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> > > > Granville Greens, Hotel Granville

Granville Greens, Hotel Granville

Borivali WestWestern Suburbs  


21 Reviews / 22 Ratings

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Granville Greens, Hotel Granville Reviews

aumkar123 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

October 05,2013


Poor quality foof

I use to visit this place very often as well as order food at home. One sunday evening i have ordered food for home delivery and delivery man has delivered food which smell like prepared couple of days back. I have called back to granville rest. and complaint abt poor quality food but answer i have received is really horrible. I have stopped ordering food from granville greens.


Good Experience always

Been to this place 2-3 times. Tried Italian, Chinese, Indian cuisines.

Good in Taste, Service is prompt.

Spacius seating.

For vegetarians, definetely good place.


ruvin - Burrp User


3 Reviews

January 03,2012


Great New Year Food !!

Okay now its often for me to visit this restaurant in this tinsel town !!

Had a perfect family dinner on New Year .. It was heavily crowded but the food and atmosphere was superb !!

Thanks to the Management who allowed us to enjoy our new year family get-to-gether !!

no doubt this is the best restaurant in suburb !!

the worst one i experienced was Kitchen Heritage .. over Priced and bad quality food !!

Thank You Granville !!


Awesome place for Veggies in Borivali ...

Situated in the heart of Borivali. Opposite KoraKendra Grounds , Borivali (West).. This place is definitely rocking with its ambience. Umbrella sheds witha large space can accomodate a good 150-200 diners at a time ... Still its obvious the weekends have long queue outside .. to get into this place..

The place is a delight for Veggies .. The menu covers everything from Punjabi to Continental to Mexican to Chinese ... I and my friend have been here on a lunch .. We decided to check out some Chinese varieties.. Unlike few other restaurants, with attractive names and the same old taste, here we could feel the unique flavour in each dish... The menu covered a descent variety of choices in each section .. The food was tasty and quantity was good enough .. Main course and Rice varieties- each plate could substantially serve two big eaters .. Tasty and good flavour .. with reasonable prices

Service was descent enough. Well trained staff. Ambience is great.

Thumbs for this Restaurant. Loved the experience. 4 on 5 Rating


ruvin - Burrp User


3 Reviews

October 04,2011


Best Restaurant & Hotel In suburb !!

Taste , Quality , Service & Ambiance that's all you need and they Have Got It.

The outdoor sitting is just amazing .. with umbrella and lights gives a perfect look of Tinsel Town . From Soup to Dessert everything is perfect , taste is awesome .

Don't Miss on Lemon Coriander soup which is extra ordinary in taste and here it comes with a surprise to get this taste in suburban Restaurant.

Punjabi cuisine has nice taste too , with well garnishing to soft cottage cheese.

it was a perfect dinner. Checked on the rooms as well , it has been nicely designed for the comfort also the entire hotel is neat and tidy.

Don't Miss it !!


Pooja  - Burrp User


18 Reviews

August 12,2011


Pull up your can do better!!!

Have been here thrice..the food is very good here...the quality is also good..but the only problem with this restaurant is the hygiene and cleanliness is ZERO!!!

When i visited the place last time we were served in yellowish scratched plates (which were suppose to white and without scratches)...the glasses in which we were served water and Chaas was BROKEN....can you actually believe it...i was shocked looking as the glasses...they were all chipped off from 2-3 was in very bad state...i don't understand when they mint so much money...y can't they provide proper cutlery for the customers!!!

The manager was least bothered about it...coz when we got this to his notice..he just told the waiter.."aree yeh glasses badli kar do" and walked off...i felt like slapping him..IDIOT like him!!!

So itz a good place which has a large seating arrangements..but somehow after experiencing all this..i wouldn't want to go here again..but yes you can surely get the food home delivered!!!!


kayen - Burrp User


1 Reviews

April 08,2011


Not a good surrounding

Food is ok, Service has a lot to desire especially in weekends, MOST IMPORTANT if you are sitting towards roads side.. it stinks of kachra peti and gutter.. YOU can't sit there and eat.



