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Malad WestWestern Suburbs    & IN 7 MORE LOCATIONS


9 Reviews / 9 Ratings

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Hangla's Reviews


Quite authentic

It might be difficult to match up to Kolkata's famed rolls when it comes to the ambiance - standing beside a crowded, just-rained-on Kolkata street - but Hangla's (or at least its Malad outlet) sure leaves no stone unturned when it comes to the food.

I was ordering alone so I 'just' had a double chicken roll, one plate chicken momos and one chicken biryani.

The roll was absolutely authentic and never again am I going to waste money on idiotic stuff like Frankie.

The momos could have been better, but then my experience of momos in Kolkata hasn't been that great either.

And the biryani was exactly how it's done in Kolkata.The aromas transported back to my days as a student in Kolkata. People might not like the biryani because it's slightly different from the typical Hyderabadi/Mughlai biryani you generally get, but what they serve here is definitely true to the Bengali variety.

Could do a bit more on the cleanliness front (though it's clean enough for 'street food'), and the rates are certainly a tad high.



Its my first n last biryani from Hangla. It was the most disgusting biryani I ever had in my life. There was no flavor nor were there any subtle spices or aroma. The only thing that was in abundance was the GHEE that they used, I could drain out a tablespoon and a half..yes 1 1/2 tblspoon of ghee from the biryani. Frankly if you value your time, appetite, and money don't even think of this place, instead just walk over to the other side of the signal and have your biryani from The Hyderabad Kitchens, they serve much much much better biryani than the Hangla guys.


fine but not best

wellllllll aa good list of tandooooori itemsss but
man i think tht it can b more improviseeeeeeedddddd


Theonly1 - Burrp User


3 Reviews

November 18,2009


These are NOT the real Momo's man!!!

i have been having chicken rolls at hangla which i used to love - but the day i tried Momo's there - i hated that place.......though i found the services quick as i was looking for a quick bite but the taste specially of the achaar/chutney was aweful....guess he should stop keeping Momo's.......the only & the best place for Momo's in Mumbai is Momo Station which is at a walkable distance from Hangla's, its right opposite McDonalds (Lokhandwala - Andheri)......Momo Station serves one the most delicious momo's u can ever have and that too at a cheaper rate than hangla's....My mouth is watering rite now, thinking of their Momo's :) ......Momo Station also have their other outlets at Inorbit / Pheonix and Carter Rd.........its a must try out place for all the momo lovers..........i am giving hangla 1 star that too only for its rolls which i like......


sdipta - Burrp User


1 Reviews

November 10,2009



I was very frequent in Hanglas, but now i have stopped going. Its not worth it coz being a road side dhaba this guys are charging a price of a AC restutant. Calcutta club is cheaper than Hanglas. This guys have increased ther price twice 2 in last 6 months. Can u believe it a road side food joint is charging u 150 for mutton biryani? earlier which was around 80-90k, with the popularity among the Bengalies the owner has taken his loyal customers for granted and pushing it to a limit. Anyways the food quality has also degraded mainly because of the oil they use. U are sure going to have a problem in digestion whenever u have those stuff. Except for Momo's which is again raised to Rs 80 from Rs 55. Overall not worth it, better try our calcutta club if u r looking for Bengali food, where the food is good, AC restaurant and reasonably priced.

There is nothing new to review for the Malad branch except for the few uncomfortable table. The waiters seems hardly bothered about the customers and at times unpleasant too. In a month they have again raised the prices. Now this is a limit. I think the owner has completely lost it, that's why you see hardly anyone sitting @ Malad. Hope common sense prevails.


nphasis - Burrp User


6 Reviews

October 16,2009


not exactly Rocks and Rolls

Writing in after a long time.Decided to go to this place after reading the reviews.To put things in perspective:

Ambience : Forget it!.They have a single fan and the person sitting nearest gets the air..the rest..sweat it out.

