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> > > > Godrej Nature's Basket

Godrej Nature's Basket

Bandra WestWestern Suburbs  


4 Reviews / 5 Ratings

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Godrej Nature's Basket Reviews

fonci - Burrp User


31 Reviews

November 11,2012


Theobroma range on Hill Road

This store is quite crammed but what a range of products!! No need to head to Paris for that cheese you crave or Frankfurt for the meat. Sure most of the spread is expensive but for a once in a while gourmet splurge this is great.
The organic range of products is excellent and I have been sampling the various organic honey brands found here.
The other exciting area is the Theobroma range of bread and tea time goodies like cookies and muffins.
The garlic and herb toasts made by a Mahim based company, found in this section area amazing. They are ideal as a base for any exciting snacky topping.
The Cadbury mint bubbles chocolate that calls to you from near the check out counter is a waste of money so ignore the "buy me" cries. The packaging is so exciting but the real deal is no where near as interesting.
Happy shopping!



Some Good, Some Not so good, Some Bad

Good- deli section & some asian food selection ie. all the paste's etc.

Not so good- the salads and freshly made items. I say this because non chefs prepare these foods which i can even do at home. I dont see any jaw dropping selection here- not that my jaws drop anywhere in India- but i mean the selection here is very limited and highly overpriced.

Bad- Very Crowded , staff are uninformed and are like domestic help, always had a bad smell to this shop. Wonder why!?

I really thought id give it 2 stars out of 5 but i give this 3 because the selection of a lot of asian & european foods is good compared to other places in Mumbai-



An irritating place to shop.

A good selection of imported goods, but a really irritating place to shop at... It's so over-staffed!
Every thin aisle/ tiny section has usually 3-5 attendees on it. The number of employees is ridiculous! They are continually pushing past you/ huddling around the goods you want to look at.
It is not a peaceful place to just shop.
When you ask any of them a question, they never know!... they then go run to find another 2-3 people to drag to your aisle!
Then it gets really crowded!
So many times I've just had to walk out as it's impossible to shop for anything in such a small shop that has 20+ staff running around on the floor at any one time..
I wish the bosses of Nature's Basket would understand that they don't need their entire staff on the floor if they have 1 or 2 shoppers in at that time.
Stupid, considering it could be a great shop.


Thank God, Reg (sic), for a deli done well...

Don't worry - your basket won't be big enough for all these goodies from nature once you get going with your shopping here. Thankfully though, the thoughtful people at Godrej have provided mini-trolleys to help you hunt and gather as many items as you can, as easily as possible. And what fun these are with the tight corners, ramps and narrow aisles of this new mini-market-cum-deli.

As soon as you enter the place, you hit the chocolate stand. Now, this is what I call my kind of shop :o) After that is the doctor and dentist section (read: fruit and veg). So, the moral of the Nature shoppe is, sin first and repent later! Eve, take note...

The refrigerated cabinet here holds some interesting finds. Dig deep to find the hidden treasures, such as imported and exotic vegetables, prepared salads, and random fruits, etc.

After that, you have to navigate the tight chicanes of this maze-like shoppe: On the right is the bakery, cheese and dessert counters. I try and look the other way at this point as it all looks just too good to be true. And they usually have something to try on every counter, along with handy suggestions of what you can make with an ingredient or what would go well with it. All very helpful indeed.

Breakfast cereals from every corner of the globe to dried fruits and golden honey of every variety. When honey labels read like wine bottle labels you start to know why Winnie the Pooh always looked so happy...

Next is pasta, pesto, olive oils, olives, and all other things Italian. After that you turn another corner and you are back in Asia - this time the Far East. Dairy cabinets and then a cold cuts "room" and you're still barely half-way round the store.

OK, so you won't need a map for this global tour, but you should make some time to explore. As further space is being converted into extra shop-floor, a booze section is also threatened to pop up soon. Sign up for special offers and events, such as cookery demonstrations too.

So, if you are planning a special meal, or if you want to try something new, come here, be inspired, sample something different, and see a lot more of the world (via your stomach) without ever leaving the confines of the post code Mumbai 50.


Healthy and Sinful Delights Under One Roof

It's hard not to drool as soon as you enter this bustling outlet of Nature's Basket. A reasonably big place, it offers hordes of stuff under one roof. Lush green vegetables and colourful fruits all vie for attention. Various varieties of olive oils, gamut of pasta and lasagne brands, ready-to-eat Betty Crocker's cake packs, hordes of international chocolates, and energy drinks are available here. The brands available here are hard to find at many places.

There are separate sections for cheese (bought the grated cheddar cheese - it was just amazing), and baked goodies. The olive loaf and whole wheat pizza base were nice and soft. The store also has all international sauces - pesto, BBQ and many other Oriental pastes.

Don't miss the dessert counter, which has sinful delights like cheesecakes and blueberry muffins. Freshly made dips and thumb sized international olives, can all be purchased here. But your pocket will definitely feel the dent here. A small bottle of mustard or BBQ sauce can set you back by Rs. 500.

P.S: They have a separate area, which only serves frozen dinners - manchurian with fried rice, penne in arrabiata and some other meat options. Didn't really try any of those, but apparently they are supposed to be extremely healthy with almost zilch trans-fat.

Overall, a pretty good place...