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> > > > Gomantak Boarding House

Gomantak Boarding House

Dadar WestWestern Suburbs  

  • 24305631, 24311377
  • Shop No 301, Mirinda Chawl, NC Kelkar Road, Near Shivaji Mandir, Dadar West, Mumbai
  • Malvani, Goan
  • Meal for 2 - 400

16 Reviews / 17 Ratings

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Gomantak Boarding House Reviews






Gomantak is amazingly Fishy

I have know Gomantak since past more than 10 years. and if i had some website to write for it i would written it long back.

with family we ordered Bombil fry.. and the fresh , hot fry was just there on the table in no time.. the fish can been felt fresh as if they has just gone fishing for the same.

later we ordered Mutton thali and kombdi wade.. the taste was amazing and so was the service.

I am sure that there are may more years for Gomantak..







seafood at its best

Gomantak is an old restaurant, in fact one can call it an institution. The prawns fry, surmai fry, thali, everything is to die for. A service quicker than the best Mcdonalds makes it even a better place, since u go , u eat and u leave. Cut to cut, point to point. And u go smiling happily since there is no crash in your wallet either. The prices are too reasonable, a big size surmai fry costs only Rs 85!!! Absolutely recommended. One of the must haves if u r in Mumbai.


No 'fishy' fish here!

Absolutely hate the 'fishy' smell of places that serve seafood and here, you don't get that. I guess they go fishing right after you order and make sure you get the freshest seafood you order. Big fan of their Mori masala (shark), recently developed a taste for Surmai Rava Fry and Tisrya sukkhe (clams). Their kombdi vade are not as tasty but you really should order for their prawns rava fry. Finish off with Sol Kadi (not to my taste) and walk out paying about 150 bucks per head. There is usually a waiting line for about 20 minutes before you get a table in this packed and congested little restaurant.


Superb sol kadi

This restaurant is an institution for those who love Gomantak food. The seafood is better than the chicken and mutton preparations. Try mori masala, tisrya masala and bangda fry and please please please don't forget the sol kadi. It's very different from other places and has a tadka of ginger and garlic. Must visit.






Hands down, the best Seafood I've ever had

Prior to this, Saibeni Gomantak was #1 on my list of favorite restaurants for Sea food in town (not really a sea food person myself). Friday's lunch was at Gomantak Boarding House.

Ambiance - Very simple - We had to wait for about 20 minutes to get a table in the AC section inside. I've heard stories of this place being packed with the queues running all the way to the Sena Bhavan building during the evenings.

Food - My best experience with seafood till date. I am really not a fish person, but the surmai fry was mouth wateringly tasly, fresh and crisp. Same story with the prawns fry. I called for Mori Masala (Baby shark) with steamed rice, my colleague called for Tisrya Masala (clams in gravy). There was absolutely NO 'fishy' smell in the food or even the restaurant. Chapatis were fresh-ish and thankfully, warm. Service is a little lethargic considering people go crazy with their variety of orders

Bill was about 1100 bucks for a (pretty heavy) meal for 6 of us and this has most definitely taken the #1 spot in my list for seafood in town.


Anjum  - Burrp User


123 Reviews

December 13,2012


Totally worth the visit and money!

Ate lunch at Gomantak today and I was so impressed with the food. The surmai fry and prawns fry were excellent. Not oily at all, crispy and fresh. The gravy that was served along with the surmai fry complimented the taste.
The only vegetarian in the group ordered for a paneer dish and that was equally good.
The air conditioned area is good to sit in. The service is quick. Very polite staff. A must visit place for people who enjoy sea food.
Me... I'm definitely going back for more!



Immense value for money. Local seafood hotspot

Mahim/Shivaji Park have a ton of inexpensive seafood places - Saibini Gomantak, Sindhudurg, Chaitanya, Kokan Kinara, yada yada, but Gomantak boarding house is the daddy of them all. It's easily 40-45 yrs old and on all days except Monday (it's closed), Tues/Thur (God dictat - no eat non veg) it has a line a good 20-30 people deep and expect a good 30 min wait.

One doesn't wax eloquent about the food. One merely downs it in a series of ohhhs and ummms and ahhs (especially if you, like me, go alone and eat alone).
Get a thali - either the Pomfret fry or Surmai fry or Gomantak special fish thali. A thali contains a good size fish filet (or curry with the filet), rice (Can be replaced with 'wade'), 2-3 chapatis (can be replaced with wade too), a curry, and a small wati of solkadi (you get a tiny wati of karandi fry if you're in the AC section).
Try to sneak into the AC section. You get better cuts of fish there (but it's 25-30% more expensive)
Fried bombil is good but too greasy for my taste. Haven't tried the chicken sukke/masala here (next on my list).

If you're not too religious about food dictats then visit the place on Tues or Thurs. You'd breeze in.

