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> > > > Golden Tiffins

Golden Tiffins

Malad WestWestern Suburbs  

  • Malad (W), Mumbai

6 Reviews / 6 Ratings

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Golden Tiffins Reviews



Please do not take anything from Golden tiffins. They will ask to deposit money to their account and later they will absconding. Its not good business with them.



pathetic and chors is the word

I agree with the cold sloppy horrid !!! i wonder if the first three reviews are genuine !!! they are pathetic.....pathetic is an understatement food..uncooked food is their speciality .... and quantity is birdlike.. the dabba is ultra mini..... plus they charge in advance becoz they know they are so bad so no other way to chain down customers....... the website is fancy and the guy on phone will talk in english and potray as if they are ultra professional. but thats all they have to flaunt ...the food is as bad as it can get!!



Good Stuff!

Happy with my tiffin service from Golden Tiffins. Service is professional and food is pretty tasty. Would definitely recommend to all.



Golden Tiffins is the best! Tasty & Hygienic Food!

I have changed countless "dabba" services in the 5 years that I have been working in Mumbai. Some were unhygienic, some were inefficient and not delivered on time and some were just difficult to eat!

Recently on a friend's recommendation I opted to try the Golden Tiffins service. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of customer service interaction and everything in the order process was smooth.

The food itself came in a disposable tray packed and delivered by the famous Mumbai dabbawalas who are known for their reliability. I just had to peel off the covering and heat it for 2 minutes in the microwave.

I was blown away by the taste! For the price (I am paying 50 bucks a day for the 'premium' meal) the taste was nothing short of fantastic. The vegetables and gravies for a change were not watered down like my office caterer used to do. This stuff was actually worthy of being eaten and called 'tasty'.

It has been nearly 3 weeks and I am pretty happy about these guys. The menu has been different every single day for 2 weeks before starting to repeat. They serve chinese once a week which once again rocks! This is one service I am definitely recommending to all my office colleagues and would to you as well!


Our employees love their Golden Tiffins meals

Our small office of 35 people gets its daily meals from Golden Tiffins and we are extremely happy with the service and quality of meals.

We are now so used to the convenience of heating and eating the meals in the disposable trays that I don't foresee a change to another service provider.

The meals are very tasty and quality is superb and consistent from meal to meal. We also appreciate that the customer service team from Golden Tiffins keeps taking our feedback on a monthly basis and any small problems are quickly sorted out.

This is a fantastic concept which is sure to be a hit with small offices of Mumbai. All you need is a microwave and you are good to go. Kudos to the Golden Tiffins team.


Anjuna  - Burrp User


1 Reviews

March 03,2009


Cold, Sloppy, Horrid

It comes in a plastic tray..mine was torn and dripping. Food was cold. The tray contained 1 dal, 2 veggies, rice, chapatis and pickle. My dal had of course dripped away. The portions were very small. The rice was plasticky, dry and lacked flavour. The veggies were quite nice once heated.

They do not send you a trail or sample dabba even if you are willing to pay for it and only accept a full months payment in advance. so here I am, 1250/- rupees poorer and stuck with this S**t lunch for a month.

I chose them coz they seemed professional, clean and yes I am a sucker for dabbawalas with their own snazzy websites. How I wish i had chosen a neighbourhood service. It would have been cheaper, larger portions and tastier. Also golden tiffins delivers only monday to friday.

Update: Day 2 of the tiffin service, its 1.34 pm and food has still not arrived. Sigh! I wrote to them saying i want to discontinue it, but no reply.