Going Better !!

Improving .. no doubt in it !!

3rd visit ... well same quality food .. but with improved service .. this place is doing great !!

Thumbs Up ...




Well .. this is the only place in borivali to get quality food with best service .. waiting is long but at the end you going to get the best taste in this suburb ..

don't miss to visit it !!


bbuurrpp - Burrp User


2 Reviews

February 22,2011


horrible food with horrible service

i have had the worst of exp out here. Untrained staff, pathetic service, take their own sweet time to do stuff.

Food was absolute horrible with all heavily colored food. The food which was served to us was absolutely cold, looked as if they served us the long time back made food. When this was told to them they started giving excuses and all, but ultimately to save their dignity they changed it.

Will never go here for sure.



beter than descent...

ok i an ttly surprised at this place getting bad reviews . abt the negetives yeah no a/c and a long...very long waiting period at weekends. but.... but.... there are worst places in borivli for sure....ok ive only had a few things and so i will only mention about them...normal veg fried was absolutely good. masala papad..ttly disapointing. veg pizza.... nothing special. but.... pav bhajji...probably the best in borivli...honestly. a level above any other place in borivali for sure... and the best thing is that its nowhere as expensive as it looks. so its defi not bad. so i dont what the others are saying...anyway who the hell oders ...chinese bhel ?


jes12 - Burrp User


13 Reviews

September 29,2010


simply not worth spending at

Granville greens with a huge place has very low quality taste to the food they prepare. We had ordered Chinese bhel for startes it was just tasting of schezwan sauce and the fried noodles there wasnt anyother taste that we could savour. We thought they might be good at conti. Ordered conti food (main course). It could not match upto the that level to even taste somewhat like continental food does at any other place that does serve Pastas. Utterly crappy place.


lav_tan - Burrp User


1 Reviews

September 28,2010



Guys believe me..SKIP at home thn eating at this place...horrible food....infact horrible is an understatement...thy made a huge place...and it was terribly crowded so thought the food be good..but it was a disappointment...nd worst they obviously dnt have food water facility in the basement and the water taste like the tanker water......
Believe me there are better good places thn tis pass it.


mishit14 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

September 05,2010


An Irate experience.

Nothing is good expect for the open garden kind ambience. Poor service, untrained waiters, very bad bad attitude of the staff and management as well... saturday sunday is worst no good food, everythin in hush mush. total waste of time, money.. they really test your patience..


DO NOT choose to go in the AC

the a/c is in the basement and not ventilated. All of us were nauseatic in half hours time. Guys if you are reading this you have to do some thing about it before a mishap takes place.



Not worth the Wait or the Money.

Nothing special/different in the menu. Chaotic ambience, unprofessional and untrained waiters,Arrogant attitude of the Management,do not go in large groups as reservations are not accepted.
So even if there's a birthday sure to reach by 7:30 PM or wait till one of the big table's(which are few) are vacant. Two small tables will also not be joined as per Hotel policy
Management attitude is not concerned about the customers at all...a BIG TIP to the person who writes your name in the waiting list may help.....
Forks and spoons are placed in a plate in the centre of the table - helpyour selves. Also Cold-Drinks of 1.5lt or 2Lt is served only in the Banquet for parties. 500 ml Bottles of cold drink are priced at Rs 55/- each.

To Sum up-
Not worth the wait or the money.


sohin - Burrp User


1 Reviews

April 08,2010


2 thumbs down

Went with family last weekend and had terrible experience.
No reservations undertaken
NO accurate waiting time (waited for more than 80 mins.),
Management attitude is like "if you want to eat here than wait else you may leave"
Ambiance = chaos
Food quality not worth the price (highly over priced)
Untrained waiters
No distinguishing factor about this restaurant.
Avoid going in large groups


Arjuna - Burrp User


8 Reviews

March 26,2010


Skip it.

