also available.
Overall a very nice place and would visit again



Escape the daily grind!

Hi! my boyfriend and me being ardent coffee lovers decided to visit the latest and much talked about coffee joint in bandra- and so went there last evening to cozy up to new aromas and flavours.
Situated to the left, just next to Pot Pourri, u cant miss the backlit board of Gloria Jean's Coffees. The outside seating is much spacious as we found the interiors blastin with A/c and the seating a bit crammed. But a very stylishly done outlet is earthen tones and self-service. There is no fancy menu kept on the table, you have to go to the counter, select and place your order and even pick up your own sandwich and hand over to them to warm it up for you!
The menu offers a wide choice in Coffees both hot n cold and the grub is more of non-veg delicacies than the veg options, right from quiches to sandwiches to panini and the regular cakes and pastries, thouch steeply priced. And u get a regular, medium and a large option to choose your coffee depending on your intake :)
We tried:
Hot Cappuccino (good) Regular - Rs.49
Very Vanilla Latte (very good. Being a coffee addict, i took a medium which is a decent quantity to fill yourself up!) - Rs.89
Carrot and Cinnamon cake slice (Stale!!! passable) - Rs.49
English Fruit cake slice (too eggy! passable) - Rs.35
(I dont think this place is for cakes!!!! easliy passable)
Cheddar and tomato pannini (ok! quite regular) - Rs.65
So in all we paid Rs. 323/- including taxes.

They also have white hot chocolate & white chocolate chillers - worth a try!!

To drink is human, to drink coffee is divine!!! I will visit the place again to try a different coffee next time - just the coffee!