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Krunal Mehta - Burrp User

Krunal Mehta

December 12,2015

Very good!

I have been to this restaurant several times. Everything they offer is above average, their dosas and pizzas are worth a try.
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Bina S. - Burrp User

Bina S.

March 31,2015

Pizza - Must try!

Govinda restaurant which is at chowpatty is pure vegetarian restaurant. Without Garlic & Onion. Here u can get mix cuisine. Chinese Italian and Dosas . people who likes to taste all type of food without onion garlic can try here. Italian and everything is good in taste but not authentic as it gives desi Indian touch. It is good for jains. Price wise it is not too costly.
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riddz622 - Burrp User


January 03,2014

Food for the soul

Excellent food for the soul.. their pizzas ( Gopalas garden) is to die for .... very fresh food is served here along with some very innovative dosas as well ... moderately priced and good serving size too .. the only drawback is the no onion/garlic policy but the food is soo good it makes up for it .. go here for the delicious pizzas and indian food
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Ritesh Jain - Burrp User

Ritesh Jain

November 26,2013


I have been visiting Govinda for 4 years.. and every experience has been great. Every now and then, they keep making additions to their menu. They added chocolate desserts after mulling over it really long ;-) Some of their dishes are very creative.. like the Khadiravan dosa, and their Indian veg side dishes are yummy considering they are prepared without onion and garlic. They have a waiting even on week-day evenings post 8pm. the staff is very courteous and encourage you to order the right quantity and try their varieties. Gets a little noisy but thats fine. Govinda offers great value for money.
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kajal786 - Burrp User


August 05,2013


Well, the food at Govinda's is divine, as the name suggests :) A "must visit" place for all vegetarians. They have a vast food menu ranging from south indian to north indian to oriental to Italian to Mexican!!! The food is rich in quality and flavour. My personal favourites are the mayonnaise dosas and pizzas. I also love their desserts, particularly the rasmalai and hand made icecreams. The pricing is also very reasonable. The only drawback is that its very crowded during weekends and there is a long waiting time to get a table!! However, I will definitely keep going back :)
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prestidigitator - Burrp User


April 16,2013


Horrible food. We ordered Spinach and Celery soup, Soya chunk chilly dry and schezwan noodles. The soup and starter had so much excess salt that they were inedible.
The noodles was nothing Schezwan , it didnt taste anything like Chinese food. Maggi noodles is anytime better than that.
They have a really fancy menu and we were quite impressed by that and the ambience. But the food turned out to be a big mess. And the bill came to 514/- for the three items!! Colossal waste of money. Would never go to this restaurant again.
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nams10 - Burrp User


August 17,2012

A must try pace...Good fod

Visited this restaurant last weekend...Its right next to Iskcon Temple...i really liked the ambiance of this place... Its a Multi Cuisine restaurant serving Italian,Chinese,Punjabi,Chaats,South Indian...They have some awesome desserts too... Food is reasonably priced...They have a private sitting area for family gathering...I would highly recommend this place...It a feast for all the Krishna Devotees visiting the Iskcon Temple right next to it... Will keep visiting this place often... :)
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Ajay Khubchandani - Burrp User

Ajay Khubchandani

April 22,2012

Hygienic food with Multi cuisine

Dosa's are must try with Ras bhahar(different types of juices) totally loving place with awsum food.
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Jayashri  - Burrp User


September 12,2011

An evening to remember!

We were 4 of us who visited Govindas for dinner last thurday (8th Sept) and was surprised to find it pretty crowded even at around 9 pm.. Had to wait for 15-20 mins which was not a problem as we spent time in the beautiful ISKCON temple right next door!

Once seated, we were got the menus by the waiters who were smartly dressed in Indian wear - Kurtas complete with dupatta. Very Impressive! Selection of food was the cause of major confusion as the menu was extensive and the food sounded great. We called for Nachos (very nice), 2 types of dosas - one being the tiranga dosa and the other was some stuffed dosa, both of which were really made well and served with yummy Sambar and chutney. Also had one of their pizzas which was beautifully made but tasted just about average. Other things were good as well. One of the things which we didnt have were the sizzlers but I'm going to try it next time...Atleast, they sounded really good!!!