I heard about this newly opened restaurant from my sister who could not get a dinner table last Saturday night because there was a long waiting. Thought I give it a try today (Friday evening) and made my way there with my parents.

To my surprise it was an open air/outdoor restaurant and may be first of its kind in Borivali (W), I was quite delighted to see it from the outside. No problems getting a table and the seating was comfortable. The ambiance was above average with what looked like beach umbrellas attached to each table. The place was quite spacious.

We were served straight away. We ordered tomato soup to begin with, and for the mains - nargisi kofta, rotis and palak rice. I had requested to cook the food in less oil/butter as my father and mother follow a strict diet for health reasons. But that fell on deaf ears, although I had very less expectation on that front.

The service was lightening quick. The soup arrived, swimming with butter with a hint of ginger taste. It was below average. The mains were next. As the waiter tried serving nargisi koftas he seriously struggled cutting them in serving size, that very point I knew that coming here was a mistake. The koftas were raw from inside and when I tried my level best eating them but I just couldn't. I left them. I told the waiter that mate, this isn't cooked from the inside and its quite tough, he tells me because its made in mozilla cheese. Well let me tell you that there was only one visible thread of cheese and the rest was potatoes and peas uncooked. BTW the palak rice was ok.

The finger bowl were brought at the end of the meal but the water was not even luke warm.

The only good thing going for this place was the ambiance and the prompt service. The food overall struggles to get even a single star.

I would very happily eat at Veg treat or Shree sagar instead even thought its a bit cramped, alteast the food is good but here again well not for a long time unless I hear otherwise from fellow burpers.

On a good closing note, the kesar pista kulfi was finger licking delicious.


Yuck crap

Most hopeless food i have ever had. Had ordered the food at home. IT took them 1 hr to deliver it at my house. Thought that they must be having good food looking at the crowd at the hotel.
But to my surprise the food was pathetic, horrible, it tastes yuck. The vegetable was filled with lots of color. We had ordered veg kadai vch was jus filled with orange color & the oder 1 was babycorn mushroom masala. in vch they had not put mushrooms. The rotis were bad, thick n hard to chew. Had to leave the food to save myself from the color riot.


Damn neat

With little continental options in Borivli, I wasnt sure if this one would really be anywhere close to average. However, I took the chance and can safely say I wasnt disappointed. A casual outdoor ambience with canopies, they actually have a wide continental menu. We ordered kurkuri bhendis and corn cheese toast for starters - both could have been crispier. Next, we ordered a lasagna and a napolitana pasta. Both were quite delicious and the quantity was decent to suffice two. Definitely great VFM considering the dishes were priced at less than Rs.150. The only hitch, they don't serve South Indian Menu post 7 pm so dosa lovers risk disappointment. Also, its an only veg restaurant. One thing they need to fix up soon is the loos.


Arul.Doshi - Burrp User


1 Reviews

February 11,2010


VFM, Absolutely!

Was thinking of going to this newly opened place, which looked great from outside since the past few days. Got a chance to visit it last night. Granville Greens is attached to Hotel Granville and is an open air, fairly large restaurant. It is located near the junction of S.V. Road and the road that leads to the East-West flyover at Kora Kendra, Borivali (W); just a few blocks away from McDonald's.
Food: They've got a multi-cuisine menu: Indian, Chinese, Mexican and Italian. The soups were alright, but the starters were very good. We tried Italian and Mexican for the main course and it more than met our expectations. The mexican rice and pizzas were scrumptious.
Ambience: The setting is an open-air one with tables setup under canopies. It even better is if you happen to go there on a cool evening, like it was yesterday.
Service: It is fair enough, but the staff is very evidently new. In fact, the place is so new that respective waiter's names were written discreetly on each table!
How much does it lighten your wallet? Not much, actually. Whether its introductory pricing or not, is something that I don't know. But as of now it would come to about 150-200 per person. Which is VFM, to say the least!
So to conclude I give Granville Greens 4/5 stars and a big thumps up! Go try it for its food coupled with the setting this pleasant February.