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Waterfield Road  


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Set Lunch Menu Jul 07 - Aug 31

  • Hakkasan has just turned three and is now introducing its special set lunch menu. Cyclical in nature, the menu has been specially designed with focus on the quality and variety. It will keep changing every week of the month and will repeat itself for the next month. Hakkasan assures its dear customers an afternoon full of luxury.

    An appetizing 4 course menu and dishes; with the essence of traditional fresh ingredients, with modern twists, awaits your presence. Comprising of a great selection of authentic Cantonese delicacies of Small Eats, Mains, Rice & Noodles and Desserts to choose from, you could pick your favourite from their signature dishes.

    Accompanied with dishes like Green Curry Chicken Claypot, Steamed Red Snapper in Ginger Garlic Sauce, Malaysian Spicy Chicken Fried Rice, Ho fun Noodleswith/without mock meatV, Three Chocolate Bavarois with Coconut and Lemon Sorbet and Orange Creme Brulee with Biscotti. Hakkasan along with their impeccable service, promises to offer a delightful experience to its guests. So this July indulge in a rich meal with a relaxed mood.

    Day: Monday - Sunday
    Time: 12.30pm to 3.30pm

    Cocktails + Spirits + Beer: Rs. 2000 + taxes
    Cocktails + Beer: Rs. 1500 plus taxes
    Beer: Rs. 1000 + taxes

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