As they say, keep the best for last.. the staff of Govinda's made sure we did get the best.. When they realised that one among us was celebrating his birthday, they joined us in their own special way which made the evening even more memorable! Was very touched! Will not spoil the fun of the experience by writing about it here..Let it be an unexpected enjoyment!

Humble suggestion to all Govinda fans, to enjoy their birthday celebration here - Great food,easy on the pocket, wonderful service and their special touch.Im sure it'll be something which will stay on your minds for a long time! Hari Bol! :)
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mitesh yadav - Burrp User

mitesh yadav

August 14,2011

surprisingly good food

I have been to this place only once after a strong recommendation about its italian fare.........ambience is calm and their menu is elaborate .i ordered nachos,pizza,sizzler and triple sczhwan fried rice.pizzas were excellent u will forget the dominos,pizza huts and others.chinese fried rice was average simply because it did not have garlic and onions NOTE: all the food here is without onion and garlic.I am very keen on sampling its north indian food and other stuff as well and i am sure it won't be dissappointing .Its a must visit for any foodie as the food is excellent quality and tastes good as well.
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Pradnya Lotlikar - Burrp User

Pradnya Lotlikar

July 04,2011

Amazing Italian food!!

Just had Chilly paneer pizza, Penne arabiata (with mixed sauce) and Enchiladas!! it was too good .. jus loved it.. n to top it off we had 3 men on a boat..which is a mix of 3 icecream scoops, fruit salad and jelly.. it was yummyyy... Jus loved the ambience and food there :)
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Kunal Jain - Burrp User

Kunal Jain

January 02,2011

Okay okay

After having a bad experience at Bharat juice and snacks centre we came to this place which is just across the street.

We ordered Dal Makhni and veg handi. Veg handi which is supposed to be mix vegetables had only capsicum and peas in it which is a bit disappointment for me. Even dal makhni is not that great.

Overall had an okish experience here. Not too great not to bad.
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Kartik V Kothari - Burrp User

Kartik V Kothari

March 09,2010

Divine Delights...Well not quite !!!

Had been to this place last night with a couple of friends. They had a candle light setting which served no purpose in this cramped, crowded and noisy place. Moreover, the bright lights at the entrance and near the kitchen spoiled the experience. We were not too hungry so ordered a starter - veg crispy and a Schezwan Sizzler. Both dishes were Jain. While the veg crispy was not good, sizzler was a surprise. it tasted nice and spicy in-spite of being made without onion and garlic. The best part of the meal was the desert- it always is for me :). We ordered a chocolate pastry and a blueberry cheese cake. The blueberry cheese cake was awesome, not too sweet and just perfect. I can completely recommend this place, but its s good place if you have a 'Jain' friend or if you eat 'Jain' food yourself.
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abcdmm - Burrp User


March 02,2010

Wonderful veg. pizzas!

This place is quite a hidden gem, tucked away in a small lane at Chowpatty... please don't be put-off or mislead by the name, this restaurant isn't like the Govinda's at Juhu (which primarily serves huge Indian veg. thalis or buffets i think)... though this place is purely vegetarian (and no onion/garlic in any of their dishes...!!!), they do some dishes really really well (and i am typically a non-vegetarian)...

They have a wood-fired oven, in which they make amazing Italian-style thin-crust pizzas (with interesting toppings such as zucchini, artichokes, blue cheese, etc), good punjabi-moghlai sort of food, and very very yummy hand-churned ice cream... never tried their mexican or chinese food much, never really felt the need to :) their pizza is what we always go for, and it never ceases to disappoint!

Do give it a try, please don't let the no-onion, no-garlic idea scare you away :)
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