Bon appetit.



excellent value for money

superb value for money...try the fried prawns for just 85 rupees, or fried surmail for 85 rupees, u can fill your stomach in less than 200 rs and the taste will linger for a long time


silveredge - Burrp User


34 Reviews

November 08,2011


Worth the visit

If you are an impatient person forget coming here, but if you really love good food, this place is worth the wait. First, parking; there is none. The closest you can park is near Shivaji park and walk it down. There are some spots near the hotel but only if you are lucky. Then there is the wait. I went with a large group so the waiting was for an hour but you can assume that you'll be waiting for 20-30 minutes. Ambiance is not so great, but then, this is a boarding lodge. What would you expect? But the place is clean, which is important. Now for the best part; Food... AWESOME. I ordered the jumbo crab Thali, and guess what? The crab was actually jumbo and for only 280 bucks!. Thali included unlimited chapatti, sol kadi, extra gravy and rice. the seafood is also fresh, like the fish. Word of advice, go early between 8-9 pm as I am told that the good and fresh stuff finishes fast. Overall the food was good and at a really low price. Minus 1 star for the uncomfortable chairs but then again i am a big guy so cant blame them if i don't fit.


Malvani Food

Good Malvani Style Food at very cheap price best of luck if u find place in Weekend without standing in Q


Good Malvani Food

This place serves really good malvani, maharashtrian coastal cuisines. Lovely sea food. I have tried their shell fish, Surmai (King fish) and also their Mutton thalis. All these I can vouch are great.

The restaurant has 2 sections - A/c and Non-A/c. The A/c section is nice and comfortable. Prices too are reasonable.

If one does like malvani food this is a place to visit.



Amazing malvani food at dirt cheap price...

This was not the first time I have been to Gomantak. My mom use to take us when we were kids. Truly amazing and affordable malvani food. This time I went with my was a last min decision to go here...n we were quiet hungry. I was little concern as I know thrs a loooong queue that u hav to stand in for this place. But we were lucky has a table for 2 got vacant as soon as we went thr.

Now thr r 2 sections a/c n non-a/c, I prefer the a/c as spicy food needs to be eaten in cool surrounding. In a/c section thr r approx 10 tables. Service is fast and even ppl tend to eat fast, so chances r u get a table soon.

As soon as we got seated, we ordered for Kokam kadi...truly amazing n refreshing after a long day. For starters we had Surmai Fry, which was a very large piece so I was very glad. For main course we asked for Chicken suka & vade....perfect combination.

After all this the total bill was Rs. 224...believe me it was only that much...

They except Sodexo coupons which was good for us as I hav plenty...

Highly recommended for ppl who love malvani food.




Went here on two consecutive dinners.
On Wednesday me, my bf and wud be bro in law went for the Prawn Fry (OUTSTANDING), Surmai Fry (OUTSTANDING again), Goan Chicken chilly (Excellent), Prawn Masala (decent), Mutton Sukka (Very good), Stuffed Pomfret (Excellent) with a plate of Vade's and Rice+ Rassa. We gulped all this down with Sol Kadi.
Total damage for all this was Rs. 640/- ONLY.
Be prepared to stand and wait on regular days.
You might just get lucky on Tuesday.



terrible service

This is one place that i used to go for gr8 Malvani food but it has gone down in standards and the waiters are arrogant.One needs to stand in a long queue before entering this hotel as it has a very big name.Once inside the waiters will make you dance from one table to another till you are served.Also before you finish they will keep on harrasing you if you need anymore.I do not recommend anyone to this place unless you do not mind jumping from seat to seat and getting served lousy cold food.


Awsome at that price!!!

Gomantak has been my favourite since college days. It famous for sea food and especially Malvani style cuisine.

Surmai - fantasic
prawns (all dishes) - great
Pomfret - great

Quality: Great
Quantity: ok
Ambience: ok
Price: Great
Variety: ample

Go for fishes :) rest chicken and mutton is also good but I would suggest to eat fish and prawns there.

It's really a restaurant to visit and also close from Dadar station. It is a must for fish eaters.

One minus point, many times there is a long waiting queue :) but it's worth investing that much time. I had been in queue for 60% of my visits and never disappointed :)

Note: their timings are bit odd and its closed on Mondays :( make sure you plan it right - accounting for waiting time in queue ;)


salil - Burrp User


1 Reviews

June 26,2009


Good Malwani and Goan Food

Authentic malwani food and curry with aroma felt in the restaurant premise.

Airconditioned section is neatly designed, keeping in mind the traditional yet contemporary look. however side tables for two are little cramped.

Mutton curry and fish especially pomfret and Surmai fry are awesome. Rice Bhakri with Chicken or Mutton curry with pieces is an excellent combination.

Good Maharashtrian place to relish on with non vegetarian currys and fish fries at an economical price.

After may be 25 years or more, that small place in Dadar, people still queue outside the restaurant for half an hour or more in the afternoon and evening too till their turn arrives and if its a sunday better park yourself early.

Keep up the Taste and njoy the all the meals...............