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> > > Hawaiian Shack

Hawaiian Shack


  • 09967211694, 02233784444, 02233784445
  • 48, Gulmohar Road, JVPD Scheme, Juhu, Mumbai
  • Multi-cuisine

5 Reviews / 5 Ratings

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Hawaiian Shack Reviews


Good Experience

Heard so much about Hawaiian Shack and so much of an effort to find the place but the efforts did pay off as it was an excellent evening, me and my friends enjoyed beyond imaginations, we liked most was the Ambiance, the boys in Hawaiian shirts, the music of course and the reasonably priced drinks. Great place to be to jam up.



SHACK 2 even worse

Horrid by the person who calls himself the DJ..
DJ Val attitude can be measured by his size...
there was absolutely no one surprisingly we went there to check it out aft we heard abt he 2nd shack openin and heard abt the sound and interiors being better than bandra shack.. i hav no idea why Dj Val has been rehired i mean wat the hell has happened to the owners.. cant they see wat is happenin or are they completely ignorant.. Change the management Ossie SUCKS... the bartenders are great and the retro DJ is awesome..
if u'll goin there for the 1st time don't go to the 2nd floor u can hav a blast in the retro section..



disappointed :(

my group went there this Saturday at around 9 30...
the place was empty
by 10 30 we expected to see some ppl on the dance floor there were jus some kids dancin to sad music
we ordered for bailey and the bartender served it to us in a tequila glass.. it was a total waste.. people were interested in watching matches rather than dancing.... the food was good but the place was so sad we couldn't sit there for more than an hour ... i know im not going there again
we left for bandra hawaaian shack from there and it was thankfully good..



Big Letdown

Hawaiin Shack Bandra is too good. However taking cue from that our group of 12 people had gone to Juhu thinking,since it is new it would be good on. However we were in for a big disappointment. Inspite of repeated request by the public the DJ didnt play bollywood. Even after the manager intervening the DJ did not pay attention to the manager as well. The DJ said he would play in the last one hour...still no bollywood music... Even in case of commercial music, the DJ kept repeating the songs. The AC was shut in the last 45 mins. All in all a big disappointment for our group!!


5th feb

Typical bouncers , my friend was hesitant as his wife who was in salwar kameej will not be allowed... but all was well, decor ok , staff courteous, very reasonable, crowd zero, as they have 2 sections - 1 for 80's which had us & 1 more table occupied, above this they have hip hop section , empty, & above they have smoking section , found it real weird, right outside LOO, food good, .