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Home/mumbai/Godrej Nature's Basket

Godrej Nature's Basket

Warden RoadSouth Mumbai    & IN 7 MORE LOCATIONS

  • 02223526775, 02223545151
  • Shop No. 8, Tirupati Apartment, Warden Road, Cumballa Hill, Mumbai

3 Reviews / 3 Ratings

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Godrej Nature's Basket Reviews





Lack of Stock, Disappointing

Went there the other day. Given that I've shopped at both Food Hall & Dolce Vita, the GNB at Breach Candy was terribly understocked. Also to be honest the overall placement of products, missing produce in sections and selections were very limited


Great experience every time

Possiblty the best assortment of good that one can fine. Vegetables are fresh, the store offers some exquisite brands and products.

The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. You can't step out of this store without having bought some.

Love the place.

The place provides premium to super premium goods and prices are reflective of that. Since most of the goods are imported and they carry duty of 25-150%.

Well good things do come at a price :)




Need to know: I have recently returned home after a decade abroad. I still convert Rs to $ in my head...

...and the first thing that struck me was that GNB is actually more expensive than Whole Foods. That is saying a LOT!

1) Salmon - My life revolved around salmon. I was told I'd find it at GNB and did. First, it's vacuum packed and not fresh, second, it was priced at around Rs 350 for a tiny half restaurant-sized portion. And lastly, it (all the packets I checked) was browning (generally, a sign of going bad) on one side. I would not serve that to a guest in my home nor eat it myself!
Vicious cycle of ridic pricing -- people not buying it -- store stuck with inventory

2) Dry goods (pastas, cous cous), run-of-the-mill cheeses (small selection; leave alone exotic cheeses I couldn't find a reasonably priced Gouda, Havarti, Brie, Italian four cheese mixes) are pretty darned expensive. I doubt any pasta or sauce is priced below Rs 250 (~$6).

3) Well-intentioned but hopelessly under-informed assistants who scurry around doing nothing in particular.
"Sir buy this olive oil, Sir. It's wonderful!"
"Have you tried it?"
"No Sir"
(Not trying to be a jackass here) "Then how do you tell me it's wonderful?"
"If its not up to the mark, do you take the bottle back (no I won't finish half of the bottle before I bring it back)"

I was trying to find some quinoa (the things one gets used to!). The assts couldn't find it. They don't carry it. Can they put out a query to their supply chain folks? Can't say. Bummer

If the mgmt is reading this one: The Mumbai middle class is beginning to experiment and may want to try some recipes at home and possibly incorporate into regular diet.

You guys are one of the few grps sourcing some of the international products. Figure out a way to get pricing of dry goods, produce, deli/cheese/fish to a reasonable level and your stores would be flooded (if that's what you do want).