Service: Do not believe in serving water or even asking.Orders take too long..there was no visible crowd..(maybe takeaways is their business)

Food : 1) Chicken roll with egg - big chunks of chicken but really did not enjoy it much although freshly made.2) Mutton Biryani was really bad ..mutton was undercooked...pride of place was occupied by a huge potato and a full boiled egg and was oily.would not recommend this.

Cost:Total damage for 2 dishes-Rs145.A bit overpriced considering quality and quantity.

Revisit ratio : highly unlikely unless no other options!


Suzie - Burrp User


3 Reviews

September 27,2009



chicken momos were great........ n drippin oil......
the waiter was pretty decent.... though a little cocky...
well its pretty much on a very busy likn road so ambience does not exist....

But its k for a quick bite and into the maddening traffic again....



zakaasss chicken roll n biryani

went to hangla's after reading the review in hindustan times. had a great difficulty in searching the joint. but once we were there, all our efforts bore fruits. I ordered a chicken roll...... have eaten tibbs frankies a lot...but this was really diffrent. was yuuummmmyyyy to the last bite. full of freshly prepared chicken n onions n chillies n lime. the roll was also crisp n tasty. As per the review, we were not at all disappointed. also the biryani was very tasty n diffrent from the regular biryanis wch we get in mumbai. had a great aroma n the mutton just dissolved in the mouth. the desserst were okie. all in all, good value for money joint. go n explore!!!!!!!!!!!


Chicken Roll Rock's

It's a largely a take away place although the street. Place is full of people trying to take a chicken roll & digging to take biryani. The ambience it's just OK, the main fact is food that is more central here in Hangla's. The crisp fried paranthas rolled with chicken, onions, green chillies and lemon on it wow it was tasty and after that I had Chicken Roll it made a day go on. Fragrant and bursting with flavors, it's spicy & light the aroma of desi ghee wafts through it different from other biryani. Potatoes are for the flavor for rice. Then I had red meat that was too good, there were creamy Caramel Custard & Walnut Banana pudding. Yes there was a Guy who was interacting with people with smile on his face I was seeing this person when I entered the Hangla's everybody who cam there use to say hi, hello to him it was very nice to see the person who takes orders are greeted in a friendly manner by the customer.
Food - 4/5
Ambience - 1/5
Service - 3/5
Price - 4/5


A Big Bengali Bite!

Andheri Lokhandwala's popular Kolkata street food stall now has a branch at yuppie hub Malad. The brainchild of the amiable Hindustan Times photo editor Soumitro Ghosh, it's a tiny stall that is big on authenticity. Ghosh thought of the idea when he heard Bong friends reminisce Kolkata's street food, especially the rolls. Naturally, Hangla's specialty is the Kolkata roll that has marinated, grilled kababs served with onions, green chillies, pepper and a dash of lemon juice in a paratha that is fried with egg (in various options like mutton, double mutton, chicken, chicken tikia, paneer, egg, vegetable and aloo). A lot like a Frankie but tastier and more desi. One roll and you are good to go. Two and you will have to skip your next meal. The street food in Kolkata is mainly a spicier rendition of Lucknowi, Nawabi and Chinese dishes. So, they serve Mutton and Chicken Biryani, momos, Fish Chops (cutlets), Moghlai or Laccha Paratha and kasha (a thick non-veg gravy). There are full-on Bengali (combo) meals too, priced between Rs 80 (veg) and Rs 100 (mutton). Depending on the menu, you will get yummy Kasa Mangsho, Shukto or Chingri Maacher Malai Curry for main course. Dessert is a downer, though. Date and Banana Pudding and Slice Fruit Cake are a letdown. Caramel Custard is tolerable. With rolls for Rs 35 to Rs 90 and not a single dish costing over Rs 120, Hangla's is total VFM. Unlike the Andheri joint, this one has four tables and accompanying chairs laid out in the front. Or, you could just grab a bite in your parked car.