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> > > > Harpal Food Pvt. Ltd.

Harpal Food Pvt. Ltd.

Khar WestWestern Suburbs  


6 Reviews / 7 Ratings

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Harpal Food Pvt. Ltd. Reviews

Easily the best for home delivered!

As you check the menu, it will seem expensive and that's where many stop and look out for the next available option. So Harpal's is only home delivery, Indian, Chinese. Also going with the price is the quantity. So he does charge but a mini gravy would serve 3 and a full portion, lets say 4 and a 1/2 people. Similar with soup and starters aswell in terms of quantity. At one level it does not make sense to have a huge bowl (again serves 3) of soup at home cos no 3 people will want to have the same soup ever. However I generally judge Indian and Chinese starting from prawns, going on to fish going on to mutton and the come chicken & then paneer. This is logical as again starting off from the most difficult to the easier....and also in terms of pricing...most expensive to the cheapest. All have worked for me. Just avoid the ones with heavy dry-fruit gravies....slight overkill.

Excellent Indian starters, mutton curries. And although hes called Harpals' and not HAN PAN, doesnot mean the Chinese is bad either. Most reviews I've read praise his Malaysian noodles etc...never tried...but Chinese mains work well.

Now why does this work?
As booze gets more expensive in restaurants (yes you can abuse the Mah Govt once again) , more people that I know of are staying at home, calling friends and ordering good food. What generally hurts customers is an Rs 80 MRP beer pint going for Rs 300 ( when its going to taste the same everywhere anyways). This doesnot apply for food. Basically most in the Khar, Bandra, Santacruz circle will pay for quality food.

Also Harpals IS NOT A RESTAURANT. That's how the establishment saves big rent money paid by lets say Copper Chimney opposite China Garden in Khar. And that translates into more food quantity & Cheaper pricing aswell. If you have the time do compare the pricing of both. Again not suggesting Copper Chimney is not good, but just saying Harpal's beats CC's pricing & quantity both. Taste is for an individual to choose mostly.

Sometimes it fees good not to be cheated. And that's why Harpal's works for me.



Completely ditched me before party

I was so unhappy with Harpal. I had been coordinating with them over 2 weeks for a lunch party at my place. They were supposed to send me food for 15 people at my house by 12:00 noon. I had even spoken to Aafroz (lady at Harpal's) the night before to make sure that everything would be prompt. The next day I called them at 12:30 pm (half an hour after they were supposed to have delivered the food) only to have Aafroz tell me that the kitchen was closed due to some problem and that there was no food coming. She claimed she had tried calling me several times but my phone was unavailable which was a lie as I had received several calls from my relatives all morning. She had not even bothered to text me and I only found out about the situation when I called them! I panicked as I had guests arriving in 30 minutes. I ordered food from China Garden which shockingly turned out a lot cheaper for the same amount of food-- Harpal was charging me Rs. 9000/- and I paid appx RS. 6000/- at China Garden. I was shocked by this as Harpal's was supposed to be the reasonable option. In any case, they didn't care about the fact that they completely ditched me and that's why I hate Harpal's.



Tasty food

The Presentation was good. The food was yummy. The indian food was good called for a client. The malaysian noodles was lip smacking. He charges conveyance :-( and the food charges are a little on the higher side, but the quantities are good.... enuff for 3 ppl




Best Indian food I have ever eaten.....a little expensive but totally worth the effort and money. Guys you really need to call and order the simply great food




Best indian cuisine ever!!!!!!!!!!!!! Food is delivered in lavish glass bowls to ones surprise!!!!!


Love the malaysian noodles and biryani..

i regularly order my food from Harpal's for Punjabi-indian or Chinese food. They only do home delivery or take away and also take bulk orders. yummy cheese rolls and Paneer Hongkong and malaysian noodles. the dum biryani is amazingly made.the food is delivered in glass bowls instead of the usual packets.. its really well a vegetarian so will restrict this to that.the quantities are really big..and definitely worth the price.good enough to serve 3-4 people well.